Remus Lupin was about to go meet Harry. It was supposed to be Harry's sixth birthday today and Lupin planned to go see him after finally locating where he lived. He walked down Privet Drive, taking note of the house numbers. 1…2….3… He stopped at the matching number written in thin scrawl on a piece of paper. 4 Privet Drive.

So this was it. This was where the legendary Harry Potter lived. Who knew it was just an ordinary house on the street. He knocked on the door and waited for a few seconds. No one answered the door.

Fazed, he hesitantly brought his hand up again and knocked once more. Silence followed his knocks. The sky was beginning to darken considerably and Lupin guessed the time to be around five. Normally, a family would be home to prepare dinner at this time, not out. He ran a series of scenarios why the Dursley family would be out. Celebrating Harry's birthday, out for dinner, on a vacation, all these were convincing. He turned to walk away, nonetheless disappointed that his chance to meet with Harry Potter was wasted.

A familiar tinge in his wand hand stopped him before he turned to walk back down the streets. He knew it was illegal, Muggle World or Wizarding World alike, yet the sense of the Marauders twenty years ago sparked something he thought died a long time ago inside him. He turned back to the door, hand hovering over the long wand hidden in his pocket.

"Alohomora," he whispered. The lock clicked open by itself. He gently pushed open the door.

Funny, the lights are still on, he mused. The silence was the most puzzling aspect. Something's off.

He closed the door behind him and proceeded to the living room, wand held aloft. The lights were still on throughout the house. Something similar to a foot stuck out from behind the sofas and as Lupin drew near, he realized it was the body of the younger Dursley. Panic filled him but he managed to not show it. Instead, he bent over to check the body. He was still breathing but appeared to be knocked out by…

a Memory Charm.

He turned and ran upstairs. Whoever casted this spell might still be in this house. He placed a charm on his feet so that his footsteps are silenced and went up the stairs two by two. Just as he got to the second floor, he heard a voice talking. He paused, unable to make out the words. The voice seems to be coming from the room down the hall, the smallest room probably; after all it is at the corner. Harry's room.

Lupin tightened his grip on his wand and crept forward. The voices were getting louder, he could make out a few of the words now. Something like, safe… my father… friend…

He launched himself at the open doorway, wand raised.


The other man's wand flew out of his hand and disappeared somewhere behind the bed. With a complacent expression pasted on his face, he slowly raised his hands.

"Move away from him," Lupin gestured. The man raised a prominent eyebrow but did as he was told. Now getting a proper look at him, he realized how young the man was and how aristocratic his features were. The face wasn't exactly handsome but not unattractive either. The features reminded him of someone that he couldn't quite put a finger to. Unlike most wizards, he was wearing a muggle suit, the dark jacket matching his equally dark curls that framed his face and high cheekbones. Pale blue eyes followed him, as if amused on what he's going to do next.

A movement caught his attention and he turned to face a pair of green eyes that reminded him so much of a long dead friend.

"Harry," he whispered. The boy, barely a few feet all, flinched at his name. Lupin's voice hardened. "Harry, get away from the man now. I'm your father's friend, I'm here to protect you."

Harry glanced from the tall man in a suit back to him. Deciding that he's had enough, he took several steps back till he was pushed against the wall, away from both men.

"He won't believe you," the man suddenly said. "Not with you barging in like that." Lupin glared at the man who still had his hands carelessly raised. A coyly smile ghosted his lips. "I'm impressed with the silencing charm on your feet. However, I would've done it much earlier,"

Lupin turned back to him, wand still raised. "Who are you?" He asked, ignoring his previous words.

"My… I thought you would recognize me." The man smirked; it matched his features perfectly and sent a memory sparking in Lupin's mind. "However, I have changed a lot. Sirius says I should spend less time with Muggles. I guess he's right."

Again, the familiar haughty look.

"The name is Sherlock Holmes," he introduced himself. "But you may also know me as Regulus Black."

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