Hi! This is my first Brady Bunch fanfiction, and I am IN LOVE WITH THE BRADY BOYS! Hope you'll enjoy my new story! :)

Young 10 years old Bobby Brady was lying in his bed shaking uncontrollably because he was scared of Thunderstorms. The other side of room was his eldest brother Greg Brady who was 16 years old; suddenly he woke up to hear a whimpering. At first he thought it was one of the girls in the other room, but it was coming from one of his little brothers…it was Bobby. "Bobby?" Greg asked as he stood up from his bed.

Just then there was another clap of Thunder making Bobby jump out of his bed and racing to hug Greg tightly.

"Please make them go away." Bobby cried.

Greg looked down at his youngest baby brother, he knew Bobby hated Thunderstorms, but this is was the first time he ever seen Bobby so scared of Thunder…cause usually it was Peter who was scared of them.

"Come here baby brother." Greg said picking his brother up and sat down on Bobby's bed.

"Greg, do you love me?" Bobby innocently asked him.

Greg looked down at his brother with confused look.

"What are you talking about? Of course I love you…" He told him. "You're my baby brother."

He knew that Peter and Bobby weren't a baby anymore, but they'll always be his baby brothers.

"Bobby, why would you ask that?" Greg asked him.

"Because some big kid said that nobody loves me." Bobby told him.

Greg felt so angry and sad that his littlest brother would ever in his whole world, would think him and his family hate him.

"Robert Eric Brady, you know that we all love and care about you very much." Greg told his brother.

"Hey, what's going on?" Greg's 13 years old little brother Peter Brady asked from the top bunk bed.

"Bobby's afraid of Thunderstorm." Greg told him as Peter jumped down from the bed. "And some idiot at school told our baby brother that nobody loves him."

"What?" Peter asked getting protective and sat next to Greg and Bobby who was on Greg's lap. "Who's this creep?"

"It's fine," Bobby said.

"We're gonna deal with him tomorrow." Greg told him. "What does he look like?"

"Well…he's big." Bobby said.

Greg and Peter both chuckle at their little brother.

"He had dark brown hair and wears a short sleeve shirt a lot." Bobby added. "His name is Kevin Hall…"

"Kevin Hall?" Peter asked. "Man I hate that kid." Peter admits. "The kids calls him "The Jerk", he picks on every little kids."

"Well he'll be dealing with 2 angry brothers." Greg said as Peter nods.

"Wow! You guys do love me!" Bobby smiled.

"Of course we do ya dork!" Peter teased as he ruffles Bobby's hair.

Just then another thunder claps making Bobby burring his head in Greg's arms and Peter sat super close to Greg for protection.

"Man I hate thunderstorms." Peter mutters.

Greg let out a sigh and stood up while holding Bobby in his arm and his one arm wrap around his younger brother.

"You both will sleep with me." Greg told them as Peter lay down on Greg's bed and Greg lied down in the middle with his brothers clinging onto him. "Don't worry baby brothers, Greggy's here and I'll always protect you both."

"I love you big brothers." Bobby looks up at his brothers.

"We love you too, pal." Greg said kissing his head.

He waited until his brothers fell asleep so they can feel safe in their big brother's arm. They may teased each other and pick on each other, but they would always be best friends, brothers and protect one another.

The End!

I just LOVE brotherly love! More stories are coming! :)