A glass hit the floor and smashed into a thousand deadly pieces. Sam was frozen in place staring forward. Dean had heard the noise and sprinted towards its source.

"Sam! What the hell was that?!" Dean bellowed whilst glaring at the mess on the floor. His stern look turned to fear as he realized that Sam hadn't replied to him, "SAmmy! Sammy! What's going on?" Dean looked at Sam who had began shaking. Dean took two long strides until he was directly in front of Sam, only a few inches away. "Sammy talk to me!" Dean tapped his face in desperation. Eventually, Sam snapped out of it. Sam looked at Dean for the first time since he entered the room.

"Dean?" Sam said with trepidation.

"Yeah Sammy, I'm here, what happened?" asked Dean carefully, not wanting to set him off.

"I-um, I found something out," Dean stared at Sam with a look that said 'go on..', "I-it's Charlie," Sam sat down and placed his head in his hands.

"What about Charlie? Is she hurt?" the concern was as clear as a bell in his voice. Sam shook his head and ran his hands through his hair. "No.." Sam looked up at his brother, "Dean, remember Adam?" asked Sam slowly.

"Yes of course, Dad's other kid, he got trapped in the cage, Why?" Dean rambled quickly as he wanted to see what Sam found out.

"Dean, she's our sister," Sam looked at Dean trying to find out his reaction and Dean stared at Sam with the same expression he had found Sam wearing not moments ago. Shocked with a layer of sadness and concern. They were her big brothers and they had filed at protecting her.

She had lost her mother and who she thought was her father. She had been on the run since the age of 13. She had changed her identity so many times and she had probably been in more danger than she had told the boys.

Dean snapped out of it and the thought of Charlie being hurt spurred him into action. Goodbye carefree big brother, hello overprotective mother hen.

"Sammy we gotta call her, we're her big brothers, we have to take care of her," Sam peered at his brother. A serious expression crossed his face.

"Dean, what if she doesn't want us to?" questioned Sam with a sober look on his face.

"Oh I know she won't want us to, but we're not gonna give her a choice, she's a kid Sam, our little sister, we have a responsibility," said Dean seriously.

"Okay, how are we gonna find her, it's probably impossible with her hacking skills, she can make it seem like she doesn't exist," groaned Sam

"We aren't gonna use technology to find her. We are gonna use our secret weapon," said Dean, a smirk slid onto his lips. Sam stared blankly at him in confusion.

"Dean, what are you talking about? What secret weapon can we use to find the elusive Charlie Bradbury? A Charlie EMF?" Sam was in complete skepticism. In response Dean pointed up. Realization dawned on Sam "Cas? We're gonna use Cas? How?" questioned Sam. Dean grinned at Sam whilst rubbing his hands together maniacally.

"Ok, so first we call Cas the we ask him to track Charlie. Then we tell him to knock her out with his finger trick, then he zaps her here with his finger trick, then he zaps back here to the bunker with Charlie!" Dean explained his plan to Sam cheerfully. Sam listened patiently to Dean's bizarre plan and suddenly a thought popped into his head,

"That's a great plan," Dean smiled, "if you wanna piss her the hell off" Dean's smile sank slightly but he shook off Sam's comment.

"Alright, so she'll be a bit pissed but she'll be safe!" yelled Dean, his big brother instincts took over.

"Ok ok calm down, we'll call Cas!" replied Dean holding his hands up in surrender. Dean nodded his head and cleared his throat in preparation of calling Cas.

"Alright Cas, we need you, I need you to help us," Dean stared expectantly around the bunker in search of Castiel. There was not an angel to be seen. Sam chuckled lightly,

"Looks like even Cas thought that your idea sucks," Dean laughed heartily, "He's behind me isn't he?" asked Sam before Dean nodded.

"Hello," said Cas in his gravelly tone, "What do you need?"

"Cas! We are so glad to see you again!" Declared Dean. Sam rolled his eyes and released a deep sigh. The angel shifted his gaze to Sam and tilted his head but before he could question Sam, Sam snorted and said

"Dean stop kissing his as and ask him already, I just want the record to show that I do not approve this plan in any way shape or form!"

"You done?" snapped Dean irritatedly, in reply, Sa pulled his infamous bitch face and nodded, "Good, now Cas?" Castiel look at him and waited for him to continue. After realising that Dean was waiting for him to talk,

"Yes Dean?" Castiel stared sincerely into Dean's eyes awaiting a response.

"We need you to track a girl, knock her out and then zap her back here, do you think that you could do that for us?" Dean heard Sam snort again so he corrected himself, "for me?" Cas nodded briefly.

"Who is the girl?" asked Castiel, "May I read your mind? I need to for it to work" Dean nodded whilst he said,

"We think her name is Charlie Bradbury, she has claimed to have changed her identity many times so that will not be her name. She has most likely changed her name again since we last saw her, but anyway you can see what she looks like in my mind," Dean gazed hopefully at Castiel, soon enough, he disappeared. Dean sighed in relief while Sam sighed in annoyance.

" Dean, I'm gonna ask you one last time. Do you really think that this is a good idea? I mean I know that Charlie is not a hunter but I kind of think that she is a fighter," ranted Sam worriedly, Dean laughed hysterically,

"Charlie, a fighter-" Dean could hardly talk for how much he was laughing, "You think Charlie Bradbury could take on an angel?!" Dean laughed so much that he had to rest his palms on his knees, Sam shook his head and sat on the couch waiting to see how badly it would go once Charlie was awake.

Dean straightened up after a while and wiped the tears of laughter from his eyes. The brothers jumped as Cas reappeared with an unconscious Charlie sung over a shoulder, a broken nose and a busted lip. "Cas? What happened? Was there a demon?" asked Dean with concern as Sam took Charlie and carefully lay her on the couch.

"No" replied the angel shortly

"Then what happened?" asked Dean losing patience,

"It was your friend, I appeared and told her that I was to bring her to you and Sam so they can take care of her but she kicked and punched me a few times before I could render her unconscious," explained Cas. Dean began laughing again but this time Sam joined in this time.

Unfortunately, their laughing woke Charlie up and oh dear God was she beyond pissed. Lucifer himself would cower at her glare...