Undertale: The Machine
Dreemurrs Determined

Asriel walks back to Hotlands, there a pair of guards is blocking off an area.

"Move aside, please. I'm returning to the capital."
"Sir! The chain of command prohibits us from complying!" The guar barks out.
"What? I am at the top of your command! Move aside or I'll have you disbarred!"
"Sir, until twenty-four hours have passed, you, Asriel Dreemurr, are considered a civilian, and as such are subject to civilian laws!" He says, Asriel raises an eyebrow.

"And who gave you this order?"
"You did, sir! We have since disbarred your rankings until the day has ended, on your request!"
"… Hah… he's good."
"Sir?" The guard asks before Asriel(?) raises his arms, titanic vines exploding from the ground and pounding them to dust without so much as a yelp of resistance.

"Hah… this world is changing… that is… exciting."

Asriel looks out his room window from New Home, looking out onto the city.

"Where… is Frisk?" He turns around, asking Chara, who is in full Royal Guard gear, wearing a serious expression.

"I have royal guards scouring Waterfall now, but they've yet to turn anything up."
"Damn it, I knew I shouldn't have left him… Gaster was right, someone is screwing with the timeline…"
"Then with all respect, SIR…" Chara says with a hint of sarcasm-
"We should go out and find him ourselves! We're more capable than anyone in the whole underground!"
"…" Asriel stays quiet.
"Asriel- er, Sir?" Chara asks.
"Consider for a moment that there is someone, or something out there that wants to kill us… consider for a moment that they already killed Frisk… if we were go to out, we'd be next. They likely want anyone who could threaten their claim to the timeline. With Frisk out of the way, that would leave you, then me… then everyone else." Asriel says with anguish in his voice. Chara diverts his eyes.

"This order you gave, about disbarring your own powers… why did you do it?"
"Something Frisk told me last night. He said I was already with him, talking about really weird stuff… it's like there was another version of me out there."
"Another version of you…? Another Asriel?" Chara asks. Asriel nods.
"One that looks just like me, similar enough to fool Frisk, whose known us probably most of his life by now." Asriel confirms, looking back out his window.

He's wearing normal clothing. A green shirt and dark pants, hands crossed behind his back professionally, even as his face shows his trepidation.

"As much as I hate to admit it… Frisk should have been here by now, and if he's not… we should assume the worst… that's why I disbarred my rank. That way, anyone pretending to be me can't just wander freely."

As Asriel explains that, someone barges into the room! It's Asgore!

"Dad?" – "Dad?" Both Chara and Asriel let out.

"You two! A-Asriel! Your hunch, it was correct!" Asgore blurts out, in his suit of battle armor.
"What…?!" Asriel asks.
"There were sighting of you murdering two guards in Hotlands!" Asgore yells!
"B-But it wasn't him!" Chara explains, stating how they've been here this whole time.
"I know, which means there's an imposter out there, and they're dangerous, VERY dangerous!" Asgore yells with worry and anger on his face. Asriel furrows his brow.

"Dad, command the guard to fall back to New Home. No one comes in or out of the city until the day is over! Get me the Royal Scientist Gaster, get him in here!" He orders his own father and superior, Asgore, who nonetheless trusts the judgement of his son.

"Okay, I trust you, Asriel! You know more about this than anyone!" Asgore nods, quickly leaving the room, his large cape flowing as he does so. Chara turns back to Asriel.

"What are we going to do?"
"I don't know…"