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Chapter 1: A Dream Crushed

Izuku Midoriya was a dreamer. He dreamed of great things, of fighting monsters and saving thousands. He dreamed of becoming a great hero to the world of Remnant. Just like his idol, Toshinori Yagi. Or, as most people had taken to calling him, All Might, one of the greatest huntsmen to ever live, maybe to ever exist, and considered the poster boy of the Big Four. He bore a shining smile, no matter the occasion, always there to help somebody, anybody, be it catching a random purse snatcher, slaying a Grimm, or even apprehending a famous criminal, he would always do his damnedest to make sure that he would help as much as could, wherever he could.

And so, Izuku declared, "I'm gonna be a great huntsman one day! Just like him! When I get my Semblance, I'll be unstoppable!"

And then, his dream came crashing down to earth with a single sentence, in a sterile room, and two pictures atop a

"I'm sorry to say this, but you'll likely never have an Aura, much less a Semblance."

He couldn't hear the rest. He didn't want to know why. But his mother did. His mother knew.

"I'm sorry, Doctor, but what exactly do you mean when you say that? Is there something wrong with my son?" Isuzu Midoriya asked the doctor, her concern for her son obvious within her quickened tone.

"Well, physically, there's nothing wrong with him at all. In fact, he's a perfectly healthy boy."

"Then why can't he have a Semblance? Or an Aura?"

The doctor sighed, as if he had gone through this before, not quite willing to say something that would likely never leave the boys mind. But, looking at the determination in the mother's eyes, with such a need for an answer as to why her son couldn't be what he wanted to be, he could relate. And so, reluctantly, he gave in and told her.

"You're an eighth generation quirk user, am I correct?"

Despite the multiple theories and thesis' on the subject, there was no proof that Quirks and Semblances were one and the same. Quirks were essentially small things like minor pyrokinesis or a small strength boost and could be developed naturally, while Semblances and Aura were far more powerful and had to be unlocked by another who had an Aura. Quirks now belonged to eighty percent of the civilian population of Remnant. However...

"What does that have to do with this?"

"Well, there are two main reasons why. The first being this." The doctor said as he pointed at the x-rays he'd hung up earlier. "Most people nowadays only have one joint in their little toes. This is because the process of evolution has deemed it unnecessary to have. As you can see here, Izuku has two joints in both feet. So the chances of him even developing a quirk are slim at best.

"The second is something we're not really sure of ourselves. Not many people have it, so we don't have much to go off of. However, one thing these patients have in common," The doctor explained while hanging up another x-ray, this time of a plain orb of white with a small piece taken out of it. "is that they all seem to have this exact same portion of their soul missing. We call this phenomenon 'Fracture'. The people affected by this phenomenon cannot develop a Quirk or unlock an Aura. They can live normal lives, but they will never have what the majority does. I'm sorry, Ms. Midoriya. Truly I am. But what your son has is something we can't currently fix. We may never be able to."

(a few days later, Vale Preschool for the Gifted, Izuku's POV)

"Hey, did you hear," some of the kids whispered as Izuku sat motionless on the floor, oblivious to their not so secret whispers. "He's something called 'Fractured.' He can't even get a quirk."

"Wow. So lame. Let's get away from him," another responded as they walked off to the rest of the classroom, his old friend Katsuki simply staring at him for a few moments before turning and joining the other students with a certain superior attitude lining his eyes and his smirk, his sharp ears twitching as though he could hear everything in the room, which he probably could.

And Izuku's gaze turned to the floor. Why him? Of all the people on Remnant who had to be stuck like this, why did it have to be him? Was there any reason? Any explanation? Anything at all?

But there wasn't. It was simple bad luck. Nothing more, nothing less.

However, if he was gonna let that keep him down forever, this story likely would've never happened.

Izuku decided that from then on, no matter what, he was gonna to keep pushing, and keep trying. He was going become a huntsman, no matter what anyone else said. No matter how long it took, no matter what kind of hell he had to go through, he would be what he wanted to be. No matter what happened, he would keep moving forward.

Oh, I should also probably mention this. This is the story of how Izuku Midoriya became the greatest huntsman in all of Remnant.

A/N: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand that's a wrap for the first chapter. Now, I know some of you may be confused about some of the things I presented. The first likely being the fact that Quirks and Semblances both exist. While this story does take place on the world of Remnant, I wanted to implement a few of the things from the Academia Universe to make it feel like it's still connected to Academia in a way other than the characters. While Quirks do exist, very few of them are actually on par with a Semblance, and as such are much more common.

The second is probably the Fracture Phenomenon. Like the doc said, there isn't really much to say because there isn't that much information available, since it's only a one in ten thousand per year chance that someone will be affected by the phenomenon. And considering Remnants population, that's not very many people, so, barely any data to go off of. I will be exploring it more in the future, this is not a one-time thing.

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