TITLE: One heart beat for every lost day...

AUTHOR: faithinFaith


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SPOILERS: Up to, and including season four, but this one starts BEFORE "He said, she said".

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Third: This is about Bosco and Faith, just building it up a little at first....

Four: THANKS to Carina and Wineintowater for helping me to correct this and giving me enough courage to post it. : )



5:00 pm

Anna jumped by the sound of the door slammed shout and almost dropped the plate with chicken on the floor. 'OK,' she thought to herself, putting it down on the table. 'Let's see what kind of mood he is in today.' She heard his steps coming down the hallway, and took a deep breath and smiled her nicest 'I love you' smile.

"Hi, honey, what have you been doing all day?" he asked, kissing her lips.

"The usual things, but I baked your favourite cake, too," she answered, kissing him back.

His eyes narrowed immediately. "What have you done this time," he asked the anger evident in his voice.

She took a shaky breath, "Nothing, I swear. I just thought you needed something to cheer you up, since you usually have a hard day when it rains this much outside," she replied quietly.

He stared at her for a moment and then he smiled. "You really are a good wife, aren't you?"

"I try," she smiled back. 'That was a close one,' she thought to herself.

"The dinner is ready. We'll better eat before it gets cold."

"Yeah, where're the boys?"

"In their room, playing."

"SamuelAdam! Dinner!" he shouted.

She hated when he shouted their names like that. It sounded more like the beer than their names. The boys came running immediately, and sat down at the table.

"Hey, champs," their father said

"Hi," came the unison replay.

Anna served the food in silence and they ate in silence. They all knew the rules and they also knew the consequences if they broke them. So, they remained silent, waiting for him to say something.

"So how was your day, Samuel?"

"Good, Ma took us to the park for a while." He glanced at his mother, unsure if he was getting her in trouble by saying that.

Thomas frowned. "Adam, did you meet anyone there?"

"Yes, Noah, and his mother were there, too."

"No one else?"

"No, no one."

"You know what happens if you lie, right?"

"Yes, I would never lie to you, Dad!" Adams eyes widened in fear.

"Good, good, are you finished with your food?"

"Yes, Dad, I am."


"Yes, Dad, I'm finished, too."

"Then you can watch TV for a while."

"Thanks for dinner, Mom," they both said, before running off to the living room.

"They're very polite nowadays," he said proudly.

'Yes, because you scare the shit out of them all the time,' she thought tiredly. "Yes, they are good boys," she answered, and faked her best smile at him.

"Why don't you go and sit down in the living room with the boys? I'll make some coffee and bring you some cake," she suggested, as she stood up and started to clear the table.

"Sounds like a really good idea," he replied, standing up behind her and kissed her neck. She closed her eyes tightly and wished she were someplace else.

"Are you working tomorrow?"

She could feel his grip tighten around her arms. "Yes, I am."

He swung her around so he could see her face and his eyes narrowed as he said, "You know I don't like that you're working."

"I know, I hate it just as much as you do but we really need the money," she replied, begging that he didn't see the lie in her eyes. She loved her work. It made her feel normal and it was the only thing that gave her a reason to leave the house, without him questing her reasons to do so.

"Yeah, well," he let go of her arms. "Just remember what I told you. No socializing, and no overtime. You're going straight home, so that the boys and I can have our meal in time."

"But, Thomas," she protested – although, she knew better. "You know it's not for me to decide when overtime is necessary or not."

He took hold of her arms again and squeezed them hard as he said, his voice very low, "You know what happens if you try to be a smart ass with me, right?"

The anger in his eyes made her shiver and she nodded. He took hold of her right arm with both his hands and twisted it as hard as he could. She winced in pain but not a sound escaped from her lips.

"Good, now get me that coffee and the cake before I completely lose my patience with you," he spat angrily.

"Yes, Thomas, please forgive me," she answered quietly.

He didn't reply. He just turned and walked away into the living room.

Anna bit her bottom lip and sighed. How on earth did she get herself into this mess? She always thought she knew better, and she really should know better. She was a nurse for Christ sake. She'd seen what happed to the women who didn't get out in time. She had seen it happen to people she knew and loved, witnessed how one man ruined the life of three innocent people. Her father never lay a hand on her mother, so she knew this was wrong and that she was in big trouble, and still.... here she was, taken all this bullshit from him. What was wrong with her? She sighed once more and reached for the plate with the chicken on it. When she did, she felt the pain from his twist, and she couldn't hold on to the plate. It slipped out of her hand and down on the floor and shattered into a million pieces.

She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath nowshe's in trouble - that's for sure!

She hear him yell her name and hear his angry steps coming closer, and she prays to God it won't be so hard this time - but he doesn't hear her. Today isn't a day of mercy.

"What the hell do you think are you doing? Do you think I work all day to be able to buy you things just so you can break them whenever you want?" he shouts.

"I'm sorry," she whispers.

"Sorry isn't good enough this time."

The rage in his eyes is enormous and when the first punch hit her on the cheek she knows she's in deep, deep trouble, because usually he's to smart to hit her someplace where anyone else can see. He usually hits her in the chest and stomach, and kicks her in her private parts, but her face, neck, lower arms and legs he usually leaves alone. Today - for some reason - is different. He continues to beat her all over and with the second impact to her head; she hit the floor. Still, no sound escapes from her lips. "Bosco's girls don't cry," had been his last words to her and that had become her mantra. Whatever Thomas does to her she won't cry. That, and the thought of Bosco, is the only things that keep her alive and sane.

She always thinks about him when Thomas hits her - always. She really doesn't know why. After all, he did leave her. She hasn't seen him in twelve years. He could be dead for all she knows, and still.... It's his face she sees, his face that keeps her going. Her never fading hope that one day he will changes his mind and come back to her, is the only thing that keeps her alive. She wants him to come back so badly - because she loves him. Always has and always will. Sure, he's a jerk, and sure he always breaks her heart - one way or another - but still he's the best thing that ever happened to her, and he would never do something like this to her. That she knows for sure.

She had known him since they were twelve and their friendship had always been strong and unconditional. He kept her safe from all the idiots in school and she gave him a place to recover and regroup, when his home life was too much for him to handle.

Loving each other had been the next logical step, but in the end it hadn't worked out. He had run away like he always did when someone wanted love from him. He came back, but then he ran away again, and this time it obviously was for good. Still, all she hoped for was for him to come back and rescue her from this hell - but he never did.

Thomas kept beating and kicking her all over, now using a baseball- bat. Anna felt herself starting to slip into unconsciousness when she suddenly came to think about the boys. She prayed to God that they had runaway to the neighbour across the hall, like they always did when Thomas beat her up because then at least they were safe.

The last thing Anna saw before the darkness was overwhelming her was the imagination of Bosco's boyish smile. Once again, she wished that he would come and rescue her - but he didn't. Not that it matter anyway, after all, what could Maurice Boscorelli do about a cop that liked to beat up his wife....