I've decieded to try my luck with a Trigun fanfiction. Please don't flame me if I mess up! I'm new at the Trigun universe!
A $$120,000,000,000 Couple
Kristin was just you normal teenager. She loved going to the mall, watching anime, drawling and other things. Until, one

strange day...
Kristin trudged home from highschool. She set down her backpack. She quickly opened up the front pocket and pulled out a

prized movie.

"TRIGUN! WHOAWHO!" She yelled. She quickly made her way to her room and put the disk in her DVD player.

She put it on the first Ep. which she had only watch a billion times.

Then, outside the weather got very bad. Thunder and lightening. The power went off as a bolt of lightening struck a power


"DARN! MY POOR TRIGUN MOVIE!" She whined. She was partly soaked because it was also raining outside. She went behind the TV

to plug in the power cord to the DVD player, when another bolt struck.

A power surge was created and it shocked Kristin.

The last thing she saw the her ceiling before everything went black.


Part one-Another World

Kristin woke up with a very bad headache. She sat up.

"Man.. Where am I?" She quickly looked around. She was in the middle of the desert. She looked up and saw two suns in the sky.

"Two.. Suns? Where.. am I?"

She quickly got up and tried to figure out how she got here.

"Ok.. I was going home from school. I put my Trigun video into the DVD player and was plugging it in when ... bang! I was

Shocked... I was shocked..." Then it clicked. "Two suns.. a desert place.. I'm on Gunsmoke!!"

She smiled happily. She had a boring life anyway. Might as well live it up with Vash and the gang then stay at him, right?

She heard gun fire and quickly went over to see what it was. Vash was directing someone's gun to shot at a rock in a little

Chibi picture of himself.

"I remember this. That's when.. oh no.."

Suddenly, a huge boomerang went through the rock Vash was standing next too. Of course Vash got out of the way. But the

other guy didn't have a chance.

She saw a prefect view of the beaten man. It made her want to throw up.

'I know the anime didn't show it THAT gross.' She thought to herself. It didn't bother her to see it on TV, but up close..

She felt tears in her eyes. 'That guy is even crueler in person if that's possible!'

Then, the gang tied Vash up and threw him against the canon wall.

"Couldn't you guys be just a little more gentler?" Vash whined.

Kristin looked around. She knew Vash was going to be just fine, but she needed to get herself out of here and soon!

She spotted the machine gun the poor man was caring. She quickly and silently went over to it and picked it up. Before she

could even turn around, a man pointed at gun to her head.

"Drop the weapon woman."

"Make me." She replied. She spun around and kicked the guy in a very.. umm.. Personal place..

Vash winced as he saw that, crossing his legs a bit.

Kristin quickly tried to run away. As she ran she heard Vash's voice, "GET DOWN!!"

Kristin dove to the ground as a huge boomerang sailed over her head. She got back up and started to run again, but heard gun

fire behind her.

'Maybe being in the Trigun anime isn't all it's cracked up to be.' She thought to herself.

Then, she felt a stinging pain pierce through her side. She screamed in pain. She fell to the ground. Blood was apparent

already at her hip.

"Damn!" She hissed. She pointed her gun up at the men. She pulled the trigger and nothing..

She pulled it again.. nothing..

"It's empty? What cruel irony!" She hissed at the gun. She dropped it and laid back.

'Oh well. I had a full life.. wait.. no I haven't!'

She felt two men roughly pull her to her feet. They tied her up and threw her next to vash.

"Ouch!" She hissed as she was tossed. She looked over at Vash. "Got any ideas?"

"Why does everyone expect me to have the ideas?"

"Because you're Vash the Stampede." She said with a shrug.

"hummm..." He answered, turning to the gang members who were grinning at each other for their capture.

Kristin turned back to Vash. Vash was looked down at her hip. She raised an eyebrow.

"You're bleeding pretty badly. You should get to a Doctor."

"Yeah.. I'll put that at the top of my to do list." She said, rolling her eyes.

'Man, I never realized how stupid he can be sometimes.. though that's why I like him.'

Vash blinked. 'Is she blushing?'

Kristin glanced at Vash again. "What?"

"You're blushing."

Kristin gulped and made a nervous laugh. "Really? Haha.. don't know why I'm blushing.. hehe.."

Vash grinned. Kristin looked away.

Then, she heard another voice. Milly and Meryl walked up to the gang.

'oh boy..' Was Kristin's first though. Then she leaned over to Vash. "Hey.. i think they might serve as a pretty good


"uh?" He looked at her then at the two girls. "Well, I suppose but.. I couldn't leave them here to be killed by these goons


Kristin sighed. 'Yep. This is going to be one long day.'

Kristin decided to check out her surroundings instead of listening to M&M make fools of themselves. Then, she looked down.

There was a pretty sharp rock right there. She grinned and started to rub her robes against it. She slowly but surely got

them untied.

She looked at the gang to see if they noticed. But, they were busy with the other bounty hunter who was on the cliff.

She looked over at Vash. He was looking confused.

"Hey." She whispered. "Let's get out of here before a fight brakes out."

Vash nodded. He quickly slipped out of his ropes and they both crept away. Vash noticed the two girls were also starting to

get away too.

They all started to run when the bullets started to fly. Vash and Kristin ran along side M&M.

Vash had grabbed the box of donuts they were caring. Kristin just put her hand on her forehead and shook her head.

She watched as Vash dodged every move Meryl made to grab the box of donuts back. He looked a lot faster in person then he did

on the TV she noticed.

Then she felt a sharp pain in her hip area.

"Ouch." She grabbed her side and stopped running. Vash stopped and turned around.

"Are you all right?" He asked, walking up to her.

"Just peachy."


"Nevermind. It just hurts that's all. I'll live."

"Not if it continues to bleed like that."

M&M had stopped and came up with Vash.

"Meryl. What do you think we should do?" Milly asked.

"I guess give her a ride back down to the town." Meryl answered.

"Not with the type of bleeding she has. She's going to need some help right now." Vash said.

"Hey! Will you guys stop talking about me like I'm not even here?" Kristin yelled. That really got on her nerves when people

did that. "I'll fix myself ok?"

Kristin sat down and tore off a piece of her pants. She quickly wrapped it around her hip and tied it.

"That will work for atleast four hours. That's enough time for me to get to the town." She said. She wasn't in girl scouts

for nothing!

Vash grinned.

"What are you smiling about?" Kristin asked nervously. When Vash smiled it wasn't always a good thing.

"I knew you could take care of yourself!"

'Oh boy...' Was Kristin's thought. She knew Vash acted like this around girls he liked. 'Well, maybe this isn't such a bad

thing after all?'

"Hey.. if you two are done I have a request to ask you." Meryl said.

"Huh?" Vash and Kristin said at the same time.

"I'll give you each $$5 if you go to the city and warn them. I'll even lend you my Thomas. Is it a deal?"

"Wait. You girls are going back up there?"

"It's our job."

M&M quickly went up the hill again. Kristin and Vash looked at each other.

"Well, I guess I'll go walk down to the village then."

"Walk? Why?"

"Well, you won't be able to catch up to them if you just ran."

Vash blinked at few times.

"Hey, you have to save them. They think that bounty hunter is you. So, I think you kinda owe it to them. Besides, you eat

their donuts too."

"Ok, Ok I get the point. I was going to go anyway, but.. I don't want to leave you alone with that wound."

"Well, you got an extra gun?"

"Well,.. you could just use my gun."

"Good enough. Good luck Vash the Stampede." Kristin said with a smile.

"Thanks. And good luck to you too."

"I'll meet you on the edge of town when you're done."

Vash nodded as he mounted the Thomas. He quickly went after the girls. Kristin sighed.

"I knew I should have stayed in bed today."


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