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Chapter 7

Third Ave and East 50th Street

Manhattan, New York

Frank stood off to the side as he watched as a line of uniform officers were checking ID's and bags of people walking off the elevator and moving towards the doors of the consulate. Some gave the officers angry glances, while others smiled politely before moving towards the door. The officers after they checked everyone politely nodded and said their thanks before moving on with the crowd. Yet deep down, they were hoping whatever the commissioner had plan would work because they did not want to appear on the national news at impeding a foreign governments consulate workers from their jobs.

"She hasn't shown up yet boss." Ghormley said coming over to stand near Frank. He also stared at the crowd. "Maybe she got wind and fled."

Frank shook his head. "She hasn't booked a ticket, or checked in with customs, so unless they flew her out on a government aircraft; so I'm betting she'll show up."

Ghormley nodded. "Well your gut is hardly wrong boss. I'll go with that."

Frank didn't answer as Garrett walked on up. He didn't look happy. "Frank we have a problem?"

"I am guessing that the consulate general placed a phone call and he is also on the way up here." Frank replied to Garrett's statement. "That was expected."

"Well apparently he is bringing with him the lawyer that represents consulate general in all civil matters." Garrett answered as he shifted again on his feet. He took a breath. "We can stall for so long before he places a call to DC."

"Well then we better find her before he does." Ghormley added in as the elevator binged. Ghormley nodded in that direction. "Heads up sir. Here they come."

Frank turned and straightened out his suit coat as the Turkish Consulate General walked up. "Mr. Consulate General."

"Commissioner." The Consulate General replied. He didn't shake hands with Frank. He nodded to the man standing right behind him. "This is Mr. Harris Langdon. He represents the consulate in all local legal matters."

"Commissioner." The lawyer said in reply to the introduction. He shifted on his feet and pulled a blue packet from his portfolio. "This is a cease and desist order that we will file against you and the NYPD. You are violating international law by conducting illegal searches on foreign nationals."

"If you haven't noticed, we are searching anybody." Garrett answered in reply. He saw out the corner of his eye as the leaders of the protest groups brought out their cellphones and began to record the interaction. "We are looking for an American Citizen who works for the consulate."

The lawyer scoffed. "They would have diplomatic immunity as well as you know."

"Not the case." Frank replied this time. He pulled out a sheet of paper. He held it at a low angel. "According to our legal department, any American citizen under the employment of a foreign consulate is protected by diplomatic immunity only on the presence of consulate property. Once they are off property, they are subject to local, state and federal prosecution."

Yet before the consulate general or the lawyer could reply a senior officer came on over towards the group. "Excuse me Commissioner. We have her."

Frank nodded and turned to the pair. "Excuse me gentlemen."

The consulate general and the lawyer stood there in shock as Frank made his way over to where the officers were holding the young lady. The lady looked a little nervous as two officers stood nearby as Frank walked over with the officer who came and got him. The two officers came to attention. "As you were. Azra Kaba?

The young woman nervous nodded. "Yes that is me. How can I help you?"

Frank nodded to the officer who turned and ordered the other officers to stand down and the crowd began to flow more freely into the office. Frank turned back to the young woman. "Azra Kaba I am to inform you that you are being placed under arrest."

"What!?" Azra Kaba exclaimed.

Frank pulled out a card. "The charge is assault on a police officer, interfering with a police officer in the course of his duties, and obstruction of justice."

"Commissioner you cant do this." The Consulate General countered.

Azra Kaba nodded. "The Consulate General is right sir. I have diplomatic immunity. I am a Turkish citizen."

"You were born in the United States, and have dual citizenship." Frank countered once again as the elevator dinged. He nodded to the sergeant standing nearby. "Take her into custody and read her rights."

"YOU CAN'T DO THIS!" The Consulate General yelled at Frank. He walked on over towards him. "I WILL CALL THE STATE DEPARTMENT AND LODGE A COMPLAINT. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR JOB."

"Well if you want to lodge a complaint, you can do it right now sir." Frank replied with a straight face. He reached out a hand. "Madam Ambassador."

The US Representative to the United Nations shook his outstretched hand. "Frank. I knew what you had planned but I have to say, you went a little overboard here."

The Turkish Consulate General looked at the US UN Ambassador. "Madam Ambassador, this is unprecendant. My assistant is a Turkish citizen, who has diplomatic immunity…"

"Yet the commissioner is within his legal right." The US UN Ambassador countered. She then pulled out a piece of paper. "When employees of a consulate conduct a crime within the host crime outside the consulate, they are subjected to prosecution within that particular country."

"But again my assistant was within the consulate which is considered Turkish soil." The Consulate General replied. He pointed to the doors. "She was standing right there….."

Frank looked at the pair before cutting them off. "When a crime is committed, any people, property, or material touching the host country soil is considered that soil."

"So she should be released." The lawyer countered.

"I reviewed the tape. Your assistant grabbed of Officer Eren." The US UN Ambassador. She took several still shots from her aide who was waiting for this. She handed them to the Turkish Consulate General. "As you can see, Officer Eren's feet are on the floor as he is falling backwards."

"Which shows us what?" The lawyer countered. He looked at the photos. "Her hand is on his collar….."

"Which by extension makes her on US soil." Frank said. He sighed and nodded towards the doors. "The law applies when you do such an act as this. So now if you excuse me Gentlemen. I have a judge waiting too…"

"Wait." The Turkish Consulate General called out. He sighed and shifted on his feet. He then nodded to his security guard standing nearby. "I'll have him brought out."

Frank kept a straight face. "Thank you."

The Consulate General nodded and walked into the consulate as the US UN Ambassador walked over. "You know the law actually doesn't say that Frank. It is a unwritten rule that is understood. You know he'll find out and raise hell."

"I know, but it worked." Frank answered as the form Officer Eren appeared at the door. He smiled as the cops on the floor formed a corridor to welcome their brother home. "But we leave no man behind."

The US UN Ambassador nodded as Officer Eren walked out as Frank stepped towards the man. Both men had smiles on their faces.

New York County Courthouse

Manhattan, New York

Erin stood outside the Chief Judge's chambers waiting to be called in. She had been called earlier that morning when the Chief Judge received the investigation report from Detective Abetemarco. She shifted nervously on her feet because of the unknown that awaited her.

The door opened and the Chief Judge's clerk came out. "She'll see you now Judge Reagan."

"Thank Clarissa." Erin answered. She smoothed out her outfit before walking into the chambers of the Chief Judge. "Thank you your honor."

"You're welcome Erin and please sit." The Chief Judge replied. She waited until Erin was seated and then she picked up the folder. "You may have been careful, but I can tell you had your hand in this."

Erin sucked in a breath. "Your honor, I would like to apologize if my actions…."

"Relax Erin." The Chief Judge told her. She leaned back into the chair. "It is common for judges to review cases including those that they recused themselves from to see if they missed anything. Often not they uncover new information that they would hand to the proper people."

Erin shifted in her seat. "Which I did in this case."

The Chief Judge nodded. "Which is what you did. Now I called you here because I want you present for this."

Erin nodded as a knock came from the door. The Chief Judges clerk stuck her head in. "They are here your honor."

"Thank you Clarissa." The Chief Judge answered. She stood up, so Erin stood up and moved to the side of the desk. Defense Council Perez, the defendant and Marta Avila all walked in. Marta seemed a little shocked that Erin was there. "Hello there. Please take a seat."

"Your honor, what is going on here?" The defense attorney asked as she eyed Erin. They sat down in the chairs provided. "And why is Judge Regan here?"

The Chief Judge sat down as Erin remained standing. She set the folder down on the desk. "You know as judges we are allowed to look at cases we recused ourselves from to see any irregularities. Well that was the case here, and in the investigation, something interesting came across my eyes here."

"And what is that your honor?" Marta asked nervously as she saw the look on the defendant who also looking very nervous.

"You two are married and you have a child." The Chief Judge answered the question. She passed over the file. "And you Ms. Avila had been giving legal advice to your husband who was in the states at that time in clear violation of your suspension."

The defense attorney scoffed at the file. "So the bar will extend her suspension. And there is nothing in the law about a man and wife testifying in defense…."

Now Erin spoke up. "Your client send money from his illegal activities to his wife and family down in Guatemala, with the note noting how he came across the money, and your client's wife accepted it. That is wire fraud along with criminal laundering."

The defendant and Marta were looking very nervous now. The Chief Judge seized on this. "Which means it makes your client's wife an accessory. We have notified the Guatemalan government. They will be…."

"I plead guilty your honor." The defendant said standing up, surprising his lawyer and his wife. "With the conditions that my wife and family are left out of it."

"Manuel shut up." Marta told her husband.

Erin took a step forward, making the defendant sit back down. "No deal. You knowingly used this information to get myself to recuse myself from the case to plead the sudden surprise witness."

"You honor…." The defense attorney started to say but was cutoff off when the door opened and in walked a couple of detectives and men in jackets with FBI ID's hanging off them. "What is this?"

"Your client and his wife are being taken into federal custody along with being charged additionally to the crimes they committed." The Chief Judge said. She stood up and nodded to the group who came in. "Take them into custody please."

The group of officers and agents nodded and came over to the seats where they stood up Marta and her husband up before placing the cuffs on them. They read the rights and walked them out with the lawyer following behind. Erin turned and looked at the Chief Judge.

"Your honor, the only crime I saw was the money transfer and the messages saying…." Erin started to say.

"I have been running my own investigation Erin." The Chief Judge said cutting her off. She motioned for Erin to take her seat again. "I don't like it when people play the system and get one of judges recused because of a vendetta and such. I rather have them recuse themselves because they discovered something on their own, or a legimate case comes up where they had previous interactions. They snow-balled you Erin, and like I said, I don't like it when people do that to my judges."

Erin nodded and stood up holding out her hand. "Thank you your honor."

"You're welcome." The Chief Judge replied with a smile on her face. She then stood up. "Now back to your courtroom. You got a backlog to get to."

Erin laughed and nodded. "Yes your honor."

The Chief Judge smiled as Erin turned and walked out, feeling lighter than she had in the past few days.

12th Precinct

Manhattan, New York

Eddie walked into Renzulli's office. Renzulli had briefed her on the plan a little while ago. She was nervous because everything was riding on her and Renzulli's poker face here along with Frank's ability to play poker. She took a breath as she saw Renzulli hang up the phone. "Sarge?"

"Ahh Reagan." Renzulli said standing up and smiling at her. He could tell she was nervous. "You nervous?"

Eddie was but she shook her head. "No Sarge."

Renzulli laughed. "Liar, but don't worry. Junior won't know what hit him."

Eddie nodded so Renzulli came around the desk and gave her a pat on the shoulder before leaving the office with Eddie right behind him. They made their way slowly towards the conference room on the first floor. They stopped outside the door where on the inside was Bureau Chief Harold Dwyer, Eddie's partner John Jr, the IAD Chief and the IA detective that interview Eddie. Eddie and Renzulli both took a collective breath and walked into the conference room. Bureau Chief looked at Sergeant Renzulli. "What is she doing here Sgt. Renzulli?"

The IAD Detective answered for them. "By the union agreement, she is allowed to be sir."

The Dwyers and the IAD Chief looked at each other before everyone sat down. The IAD detective took out the file. "After conducting interviews at everyone involved in the incident, it is my judgment that Officer Edit Reagan acted…."

"I dispute your findings there John." The IAD Chief answered. He opened his own folder. "I looked at the reports, and Officer Reagan acted inapprotiely towards her trainee. There for as in my role as the head of the internal affairs division, it is my recommendation to terminate Officer Reagan."

Bureau Chief Dwyer smirked at Renzulli and Eddie. "And as Bureau Chief I have a responsibility to overlook everything, and I agree with the recommendation."

"Well I disagree with the override." The IAD detective interjected. He was a friend of Renzulli's and had been included in the plan. He leaned back in the chair. "At most this warrants a suspension or maybe even an official entry, not termination."

"Well that is why we are granted by the agreement as well to review and make our own determination." Bureau Chief Dwyer replied with a smirk on his face.

Eddie was wondering when Frank would make his appearance when she heard the door open. "Just like the agreement gives me the final say in all matters."

Everyone in the room jumped to their feet as Frank strolled to the head o the table. "Remain standing."

The Dwyers and the IAD Chief looked nervously as Frank stopped and took a look at the table. "I have reviewed the cases and all evidence as it pertains to this, and I came across something interesting."

"What is that Commissioner?" Sgt. Renzulli asked

Frank opened up the file. "Turns out that Officer Dwyer contacted the head of my Internal Affairs Division. Now I was curious why would a new probationary patrol officer would have his personal cell number?"

"He's my godfather sir and there are no regulations against that." Officer Dwyer replied as he shifted nervously on his feet. He looked at his father and the IAD Chief. "So I am free to call him at anytime I choose."

"This is true but when an body-cam footage picks up your conversation between you and your godfather..." Frank countered. He brought out a tape recorder and placed it on the table. "and you discuss something that peaks my interest."

Frank presses play on the tape recorder.

"Uncle Jerry."

"Johnny. Is it done?"

"Yep, did what you and dad suggested. Ignored her commands and rushed in. The guys you hired did the job really well."

"Good, now do what we talked about, and then lodge a complaint. We'll handle…"

Frank turned off the recorder and looked at the trio. "And what do you think turned up in a search of the emails and phone conversations, especially amongst my Manhattan Bureau Chief and the head of the Internal Affairs Division?"

Not one of the three who had ohcreasted this scheme said a word, so Frank walked around the table opening a folder. "Apparently John you heard a rumor that you were going to be passed over and retired out so you contacted your academy buddy and godfather to your children here to help you get back at me, by striking at the one person…."

"Ok yes Frank, I felt slighted." Bureau Chief Dwyer replied. He scoffed as Frank's protection detail closed in. "You have always thought you were better than me, so when I heard I would be passed over, I decided to take my shot. I had my son assigned to your daughter in laws precinct and set her up."

Frank took a breath before looking at the former Bureau Chief. "You heard wrong. I was going to select you for the Chief of the Intelligence Division, because you were the most qualified for the job. But you just threw that away."

The Bureau Chief's face shrank as the IAD Chief looked on in horror. He decided to try and save his own skin. "Commissioner, I would like to testify…."

"No deals for those that betray the badge." Frank said cutting the man off. He looked at the three men. "Especially when it hits this house. Sergeant, Detective, Officer Reagan, take these gentlemen into custody and make sure that they have their reps present when they are questioned."

All three nodded and walked over cuffing the guilty parties, and led them out the door, with Eddie remaining behind, after passing the former probationary officer over to a fellow member of the 12th. She walked over to her father in law and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Thanks Frank."

"No need to thank me." Frank answered with a smile on his face. He placed his hands inside his coat pocket. "I would have done it if the reverse was true."

Eddie smiled. "I know, but thank you anyway."

Frank smiled again as Eddie turned and walked out of the conference and into the comfort knowing her family had her back.

Slocum Avenue

Fort Lee, New Jersey

Danny and Baez along with about a dozen uniforms were in the apartment of Thomas Reynolds conducting a search. Danny looked through an entertainment center. "First one that finds evidence of a crime gets the first round on me."

"With what money Reagan?" Baez asked sarcastically as she searched through drawers in the kitchen. "You still haven't paid me on the Super Bowl bet."

Danny tossed her a look as Thomas Reynolds came to the door. "WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?"

"Stay where you are Mr. Reynolds." Danny warned him as a pair of New Jersey State Troopers stopped Mr. Reynolds from coming further. "We have a warrant."

Thomas Reynolds looked at Danny. "A warrant for what?"

"To search for evidence in connection with Kimberly Ki's murder." Baez answered as she came out of the kitchen. "Nothing in the kitchen Reagan."

"I didn't murder Kimberly." Thomas countered. He looked around the apartment from the doorway. "You cleared me."

"Funny you say that." Danny replied to Thomas's statement as he moved to a bookcase. "Because your car was clocked going through the toll plaza shortly after Kimberly's murder, and the time your childhood friend told us he left to dump her body."

Thomas scoffed as he pulled out his cellphone. "I'm calling my lawyer."

"Good because you can have him meet us at the precinct." Danny answered again to the statement made my Thomas. "Maybe without the overly expensive suit."

Before Thomas could reply a tech came out from the back. "Detective who ever cleaned up didn't do a good job. We have evidence of a blood pool in the bedroom, and evidence of a rug."

Danny nodded as two more techs along with several uniform officers approached the door. "Found the murder weapon detective, and the rug. It was in the dumpster. Trash collection hasn't arrived yet."

"Interesting." Danny said as he received the evidence bag from the tech. He turned and faced Thomas Reynolds. "You know Mr. Reynolds, I have to ask. What did she do that you had to kill her?"

Thomas Reynolds shifted on his feet as Baez walked over with a laptop. "Maybe because she threatened to out the affair they were having, along with coming to us about the stolen cars."

"Really?" Danny replied. He walked on over and looked at the computer that Baez was holding. He looked over the shoulder and saw the emails. "Wow. Now that would make me want to kill somebody with what she wrote."

"Oh definitely." Baez replied to Danny's statement. She looked over at Thomas Reynolds and the officers who had closed in around in. "Maybe bash her head in with a music award on my display case in my bedroom."

Danny started towards the door. "And call my best friend to help me get rid of the body."

Thomas Reynolds looked around as he felt the officer's presence behind him. He knew he was caught. "We were underwater with everything, and she found out what we had been doing. She threatened me when we stopped by here after the video wrapped up. She told me, she would go to the cops about me and Hector Cruz, and also go to my wife about the affair. She was going to ruin my life."

"Well you ended hers." Danny responded as he nodded to the uniformed officers who grabbed Thomas Reynolds's arms and placed the cuffs on him. "You're under arrest for the murder Kimberly Ki, and grand theft auto."

The uniform officers took Thomas Reynolds away from the apartment as Baez stood next to Danny. She noticed the look on Danny's face. "What is it Danny?"

"A young woman thought she was getting a better opportunity but ended up murdered when she tried to do right." Danny replied. He took a breath and shook his head. "Maybe they were right. The music business really is murder."

Baez didn't reply as she and Danny started to leave the apartment.

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