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Chloe stood modeling in front of her bedroom mirror.

"Riley, do you think this blouse makes me look fat?" she asked.

"No, Why?" Riley asked.

"Well, today is the first day of the rest of our lives! I have to look great!" Chloe explained as if it were obvious.

"Chloe! Get a grip! It's just high school!" Riley exclaimed.

"Riley, do you know what your problem is?" Chloe asked.

"No Chloe. Please inform me." Riley said.

"You don't take things serious enough!" Chloe replied.

"Oh really? I don't? Because I think I do, but I'm not melodramatic!" Riley said.

"Are you trying to say that I am?" Chloe asked glancing out the window.

"Yeah, I am." Riley replied grabbing some clothes off their racks.

"Alright. Maybe I am sometimes. But you have to admit that high school is a big deal!" Chloe reasoned.

"I'll admit that, and that alone!" Riley said changing into one of the many outfits spread out on her bed.

"The rules are different in high school!" Chloe said.

"Like what?" Riley asked curious.

"Like you can't where the same thing twice." Chloe gave an example.

"Well, how does this look?" Riley asked modeling her low ride stretch jeans, and sparkly red halter, complete with red boots with three-inch heels, and a silver zipper.

"Cool. We had better go, or will be late!" Chloe said. She was wearing a white halter with sparkly sequins, and a pair of white low ride stretch jeans, complete with white boots with three-inch heels, and silver zippers, and she also wore a sparkly sequined belt that said princess on the buckle.

They went down stairs to the kitchen to get breakfast.

"Hey mom! Manuelo." Riley greeted.

"Yeah, hey guys." Chloe echoed.

"Hi girls! Are you ready for your first day of high school?" Mrs. Carlson asked.

"Yeah pretty much." Riley said digging into her oatmeal.

"I am totally ready!" Chloe agreed beginning to eat her oatmeal too.

"That's great!" Mrs. Carlson smiled.

"Eat up your oatmeal girls. Your bus is almost here!" Manuelo warned.

Chloe and Riley ate, and headed for their bus.

When they were at school they headed for their first class.

After a few more classes it was time for lunch.

Standing in the lunch line Chloe noticed a guy up a head of her in the line.

He happened to glance back, and there eyes locked for a few moments before someone pushed him forward.

Chloe didn't see him as she sat down with Riley.

"I just saw the hottest guy!" Chloe exclaimed as soon as they were seated.

"All ready?" Riley questioned.

"He had these amazing green eyes, and his eyes locked with mine in the lunch line, and that was it! I have to date this guy." Chloe exclaimed

"Describe him." Riley smiled.

"He was about five seven, and had light brown hair, and a great tan! Did I mention his awesome green eyes?" Chloe asked her stomach doing a flip-flop.

"Yeah, you did. By how you just described him I would guess that's Travis Morgan. One of the other girls is obsessing about him, and he sounds just like the guy you're talking about.

"Another girl was obsessing?" Chloe demanded.

"I wouldn't worry about it. According to her he didn't even glance at her once. But you locked eyes with him." Riley reminded her.

"Your right." Chloe relaxed a little.

Mrs. Chloe Morgan. Mrs. Morgan. Mrs. Travis Morgan. Chloe thought dreamily.

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