Undertale: The Machine
The Fake Promise

Flowey, within the body and guise of Asriel, walks through the Ruins. The world has been reset again. When he woke up, he remembered the promise he made to Asriel. "To keep them happy. To take good care of them." He stops and looks down at a froggit hopping around the Ruins. He kneels down and pats it. It croaks, barely acknowledging his presence, before hopping off again. He stands up and looks to the sky.

"How could I possible keep them happy or take care of them? This world isn't real! They don't deserve the fleeting feeling that they're with you, Asriel. That thing is a fake, I am a fake, this WORLD is a fake! We're all inside of an echo of Gaster's Machine! I won't let it end like this. I will keep giving them ultimatums, I will provide them with impossible challenges until they find a way to beat me, and if they finally do, they better hope that they have a way to create a REAL world, because so long as we're in The Machine, I will never stop."

"Y-Your Highness, My Liege, Asriel!" Gaster babbles, running into a room where Asriel is residing, getting ready to address the Royal Guard for a training day.

"What is it, Gaster? Speak."
"Frisk is in terrible danger, we all are! We must recover him from Waterfall immediately!" Gaster yells!
"Calm down! What are you talking about?!"
"My machine! We're in Rotation 28 now! Someone has reset the world- twice! And Gaster 27 left behind notes explaining that there is a killer Asriel out there, one calling himself Flowey, and he's already killed us all twice!" Gaster yelps! Asriel's eyes go wide and he nods.

"Understood, I'll scramble the royal guard-"
"No! We all have to go, RIGHT now! We must find Frisk before he does! Time is of the essence!"
"V-Very well, I'll get Chara, I'll fan the Royal Guard out and we will all go!"

Frisk casually reads the murals on the wall, reading about the unknown history of the monsters. However, he hears someone walking in. He looks back, seeing it's Asriel.

"Hey." Asriel casually hails. Frisk smiles.
"Hi. Taking a break from being leader of the royal guard?"
"Something like that." Asriel says, walking into the room and sitting on a boulder. Frisk looks back to the murals and puts a finger to his chin.

"These stories and paintings are fascinating, you know? The history of humans and monsters goes a lot deeper than I once thought. Apparently-"

"Humans weren't always the aggressors, and monsters weren't always innocent?" Asriel cuts him off with. He looks back.
"Well… yeah, no offense. I mean, you've seen Chara and me. We're not evil, are we?" Frisk asks. Asriel sighs and closes his eyes.

"It's all so complicated, good and evil." Asriel says, trailing off as his eyes remain closed-
"The things we had to do to create a "happy ending" for ourselves… all of the pain, all of the suffering, and all we have to show for it is this world. Which… no matter how much we try to tell ourselves it's real, we know it isn't…" Asriel opens his eyes and looks over to Frisk.

"I mean… I… I guess…?" Frisk says, before continuing.
"What is this about, Asriel?"
"… Nothing. Just, thinking aloud. I'll be back later, Frisk."
"Oh… okay. See you later, Asriel." Frisk says as Asriel stands up and leaves.

Gaster, Chara, and another Asriel all hide, huddled behind a rock as the OTHER Asriel leaves the cave. Once he's out of earshot, they peek their heads out.

"That was close…" Chara says. Asriel looks over.
"Yeah, but we couldn't risk him seeing us. Gaster was completely right, there is another Asriel out here…" Asriel states as they move out of cover and begin to walk into the cave, Gaster looks over to Asriel.
"But we still don't know what he wants, only that he's destroyed and reset this world twice already!"

They continue walking into the Waterfall Cave before meeting Frisk.

"Oh, Asriel. And… Chara and Gaster? What's up? Weren't you just here? Is this a surprise party or something?" Frisk asks with a confused smile.

"Frisk, you have to come with us." Asriel says.
"Huh? Why?"
"Because that Asriel you saw wasn't Asriel… that was Flowey."

Flowey Asriel continues to walk from Waterfall into Hotland. He looks back with a dumb smile on his face.

"Do they really think I didn't notice them? To be honest, I'm interested in seeing what they do. They have always been really good at coming up with ways to save the world from impossible odds when they're put to the test…" Flowey says, before laughing to himself.

"Those idiots…"