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"We are the Saica Faction!"

A woman clad in a fashionable gunner suit just shot a bullet in the air.

"A-aruji... is that a replacement for us..?" Imanotsurugi clung on her hakama. His body shivers as he remembered the booming noise that the mechanism let out.

"Don't worry Imano-dono, I won't let you get harmed by that thing." Akira assured as she stroked the little spirit's head. Attempting to comfort his fear at the deadly object.

After the Saica leader's long introduction, Akira approached her. Maintaining a good distance.

"I'm Akira Akasuna, a sage of the citadel in the east."

"Akira... Akasuna..?"

"Uhh.. yes..?"

"What is your business here?"

The Saica faction only have a couple of soldiers. But to them it doesn't have anything to do with numbers. Their artillery is superb that they can finish a hundreds of soldiers despite having only twenty men armed with rifles.

"I wanted to form an alliance."

Magoichi Saica glanced at the little spirit beside the sage. Feeling that the intimidating woman's gaze was fixated on him, he immediately hid himself completely on her hakama.

"Who is that? And who are those men at the back?" Magoichi stared at the four men warily. Akira side steps and crouched to Imano's height, petting the little spirit's head. "This guy is Imanotsurugi. Previously owned by Minamoto no Yoshitsune." She stand at glanced at the four.

The first man, Mikazuki Munechika was smiling at her. His appearance may mistaken as a royal prince.

But really... He's just an old man. Forged at the end of the Heian period.

"The one wearing a blue attire is Mikazuki Munechika."

The second one is a man clad in a dark gold kimono with only a half of the sleeve covering his left torso, with a white hakama accompanying his attire. Some small armors clung to him. He has an abnormally long hair that has two fluffs that can mistaken as fox ears.

"The one is named Kogitsunemaru."

He's like a wild fox Magoichi thought.

The third one is wearing various layers of robes. He is wielding a naginata. He has a very unique toothy grin.

"He is Iwatooshi. Previous owner is Musashibou Benkei."

"And the one wearing a shrine priest attire?" Magoichi pointed at Ishikirimaru who wore his usual green battle attire.

"Ishikirimaru. A sword that can cut diseases."

"I heard enough. Thank you for enlightenment." Magoichi ushered the team to go inside a tent.

"We are free to object or either sue you. That's our rules here. We wanted freedom. Without strict rules binding us." Magoichi stated as she offered her hand for hand shake.

"Of course Magoichi-san. We'll gladly comply to your requests."

"Then, let's seal the contract shall we?"


Ishikirimaru's soft inquire startled her. Noticing that it was his comrade, she acknowledged his presence and ushered him to sit beside her. Patting the space. The brunette heaved a soft sigh and handed her another scroll . She took it and read the contents. All are the same. All wanted to witness her abilities.

"Aruji? Do you really need to entertain such requests? It's obvious that they only wanted to use you..." Ishikirimaru's brows are knitted in a concerned way. For the past few days, her temporary office was being visited by various lords of states and regions that are curious of her abilities. That itself was beginning to bother her and her comrades. But nonetheless she complied to every request.

"Ishikirimaru-dono, please inform the guests that we will forfeit such requests. For I am going to do my findings." The brunette nods and stood from the tatami mat, complying to her request.

Getting ready for her paper, she pointed the blunt wooden end of the brush and thought.

"Hmmm... where to start..?"

Same weather, same mood, same routine. After finishing her findings, she carefully dipped the ink-stained brush and dipped the strands of it on a small cup of water.

"Since I've finished my duties, I shall sle-" right before she can finish what she is saying, the shogi opened revealing Kogitsunemaru.

"I'm sorry to disturb you Aruji but I think a guest might squueze in for an audience." Noticing his lips slightly curled up, she immediately grabbed her haori that was lying on the old tatami floor.

"I require presence of Mikazuki and Ishikirimaru including you. We won't know what will happen."

The fox spirit nodded slowly. The sudden tension on her hinted that an unfortunate event might occur.

"We can't risk being too comfortable right now."

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