fThe Ancient Age:

Thousands of years before the rise of the Chantry and before the rise of the Tevinter Imperium, humans and elves settled on the land which would become known as Thedas. Elves would isolate themselves from the humans since they believed that the arrival of the humans had caused the Elves to lose their immortality. While the Elves isolated themselves in their kingdom of Arlathan while two cultures of Humans emerged. First in the North came the Tevinter Imperium and in the South cam the Kingdom of Divina.

The Tevinter Imperium was made up of several human tribes and they used a dark type of magic called Blood Magic which used blood to power itself. They worshiped the Old Gods who the Tevinters claimed to be Dragons. First there was Dumat, old god of Silence, Zazikel Old God of Chaos, Toth Old God of Fire, Andoral Old God of Slaves, Urthemiel Old God of Beauty, Razikale Old God of Mystery and Lusacan Old God of Night. The Tevinter Magisters would use Blood magic to improve their power but also they relayed heavily on Slavery which the South disliked.

In the South was the Kingdom of Divina. The Alamerri Tribes fled across the Frostback Mountains to settle in a place called the Ferelden Valley where they would become Nomad tribes and settle on the land. But eventually a group of tribes known as the Avvars would break away and the two tribes would fight each other for years until the Avvars fled into the Mountains. Soon the Chasind also broke away from the Alamerri and fled into the Korari Wilds. The remaining Alamerri tribes would become nomads until an event united the tribes.

This Event began when one of the Tribal Chiefs called Tiber Septim heard ancient spirits speak to him claiming to be Gods. They warned him of a great Threat which was of a dark and evil Dragon God called Alduin. This large black dragon had begun attacking settlements all over the world and now he had his eyes on the Southern Tribes. Alduin enslaved other Dragons and he began a rampage across the Ferelden valley slaughtering hundreds of innocent people. Tiber convinced the other tribes to join him and help fight against the Dragons and soon a huge war began. During the war, Tiber killed a dragon and when it died, the skin suddenly burnt away leaving a skeleton behind and then the lights were absorbed by Tiber. The Gods proclaimed him Dragonborn and Tiber carried on his duty. Eventually, Tiber and his top followers, Gormlaith Golden Hilt, Hakon One Eye and Felldir the Old would challenge Alduin at the tallest mountain in the Frostback Mountains known as the Throat of the World. Alduin was defeated though it is unclear if he was killed although the battle had come at a terrible price as Gormlaith had been killed in the fight and the tribes had been weakened. But Tiber was viewed as a Hero and soon all of the Tribes of the Alamerri and Avvar swore fealty to him and the Kingdom of Divina was founded, named for the Divine Gods the people worshipped.

There were Eight Divines that the People of Divina worshipped. The First was Akatosh, the Chief God of Time and the Chief of the Gods. He was pictured as a huge White Dragon or a man with a dragon's head. The second was Arkay, the son of Akatosh and the God of the Dead and Burial rights. All settlements in Divina had a small temple dedicated to him. Then there was Dibella, the goddess of Beauty and a favourite Goddess among women. The Goddess of Love was Mara and all weddings took place in a temple dedicated to her. Stendarr was the God of Mercy, Zenithar was the God of Work and Julianos was the God of Wisdom. The final Divine was Kynareth who was the Goddess of Nature and the Heavens and was worshipped by many people in small villages.

The Kingdom of Divina grew powerful and rich which gained them the envy of Tevinter. Tevinter desired the power and riches that Divina had and so eventually Tevinter gathered a huge army and invaded Divina. At first they were successful at took the Northern part of Divina and the Western lands past what would become known as the Dales. Tevinter had already defeated and enslaved the Elves and the remaining ones had fled to Divina who were granted refugee. Tevinter believed that their blood magic could defeat the Armies of Divina but the people of Divina had magic of their own which allowed them to cancel the blood magic and eventually the Tevinters were forced to flee having lost the war though they still took a good bit of land from Divina. But Tevinter lost their Island stronghold of Estwatch which was used to build and repair warships. This became the most outer port of Divina. After the war, the continent became two major kingdoms, Tevinter and Divina, each time Tevinter invaded Divina, and they were repelled. Divina hated Tevinter not just for their horrific blood magic but also because of Slavery which was despised by Divina, any Tevinter Slavers caught in Divina were executed as a warning.

But eventually Tevinter would go too far when the Blights would begin. The Seven High Priests of the Old Gods would use a magic ritual though the reasons for why are unknown. Some claim it was to search for the Old Gods others say that it was to gain more power. But instead they unleashed a foul magic which twisted their bodies and they became the first of the foul creatures known as Darkspawn. The Taint they had infected others and turned them into Darkspawn as well. The Darkspawn went underground and they located Dumat, Old God of Silence in his prison and corrupted him, turning him into an Archdemon. The Darkspawn multiplied fast and 15 years later, they attacked the Underground Dwarven Kingdoms. The Underground Dwarven Empire was caught off guard and many of their outer Thaigs were destroyed. Despite the Dwarven technology advantage, the Darkspawn proved too much. The Dwarven Capital of Orzammar fell into chaos when the nobles began fighting each other on what to do. It was only the efforts of a man from the warrior caste known as Aeducan rallied the armies together and fought back. Orzammar was saved but at a high price, all of the thaigs had fallen and only four Dwarven Kingdoms remained which were Orzammar, Kal-Sharok, Hormak and Gundaar. The Dwarves abandoned the deep roads and Aeducan was made into a Paragon.

Even though the dwarves held back, with the deep roads fallen, now the Darkspawn could attack the surface. The Darkspawn hordes attacked both Tevinter and Divina and both kingdoms fell into chaos. Tevinter ordered that their capital of Minrathous must be protected at all costs and armies from across Tevinter were recalled to defend Tevinter leaving many cities to be swallowed by the Blight. As Tevinter fell to Darkspawn, the people were now shown that their gods had turned in them. As the Darkspawn travelled, the land was sucked of all moisture and disease and rot followed with dark clouds covering the sky. People grew angry towards the Priests and Magisters and the common people rose in rebellion only to be crushed by demons summoned by the Magisters.

Divina was more successful at fighting the Darkspawn than Tevinter since Divina remained united. The Armies of Divina were able to strike back at the Darkspawn though stories differ. Some say that the Kings of Divina made a deal with dragons to fight the Darkspawn while others said that the Divines came in mortal form to assist. Though even Divina had problems as some of their cities such as the great city of Kvatch were reduced to rubble. But Divina managed to remain united and fight, but the Darkspawn kept coming back and even Divina knew that they wouldn't last long.

Their hopes can 90 years after the First Darkspawn were created in the creation of the Grey Wardens. The Grey Wardens were veterans of many Darkspawn battles who gave up all their allegiances, families and titles and they dedicated themselves to ending the Blight at all costs. Led by the legendary Carinus at Weisshaupt fortress, the Wardens searched for more effective ways to fight the Darkspawn which eventually led to the Joining Ritual where Warden consumed Darkspawn Blood and they became more effective at fighting the Darkspawn. The Warden's first recorded battle at Nordbotten where they were able to save the city from the Darkspawn horde and then they began an aggressive campaign against the Darkspawn.

The Wardens were assisted when the Dwarves creates Golems, the dwarven smith Caradin created living engines of stone and metal which allowed the dwarves to smash through the Darkspawn and reclaim the thaigs. But Caradin disappeared one day and Queen Getha sent the Legion of Steel, a force of 126 Golems to search for him but he was never found. Caradin was declared dead and Getha was deposed.

Back on the surface, hope came when the Old God Dumat was slain by soldiers during a warden ambush. However Dumat returned a few days later and they realised that the soul of Dumat would just go into another Darkspawn when slain. So the Archdemon as Dumat was called was immortal. However, some Warden scholars proposed that if a warden slayed Dumat then he would absorb the soul and the Archdemon would be destroyed along with the Grey Warden. At the Battle of the Silent Plains, Dumat was finally slain by the wardens and the Darkspawn were soon forced back underground.

But the Blight was not over for the Dwarves, with the Darkspawn back underground, the kingdoms of Gundaar and Hormak had fallen and the dwarves of Orzammar lost contact with Kal-Sharok. The dwarves sealed the Deep Roads and they believed that they were the last kingdom.

Back on the surface, the people celebrated the end of the Blight but the fight was not over yet. Both Divina and Tevinter had been hit hard by the blight and Tevinter had the strongest army. So some Tevinter Magisters would make plans to conquer Divina but their army had been shattered as well as Tevinter faced civil unrest in their home when the Slaves and common people revolted and the world of Thedas was about to be assaulted by another war.

26 years after the Blight ended, there was a large war between Divina and Tevinter but this time it was Divina that struck first. In the town of Demerin, the lord of the city Elderath and his wife Brona had three children, Andraste, Halliserre and Alessia. But while on a trip, Andraste was kidnapped by Tevinter Slavers. When word reached Divina, they issued an ultimatum to release her since she was the daughter of a powerful lord. The Magisters laughed and they ignored the message. But Divina was prepared for this and the armies of Divina attacked Tevinter outposts where they liberated Slaves. The Slaving capital of Emerius was taken when the Slaves revolted and bit by bit, Tevinter fell to Divina. The armies of Divina were assisted by a massive Slave revolt led by Shartan who dreamt of a home for elves. Divina granted them the Dales and soon the Elves emigrated to the Dales and were promised protection by Divina. Andraste meanwhile was able to escape with help from the barbarian Maferath and they began a campaign of their own. Tevinter armies were defeated thanks to droughts draining their water supplies and crops failing. But Maferath eventually grew jealous of Andraste and at the city of Nevarra, he handed Andraste over to Tevinter where she was taken back to the capital of Minrathous.

Andraste was sentenced to death. Archon Hessarian wanted a quick death but his wife wanted her to suffer to send a message. Andraste was burnt at the steak but Hessarian jumped in the pyre and stabbed her in the chest to give her a quick death. After the execution, Hessarian converted to the Faith of the Nine Divines and returned Andraste's remains to Divina. However Andraste had written that she had dreams and that she had heard the calling of the Gods like her younger sister Alessia had and that she was told to help liberate the people from the Magisters oppression. Hessarian left Tevinter and would resettle in Divina where stories say he became a Priest of Akatosh to help redeem himself. Tevinter and Divina had a fragile peace but they agreed to destroy Maferath for his betrayal. The world was at peace once again but soon a new age would be coming with the rise of Andraste's teaching and a new Religion of the Chant of Light and the Rise of the Chantry.

Chapter End:
Notes: Well this is the first chapter of my Dragon Age-Elder Scrolls crossover. The first few chapters will talk about the history of Divina and there will be huge changes in cannon. Then when I get to the main story, there will be a game of thrones theme. The characters will be the same ones from my Dragon X story.