Just another dumb idear springing fourth from this insanity driven mind.

Ranma « and Harry Potter Crossover, Nothing that is recognizable belongs to me.

Well, where to start, the beginning is always a good spot, so
In the beginning there was a vast void, inky darkness all encompassing to those whom would try to be there.
Uhhh, a bit too early, Fast Forward. . . . . . . and from that primordial ooze, single celled organisms started to form. Ok, still to early continue the fast forward . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The first amphibians crawled their way out of the oceans and onto the land masses of earth. Fast forward . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Homo Erectus was born. . . . . . . . . The Romans then turned their sights towards the north. . . . . . The black plague swept across England. . . . . . The American anti war protesters were soon known as hippies. Ah, almost there,. . . . . . Night had spread across Japan, a young couple were snug in their ancestral home, visions of training journeys dancing in the young man's head. The young woman's head held something slightly different, visions of her wonderful three year old boy. She suddenly woke to the sound of crying, her boy almost never cried.
Upon arriving in her son's room, she could see that he was sleeping peacefully, so where was the crying coming from? Following the noise, it led her to the door, where upon opening she was startled to see a small baby. He looked half foreign. She bent down and gently picked up the baby while whispering "who are you little one?". Carrying him to the table, she made sure his diaper wasn't foul, then started to look in the cupboards where she had some baby formula left over from her darling son Ranma. After making sure the baby was alright, she looked at the small envelope that was with him. It was in English, luckily she remembered most of her English lessons from school.
"Dear Mrs. Saotome,
We regret to inform you that last night your sister
and her husband were murdered by one of the
most dangerous wizards to date. Their son, Harry
Potter somehow managed to survive by turning the
Killing curse back upon it's user.
Further enclosed is young Harry's records and a
letter explaining his heritage to him, which he is to
receive upon being able to read.
We deeply regret having to inform you of this

Albus Dumbledore and the staff at Hogwarts
school for witchcraft and wizardry. "

The young woman looked from the letter to the small child resting on the table. True he was only a half breed, but he is family, so she will take care of him. Looking back to the letter she realized that if someone managed to kill her sister, whom had also practiced the family art, he was dangerous and probably had followers. This boy had to be trained to protect himself. When he becomes old enough, she will have Genma train him along with little Ranma.

Well, that's it for the prologue, tell me what ya think, and maybe I'll continue, I put this in the Harry Potter section because even though it is a crossover, it is eventually going to end up following Harry in his school path.