Vincent watched everyone as they walked towards the airship. Smoke ascended to the skies from the battlefield. Vincent narrowed his eyes at the sky. Phoenix has great powers, he thought. The sun is shining its warm and enlightening rays of light, piercing through heavy clouds, and spreading its touch throughout the battle scarred land.

Vincent looked back at the group walking towards the Highwind. Yuffie was jumping all around Cloud. Everyone else seemed more depressed, than triumphant. A lock of hair whipped along his face by the caressing wind. Vincent raised his hand to remove it from his vision. Sighing, he turned around and began to walk the other way.

Thoughts seemed to take over his mind. Flashbacks of just a few minutes ago appeared in front of his eyes. As if he was not walking on the field, but rather walking in this memory. He closed his eyes, as he continued to walk through the horrible memory.

His eyes pained from the memory, of Lina. He remembered watching her fall from the sky, as a broken angel. Her wings were falling apart and leaving trails of feathers on her descent to her never-ending afterlife. Aeris also fell from the sky. Both dropped parallel to each others broken souls. Vincent's hatred towards this fake Aeris grew stronger. He opened his eyes only to see fire in front of him. His eyes narrowed, as he saw Aeris. Her bladed shining in her hands, Aeris had a hateful smirk. Vincent stared into the fire. His cape swayed in the breeze which grew stronger. "I'm hunting you now." Vincent said to Aeris. Aeris just turned around and walked away. Her sword trailed behind her, following her calm steps in the scorching flames of the hell he will soon experience. Soon enough, the demon disappeared. "It is not over yet. There will awaken another." Vincent said to himself remembering what the monster that was Aeris said. "I will give peace to the angel known as Aeris, and purge the one that claims to be." And atone for my sins, he thought. "I promised myself these experiments will end." And with that, Vincent walked past the burning fire, and soon enough, he disappeared off into the distance.

"Cloud, I love you so much." Tifa said in his embrace. They were standing on the deck looking out to the battlefield.

Cloud never looked down to her. All he could remember was the feeling of being dead. A feeling he was familiar with. "I love you too Tifa. Thank you for always being with me." He remained cold-heartedly looking at the ruined land. Bodies laid everywhere. The two armies dispersed back to their families. The red army was only fighting to feed their families, Cloud thought, nothing more, and nothing less.

"Were off!" Boomed Cid's obnoxious voice off the loudspeaker, and the Highwind engines began to vibrate the hull of the airship.

The Highwind began to lift higher into the air. Cloud watched the ground that should have been his grave, grow smaller. His eyes narrowed tighter and tighter. He then broke from his hardened stare, only to lighten his expression, and look at Tifa sigh in content for still having him alive. And that felt good.

Six months later.

A silhouette of a man who long since parted with his soul without any choice, walked along the hot sands of the desert. A creation from none other than Hojo expelled himself through the burning desert of Golden Saucer. Vincent never looked at the amusement park even once. To him, that was part of a past that can not be regained. To him, that was only just a physical representation of an emotion that he can never experience again. And for that, he will ask for forgiveness of the dark sins he has committed. But that time will come when he has balanced his horrific actions that he committed back in his life. Back when he was a Turk.

He remembered those days. He was always an excellent shot. Since a child, Vincent grew up hunting, and visiting shooting ranges with his father. His father was a man of bad habits. Vincent remembered his father very well. Thoughts of the day Vincent left his young life, and journeyed to the trash heap known as Midgar. Anyone with the slightest skill in anything as useless as tying ropes, to a hired shot, could find a job in Midgar. Whether it paid well or not was a different story. Vincent fought away his thoughts of his father for another day. Slowly those memories receded, and he focused on his journey at hand.

Beads of sweat poured down from his brow. Casually he crossed throughout the desert, and found items along the way. Discarded potions seemed to be the usual encounter to find along this desert. Vincent's eyes caught something scurrying off to his left. He continued watching, nodding off that it was probably a cactuar. It seemed small enough. Vapors of heat rose from the sand that he treaded on.

Vincent only had himself, and his thoughts. Being quite used to it, one would think that he wouldn't care, but he does. He wants to be with people. Yet he would never reveal anything personal to anyone around him. Vincent thought of the others. The ordeals they all endured. From random battles along the world, to even defeating the might Sephiroth. Vincent remembered Sephiroth very well. Vincent's vision of the desert soon warped into that of snowfields. Wutai style homes could be seen in the distance. A battle ensued before his eyes. Vincent continued to walk through the memory that has take over his entire being. Vincent knew he was in the desert. But why must he experience these thoughts. These memories were his sins spitting back at him. Shouting for the harm, and dangers he caused in his lifetime. Now and forever, he will be cursed with the loss of his surroundings. Apparently it wasn't enough that he could become horrific monsters, that would take over his entire being. His soul, or what is left of it, would remain dormant inside these beasts that changed his appearance. Vincent would never remember what happened during those unforsaken limit burst of his ultimate aggression.

Vincent continued to tread on through the ensuing battle around him. He watched a Wutai ninja running across his path fall dead from a gun shot to his back. The bullet hole sprayed blood as the dead ninja fell to the ground. "Must I live in these memories?" Vincent closed his eyes in hopes to return to the desert he once was crossing. As he opened his eyes, all he could do is sigh. Nothing changed. The screams of anguished men, on the border of their ending insignificant lives, echoed through the once Turk ears. Suddenly, something caught his eye up ahead. He finally remembered why this memory lapse occurred. Ahead of him stood the great soldier Sephiroth and Vincent watched Sephiroth pry his sword out of a once living man. Now that man is only but a whisper of someone who once roamed this earth. "I remember you very well Sephiroth. You were amazing in battle." Vincent's subconscious mind reveals to him the hidden life he once had. Vincent remembered that he was sent to battle with the rest of the Turks to turn the tide of the war. Old man Shinra swore on his life that it would be over in a day. Vincent thought of an idea on smirking at the remembering of the plump Shinra paying his promise to the planet. "Don't swear unless its one-hundred percent for sure." Or else you get what you deserve. Suddenly, Vincent forced to remove himself from thought. He does not believe in perfection, nor one-hundred percent.

Sephiroth charged at Vincent. Suddenly Vincent halted in his tracks. Calmly, Vincent unholsters his gun. Slowly raising it to eye level, his arm completely extended to aim the gun to Sephiroth's head. With a pull of the trigger the world went silent. Vincent heard nothing and felt nothing. He watched the lapse continue. Sephiroth charged right at him. Vincent did not even flinch. As if nothing, the silver-haired warrior charged through Vincent's body. Vincent only heard one other sound after that. The screams of the man who was just slain by Sephiroth, repeated itself over and over. The same scream would just echo as if Vincent was in an auditorium by himself. Vincent recalled the first class SOLDIER's smirk, as he went for his next kill. The scream echoed repeatedly in the world. Everything slew down in Vincent's eyes. Suddenly the world began to ripple and it warped back to a bright light.

Vincent remained unmoved. His eyes looked to his left, and followed to his right. The ex-Turk could smell the smoke emanating from his gun. Something squeaked to Vincent's left. Vincent turned his head to a rock, only to see a little cactaur cowering behind it. The cactaur looked up at Vincent. Vincent looked at it in return. His head remained still while his eyes did all the moving. The winds picked up during the memory lapse. Sand was being kicked up, and tossed in all directions. "Seems like a sandstorm is brewing." Vincent eyed the cactuar who seemed calm now. The cactaur tilted its head. Vincent's expression remained as still, as a long-lived mountain. As the cactuar squeaked, Vincent turned his head in the direction he was walking, and began to walk. This time Vincent only concentrated on what he was doing rather than thinking of people or things that can induce the cursed memory lapses that plagues Vincent's reality.

Hours passed, and night began to fall. Vincent knew he was at the outer reaches of the Golden Saucer desert. Vincent decided to agree with the notion that he is alone, and when it gets dark, more monsters come out with greater aggression. With this, he pulled out a medium sized bag from behind him, on his back. It remained hidden under his crimson cape. He pulled out a folded tent, and began assembling it. Time seemed to accelerate, but his movements felt sluggish. He hated this reality he lived in. Everything was distorted. Nothing was what it seemed. At least not long enough. Vincent's eyes shifted from here to there, feeling the time pass quicker and quicker. Once the tent was built he called it the night and settled in. He couldn't sleep. Vincent just stared at the top of the tent. He heard many sounds. Mostly roaring, and cheering coming from the distanced Golden Saucer. In Vincent's mind, he remembers it as the first date he ever had with a girl. Vincent could hear the roller coaster get louder and louder. So loud, that when Vincent's eyes shifted to get a glimpse at his surroundings, he realized he was lying down on the floor thirty-five feet away from it. Vincent's eyes trailed those who either walked over him, or through him. This is his curse. That lack of reality he exists in. Perhaps maybe, it's just him that isn't real. Vincent turned his head to see a little blonde girl skipping with a red balloon.

"Mommy! I want to wide to rowwer coastur!" The red balloon was tossed in all directions, as the little girl nagged at her mom.

Vincent watched the girl skip through his abdomen. He turned his vision to the balloon. He felt like he had a relation with that balloon. Just like the balloon, Vincent was always bounced everywhere, never in the same place at the same time. The balloon did not seem to know reality, and neither did Vincent. Slowly, Vincent pushed himself off the ground with his arms. Standing up, Vincent looked around, only for someone to catch his eye. His expression did not change. He saw his younger self standing in line with his date. My first date, Vincent thought to himself. Vincent watched himself, saw the happiness that glowed from his other self's face. Vincent tried to recall the emotion that he must have felt with that girl, at that moment.

"Lets ride the Gondola after this ok Vincent." Said the brunette cheerfully looking into the younger Vincent's eyes, as Vincent ran his young hand through his long dark hair. His hair only reached to his shoulders then.

The younger Vincent smiles to her, "Sure thing, but lets try to get the high score this time through the coaster ok?" He asked without a care in the world.

"What it must have felt like to only worry about a high score." Vincent's focus on his younger self broke, when the red balloon he was watching earlier popped. The pop echoed over and over. Everything turned black and white. Some things accelerated their movement, while others slew down. Chaos seemed to form, as the picture in front of him began to swirl like water draining in a sink. Vincent's vision tossed itself in many directions until finally the top of the tent appeared again.

Vincent just remained quiet, and focused on the top of the tent, and nothing more.