Sigh, I am only doing this because I want to end the Crystal Empire stuff. Thing is though, this story may change to M, due to some chapters being very violent, to say the least. Anyway, hope you enjoyed this ending! I will start another story about Season three to the end of season four I think, if not, then the beginning. This is going to be VERY long! See ya later peace!!

"Well, feel like giving up?" The dark being asked, charging up another attack.

"No! I won't, why should I anyway?!" Bonnie asked charging her own attack. The two launched their attacks, colliding with each other, only for them to go through each other, hitting the other pony.

"Huh, one reason for your question. This!" It said on a violent tone, as it tackled Bonnie, using its on version of her aura sphere at close range. It then jumped away, landing on its feet. Meanwhile, Bonnie struggled to stand up after that.

"Now, will you let me do it?" It asked.

"Scoff, what do you think?" Bonnie asked, getting up. She ran towards the pony, and put her hoof on it. Then it was suddenly thrown back to the wall nearby (wait since when did your mind have walls? Oh well, plot reasons anyway.). It then got up on its hooves, as it teleported right in front of Bonnie. It put its hoof on her chest. Like what happened to it, Bonnie was thrown back against the wall, causing her greater damage than she did to it.

Out in the Empire.

Twilight and her friends were getting everything ready for the festival. Applejack was worried, wondering what was taking Bonnie so long.

"Ah'm gonna check on Bonnie, cause Ah'm wondering what's take her so long." Applejack announced. Twilight gave her a nod, as Applejack went upstairs to Bonnie's room. She knocked on the door, with no response.

"Hello? Bonnie, it's me, Applejack, Ah'm checking on you sugar cube." Applejack stated, knocking on the door again.

"Sigh, come in!" Bonnie said in a cheerful tone, before unlocking the door. Applejack entered, only to see Bonnie with a, problem.

"Oh sweet Celestia what happened?!" Applejack asked, seeing the figure in front of her. It was pure black, only with the exception of its eyes being white, and its pupils being red.

"It should be me you should be asking." It said, in its deep tone.

"I am no longer in your mind Bonnie, now I am physical, and I like to you and your friend to a secret area. Hmm hmm hmm." It said as it grabbed the two, before teleporting. As for Twilight and the others, they were getting everyone's spirits up. Everyone was happy as they played games, ate food, and watched some jousting.

"Hey, What's taking Applejack so long, she should be back by now." Pinkie Pie asked, with her friends noticing Applejack wasn't back.

"Well, maybe she's talking to Bonnie darling, you know she hasn't left Twilight's house a lot before coming here, right?" Rarity replied to the curious pink pony.

"Fair point, but she should be back by now!" Rainbow Dash objected, almost telling her statement.

"Well, maybe we should go check on them." Fluttershy suggested timidly.

"Well, some of us should stay down here, while the rest goes up and checks." Twilight stated, with her friends nodding in agreement.

"I think me, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie stay down here, while you and Rarity go up and see what the hat is going on!" Rainbow advised.

"Well, does anypony object?" Twilight asked, with no one saying anything.

"Okay, then it's official. Come on Rarity let's go." Twilight said, running off.

"Oh! Wait up darling!!" Rarity exclaimed, following the lavender pony.

"In the meantime, let's keep them busy." Rainbow Dash said, as the three got back to the hundreds of Crystal ponies. (Btw do know that there is a REAL crystal heart, and they have been told of its whereabouts, but after they checkup, well, nothing else to be said.)

Twilight and Rarity ran upstairs o the room Bonnie and Applejack were at, only to find the door locked.

"Why's the door locked?!" Twilight asked, practically yelling.

"Calm down darling, it's probably for privacy between the two. If I were checking on Bonnie, I too would lock the door." Rarity explained to the lavender mare, who calmed down.

"Alright, we'll just tell them that they're still talking." Twilight compromised. Rarity nodded and went downstairs with the lavender pony, looking back at the before going into her thoughts.

"Wait, we should've knocked, to see if they were in there." Rarity thought. She shook the thought of, however.

"No, let them have their privacy, it would be rude anyways." Rarity thought as she and Twilight proceeded to walk downstairs.

Meanwhile with Bonnie and Applejack.

"Ow!" Bonnie said getting up. Apparently when they teleported, they were two feet off the ground, and fell. Despite it not hurting much, the impact still hurt.

"Uh, care to explain where we are sugar cube? And speaking of explaining, what the jay was going with the red eyes, deep voice, and all that stuff!" Applejack asked. Bonnie was confused for a moment, but then realized what the orange pony was talking about.

"Oh yea, about that. Heh heh. Uh..." Bonnie tried to explain, but found herself at a loss of words. Applejack realized she was pressuring the young pony, who then felt sorry for her sudden outburst on her.

"Look, sorry Ah yelled like that. I was wanting answers." Applejack apologized, making the young pony stare at her. Bonnie only nodded, before looking at their surroundings.

"So, you two are up? Not surprising." Someone spoke, making. Bonnie and Applejack back into each other.

"Who the hay are you?!" Applejack question, her yelling in the darkness.

"Just call me, Darkness." It said coming out in front of the orange pony. "Boo!"

"Okay that sounds like a cheap name for someone like you!" Bonnie admitted.

"Oh shut it! What else would be menacing for someone who is literally a pony that is dark?!" It yelled, emphasizing on the word dark.

"Anyway, move orange pony, or I'll make you!" It said in a threatening voice. But Applejack stood her ground.

"And why should Ah?" She asked. Before Applejack could react, the dark pony grabbed a hold of her and threw her across the room. Applejack got the wall hard, and could barely stand.

"Now with her out of the way. Let's go!" It said charging up its magic. The next thing Bonnie knew, she was hit the pony's magic, only it was twice as powerful than earlier. Bonnie stood, however, knowing she couldn't give up. Bonnie charged her own attack, releasing It moments later. The dark pony couldn't dodge the attack like earlier. It hit hard, but not as hard as it's attack. As it was being to confident, it was suddenly hit with a powerful aura sphere. Apparently Bonnie was charging a aura sphere at the same time she released her magic.

"Clever." It admitted, standing up. It then did what it did earlier, it tackled Bonnie, and then launched an aura sphere at close range. Bonnie could barely stand after that. The pony then laughed, knowing that she was weak. Unbeknownst to it, Applejack tackled it and got on top of it.

"Gah! What are you doing?!" It asked her, confused.

"Helping my friend!" She yelled at it, before being thrown off it. Then it got hit by Bonnie's aura sphere.

"Gah! This is unfair! It's a 2v1!" It whined. They were surprised by its whining, what they didn't know was that it was a trick. Bonnie got closer, before she knew it, it put its hoof on her chest, and she was suddenly thrown back to another wall. She realized it was a trick.

"Uh, nice acting?" Bonnie said before chuckling nervously. She then got up and ran towards it, doing what it had just done. It got up, before launching a beam of magic almost instantly. As it was heading towards Bonnie, Applejack got pushed her out of the way and took the attack instead.

"Applejack!" Bonnie yelled, running to her side. Applejack had some kind of static coming out of her, as she twitched every few seconds. Bonnie was in tears, to see her friend in the state she was in. Bonnie then turned around, with her head down, still crying. Even though it couldn't be heard, it could be seen. Bonnie stood there, silent. The pony was confused, not knowing what she was planning. The dark pony walked foward, oddly concerned for the young filly.

"Are you okay..." it asked, trailing off. Next thing it knew, it was thrown against the wall, hard.

"YOU THINK YOU CAN JUST HURT MY FRIEND LIKE THAT?!" She yelled, enraged. Bonnie was in a state of anger, she wasn't thinking clearly.

"So now its a real fight?!" It yelled back. Then it suddenly got hit by a strong aura sphere. Red aura was surrounding her, indicating she was angry. Bonnie ran up to the pony and put her hoof on it, it was thrown violently against the wall. It was now the weak one. Bonnie was in a state of mixed emotions, anger, sadness, and pain. Why she felt was unknown, but she did know why she felt anger and sadness. Bonnie then stopped attacking. The dark pony was confused, but dared not to get closer. Then Bonnie started crying softly, not knowing what was going, or what to do. She stood there, just crying.

"Wow you are just a big crybaby." Diamond Tiara's voice rang in her mind. The dark pony stopped attacking as well, and instead, walked forward. It then tried to comfort Bonnie, who rejected its efforts. The dark pony knew why she rejected, but it knew it wasn't it's own fault. Applejack got in the way of the attack. The dark pony tried again, despite what it had done. Bonnie looked up to the dark pony, caring for her. Bonnie was confused, why was it comforting her. She then thought it was a trick, then she charged up attack and launched it. The dark pony was thrown back. The dark pony thought there was no point in helping her, so it attacked. But before it launched its attack, Bonnie walked over to Applejack. It stopped its attack, as it was something telling it not to. It tried again, only for to get the same result. (Btw while all this was happening, the thing with crystal heart and all was happening, but I don't feel like telling that, despite that making the chapter longer. But I am lazy to write that rn, maybe later.) It walked up to her again, this time with it trying to help. Bonnie, once again, rejected its help, and hit it with her magic. It gave up on helping the young pony. Then it decided to do something that would help, getting them out there.

"Hey listen, can I at least get you two out of here?" It asked. Bonnie looked at it for a moment, then nodded.

"See ya later." It said as got the two out of there. Apparently, it came with them. The three were outside the room. The dark pony went downstairs with Bonnie. Bonnie this time accepted it, knowing that this would probably be the only time it'd help. Before they got down there, the dark pony healed Applejack. She got up, only to be hugged by Bonnie. Then they looked at the dark pony, who just nodded, and left. Then they went downstairs, surprised to see the Empire safe.

"There you two are!" Rainbow Dash said.

"You two missed the most awesome thing ever!!" Pinkie Pie exclaimed.

"It was amazing." Fluttershy said timidly. Everyone laughed, along with Fluttershy, at the pony's timidness.

"I think its about time we got home, it's been a long day, and I'd like to rest!" Bonnie said, as everyone agreed, giving their goodbyes and farewells to everyone at the Empire. As soon as they boarded the train Bonnie and Applejack went to sleep.

"I wonder what they did." Rainbow Dash said, as everyone chuckled at her question. Moments later, or as it felt like to Applejack and Bonnie, they arrived in Canterlot. Twilight and Bonnie suceeded the mission, and proved to Celestia and Luna that they are almost ready!

And that ends this! Now if you'll excuse me, I have to write another chapter for Aura Guardians. Anyway hope you enjoyed! This was gonna go out differently, but this suited it better. Now with this complete, time to get some season three up in the next story. Until then, see ya next time! Bye!