This is a poem I wrote at 1:30 in the morning, so if it sucks, don't kill me ^^
This is pretty much a forward to a story I will write soon about Holly's dad's funeral.
And in my version of her dad's death, Holly isn't told how he died, so yeah...
Anyways, on with the story, er, poem ^^

My Father

My Father
like the seeds on a dandilion
scattered off into the winds

My Father
for reasons I can't comprehend
nor will I try to

My Father
on a trip to another place
without me

My Father
Gone, Dead, Away
why did he go?
why don't I know?
why not me?
why did he leave?
why do people go away?

And leave the living
in grief

My Father
My Father
My Father

I miss you.

~Holly Short~