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In Chapter 15…

-Newtina were reunited at the Ministry in the small hours of the morning after Tina was summoned (from her nice meal out with Queenie, so she's dressed to the nines) as some of Grindelwald's followers were allegedly planning an attack on the Ministry. She travelled to London via Portkey and was reunited with Newt at Theseus' briefing before the attack.

-Tina was stationed outside in a bush not far from the Ministry where she could see the entrance – Theseus stationed himself just inside, bloody typical. Newt had offered up his coat immediately since Tina was in a flimsy dress.

-Pickett finds a biscuit in one of the pockets of the coat – which later becomes significant.

-Strangely behaved dog – Theseus is fooled into thinking it wants food – it was an Animagus. This then triggers the attack which turns out to be a recce gone wrong by a bunch of low-level thugs.

-Theseus gets taken hostage – Tina uses the biscuit to rescue him by making the kidnapper think it's significant to Grindelwald.

-Newt has a lot of fun with the fact Theseus got taken hostage.

-Tina is officially welcomed into Theseus' team.

-Newt invites Tina to his parents' house for dinner, in the spur of the moment while taking the piss out of Theseus, cue adorable awkwardness.

-Newt walks Tina to the Leaky Cauldron, during which time he offers to take her to Diagon Alley the following day (which is when this chapter takes place). At the Cauldron, he bids her goodnight and kisses her hand, in return she kisses his cheek, thanking him for everything he'd done. They then fall asleep thinking of each other.

I know that was long, but a lot happened! Plus I suck at summarising. Also, mild language warning. I realise that I've not been doing that in my other chapters...Anyway, enjoy!

Newt woke up that morning to a soft pressure on his chest. Looking down, he saw a mass of dark hair resting on him, her arms wrapped around his waist, and he could hear the soft sounds of Tina's breathing as she slept soundly. It was then he realised that he could feel satin-like fabric under his fingers - one of his hands was resting on her waist. It must've happened in his sleep. She looked so peaceful, here, with him, asleep on his chest. Without thinking he dropped a kiss to the top of her head, and she stirred. Slowly she turned to look up at him with her tired, yet always beautiful, salamander eyes. She smiled, and it was only for him. "Good morning." she said softly, and wrapped a hand around the back of his neck, pulling him down for a kiss. She tasted faintly of coffee and mint, and the pressure of her mouth on his was soft and warm. "Good morning, my dear." he replied after pulling away, allowing her to settle back onto his chest. "Did you sleep well?"

"Like a baby." she murmured, sounding like she didn't want to go anywhere just yet. Then he felt her grin. "I'm starving though."

He grinned back at her. "I'll fix us some breakfast. You lie in a bit longer." He got out of bed and walked towards the door. He hesitated in the doorway, debating whether to let the words on his tongue slip free.

"Newt?" Tina raised an elegant brow, a coy smile settling on her lips.

"I love you." The words left him in a rush and he felt faintly breathless as he awaited Tina's response.

She opened her mouth to respond, her lips moving over the words, but for some reason, the sound couldn't reach his ears. Newt scrunched up his face attempting to concentrate on Tina's voice. The more he tried to focus on her, the more the scene faded around him.

The morning sun filtered through the curtains as Newt woke up for real this time, blushing tomato-red. He threw his head back against the pillow in frustration. "For Christ's sake, Scamander, get it together." Of course he hadn't been able to picture Tina telling him she loved him. It was unfathomable that a woman as wonderful as she would ever speak those words to a man like him. He'd have to be the luckiest man alive to hear such a thing, and the one thing Newt had never had was luck.

Tina woke to a pair of strong arms wrapped around her from behind, and the familiar scent of parchment and musk surrounding her. She smiled as she slowly turned onto her other side to gaze at him. Newt, with his mussed coppery hair, freckles, and bright blue-green eyes. He was smiling too. "Good morning." His tired voice was unbelievably attractive, and before she could return the greeting he had captured her lips in a sweet good-morning kiss. Upon pulling away she giggled and settled against his chest. "Well, good morning to you too. I could certainly get used to this."

She could feel the vibrations in his chest as he chuckled, "Me too. Did you sleep well, dear?"

"Like a baby. I'm definitely in need of some breakfast though."

He got up from the bed at that, and Tina, as she sat up, was treated to the sight of him removing his pyjama shirt and replacing it with his day shirt. She only caught a glimpse, but his chest was perfectly tanned and toned, decorated with freckles and scars alike. "I'll fetch us some room service." he said as he changed his trousers and snapped his braces over his shoulders. "Unless you fancy going and socialising with people?"

Tina shuddered. "No thanks."

He laughed again, "I thought you might say that. I won't be long."

"Thank you, Newt. I love you." She said without thinking, and he walked back across to where she was lying in bed and leaned in close to her - she used this to her advantage by pulling him in for another kiss. "I love you too, my Tina."


The sleeping Auror was woken to the sound of banging on her door. She frantically looked around for her wand, before remembering where she was. "Yes?" she replied to the man on the other side of the door, who she assumed to be Tom, the landlord and bartender.

"Newt's waiting downstairs." Tom called back and Tina froze. Shit.

"Tell him I'll be ten minutes!"

She waited until Tom's footsteps receded before allowing herself to reflect on her dream. Just the image of it made her blush to the roots of her hair before she snapped herself out of it - her first full day in London with the man she loved…


Tina had known that there was tenderness growing between them all these months. But love? Just a year ago she would have scoffed at the idea. She wasn't cynical by any means, but neither was she a romantic. A hard life with Queenie had taught her that knights in shining armour were best left to the stories. Tina had certainly never had anyone come and rescue her.

The memory of strong arms wrapping around her seconds before her execution flooded her mind. Okay, one man had rescued her. Once. That was no excuse to go throwing sentiments like 'love' around. She was a practical woman and she would keep her head.

...And she was already late. "Mercy Lewis, Goldstein. Pull yourself together."

As Newt strolled through Diagon Alley with Tina he made a note to suggest 'speaking casually with the object of one's desires' as a possible method of torture to Theseus. Surely the Ministry would break even the toughest of wizards with such a tactic. Newt was certainly about to break.

He felt like he was about to claw his way out of his own skin with the awkwardness. The idea certainly had merit. For one thing, it would give him and Tina something to do. It turned out that it was easier to talk to a woman when chasing magical creatures across New York than it was on a calm sunny afternoon.

They had gotten through the initial updates about Queenie and his book just fine, and then settled into silence, neither quite knowing what to say.

Occasionally, he caught Tina half turned to him with her mouth open as though she were about to speak. But then she would sigh and say nothing. It reminded him with startling clarity of his dream from that morning. How Newt wished he could go back to that.

"Let's go in here." he said so abruptly Tina jumped slightly.

Tina frowned and then smiled when she saw where he was pointing to. It was a magical pet shop.

The shop was crammed with owls, cats, and frogs. Then filled to bursting with families inspecting each animal, and topped off with whining children hoping to cajole their parents into purchasing a pet. The whole place was a cacophony of noise and chaos. It was the last place Theseus would take a woman to impress her… It was perfect.

Tina squealed when a frog, just freed from the tank, landed squarely on her head.

"I think you've made a friend." Newt laughed.

"I prefer my friends to be less slimy." Tina scrunched up her nose adorably. It caused her mouth to pout in a way that could only be described as 'kissable'. Newt busied himself with removing the frog before the desire for her could hit him full force. It wouldn't do to bend her over backwards on one of the cages. No matter how much he might want to.

"You'd rather look at the owls?" Newt asked.

Tina considered it. "Owls are nice, although I'm not overly fond of birds."

"A certain pigeon in my case would say otherwise." Newt countered, smiling when the tops of her cheeks turned pink at the reminder of Mr. Flappy. "How drunk does an Auror have to be to arrest a pigeon?"

"Hmm..." Tina tilted her head in thought and a wicked glint caught in her eye. "Apparently, more than six firewhiskeys."

It was Newt's turn to blush. "Tom." he rolled his eyes, "Never befriend a barman, they're awful blabbermouths. Come," he said hoping to lead her off the topic of his drinking habits, "what are your criteria for the perfect pet?"

"Cute and fluffy." Tina said.

"Cute and fluffy, hmm?" Newt nodded gravely. "Let's see what I can do."

Ten minutes later, the pair had managed to fight their way through the dozens of families and made a beeline for an area that wasn't crammed with people. In fact, this part of the shop was empty. Tina couldn't understand why, because as she turned she caught sight of something. In a large cage to her right, sat the most beautiful black kitten she had ever seen. Sure, she'd seen plenty of black cats before, but unlike them, this one had the most striking golden amber yellow eyes that seemed to look right into her soul. She wandered over to the creature, almost in a trance, and placed her hand on the side of the cage. The kitten sniffed her hand, then started to lick her fingers. She giggled at the sensation, a sound which made Newt (who had been distracted reading the list of animals that the shop had to offer) turn and look.

Suddenly he was beside her, admiring the creature just as she was. "She likes you," he chuckled.

Tina laughed softly, "Seems so. She's beautiful."

"She certainly is." Then he started working on the cage's sliding locks to open it. Tina immediately looked frantically around them, "Newt! What the hell are you doing? We can't just…" but he silenced her by handing her the kitten.

"It's okay, I know the owner. He knows I'm not going to steal any of them." Newt reassured her, and off her questioning look he admitted, rubbing the back of his neck (something Tina had noticed that he did whenever he was embarrassed, which she found adorable), "I'm in here a lot."

She rolled her eyes good-naturedly, "Why am I not surprised?" Then she turned her attention to the bundle of black fluff that was now nuzzling her nose into Tina's neck and purring. Tina started to rub the soft fur in between the kitten's ears and she purred even louder, closing her eyes and curling up on Tina's shoulder with her little face in the crook of her neck. Tina laughed, "I think I found the sweet spot."

Newt laughed softly, an unbelievably attractive sound that had featured a lot in Tina's dreams. He stood next to her, gently stroking the kitten with the back of his fingers. He was so close she could smell him - was he wearing cologne? "You do realise she won't let anyone else buy her now."

Tina looked at him confused, "What do you mean?"

"Kittens are very timid. They usually take a while to warm up to people like this - and this little one has quite obviously taken a shine to you."

"So what you're saying is, she's chosen me?"

"Yes, Tina. She has."

"I can't adopt a kitten! I don't even live here!" Tina protested, her head prevailing over her heart as always.

"You're forgetting who you're with." Newt countered. "I can look after her, and you can see her whenever you're in the area."

"I can't ask you to do that."

"You don't have to ask - I'm telling."

Tina looked at the kitten again. Her heart melted at the sight of this gorgeous little creature curled up in her arms, and suddenly she didn't need to think anymore.

"Am I seriously about to adopt a kitten in a country I've been in for less than a day?"

"Technically, it would be more of a time-share between us." Newt cocked his head in consideration. "Anyway, I can't in good conscience leave the poor thing here weighed down with missing you. I know how miserable that can be." He appeared not to immediately notice what he'd said. His comment casually tagged on the end of his words. Red flushed his cheeks when realisation dawned and he spluttered to explain himself. "I- I didn't mean to-"

"I missed you too." Tina cut in before Newt could begin to flap too wildly. Then it was her turn to blush. She'd never spoken so frankly to a man (outside of work) before in her life.

"Oh?" Newt's eyes flickered rapidly between trying to meet her gaze and staring at a spot on the floor.

Tina smiled to herself. In this, it was clear that she'd have to be the brave one. It amazed her how this man, who'd never hesitated in his duel against Grindelwald, would shy away from the slightest praise. Tina could play coy, but she'd only be fooling herself. She didn't have to be Queenie to know that Newt admired her just a little. He was gifting her a kitten and adopting said kitten with her. But, not only that. He was giving her a place in his life. An open invitation to visit him and his case whenever she wished. Newt Scamander, the most private man she knew, had handed her the keys to his sanctuary.

The thought warmed Tina from the inside out.

She jostled the kitten into one arm so she could grip Newt's hands with her free one. She waited until his gaze settled on their laced fingers and finally drew up to her face. "I missed you, Newt Scamander."

England was a rainy place. But right then, in the back of a pet shop, it seemed that the sun shone out of Newt's answering smile.

In hindsight, Newt thought, it had probably been a bad idea to go cat shopping before coat shopping. The store manager was certainly not amused when the kitten they had just purchased jumped out of Newt's arms and dove into a box of spare fabric samples. "Couldn't you have bought a cage for her?" she asked, folding her arms and glaring at Newt over the half-moon spectacles perched on her nose.

Newt, who was unable to stop himself chuckling just a little bit, shook his head as he pulled the kitten out of the box and yanked a (now very chewed up) piece of leather out of her mouth. "When have I ever caged an animal, Ruby?" he answered her question with another one, smiling in the hope of not getting kicked out of the shop.

Ruby Griffin rolled her eyes - she should've expected as much when Newt Scamander walked into her shop holding a black fluffy kitten. He'd been accompanied by an understatedly pretty dark-haired woman that Ruby had never seen before. She spoke with a distinct New York twang, and Ruby deduced that they must've met when Newt had been in New York and captured Grindelwald at the end of last year - it had been all over the Prophet.

The woman, who went by the name of Tina Goldstein, and insisted that Ruby call her Tina, was looking for a new coat. So, of course, Ruby agreed to a consultation. Normally she did this by appointment only, but she didn't have any bookings for the next hour, and a newly-famous author (who also happened to be a regular customer, and whose mother she was close friends with) was asking her to help his companion find a new coat.

After their consultation, Ruby had adjusted the measurements of a few different garments to fit Tina and handed them to her to try on in one of the shop's fitting rooms. It was while waiting for her that the kitten had decided to rifle through her spare fabric box.

"So, you and her. Are you an item?" Ruby asked, gesturing in the direction of the fitting rooms. She spoke so abruptly that Newt nearly lost his grip on the kitten again.

Newt felt himself blushing and looking at the floor. "Oh no no, she's just a friend from New York."

Ruby grinned knowingly. "Yes, because we all blush when talking about our friends."

Rather embarrassingly, Newt blushed even harder. He decided that it wasn't worth lying to her - Ruby reminded him very strongly of his Charms professor at Hogwarts, and she'd been able to see through everyone. "I wasn't lying about us not being an item. We're not, but…"

"But you'd like to be." Ruby finished. She stepped a little closer to him. "Take it from me, Newt. Go get her while you still have the chance. Because in the times we're living in, every moment counts."

Newt knew what she was referring to. Ruby was good friends with his mother, and Diana had once told him that Ruby had been due to marry when her fiancé came back from the war, but he never returned.

He nodded. "Thank you."

It was then that Tina's voice cut in, saving him from having to make small talk. "Okay, so I'm thinking this one, but I was wondering if I could get your opinion? I don't really know what I'm doing, my sister usually helps me with this stuff." She laughed a little nervously and wrung her hands together.

She was wearing a long black leather trench coat, tied at the waist with a high collar that folded over just under her jaw. It hugged her slight curves wonderfully, and Newt felt his heartbeat quicken just a bit. She looked like the kind of woman you wouldn't want to mess with - incredibly powerful and no-nonsense. A look that suited her very well. He found his mind starting to wander down the path of her pinning him to a wall while wearing that coat, which he quickly shook off and did his best not to blush again, although he wasn't sure how successful that was.

"I had a feeling you might choose that one, Tina. I think it looks perfect - wouldn't you say so, Newt?" Ruby turned to him, smiling knowingly.

She definitely spends too much time with mother. Newt cleared his throat a tad nervously before replying, "Yes, yes, definitely. Perfect."

The tops of Tina's cheeks pinkened slightly at his words, and he couldn't help but find it endearing. "Okay, I'll take this one then please, Ruby."

"Of course. That'll be 40 Galleons."

As they approached the till, both Tina and Newt reached for their wallets at the same time (Newt somewhat awkwardly as he was still holding the kitten in one hand) and Tina grabbed his wrist. "Newt, it's okay. I can pay for this. You paid for the kitten. Besides, you did give me this money for me to spend it, no?"

"Of course I did, but...Are you sure, Tina? It's no problem."

"For Merlin's sake, Newt, let her pay for it." Ruby interjected.

"I'm just saying, Tina, you are my guest after all, and…"

"Newt." Both Tina and Ruby said at the same time, both staring him down.

He held his free hand up in surrender. "Okay, okay, if you insist."

"I do insist." Tina grinned as she handed the money to Ruby, who was also smiling triumphantly. Newt felt a tad bit like he was being ganged up on.

"Have a lovely rest of the day, both of you. And Tina, keep an eye on him. Make sure he doesn't release that kitten anywhere else. Newt, your mother is going to love hearing about this."

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