Hey again. How have you been?I see all kinds of cool new stories in the A-team section here, and I really need to start reading the meantime, another story started bubbling in the back of my mind, and I decided to write the first chapter, which actually happens half way the huh?

Please enjoy Haunting , some drama ahead O.O

Chapter 1 - You're gonna pay!


No, it didn't just happen. Not like this!

B.A tried to keep himself calm but it was useless. His voice was hoarse from screaming. The scene in front of him held all the elements of a good horror movie.
He was standing deep inside a dark and dramatically eery forest. Daylight was slowly fading, and it had started to rain. A lightning bolt lit up the sky and the low warning rumble of an approaching thunderstorm could be heard in the distance.

The gold-clad man swallowed hard as he squeezed his eyes shut. It was only for a second. Then he would open them again and he would know that it had all been a bad dream. Just a nightmare.
B.A counted what must have been the longest second of his life. As raindrops started to run over his face, the bulky sergeant forced his eyes open again.
He hardly dared to look, but he did it anyway.
He had to.

At a loss for words, B.A stared down at the lifeless form on the ground. It was still there! ... Why was it still there?!
A dull pain in his chest made him realize that it hadn't been a dream after all. They'd shot him...

They shot the fool right in the head!

"Murdock!" B.A shouted again.

As a wave of despair crept over the now frantic man, B.A struggled himself out of the grasp of the two thugs that were holding him at gunpoint. Ignoring the shouts and threats, he ran forward to his fallen comrade and landed heavily on his knees in the mud. Small speckles of dirt descended on the pilot's face, but there was no sign he'd noticed.

"Murdock, please say something!"

A distant mocking laugh could be heard, but it wasn't coming from Murdock. One of the thugs tried to grab B.A's shoulder again but a sharp voice spoke from a distance.

"Leave him. It's fine. Give him his little moment to say goodbye. He's not going anywhere,"

B.A pretended not to hear it while feverishly studying his friend. Murdock lay flat on his back in an awkward spread-eagled pose. His face was turned away from the mechanic. His hands lay palms down in the mud, and his long legs were tangled. One of his shoelaces was untied; something B.A had been nagging him about all afternoon.

"Come on, buddy! Don't mess around!" B.A tried again.

He grabbed the pilot's shoulder and shook him. First gently, then harder and harder. Triggered by the movement, Murdock's head suddenly lolled to the side. B.A's breath ragged and his heart skipped a beat as he was faced with the dull gaze from the man's partially closed eyes. They were staring unseeingly into the distance. His lips were slightly parted and his facial expression appeared somewhat bewildered as if the moment had caught him by surprise. Blood ran over his right temple and covered his ear, eyebrow and cheekbone while mingling with the increasing stream of raindrops.
Another flash riveted through the sky, followed closely by the cracking sound of thunder. The thunderstorm was getting closer now.
The flash of lightning shortly illuminated the scene and B.A could distinctively see the small pool of blood appear beneath Murdock's head.
The black man gritted his teeth as the reality of the situation was finally setting in.
Murdock wasn't going to get up. The crazy fool was gone...
As grief filled his heart, an angry static noise was building up in his ears. He had to be sure! Just one more second!
Trying hard to control his anger, he forced himself to put two trembling fingers on the pilot's neck, desperate to find a pulse.

"That's enough," The cold voice said.

Before B.A could even register anything that resembled a heartbeat, two pairs of hands grabbed him by the shoulders and pushed him hardhandedly back to the ground. One of the men held a knife to his throat while the other held him at gunpoint. Inside, B.A felt something snap. A big ball of fury and rage that had been building up under his skin needed a way out. They were gonna pay!

"Don't try anything! We need you to stay alive a little longer," the voice of the man sounded again.

It belonged to a tall dark man, dressed in a parka and wearing a black hat. He looked at the struggling B.A while pointing his gun at him.

Through the raindrops, B.A squinted his eyes at the man, trying hard to memorize his face in the fading sunlight. Bloodthirst filled his mind as his eyes followed the villain who calmly walked over to Murdock while making a tutting sound.

"Looks like I got him real good," he said proudly while indifferently kicking Murdock against the ribs.

"I fear your lunatic friend here is worm bait, Mr. Baracus."

The man sniggered at his own joke.
B.A let out a savage scream. Suddenly, the rage that had been building up inside the bulky mechanic had been set free. There was only white-hot fury filling his mind as he wiggled his way out of the death grip of the two thugs and smashed them onto the ground. A thick drop of blood trickled down from his brow where one of the men had managed to cut him. But the muscular man didn't feel it. All he could feel was the anger boiling in his gut.
The thugs quickly scrambled back to their feet, once more approaching B.A with their guns and knives.
The cold metal glistened red in the rain while reflecting the darkening sky.
B.A scowled menacingly. His back was hunched, his muscled tensed. He was readying himself for combat.

"Now don't do anything stupid," the villain wearing the parka warned him.

But it was way too late. There was no reasoning with B.A. He simply wasn't listening anymore. He couldn't care less about the knives, nor the bullets. He couldn't care less about anything anymore. There was no danger. There was only blind fury as he attacked his opponents with nothing more than his bare hands. He barely avoided the slashing of knives as he grabbed one of the man's arms and snapped it. The man yelled in pain as he let go of the weapon. Then the big guy launched himself on the other man who tried to dive out of his way. But too late. B.A was on top of him, giving it all he got, jabbing the man in the gut with all the fury he possessed.


A gunshot went off.
B.A flinched for a split second, looking up at the parka-man who'd shot at him. The man had grazed B.A's upper arm which had snapped the big guy out of his violent trance. One of B.A's victims recovered just quickly enough to plant his knife in B.A's thigh. The sergeant screamed in anger and pain as he hit the goon on the head and knocked him out immediately. He was about to snap the man's neck as he felt something made of cold metal being pressed to his forehead.

"Stop it right there," The sharp but eerily calm voice of the parka-man spoke while pushing his gun harder against B.A's skull. "Or I will have the pleasure to blow your brains out. The wanted poster said dead or alive. But I need you alive for just a little longer."

B.A froze and looked up at the man with hate-filled eyes.
The man, seemingly unimpressed, moved his gun toward B.A's temple and ordered him to stand up. B.A snarled but did as he was ordered. Pain flared through his leg and arm which finally gave him a moment to come to his senses. His eyes found Murdock again and suddenly he felt tired. Bone tired.
It took the still dazed crooks a minute to get back on their feet and catch their breath. However, they were very quick to restrain the big guy, painfully forcing his hands to his back and binding them with a rope.
B.A was too devastated to protest or even notice the actions. As the men were ordered to move the body out of sight, he just stood there, watching helplessly while reality slapped him hard in the face.
One of the thugs picked up Murdock's legs and dragged him over the ground up to a mound. Panting hard, the man took a moment to lay the lifeless body down. Then he gave it a push, and slowly Murdock's body rolled into a ditch that was concealed by bushes and trees.

"The predators will take care of him," one of the men muttered while wiping his muddy hands on his pants.

Then the thugs went back to B.A's van. But when they couldn't get the engine to start, they were contemplating what to do next.

"No matter. We'll pick it up later." The parka-man said while pushing B.A hard-handedly into their own vehicle.

"Let's get back to base first. I'm getting tired of this damn rain."

A bright lightning bolt flashed through the sky, immediately followed by a clap of thunder. As they drove away, B.A stared dully into the distance. To the thugs, it appeared that he was totally out of it. Maybe he'd lost his marbles. But in his mind, he was repeating a mantra that was fueling his anger and his determination to escape and seek revenge for his fallen friend and comrade.

You're gonna pay, You're gonna pay, You're gonna pay!