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This chapter will be focused on a Modern AU, which will be about Natsu, a regular man of society, having everything a man could wish for. Job, friends and a nice house. Unfortunately, the things Natsu doesn't have is one, and that is love.

One day, when cleaning his basement, he stumbles across a very old lamp, which he proceeds to then to rub. However, what he didn't expect to come, was an ancient, blonde genie, to pop out, and grant him three wishes. Three wishes for him to grant, and for his every desire.

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Chapter 8: The Dragon and the Genie.

At the home of Natsu Dragneel, an employer of the Dreyar Corp, its pink haired owner opened the door as he walked in the door. Wearing a pair of black pants, black shoes, a white shirt, a green-red striped tie and a black jacket, he took it off before hanging it on the coat hanger, along with his black fedora hat and putting his glasses in his shirt picket, while loosening his tie.

Natsu closed the door and looked around at the interior of his house. It was two story house: which had a two bathrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom, an attic and a basement.

With a sigh, Natsu then smiled in relief as he saw his cat Happy come towards him.

"Hi there, Happy. Sorry I kept so long." Natsu smiled, he had his cat in his arms. Happy was a blue cat with a green neckband, having a round, silver pendant with his name on it.

As Natsu smiled, he then went to speak to his pet.

"I bet you missed me, and you must be hungry as well. Don't worry, let's go to the kitchen and make you something, okay?" Natsu said with a smile, and Happy meowed happily as a response.

With a grin on his face, Natsu went to the kitchen with Happy trailing after him.

It was another day for Natsu in the work, as things went as usual at the Dreyar Corp.

Daily, Natsu had to deal with his co-workers, Gray Fullbuster and Gajeel Redfox.

As annoying and loud they could be, Natsu had managed to get along with them, managing to have a talk, and aid each other, when it came to the hard work their boss, Laxus Dreyar, had brought upon them, who had taken over the company, since the previous boss, his grandfather, Makarov Dreyar, went in retirement.

However, Natsu and his friends managed to work through whatever hardship that came, as they managed to move up their status in work.

Afterwards, they would a go for a night at the bar, with drinking, karaoke and talking about their plans.

However, things were seemingly going for him to change.

As Natsu went to the kitchen, being white, have a light wooden, square table with some blankets and a lamp hanging on the roof. He went to the pantry to pick out a can, which he then opened to then pour on Happy's food bowl, with red with his name on it.

The pink-haired man smiled as he saw his pet and buddy Happy eat the meal happily, which he then sighed and looked up the roof.

For you see, as time went by, his friends began dating girls they had met, which went to become deep in relationships.

Gray meet a bartender girl named, who he spoke with her after she was insulted for doing her job badly by her boss Jose and some costumers, due to being a newbie in her job.

But Gray spoke to her, and after some encouraging words, Juvia went on and became better at her job.

Afterwards, they started dating for a while, and eventually they officially became couple.

Gajeel meet a girl named Levy, during when he was singing in a bar, much to the dismay to the customers and the owner.

However, the girl named Levy took sympathy for Levy, even if she knew his music was exactly something you would want anyone to be heard, as she thought the audiences were too hard on him.

However, afterwards, Levy were about to be robbed by a group of men at a dark alley, which then Gajeel then went into the scene to save her.

Afterwards, they started to meet more often, eventually leading them into dating and become an official couple. It has been four months since then, which Natsu even heard rumors of Gajeel planning to propose to Levy, much to the denial of him, saying it was too early.

Despite Natsu seeing glimpses of a golden ring within a small box, inside a drawer of the desk Gajeel has in his office.

As Natsu smiled of watching Happy eat the cat food, he took a sigh as he turned to watch the roof.

"Well, never expected to see a relationship develop that quickly. But you can never expect what you will see in life." Natsu said to himself; before he went on to walk out of the kitchen, remembering the errand he was gonna do at his home.

"Enough of that, I need to begin cleaning my basement." Natsu said. It had been ages since he cleaned the basement, which was probably the first time since he moved into his house, and moved his stuff from his old home he lived with his dad, until he graduated from college.

Natsu opened the door to his basement, turned on the light and went down the stairs.

He looked around, within the large room underground, were he saw piles of boxes, chests, shelves with objects like books, small statues of animals or people, photos and some old toys that were form the last century.

There was dust, dirt, cobwebs and other kinds of dirt on the boxes and furniture, showing a clear sign it needed to be cleaned.

"Well, it should have known sooner or later, I needed to clean." Natsu sighed and then went on to clean. He had a lot of cleaning to do, including some things he never expected to see in there.

Hours went by, from cleaning the furniture off its dust, to sorting the boxes of its contents.

The boxes contained various things, like books, maps, paintings, photos and other stuff you expect from a box in a basement or cellar.

His dad, Igneel, was an archeologist, as he had always expected to keep something either the museum or the university didn't as anything value, but was still good enough for them to show to his family.

Natsu remembered the items Igneel showed, being from swords, helmets and vases from ancients civilizations, having them been put to display for his family and guest to see.

He looked at a rusty sword, being used by a soldier from a Chinese Dynasty. As a kid, Natsu always imagined himself playing with it, since he couldn't touch the sword.

Natsu smiled as he then put down the sword down gently, he then went towards the next box to check out.

However, as he walked, his foot struck a pipe that was on the ground, causing Natsu to trip as he fell downwards a pile of boxes, causing him to loudly crash into it.

Natsu groaned in pain, before then coughing the smoke the spread around him. He laid in the boxes he had crushed beneath them, before he then got up and wiped the dust off himself.

Natsu then took notice of something that had fallen out of the boxes.

It was a golden lamp, which seemed to be small enough to be carried around, had a flat button, a long pipe and a handle.

Natsu went to pick it up, as she inspected the lamp. It seemed to be something of Arabian origin, even he didn't know much about archeology, as he didn't take any interest in following Igneel´s footsteps.

"I remember this lamp. My dad told me that this was the one thing he could never figure out its origin, only from what country it came from, but now how it was made and when." Natsu said and inspected it.

"Hmm, there seems to be some dirt here. I better wipe it off." Natsu said, as he proceeded to wipe the lamp, but when did, the lamp started go glow.

Natsu, in shock, let the lap go the second it started to glow in a golden light, and instead of falling down the ground after letting it go, it floated in the air.

"What... what the hell is happening?!" Natsu said in confusion, as the lamp glow brighter and brighter, until a pink smoke came out of its pipe.

Natsu watched in silence; as he couldn't find any words to describe what was going on, and the smoke grow larger by the second.

The pink smoke then began to take form, before being covered in a bright, white light, causing Natsu to cover his eyes, before looking at what had happened. And boy was it something he didn't expect.

Natsu had his eyes widen at what he saw: It was a girl, whose age seemingly between seventeen and twenty, with brown eyes, smooth skin and short blonde.

She wore a purple, Arabian styled dress-like shirt, which took the form of several straps, exposing her cream-like skin, held her large breasts, as half of the skin of her breasts were exposed but still covered her nipples. She wore a pair of white, baggy pants with a blue sash as a belt, brown sandals, golden armbands on her wrists, a golden necklace, and on her head, she wore a dark blue turban with a golden amulet that contained a red jewel in the middle.

Natsu, silent and stunned, as he was the floor not believing what was being in front of him.

The blonde girl smiled, sitting with her legs cross in the air, before she then went to speak to the shocked, Pink Haired man.

"Greetings, my Master. It would that you have summoned me from my lamp. I am the Grand Genie Lucy, and I am here to..." Lucy said, but was cut off by Natsu suddenly spoke.

"Lucy? What kind of name is that? I never expected a genie to have that name." Natsu said.

In annoyance, Lucy got a tick mark on her head.

"Well, how many genies have you met in your life then?" Lucy asked, her arms crossed.

"Don't look at me, I only read fairy tales and watched the movies, and none of them had a name like `Lucy´." Natsu said.

"Just because it isn't written down, doesn't it mean it is always something you expect." Lucy said as she pouted. "But if it's something you can expect, is that I shall now grant you three wishes." Lucy said.

Natsu´s eyes were widened as he heard her say that. "Three wishes?" Natsu said. "Three wishes, yes. So, choose wisely, Master. I can make anything that you desire. Riches, women, power. Anything humanity desire, all you have to do now is tell me your desires." Lucy said.

Natsu was silent and looked down the ground as he was thinking of what was happening right now.

"Holy crap, to think that a genie would appear before me! But this is so suddenly, so unexpected! I never even know Genies were real!" Natsu thought.

"But wait, what if she is one of these genies like in the movies, the wishes backfires and causes major consequences." Natsu thought worriedly, remembering on what he had seen on TV and series, as well read in books.

"Maybe I worry too much. But it's worth to try a shot." Natsu thought, he then turned to the Genie Lucy, who was still floating in the air.

He then then saw Happy come down the stairs to the basement, which gave Natsu an idea.

"Yo, you can grant any wish you say?" Natsu asked. "Do you doubt me?" Lucy said, raising one eyebrow. "Of course I can! Whatever wish you can, it will make come true. Just say what you wish for, but remember that you only have three wishes!" Lucy said, her arms crossed.

"Then, I wish for my cat, Happy, to be able to speak. I bet it's not much, but you should be able to do it right." Natsu said, arms crossed.

Lucy puffed and then her arms glowed in a pink color.

"Just you watch me then!" Lucy the Genie said, as she then sent a pink mist towards Happy the Cat, who looked at the pink mist in confusion.

In the next second, a bright, white light glowed, causing Natsu to cover his eyes once again. As the light died down, Natsu looked around it seemed that nothing had changed.

"Nothing happened! Maybe you aren't such a good Genie after all! I am so glad I did this to test you!" Natsu said.

"I agree! I barely feel any change at all!" A sudden voice was heard. It caused Natsu´s eyes to widen, as he looked at the directions of where the voice came from, while Lucy smirked. As Natsu turned to The Blonde Genie, and before he could ask what was going on, Lucy pointed down the ground. Natsu looked down, and his eyes widened even more what was happening.

"What kind of genie are you! If I wished for a million fishes to be before my feet, I bet you even would give me one fish!" Happy the Cat said in annoyance, a tick mark on his head.

"Happy... YOU CAN TALK?!" Natsu shouted in shock. "Natsu?! YOU CAN UNDERSTAND ME?!" Happy shouted, his eyes bulging out.

"YOU THINK I WOULD BE THIS SHOCKED IF I DIDN'T!" Natsu shouted, as he then realized what had happened.

"You... made him able to speak..." Natsu said, which Lucy responded with a smirk.

"Yep, and it would seem your cat had taken a liking to it as well." Lucy said. "Holy damn, she is right! Now I can finally tell you what I really want without trying to be cute, and meowing!" Happy said, as he thought of the endless possibilities.

However, Natsu was still silent of what had just happened, as he had a hard time believing that a Genie, a REAL Freaking Genie, had made his wish come true!

"Well, still doubting my power, I see. But would like to have your second wish come true now? Think carefully because of you now only have two wishes." Lucy said, her arms and legs crossed while she floated in the air.

"Let me think, this is just so sudden!" Natsu said, as he turned around and rubbed his temple with his index and middle fingers.

"Then make it fast, I may be thousands of years of old, but I don't have all day!" Lucy said.

"Hmm, you have a point there." Natsu said. "Well, what's your second wish gonna be?" Lucy asked. "Can you give me some time to think? If I am gonna make my second wish, can you give me some time to think?" Natsu asked.

"Fine, but you better threat me as your guest. I did make one your wishes come true." Lucy said. "Alright, then make yourself at home." Natsu said, as he then escorted the Blonde Genie out of the basement, with Happy, who was now able to talk as well.

Later, in the kitchen, Natsu sat at the kitchen table to progress what had happened in this hour.

With meeting the Genie Lucy, and having his wish come true, causing now his cat to be able to talk.

Natsu turned to Lucy, who was now sitting in front of him, drinking coffee and eating some biscuits that Natsu brought out for her. She was her guest after all.

"But when are you gonna ask your second wish, or I do have to make it for you?" Lucy asked. "It's a lot harder than it sounds, okay?" Natsu said, still thinking of what he should wish for next.

Happy, however, were now looking to the fridge, and then turned to Natsu. "Hey, now that I can talk, I can now tell you what food I want! Now you don't have to struggle to understand what I want anymore!" Happy said.

"Yeah, but right now I need to focus on what my second wish should be." Natsu said. "Why don't you just wish for all fish in the world? Then you would save so much money, and I could never starve! That is a win for us both!" Happy said, making Natsu and Lucy sweat drop. "I doubt that would be a good wish at all." Lucy said.

"But what are the second wishes usually about when you grant them?" Natsu asked which Lucy turned her face away in response. "Is what you expect: Money, fame, power. Most of my male masters had twisted minds, as they only did their wishes for their own gain." Lucy explained.

"And they even did things to me as well." Lucy said, her eyes shadowed and her hangs gripping her arms. Both Natsu and Happy had a look of concern on their faces.

"They did things to me, all kinds of things, which I did without question or hesitation. I am genie after, and must follow my masters' desire." Lucy said, her voice low and lack of emotion.

Lucy remembered, in the ancient past, her previous masters had asked her to do wicked deeds, such as dancing, strip before them and was even hit if she denied her wishes. She wanted to punch them, but couldn't due to they were her masters, and had to follow their wishes.

"Couldn't you just say no?" Natsu said. "As much I wanted, I couldn't, and due to that, had to endure whatever hardship that came before me. So, no matter how sick their desires were, I had to do and move on." Lucy said.

Through the years, learned to endure and move on from one master to another. Whenever and wherever she was summoned, she was always prepared to put a happy smile on her face, and have the wishes of her master come true.

"But if you dislike it so much, why are you telling it to me?" Natsu asked.

He had a point. Out of all the people who had summoned Lucy, who was she telling Natsu all that?

She looked down, but then turned back her face to him. "Does that really matter right now? I am genie; I am supposed to tend to the desires of those who summon me." Lucy said, looking down with her arms crossed.

"But have you decided your second wish yet?" Lucy asked.

Natsu was silent, as he thought of what the Blonde Genie had told him.

"That sounds too unfair. For her to be treated like that, just because of her abilities! What kind of men were her previous masters?" Natsu thought. Despite knowing her for such a short time, he felt it wasn't right for her, which she then came up with an idea.

"I have decided for my second wish." Natsu said, taking the attention of the Blonde Genie. "And that would be...?" Lucy asked.

"To go on a date with you." Natsu said, as a moment of silence then went on with the scene.

Lucy had a minute to comprehend of what the pink-haired man just had said to him, before she then finally went to speak.

"Excuse me, but what did you say?" Lucy asked. "Yeah, you heard that right: I wish to go on a date with you, and not just like a stand out. I was thinking to go on a restaurant, have a talk, with some good music, a good atmosphere, and..." Natsu said, but Lucy cut him off.

"I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN! It's just why are you asking me just this, when you can literally have anything you could ask for, by using some words. And yet, you ask me for a simple date? We barely even know each other!" Lucy said.

"That's why I asked you for a date. I thought it could be a good opportunity for us to know each other. I mean, you wouldn't have a problem with it, would you?" Natsu asked.

Lucy was silent for a moment. She had never had a wish like that in her time as a genie. She remembered the dirty wishes she did for her perverted, wretched masters, doing anything for their wicked desires.

And yet this man, simply asked for a date, and even wanted to know more about her?

"Does this man have any desire for money or power at all? What does this man truly desire then?" Lucy thought. "Then, shouldn't that be a good thing? I mean, this could also be interesting." Lucy thought with a smirk and then went to speak.

"Alright, then I shall grant you your second wish: Going on a date with me." Lucy said, with her hands then beginning to glow in a pink light.

Pink smoke then began to spread around the kitchen they were in, moving in a spiraling formation.

"Natsu, what is happening?!" Happy said, as he and Natsu were confused at what was going on.

Before Natsu could speak next, a bright light was then enveloped in the area.

The light died down, as Natsu's eyes were closed, and when he opened them, they were widened and large as saucers at what he was seeing before him.

In front him, were the largest and finest five-star restaurant in the city, the Glamour Fairy. It was the most expensive restaurant, were only the richest and the most well known and loved people could afford to even be at.

Before several stories tall, with its windows beaming a yellow light and underneath its red rain covers was a rolling glass gates.

It was guarded by a pair of two, large muscular men in black suits, black ties and black sunglasses, in a line were famous people, such a millionaires, celebrities, models, writers, all the kinds of people to be known by the public.

Natsu then noticed it was nighttime, and then saw what he was wearing. It was a suit, consisting of a pair of red pants, black shoes, a black shirt, a white tie, a double-breasted red trench coat, a red vest, black gloves and a red rose in his left pocket. Over it all, he wore a black trench coat with golden trims, on his shoulders.

"Is my master pleased about this?" A familiar, female voice was heard behind Natsu. He recognized it and turned around, and boy was he in for a surprise.

Before him, was Lucy.

She was now wearing a purple, sleeveless dress, held by a thin strap, tied around her neck, exposing her large cleavage, with the dress exposing her left leg, a pair of white heels, a golden chain necklace with a red jewel on its center, long white gloves with gold trimming and had a golden fur coat on her shoulders.

With a grin on her face, she enjoyed seeing the reaction upon the pink-haired man´s face, seeing his blush and widened eyes clearly.

"Well, it pleases a Genie to see she´s satisfies her master´s desire. I am very grateful." Lucy said, and Natsu quickly shook his head, snapping out of his trace, went back to his senses and then began to ask her.

"Did you do all this?" Natsu asked. "Yes I did, are you questioning my powers, or are you displeased with my granting of your wish?" Lucy asked in a suspicious tone, her eyebrow rose, and her arms crossed.

Natsu quickly panicked, waving his arms in the air.

"No, I am not, not at all!" Natsu said in a panicked tone, hoping she didn't upset Lucy. She simply giggled at his reaction, before speaking again.

"But shall we move on from the talking here, and start our date? You did wish for it." Lucy asked. "But where is Happy? I thought he was with us at my house?" Natsu asked, as Happy were nowhere to be seen.

"Don't you worry, I have already taken care of that. I sent him to a place where he can be, while we have our date." Lucy said.

Elsewhere, Happy was currently in a large room, bright and full of colors, flashing lights and hundreds of cats dancing in front of a DJ.

"THIS IS SO FREAKING AWESOME!" Happy shouted as he danced with two female cats.

Back with Lucy and Natsu, they were both about to begin their date.

"But for now, shall we go in? It would be rude to keep a lady waiting?" Lucy said, and Natsu smiled as he then took the hand of the Blonde Lady.

"After you, my Fairy Lady." Natsu said. "So polite." Lucy said with a smile, as they both went to make their way in the restaurant.

Inside, with about a hundred of guests inside, eating, chatting and talking about their own different topics, whatever it was personal or part of their jobs.

With its roofs having a pure white chandelier, round tables with white blankets, tall, yellow windows and a choir that playing their instruments, such a violins, bass, cello, all the kind of what you expect to hear in a First-Class, Five-Star restaurant.

Sitting at the table, with both Lucy and Natsu looking at their respective menu, thinking about what to order. Lucy told Natsu that she could use her Genie Powers for their tab, which Natsu didn't have to worry about the money at all.

"Well, Lucy, I never expected this happen to happen today." Natsu said. "I can agree with you there, Natsu. It's not every day you meet a powerful genie who can literally make every wish come true." Lucy said.

"I meant more like meeting a nice girl like you, Lucy. It's not every day to meet such a good girl such as yourself." Natsu said.

Lucy blushed and hides her face behind the menu. "But for now, shall we talk about more of ourselves, shall we?" Lucy asked, and Natsu nodded in agreement.

Natsu and Lucy began to chat, talking and learning more of each other.

Time went on, with them explaining what they liked such as music, food and literature, their interests and what people they had meet.

They spoke before, during and after they ate their dinner, having a wonderful time, listening to the music and enjoying the atmosphere.

Eventually, after Lucy used her Genie Powers to pay for their tab, they went on their leave.

"Well, that was one date you don't experience every day. Thanks Lucy." Natsu said. "You're welcome." Lucy said, as her hands once glowed again, surrounding them with pink smoke.

Once it died down, both Natsu and Lucy have been teleported back to Natsu´s house.

"Huh, were back at my place." Natsu said, looking around as both were inside his house again.

"Yup, and to be honest, I had fun too." Lucy said, leaning her head against his shoulder.

Natsu smiled as he rubbed his hand on her head. "I am glad to hear that you were happy as well." Natsu said, and Lucy turned her towards him, to face him.

"This a good date for us to have, Natsu. It isn't every day I have a date, especially with a Master." Lucy said.

Natsu turned away with a slight blush on his face. "Anything for you. As long you are happy." Natsu said. "Anything?" Lucy said, smiling as reaction to Natsu´s blush.

"What else do you want...?" Natsu said, but before he could finish his sentence, Lucy went on to grab his cheek and pulled him into a kiss.

At first, Natsu´s eyes were widened like plates, but then, eventually got into the flow, closed his eyes and returned the kiss to Lucy.

A moment went on, as they kissed, it felt like hours went on, when in truth, it was barely a minute.

Natsu and Lucy then let go of their lips, panting and regaining their breath, as they looked each other in their eyes.

Silence went on, but it quickly died down as Lucy was the one to break it.

"I hope you like the kiss. Cause I sure enjoyed it." Lucy said. "Me too Lucy. I sure haven't kissed anyone so good like that." Natsu said. "So I wasn't your first?" Lucy pouted in a childish tone.

"Well, I did kiss some girls when I went in high school, but yours were different from the others!" Natsu said panicked, worried that he hurt her feelings. Lucy giggled at his response.

"Don't you worry about that, Natsu." Lucy said, her eyes then shadowed. "But Natsu. Have you made the choice of a third wish yet?" Lucy said, and Natsu scratched his head.

"Well, know that you made my second wish come true, I don't know." Natsu said. "Then, I think this wouldn't be problem, right?" Lucy said, as she had her hands glowed once again, and a pink smoke then enveloped them once again.

A confused Natsu looked around, not knowing what was happening, or what was going to happen next.

But when it died down, it showed that Natsu was currently in a room and was on a bed. He immediately noticed it was not in his bed room, but rather in a different one.

The bed, which he took the first notice of, was large, red and round, with many large white pillows, and pink curtains around them.

The room itself, were surrounded by red curtains, had a large red carpet on the floor, which led to a pair of large doors, seemingly made of a white-colored wood, completed with gold doorknobs in the form of hearts, and gold plate lining.

Natsu also noticed he wasn't wearing the suit he wore at the restaurant, now rather a pair of black, baggy pants.

The pair of doors opened, and a certain blonde Genie came in. Lucy was wearing a red bath robe and her hair tied in two long pigtails, held by two green clippings.

"I bet you are wondering what is going on." Lucy said, walking towards Natsu on the bed, swaying her hips with each step.

"I know this is sudden, but here me out on this." Lucy said, as she then sat down on the bed, with her knees on them, took a deep breath and then went to speak.

"Natsu, of all my masters, who only been interested in their desire, and using my body for their pleasure, you are different. You never thought of having riches or to be powerful, you asked me of my concern and well-being, and to be honest with you, I had a kind of fun." Lucy explained.

Natsu smiled at that, knowing well that he had made her happy.

"And about that kiss, sorry I suddenly did that. It's just that I wanted to show you how to express my feelings and gratitude." Lucy said.

"Lucy, I..." Natsu said, but Lucy simply put her finger on his lips. "And I am only beginning to show you my gratitude to you, that is if you accept it." Lucy said, and then let go of her finger on Natsu´s lips.

There was so much going on in Natsu´s head at this moment. From the moment he whipped the lamp, that summoned Lucy, to the moment where the Blonde Genie was offering something that thought would never experience again, sex.

Sure, he had sex before in his life, which was sometime first when he went in high school, with a girl he went out for a while before they broke up, and even had sex again after he graduated with a girl he went dating, which however went short and broke up.

And now before, this girl was now offering herself her body, for a thanks of threating her as an equal, not as a tool for his own personal gain.

Natsu then on to answer her question.

"Show me your gratitude then, if you want." Natsu said, and Lucy responded with a smug smile, as she went on take off her bath robe.

And boy did Natsu´s eyes widen at what he was seeing right before him.

Underneath the red bath robe, was something you wouldn't expect to see every day, even in a bedroom.

As the bathrobe fell down the robe, showing what attire she was wearing, or even be considered an attire, due to the fact clothes was used to cover oneself, and this one did the opposite.

Lucy was wearing a red bikini top, with red lining and dark, flower emblems on, held together by a thin, golden string and a green sash around her neck. However, but a bikini would cover more than what she was wearing as a top. She wore a similar two-piece cloth on with similar colors and emblems, held by a golden string too.

On her upper arms, she wore a pair of golden rings, similar ones on her middle thighs and green armbands on her wrists.

The outfits revealing nature, and the natural good features of Lucy, truly made a deadly, but perfect combo.

Natsu truly had no words of what to say next, and Lucy noticed that, grinning as a reaction of seeing she did a good job at pleasing him, even if she hadn't even started yet.

She then began to step backwards, her large breast jiggling with every step. "Just sit still and enjoy the show, my dear Natsu." Lucy said.

Natsu nodded and was silent, but he was grinning as he laid back on the pillows, resting his arms behind his head as he continued to watch and enjoy the show he was seeing right now.

Lucy made a spin, as she raised her right leg up in the air, in a perfect, 180-degree formation and a made a good view of her came toe.

Natsu blushed, but he didn't turn away, as deep within himself, he was told to revert of what he was seeing, which made him afraid to even blink.

Lucy, with a smile and still having her a foot raised, went to make a quick spin and had both legs on the floor once more. She waves her softly arms at different directions and shook her hips as if she was a maraca.

As she shook, so did her large, well-shaped breasts, the mounds of flesh going at different angles and directions, even went to different shapes due to their size and softness.

Lucy then put her hands behind her head, her hips continued to sway and then went to turn around, before then bending over.

It gave Natsu a good view of her rear end, despite her butt cheeks being covered by a cloth and bikini bottom, it truly showed them off well.

Natsu felt his lower regions grow tall and harden, as its blood were traveling down there.

Lucy smiled, pleased to see she did a good job at entertaining Natsu, and unlike the other times she entertained her previous masters, she felt joy, happiness and satisfaction of what she did.

However, the real fun was just about to start, as she suddenly stopped dancing, went to undo the strings of the back of her bikini, untie it, as it then came off and landed on the floor, exposing her well-shaped bosom.

Natsu, even though he was silent from the beginning, somehow became even more silent at the sight of seeing the blonde Genies's breast free. Their size, healthy shape and shape were perfectly fit for her.

She then snapped her fingers, appeared right before him with a poof of purple smoke, standing nose to nose to him.

"Well, shall we get real show started then?" Lucy said seductively, and Natsu responded with a grin without any further words needed to be said.

And another kiss was shared between them.

(Lemon Start)

As the kissed once more, their tongues were dancing in their mouths, moving as Lucy´s large, soft breasts were pressed against Natsu, hard, well-toned chest.

Eventually, they let go to catch their breaths, as Natsu his arms wrapped her waist.

Natsu grinned, as he went to lick her neck, having Lucy throw back her head, albeit not quickly.

He continued to lick her neck, before then moving lower and lower down, as he eventually came across her breasts.

Moving his face around her breasts, where his face was now before her breasts.

Through instinct, he then went to place his hands on her breasts gently, albeit it was sudden for Lucy.

"Bold I see. Never expected to see that side of you." Lucy teased with a grin, albeit a bit red from Natsu´s action. "Look, I'm sorry. It was so sudden of me..." Natsu said as he panicked, not wanting to hurt her, whom Lucy went to cut him off.

"Then did I say you could stop?" Lucy said, with a smile on her face.

Natsu was silent for a minute, looked back at her bare breasts, and then, grabbed them again. This time, it was longer. Moving them, he felt their softness, as if felt soften than dough, and due to their big size, he felt his entire hands would be engulfed by her breasts.

Moaning and her cheeks red as a tomato, Lucy enjoyed it, unlike the other times she did. She had done it a lot in the past, by her former masters, who saw her nothing but a tool for their gains. But Natsu didn't, as he was different, way different from the others.

Before then, Natsu went to do something that surprised her even more!

He put his hands around her waist, went his face further to her breasts, and once he was right before them, he began to lick them! His tongue moving around the nipples, barely touching them.

Moaning, she made sure to keep herself from moaning loudly, and before time went to long, Natsu began to lick them, with the tip of her tongue.

His tongue tip moved, and before began having it in his mouth, and even began to suck it gently.

Lucy was red, and Natsu saw that. He continued to gently suck on them for a while, before he eventually stopped.

He pulled away from her breasts. Natsu then turned his face upwards, to see Lucy who had a disappointed pout.

But Natsu was far from over. "Don't you give me that look. I am can go far more than that." Natsu said. "Then you better make up for it." Lucy said.

"Then about this?" Natsu said, he then to stand up from to the bed, and proceeded to take off his pants and boxers.

"Don't you worry about taking these off." Lucy said, as she then moved her hands, which glowed in a pink light, and with that, Natsu´s pants began to glow, before disappearing.

Natsu, having his pants and boxers removed, the Pink Haired man now stood in his full glory.

And boy did was it a sight for Lucy.

As if his abs and muscles, well-toned and craved onto him like some sort of Greek statue, wasn't enough to make any woman´s face the reddest, then imagine what any normal woman would do if they saw his manhood.

Standing long, tall and erect, his shaft was long enough to almost be at the same the length of his hand, from the wrist to his fingertips.

And if that weren't enough, underneath the thick, long erection, his balls, with its size being that off golf balls, and with a good, round shape as well, hangs underneath its shaft proudly.

Completed with pink, pubic hair, Lucy had the urge to tease Natsu about calling it `Little Natsu´, but felt like it wouldn't fit it at all, due to it being so big.

With a perverted grin, Lucy went to lean closer to Natsu´s erection, causing her large breasts to jiggle a bit like jelly. The sight made Natsu harder, causing his erection to grow a bit and even some veins were showing.

Her grin grew bigger, before she then had her hands glowing again, having Natsu, still naked, appear on the bed.

"Why don't you just sit here and relax? It means be a bit painful, don't you think?" Lucy said, crawling towards Natsu like a predator to its prey.

"A little bit, but nothing serious..." Natsu said, and then Lucy´s hands glowed again, having her bikini bottom disappear in particles, exposing her shaven maidenhood, and large, well-formed and pear-shaped ass to the world.

Seeing Lucy naked, besides the jewelry being on and her hair tied, making the sight even more erotic for some reason.

And with that, Natsu´s erection got harder, a few veins and even made stand a few inches taller!

Natsu was aroused, to the point that he didn't want to cover himself before her, despite being in his birthday suit. He wanted to expose himself, as Lucy were showing herself before him, as a way to thanking for showing her beautiful body to her.

"And now, shall we get started then?" Lucy said, as she was right his tall erection, and within the next second, she enveloped her breasts around his shaft.

His head thrown back, Natsu groaned at what Lucy was doing to his manhood. Natsu´s long, hard dick was sinking within the soft, large flesh of her breasts, the tip and some of the shaft were right before her mouth.

Lucy, smirking like a cat, went to put the tip in her mouth, sucking on like a lollipop.

She continued the process, sucking on it in at a quick speed, while making and squished her own breasts against his manhood.

Natsu gripped the bed sheets tightly, as he began to sweat like crazy, panting and tried to make sure to groan not too loudly.

However, lustful groans and moans were echoing the room, as Lucy continued to move her breasts up and down, while sucking on the tip of his dick.

Time went on, but before he reached his climax, Lucy stopped with the pleasuring, removing her face and tits from his dick, much to the Pink Haired Man´s disappointment.

But they weren't done yet, as they were far from over as a matter of fact.

With a smirk, Lucy proceeded then they lay down on her stomach, her legs raised in the and moving teasingly, with her ass showing in display for Natsu.

Grinning, Natsu was before Lucy from behind, his erection standing tall, and as the rod of flesh even shook a bit.

"I know what to do, Natsu?" Lucy asked teasingly. "Yes I do. But make sure to tell me if I go too rough, okay?" Natsu said. "Don't you worry, I know you aren't that kind of guy." Lucy said, and with that, Natsu went to have his erection set between her ass cheeks, causing the blonde Genie to widen her eyes in surprise. She knew it was gonna be fucked in the ass but didn't imagine Natsu to be so good at it.

At a rhythm, he continued to pull in and almost out of her hole but pulled his dick quickly straight back in right before it was complete out.

Lucy moaned, as it felt good than other man she had in her life. It was a wonderful experience; something that she would never forget. Something neither of them would forget.

The rhythm continued for what seemed like time no longer had any meaning for them, as they only focused on their love making.

It seemed like an hour went on, with Natsu continued to pound into Lucy, who enjoyed it, sweating, red and with a grin on her face.

Her skin, glistering with her sweat, both from the heat and the intense pounding Natsu giving her, as the shaking of her ass cheeks were shaking, and the sweat ran down her skin.

Natsu was sweating as well, with the sweat coming down his glister abs and muscles, moving down his muscular, well-toned chest and six pack, as his hands were holding Lucy´s hips.

Lucy gripped the sheets tightly with her hands, even biting the pillow beneath her. It was incredible, more incredible than anything she was felt with anyone other before Natsu.

She knew she had made a good choice, and wasn't regretting any bit of it at all.

Her breasts were pressed down the bed, feeling like it would make a pair of hole due to their size and weight, especially since Natsu was pounding Lucy as if there was no tomorrow.

However, Natsu felt he soon would reach his climax. "I hope you are prepared Lucy, because I soon to be to placing my seed on you." Natsu said, continuing to pound while he spoke.

"Then don't hold back. Pour it all over my back, won't you? I am sure it would make the best lube for my back." Lucy said grinning. Natsu responded with a grin as well, and after some more thrusts, he then pulled out, grabbing his hard dick to stroke on a few quick times and then to unleash his white seed.

Spraying like the water from a waterhole, his warm seed on to cover most of Lucy´s back, landing on her and covered most of her.

After some time, his orgasm calmed down, but his erection was still hard and stood tall.

Lucy went on go up, sitting on the bed and feeling the seed falling down her back, landing on the bed.

"You truly were incredible there, Natsu. But you could have let me taste some of it too. I bet it must taste pretty good." Lucy teased.

"Sorry." Natsu said, scratching the back of his head. "Don't be. I think I just came up the position for the next round." Lucy said, and her hands began to glow once again.

And with that, as if gravity was taking a break for Natsu and Lucy, both floated in the air, before Lucy went to position herself on Natsu.

In the air, Lucy had her face before his erect manhood, while Natsu´s face was right before her shaven maidenhood.

"Man, to think that you would know this position." Natsu said. "What can you expect? I am genie that has lived for thousands of years. I have experience from that, and have been making up some moves here and then. But enough talking, shall we do this position, while floating in the air?" Lucy said.

Natsu grinned. "You are reading my mind there, Lucy." Natsu said, as he then began to do some work on her pussy.

Lucy moaned in lust, but it didn't stop her from beginning to work on his shaft. She began to suck on it, this time deeper than before.

As she sucked on his erection, Natsu didn't show any signs of stopping from pleasuring Lucy from down below.

His tongue went between her walls of flesh, exploring the wet regions, as the pleasure increased within seconds. As a respond, Lucy contented to take his erection in and out of her mouth.

In the air, they both felt free to move and give it their all, pounding, sucking and licking each other, in every way possible, they made sure to give each other pleasure.

Lucy began to wrap her tits once again around his erection, increasing the pleasure than before; due to the position they were in, being that of a titty fuck and blowjob while doing a sixty-nine position, while floating in the air.

As they went on, Lucy stopped with the titty fuck, as she was to continue to blow job Natsu. But before that, seeing Natsu´s large balls, she had a smile grin on her face, which then went to play with his balls, using her hands.

Folding and moving around his balls playfully, like a cat to a yarn, Natsu stopped with playing with her maidenhood for a second, but then went to continue again.

Once Natsu inserted his tongue within her walls once again, the pleasure returned to Lucy, even though there were some feelings of lust stored within her.

But she continued to pleasure Natsu, as Lucy sucked on his erection, as well switching to titty job and blow job from time to time.

Natsu switched as well, with him proceeding to put his finger within her walls, using two of his fingers.

The pleasure increased once more, as Lucy held back her moans, due to the fact she was currently giving Natsu a blow job.

However, it didn't slow Lucy down one bit, as she went to continue in sucking Natsu off.

He continued to play with her pussy for a bit, before he then continued to go back in working with his tongue.

As time lost its effects on either of them, they both continued their love making, as they were truly giving each other a great amount of pleasure.

As their hot bodies emitted sweat that fell down the bed like rain, and their faces red as tomatoes, both were reaching their own respective climaxes.

Feeling no need to tell them each other of that, instead continuing to pleasure themselves, and then, unleashed their climaxes.

Natsu felt Lucy´s juices come out, releasing as he went on to shallow most of it. The same was with Lucy, as time, the seed came right towards her mouth.

As Lucy was prepared for it, she managed to shallow most of it as well, albeit some of the white seed were able to be spared. But even as they climaxed, Natsu continued to play with her pussy, while she was still climaxing. And even though Natsu was ejaculating, Lucy continued to stroke his thick, hard erection with her hands, and still managed to suck most of his cum.

However, some of Lucy´s juices and Natsu´s seed managed to fell down the bed sheets, and their climaxes began to calm down. Both Natsu and Lucy were panting, regaining their breath from the intense love making they just did.

Eventually, both of them went to descend back slowly onto back, landing on it softly.

Lucy landed on her back on the bed, while Natsu turned around to land on his back on it as well.

Panting and regained their breaths for a few minutes, with Lucy´s love juices flowing, and the seed coming from the tip of Natsu´s dick.

But soon enough, Natsu was grinning and Lucy smiling as they turned their faces to each other.

"Well, that wasn't something you see every day." Natsu said. "I have learned a lot from earlier experiences, but you, were the best I ever had." Lucy said smiling.

The blonde then got up, sitting on her knees as she bared her breasts and well-toned stomach, a smile on her face that she had a done a good job in pleasing Natsu.

"Well, if you think that was something, then why don't we try this?" Lucy said, her hands glowing once again in a pink light. This time, pink smoke appeared from her hands, as it then began to take form of a pair of humanized silhouettes.

The smoke then died down, showing two exact replicas of Lucy, each of them having a perverted smile on their face, as they were equally exposed as the original Lucy in the middle. The things that different from the original ones what they only had on pigtail, with one having a right-side pigtail, while the other had a left-side pigtail.

A stunned Natsu was silent, as the two copies of Lucy went to him, each of them grabbing his arms while pressing their breasts against his shoulders.

The Original Lucy went towards him, smirking perversely like her two clones, pressing her large, soft breasts against Natsu´s hard, muscular chest.

"Well, what do you think? If you thought one Lucy were hot enough, when what do you think of three of them?" Lucy said with a teasing tone.

And with that, Natsu responded simply by grinning. "Why don't we try to find it out?" Natsu said, as all the three Lucy's responded with a perverted grin.

The original Lucy in the middle went to kiss Natsu, pinning down on the pillow, but quickly let go of his lips. The Lucy with the right pigtail went to kiss him, and then licked her lips with her tongue just before they unlocked lips, and Natsu was then kissed by the Lucy the left pigtail.

The two Lucy clones then began to give themselves a kiss, right before Natsu, while the original Lucy went to go back to his groin once more.

The other two Lucy´s didn't want to feel left out, as they stopped their kissing and then went down to his groin as well.

But on their way there, they went on to tease his muscles and skin, with right pigtail Lucy licking lightly, while left pigtail Lucy went to give light kisses to Natsu´s chest.

Eventually, the Lucy clones were right beside the original Lucy, each of them looking lustfully before Natsu´s large, hard, thick erection.

As Natsu erection got harder and harder, by the mere sight of the three Lucy´s being in front of his erection.

And in the next second, both Lucy clones went to wrap his erection between their breasts, giving it a greater pleasure than before!

Then, the original Lucy went to once again suck on his erection, and despite it being covered by a pair of tits, equally large as the original, she managed to almost suck halfway through the rod.

Natsu was taking heavy breaths, sweating like he was inside a hot oven, his face red from the heat and what his lower regions was experiencing right now.

Eventually, they both Lucy clones began to move their breasts up and down, wiggling to increase the pleasure.

After a long time, they Natsu was about to reach his climax once again, and with one final thrust, he finally came.

The hot semen went to land on the three Lucy´s before him, their face covered in his white seed.

Before even a second went by, they went to proceed to lick the semen that had landed on them. They licked the semen off each other's cheeks and faces, even kissing the semen off.

The mere erotic display made Natsu harden once again, as before long, they had all cleaned the semen off their faces.

The three blondes, once they were don't cleaning the semen of each other's faces, the Lucy with the right pigtail went to stroke his erection, up and down, and at a quick speed, while the Lucy with the left Pigtail went to suck on his balls.

The original Lucy began to float in the air, towards Natsu, as she then position herself and her maidenhood was right before Natsu.

"If you think that was hot, what you think of this?" Lucy said with a grin, as she then lowered herself down, as her maidenhood touched the lips of Natsu.

Natsu once again tasted the inner walls of the blonde´s lower legion, albeit this time, he had two other blondes sucking on his lower region.

Right-tail ponytail Lucy went to suck on his erection, but also switched back to stroking and sucking in a repeated move.

Left-pigtail Lucy went then engulfs his rod with her breasts, and Right Pigtail Lucy continued to suck on his erection.

Natsu was already licking within the walls of Lucy´s maidenhood once again. Lucy moaned as Natsu licked her maidenhood, as she groped her own breasts, her face red and sweating.

With Natsu sucking on her pussy, right pigtail Lucy and Left Pigtail Lucy sucking and playing with his dick and ball, and Lucy moaning like there was no tomorrow, it was sure one erotic display.

Time went on, with only focusing on the love making, but after quite some time, they were soon to reach their climax once mores.

After some thrusts, rubbing, and sucking, Natsu manhood erupted like a volcano, with his seed being the lava, spraying over two blonde clones, while Lucy had her pussy explode right before Natsu´s face.

The juices fell upon Natsu, who then went to shallow the juices, even if most of it ended upon on his face.

Lucy got off Natsu, landing on the bed, which then Natsu got up and saw the erotic display of the two clones of Lucy licking and even kissing his semen of each other. While the two clones hug, their large breasts were squeezing each other, their nipples fidgeting as they met each other.

Once again, Natsu felt his erection stand tall and hard, shaking as he was watching the erotic scene before him.

The original Lucy noticed it, and with a grin, she went to hug his arm, her breasts enveloping it and her face was right before his.

"You like the show?" Lucy teased. "You bet. I had quite a show like this before." Natsu said with a grin.

"Then this next position should be something you like." Lucy said, as then she and her clones began to then set down on the bed, setting each in a different position.

Right pigtail Lucy and feft pigtail Lucy laid stomach down, while the Lucy in the middle laid on her back, as her maidenhood were of full display.

"Well, are you gonna keep us waiting, or are you gonna give us some action?" Lucy asked, as her clones giggled.

With a grin, Natsu stood up, his knees sitting down the bed, as his erection stood before, shaking a bit and then turned to the original Lucy in the middle.

"You sure you want to do this?" Natsu asked. "Natsu, you have no reason to worry. And I know you want to do this as well. Even if I have done this before with many other men as well, I have never wanted to do this with any man more than you, Natsu." Lucy said.

Natsu grinned, and with that, he then proceeded to take his erection, slowly having it being put within her walls.

Lucy had her head thrown back, and then, Natsu placing his index and middle fingers in the Lucy clones´ pussies.

The two clones moaned, feeling the pleasure Natsu was giving them, who then went on to fuck Lucy, faster by every time he almost pulled out his dick, before putting it quickly back in.

The same was with his fingers, showing no signs of slowing in them, as his fingers went through the walls of flesh of them. The moisture and wetness of their inner walls made it a good lube, as it allows the fingers to move easier and faster.

Natsu continued to ram his erection, in and out of Lucy´s maidenhood, as her face was already shaped the pleasure Natsu was giving her.

Her face was red, redder than it was before, her tongue hangs out, sweating without end, and her eyes were filled with lust and pleasure.

Natsu continued to ram in and out of her, his muscular, sweaty body shook and had his face turned upwards, facing the roof.

It was incredible. This whole experience with her was something he had never felt or done before.

It felt like it never had a beginning or an end, as it only focused on his ´Miraculous Work´ on Lucy and her clones.

"Damn, you are good, Natsu. But how about we bring up the notch a little?" Lucy said, as she her hands began to glow once again.

This time, Natsu glow in a pink light, and next thing he knew, he was going faster than before, the speed increasing the pleasure he was giving Lucy and her clones.

"H-holy shit!" Natsu said in amazement, sweating and feeling more power than he ever felt in his life.

The moans were loader than before, whatever it was Natsu´s fingers or his manhood, it was something you wouldn't expect from any ordinary man.

Eventually, soon he and the girls were to reach the climax, the speed was faster than it ever was before, and with one final thrusts with his manhood and fingers into Lucy and her clones´ maidenhood, one huge orgasm was made.

The juices of Lucy and her clones was erupted like a geyser, and Natsu´s erection went inside Lucy´s maidenhood, having it float out of her as well, even while his rod was inside.

Eventually, he pulled out, having it completely covered with his semen and Lucy´s juices.

The pink-haired man laid down his back on the bed, which the three blondes got up as well. Lucy and her clones began to clean the semen that was mixed with the juices, making sure not even a single drop was left.

As the trio of blondes did their work of cleaning, Natsu regained his breath, panting as the sweat ran down his muscles.

Soon enough, the cleaning was done, with the three blondes went to lay at his side, with the clones laying at each of his sides.

"Damn, that was incredible." Natsu said, as he then went to kiss right pigtail Lucy on the lips, who made her lustfully chuckle, and then kissed left pigtail Lucy on the lips as well, making her giggly playfully.

Then, they two clones began to glow pink, before they disappeared.

Lucy went then on lay at his chest, a smile on her face.

(Lemon End)

As their love making sure have been one, one that they would never forget, neither of them could help but to smile at each other, before then giving each other a quick kiss on the lips.

"I hope you are happy with what I gave you. As a thanks for seeing me as an equal, not as a servant." Lucy said. "You're welcome." Natsu said with a smile.

"But want to continue? You know I want to." Lucy said. "I was afraid you wouldn't ask." Natsu said, as they continue their love making, for many hours for them to come.


Back at Natsu´s house, who was currently laying on his couch.

It has been a week since Natsu had met Lucy, and sure was things hectic.

It was lucky Natsu had a day off since the night they `did it´, as the morning after Natsu almost half the day in. Afterwards, they have been meeting time after time, talking, knowing more of each other and even doing `it´ time after time.

As through, he got used to Happy being able to talk, as had easier to know what he wanted, but kept it a secret from his friends, work and others, as he didn't want to start any trouble.

He looked at the table that in front of the couch, were the lamp Lucy resided was.

It hadn't heard from her since yesterday. He hoped that something wasn't wrong with her, and did something bad to her.

And then, the lamp glow golden again, as the Blondie Genie came out of the lamp´s pipe, standing before Natsu.

"Hello there, Natsu." Lucy said. "Lucy! I was worried a bit! Is everything alright? I hope nothing's wrong." Natsu said, as he got up from the couch.

Lucy sighed, as her eyes were shadowed, and then proceeded to speak.

"Natsu, the last few days, were truly fun, and I never thought I could be happier. I have already thanked you, and I..." Lucy said, as tears began to slowly fall down her cheeks.

"Lucy...?" Natsu asked her, and Lucy faced him, a forced smile on her face.

"I still have to grant one last wish. Meaning we cannot see again, because once you make the last wish, my lamp and I will transport to another place." Lucy said.

"Lucy..." Natsu said. "It's alright. You have already made me happy, even thought I was gonna make you happy. But as a Genie, I need you to make all your wishes come true. That is law." Lucy said.

"I am sorry; I know we had such a good time. This is why I went quiet for the week, since you discovered my lamp. But don't worry, I hope..." Lucy said, but was cut off with Natsu placing his hands on her shoulders.

"Then, I need to ask you my last wish?" Natsu said, his eyes shadowed. Lucy was silent and confusion, and then Natsu turned to her, with his eyes filled with seriousness, yet was giving a positive and happy feeling.

"Can I wish... for you to be free?" Natsu asked. "What...?" Lucy said, having a hard time believing what she just heard.

"There is nothing against that, right?" Natsu said. "No, there isn't, as only the master can grant that wish. But are you sure...?" Lucy asked, and Natsu smiled.

"Lucy, I am sure. And you are sure you want to be free as well?" Natsu asked.

This man had done it again. First, he saw her as an equal, not some sort of slave, and now wanted her to be free. Free from the prison of forcing to make wishes against the will, as it was something she thought she would never hear from her master.

Due to her being the servant of many cruel masters in the past, her hope in being free from it was left as nothing but a spark in the darkness. But now, that spark had now turned into a massive flame, a light that was now able to brighten up the darkness once and for all.

With a smile on her face, she now had tears of happiness running down, as her hands now glowed, prepared to make the final wish.

"As you wish." Lucy said, still smiling, as she was then enveloped into a pink smoke, glowing in a bright light, making Natsu cover his eyes.

As it died down, the lamp was now gone from the table, and Lucy, landed in Natsu´s arms. She was now wearing a simple white, sleeveless dress, her hair was down and was bare feet as well.

"Lucy? Are you alright?" Natsu said, as she then Lucy turned to face him. "Yeah. I am more than alright. Thank you. Thank you so much." Lucy said, smiling bright as sun. Natsu smiled too. "I am glad to hear that." Natsu said, as then began to kiss. A kiss that would go for a long time.

Afterwards, with Lucy now being free, she went to move with him, becoming used to living with him and the world.

She was able to make a good girlfriend for Natsu, as Natsu was a good boyfriend for Lucy.

Time went on, as Natsu went on more dates with her, telling her of his friends about having a girl, which he kept the secret of her being a former genie of course.

As they went on dates, they went on double dates with Gajeel and Levy or Gray and Juvia, sometimes even with them all.

Lucy even managed to become good friends with Levy, even though Juvia had a negative side with her, seeing as her a `Love Rival´, believing she would try to steal her Gray from her.

Fun times went on, with Natsu and Lucy being lovers, with them living happily, with Happy now still were able to talk.

Who knew that things would change a man's forever by cleaning one´s basement?

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