Undertale: The Machine


The world resets once more, and Flowey finds himself at his Save Point in the ruins, atop a bed of yellow flowers. He looks like Asriel still. He brings his hand to his chest, a broken rainbow-colored heart floating out from it.

"Chara was an idiot… they tasted the Infinity, and in the end, it was used to fuel this lie of a universe… even with this false infinity they left behind, I will continue to show them what this world is truly like." Flowey says to themselves, putting the soul back into their chest.

"Nothing is real, here. It's all fake, even Asriel, ESPECIALLY Asriel." Flowey growls, what looks like a tear forms in their eye. He closes his eyes and remembers the first time he met... the REAL Asriel...

Before the new world was created by Gaster…

Flowey and the False Infinity float in the abyss of darkness. Flowey, still in his plant form, floats, near-death, his body fading to data, his petals plucked and floating around him. The only thing that has kept him from total systemic deletion is the broken Infinity that Chara left in his fake world before they left. Here it is, along with him, the only two things remaining now that Gaster's Machine shut down the remaining world.

Flowey weakly opens his eyes, seeing the cracked heart in front of him, leaking its infinite energy around this void. He sees beyond it, seeing both Frisk and Chara, dead upon a bed of yellow flowers, with Gaster looking over them. He notices Gaster holding a new soul, it looks like the False Infinity, but it's not cracked. It's perfect, and stable…

"What's… going… on…?" Flowey, his voice crackling as his data fades. He looks around, noticing something else in the darkness between worlds. A goat boy, standing over the small sliver of existence that continues to shrink around Gaster, threatening to eventually delete him too.

"You… you're… Asriel…!" Flowey says, his voice digitally distorted. The goat boy looks over and frowns at Flowey. He floats over to him. Flowey is completely torn apart, his roots and petals plucked as he floats next to a cracked infinity.

"You. You're another one." Asriel says.
"Another Flowey. I've seen so many of you. It… saddens me."
"But… I'm y-you…" Flowey explains, his voice skipping. Asriel shakes his head.
"I died with Chara that day. I was never reborn. Flowey… you are just a being that retains my memories."
"Huh…? But… what about… when…?"
"That Asriel down there?" Asriel asks, before looking back to Flowey.
"That's not me. Even if they now have a proxy soul, it's not my soul. Asriel died a long time ago. He's not coming back. I'm not coming back. Once a monster dies, that's it, Flowey." He explains with a sad expression.

"Then… what will happen to me? I don't… h-have a soul…" He sheepishly mumbles, his body continuously being deleted at the seams. Asriel cries, his tears fading to the dark as well.

"I don't have much power, in this position… but between worlds… in this darkness… I can give both of you the lives you deserve."

"Both…?" Flowey asks, confused.
"You… and that Asriel." Asriel explains. Asriel floats down to Gaster's machine as he puts in the last of his specifications. Before the world completely closes around him, Asriel makes one final adjustment, even from the grave. Gaster cannot see Asriel, but his eyes go wide as the world beyond gets altered from somewhere.

Before long, the darkness explodes into a dream-like state, and Flowey can feel himself falling. He looks up to see he's falling into what seems like a world below.

"Flowey… can you hear me?" Asriel says.
"Asriel…? Where are you? I can't see you!"
"Look at yourself, Flowey…" Asriel says. Flowey looks down at himself and gasps!

He looks… like Asriel! His body is returned!

"A-Asriel…! What did you do?"
"This new world that Frisk and Chara are about to create… create with Gaster's help… will have no ruler, save you. I have twisted your broken form together with that broken infinity… and with it, you have both stabilized. When you awaken… you will have control over the timestream."

"Why…? Why are you doing this for me?"
"Because, even though you are not me… you are an… echo of me. You deserve to live a happy life as well."
"…" Flowey says nothing, looking back to the world he's falling into.
"What kind of world will it be like?"
"One of your making… Flowey…" Asriel explains. Flowey closes his eyes and begins to cry as he, in the visage of Asriel, nears the new world.

"Thank you, Asriel…"
"Take good care of them for me… I may have never known Frisk personally, but Chara… both of them... they are both real. Very real. Please, keep them happy."
"I… w-" Flowey tries to say as he wakes up with a gasp. Finding himself in the ruins.

Flowey opens his eyes, standing within the ruins.

"Lies. That's all we are. I'm sorry, Asriel. But we don't deserve mercy, not in a fake world like this." Flowey says as he begins to walk into the Underground.

Rotation 28

This is officially an emergency! I got a bunch of messages from Gaster 27, explaining that Asriel has a clone living with him in the Underground, and he has the powers to rival a God! No one can stop him, and he seeks to destroy everything! I have to tell Asriel, I have to tell Chara, and Frisk! I have to tell everyone!