Gonzales has no other Choice but to Release his darker self,he releases his darkerself and instantly recieves Dark Powers! "You see that?!" Then Dark Gonzales Shouts "You bastards! You all are going pay for what you've done to Mike!" Dark Gonzales unleashes his attacks and kills whoever was attacking The feline pilot."Holy crap is the devil!" The feline girl Kate witnessed her one true love in a killing spree. "Gonzaly..." She follows Dark Gonzales's Path. And she sees him finishing his Killing spree "Gonzaly! Stop right there!"

The Dark Gonzales Turns Around and sees Kate. "Kate? What are you doing here? You better Leave. This is dangerous." Kate refuses to leave her boyfriend alone and she Hugs Gonzales. It didn't matter to her if Gonzales, is The Dark Gonzales or not. "I don't care! I just don't want to lose you! I just love you so much Gonzales!" Kate was crying about Gonzales, but atleast dark Gonzales had some sense into himself and decides to hug Kate. "I love you too Kate. You will never lose me in your life."


*PRESS Both Blues NOW!* *EXCELLENT!* "Kate Watch out!" The Dark Gonzales Pushes Kate to safety! There was some Dark Kingdom guys doing Drive-by on Gonzales "You start with us, we gonna finish you! All your street-walkers are gonna die! No one messes with the Dark Kingdom!" Gonzales Plans to Kill all attackers. "Kate. Get back to the apartment. I'm going to finish this." The Dark Gonzales goes to the site of the very same attackers and begins attacking. "What the hell is this?!" Gunfires were fired at Gonzales but Gonzales uses his powers and weapons to kill the attackers. "Holy crap! It's the devil!" But Gonzales kills them mercilessly "File that in your report! Leave Kate and my friends alone, or you and I are going to become close friends."

The Surviving Attackers flee. But Gonzales Grabs one of them "You ain't going nowhere! From now on you work for the Light kingdom. Find some Weapons you need from the Armory, and takeover the empire buildings. I've let the light kingdom know about you. They say its okay about you helping them takeover the empire buildings." But the Man introduces himself as Jason "You're Jason huh? Okay Jason. Go out there and takeover those empire buildings. The rest of the boys are on the street taking over the empire buildings. Go out there and give the dark kingdom hell!" Jason then leaves starting up his first Job.

"Gonzales You're back!" Kate hugs the feline pilot who had survived the shootout "I wasn't the only one who witnessed you going dark. Emily also witnessed this." Emily arrives at the scene hugging at Mike,Emily looked scared that it could also happen to her boyfriend. "Mr Gonzales! I also heard about the shootout that happened 10 minutes ago. I wouldn't want that to happen to Mike!" Emily still hugged Mike. and the 4 of them head back home to talk about what happened to Gonzales.