The Jedi in exile

Chapter 1 Change

Hello i am adding new details, this story came from the inspiration of another story Do unto other by Halcyon5 but, the first two chapter will somewhat be the same but with some added details but that is as far as it goes the chapter after are going to be my own i hope you continue to enjoy the story

Coruscant: Galactic senate building

the Galactic Senate building a shining beacon for the galaxy, this building is were the senate pass laws and debate on what is right for the Galactic Republic, were the people come to see and to be inspired, but not today, today something is not right something in the air that gives a cold chill down people spine a change is coming.

Two small figures stumble out of the senate building in a hurry, In closer inspection they turn out to be Jedi on younger with blonde hair and white skin with a mechanical hand and the other older with a shave head and dark skin.

They were in a hurry to reach the end of the senate building, when they got there the populace gave them a wide berth. They went to a ally to escape being watch as they collect there breath the younger one collapsed, leaning on the ally wall and burying his hand in his face. The older jedi and held the younger man and said. "come, anakin we have to reach the temple, we have to tell the jedi council what we learn." he said urgently.

Anakin move his hands from his face and turn to look at the older jedi, the jedi master by the name Mace Windu. Mace realized that anakin had tears streaking down his face.

"it's my fault, Mace," he said. " if only could had finish him, now the galaxy will pay the price."

Mace patted anakin on the back. "the temptation of the Dark side is strong, the fact that you did not fall to it mean's you are strong and will not fall to is lure, now anakin we must hurry and reach the temple, it will not be long before palpatine come after us."

Anakin nodded and both of them race to a nearby speeder, it would not be long until troops would track them down they had to hurry, as they got in and race into a traffic lane to reach the temple

Anakin was glad for the wind as the speeder race through the busy coruscant traffic lanes it kept the tears at bay.

It had all started when anakin had when to see the chancellor palpatine, he had been having visions of his secret wife, senator Padme Amidala of the planet naboo, she was dying in childbirth, palpatine offered him a way to save his wife from dying, only if he use the dark side that was when anakin realized that the leader of the republic and anakin longtime friend and mentor was actually a sith lord, shocked by the betrayal anakin went and inform the jedi council. They too was equally disturbed by the news, they council sent Master Windu and three other master to arrest the chancellor, when anakin went into the chancellor office he saw that the other master dead and that mace was in a battle to the death with palpatian, when the chancellor saw that anakin was there he tried to swayed him to help kill mace, anakin refuse palpatian had no chose but to call in is clone troopers to finish them, they ran as fast as they can abandoning the arrest and escape.

" I can't believe this," anakin said to himself, still shock that he was duped by the sith lord but he was not the only one most of the order was to.

As they heading to the temple Mace saw anakin talking to himself, the truth was that Mace was in no better in this, he, of all people should have seen this coming. Out of the hole order he was the one most distrustful of the chancellor, but he would never have thought that the seemingly harmless old man could have been the sith lord that they were looking for.

Both of them were to wrapped up in their thought that neither noticed anakin had begun to stray form the path and enter the opposite lane until it was almost to late. Mace had grab the armrests to keep from falling out of the speeder as Aakin wrenched the controls to the side as to avoid the oncoming taxi.

"I am sorry,"Anakin said as he got the controls of the speeder and on the correct lane. "I was a little distracted."

Mace nodded his head and let go of the arm rest that he was holding. He could understand Anakin anxiety.

The two jedi continued to draw closer to the jedi temple, but Mace began to feel that something was following them. They needed to go faster Sidious would surely have a plan for this contingency, and with the Republic's clone army almost entirely under his direct control, he had the power to hunt down the jedi and seize power for himself.

Mace felt the force warn him about danger. He shifted nervously, glancing from side to side.

"You feel it too, Master?" Anakin asked.

Mace glanced at the younger jedi, surprised at the calm in the his voice. Prehaps with this encounter with the sith lord had humbled the normally brash anakin.

"Yes I felt it too we need to reach the temple. Mace said.

"We have company down to are left," anakin said.

Surprise at the fast answer, Mace threw a look behind then and sure enough, down to there left was clone gunship racing to them. Mace reached out to the gunship and felt the minds of the clone and found a single thought: "Kill the Jedi."

With that in mind they need to hurry to the temple the hunt and began. "Hurry cut over that building," Mace told anakin.

"what?" Anakin ask, casting a confuse look to Mace. It would have been something he would have done, but did not expect Mace would say something like that.

"Cut over that building,: Mace repeated. "We won't reach the temple in time this way."

"Yes, sir," Anakin said excited. He kicked the speeder into high gear and jerked up, lifting the speeder out of traffic and into the sky.

Unfortunately, it did not go unnoticed by the gunship. As Mace watched the patrolship suddenly pulled up to follow them, "hurry Anaking we got company," Mace said as anakin increased speed, Mace jump on the back of the speeder and use the force to plant his feet into the speeder as not to lose his balance and fall off. "Huh, Mace what are you doing." ask Anakin as he continue to fly the speeder to the temple.

Mace activated his lightsaber and kept it to his side ready to deflect blaster fire. "Hurry Anakin we don't have much time." said Mace as the patrolship fired it blaster, Mace deflect the oncoming blaster fire as anakin move side to side as to avoid the patrolship.

They went between two building as they reach the end they saw it the Jedi Temple. "Yes we are almost there just a little more anakin." said Mace and he kept fighting off the patrolship.

As they were reaching the temple Mace got ready and force throw his lightsaber at the clone pilot, as the lightsaber punch throw the glass and struck the pilot killing him, Mace use the force to call back his lightsaber to him and got back in the speeder passenger seat.

When they got to the temple and use one of it landing pad Mace got off and told some Temple guards to get ready the temple defensive and to call the council together something has happen. As Mace was heading to the temple to get ready he notice that Anakin was not following him, he turn around and saw him leaving he call back to him to return. "Anakin, what are you doing?" ask Mace.

"I will be back Mace I have to save somebody." said Anakin as he left.

"Blast, this is not the time." said Mace as he hurry to get to the council chambers.