Dec 20, 2017 - Five Days Before Christmas

12:20 a.m.

Lincoln peeked out his bedroom door. All of his sisters were waiting outside. "Ah, here we are! It's almost Christmas. Me and my sisters have never been more excited. There are some huge presents downstairs. Mom and Dad have never got us anything as big as this. That's why we're going to find out...early."

Lana popped in. "Lincoln, Mom and Dad are dead asleep."

"I gave them an extra dose of my sleep formula, but it will only last 6 hours." Lisa popped in.

Lincoln was so excited he felt like he would jump right out of his jammies.

"C'mon guys, I can't wait any longer!" Leni popped in.

The Louds tiptoed downstairs. Charles, Cliff, Walt and Geo were all waiting for them. The Louds dove for the presents, and wrapping paper flew everywhere.

Lori opened her gift first. She gasped. "The new iPhone!" She threw her old phone, which was still working, in the trash.

Leni was next. "Wow, this necklace is totes adorable!"

Luna. "Sweet! Look at the size of these speakers! I'm getting me ax!"

"NO!" Everyone loudly whispered. They didn't want to wake up Mom and Dad.

Luan. "Spicy gum! Now that's a hot gift!"

Lynn. "2017 Z-core bat! These are nearly impossible to find!"

Lincoln. "A limited edition comic of Ace Savvy! Going back to...2016! Oh."

Lucy. "A novelization of Vampires of Melancholia. I will treasure you forever."

Lana. "Awesome! A bag of Dog Food." She started shoveling handfuls of food into her mouth.

Lisa. "Plutonium! How'd they get Putonium?"

Lily got a new pacifier.

Lola pulled out her box. "Why's mine not as big as yours?" Nonetheless, she unwrapped it and gasped. "A baby talking Tattletail!" She squealed with delight. She tore it out of the box. It booted up.

"Playtime for me! Big fun!" The Tattletail said.

All the Louds oohed and ahhed at Lola's new toy. A purple, egg shaped electronic animal. "Okay, that's actually pretty cool." Lincoln admitted.

Lisa looked at the back of the box. "Now you can take care of your very own Tattletail. You can brush, feed and play with him."

Lori read the instructions. "Be mindful of eggs. Tattletail will dispose eaten food or objects in a plastic egg."

Lola smiled. "Ooh! Cool! I wanna feed him!" Lola ran to the fridge and pulled out some of Dad's leftover meatloaf, which was untouched. Lola shoved the whole thing into his mouth, and the toy looked satisfied.

"Nom nom nom nom nom!" The toy said. "It's dark!"

"Quick! Someone give me some light!" Lola demanded. Lincoln ran upstairs and grabbed a flashlight. He gave it to Lola. "Thanks, Lincoln."

"No problem. I actually like this thing."

The Louds nodded in agreement.

"We should probably wrap all this back up." Lynn suggested. "All that wrapping paper is going to tip off Mom and Dad."

"Good point." Lola replied.

Out of the blue, Lori's new phone started ringing. "Who is it?" Lucy asked.

"I don't know. I've never seen this number before."

"Should we answer it?" Luan asked.

Lori answered the phone. "Hello?" There was no voice. Only a grinding noise was heard. Lori hung up. "That was literally the weirdest phone call ever."

The Louds all boxed up their gifts, and grabbed some wrapping paper. The all wrapped the presents back up, and buried all the paper in the the presents wrapped, and the paper gone, the Louds all went to bed.

They didn't even notice glowing red eyes right in front of the house.