Gonzales left the house and writes a mail to his friends and his girlfriend Kate. "I hope they can understand what i'm trying to do." He finishes writing his mail and leaves the house. Meanwhile Kate,Emily and Mike came back from their shopping at the Mall, The 3 of them see a letter written by Gonzales. "Oh crap! Kate can't know about this!" Emily was too late to attempt to hide the letter but Kate sees the letter and reads it.

Dear Kate. I hope this letter gets to you.
I'm just too dangerous for you even if i never attacked you. I'm sorry.

"NO! Gonzaly wouldn't leave me! He promised he would stay at home with us!" Kate started to cry over her boyfriend and Mike comes in to see why was Kate crying"Kate what just happened?" But then Kate explains. "Gonzaly...he...he just left me all alone!" Kate then soon began to freak out and becoming way too delirious all of a sudden! but Mike and Emily got scared of the freakout! "She's delirious! We gotta find Gonzales! Quickly!" and Kate also began of hallucinating seeing a pillow as Gonzales. Kate began to kiss at the pillow! "GonzalyGonzalyGonzalyGonzaly!" She went more and more deliriously crazy!

X=Try to restrain her.

O*=Exit the house

"We gotta go find Gonzales. There's no point in trying to restrain Kate." Mike and Emily exit the house and they start looking for Gonzales.

*3 hours later*

"Gonzaly...why?...why did you left me all alone?! I miss you!" But she looks up to the sky and she sees a Plane flying. "It can't be." Mike and Emily also see the Plane. "That's him!" Mike,Emily and Kate follow the plane as they can.

*Meanwhile with Gonzales*

"I gotta land this plane." Gonzales proceeds in landing his plane, and he does a perfect landing! "Perfect! It went just as i expected!" Gonzales removes his pilot goggles, he then dismounts his plane but Kate ran straight to Gonzales "Gonzaly! You're back!" Kate started to hug Gonzales. "Where were you?! I was so worried and lovesick!" Gonzales hugs kate back. "Well i." Gonzales got cutoff by his explanation while Kate takes Gonzales to the beach. "Well. Things got back to normal." Mike felt a bit relieved that everything came back to normal. "I hope you're right Mike."