A surprising little trip part 1

Hi all just writing a bit of a quick non canon 2 shot because I got pent up and I think all of the supporting players need a little love. Also this is set in between the end of the digimon Emperor arc and the start of the next arc.

"You know these little trips to the digiworld can get a little old sometime," complained Yolei "And how come I got stuck with Doofus over here?" she asked bitterly to Kari over her new cel phone.

"I'm sorry Yolei, but I really am sick and Davis insisted we all go into the digital world for a few days to bash control spires," said Kari apologetically "Normally I'd ask one of the boys to keep him busy, but they're all just as sick as I am, just get him knocking down control spires ok?" She asked hands clasped in apology.

"Just remember, you owe me!" said Yolei rolling her eyes a little, she really didn't get Kari sometimes, while they were allies in the widest sense of the word it was obvious that the older kids were far more together than the newer members.

Yolei sighed; she hated being alone, as a child in a large family the idea of being left out was common and Davis while not bad looking was like a sibling she'd never wanted.

"Looks like the others can't make it," she said to Davis re-entering the computer room with a little sigh "We're going to be on our own out there," she added looking meaningfully at Poyomon and Demiveemon currently scarfing down snack food.

Davis slipped the goggles up his face clearly studying Yolei's face closely before sighing.

"Awww man and I had a whole lotta stuff planned too," he mused slowly, shaking his head like a disappointed elementary schooler.

Yolei blinked, normally she'd be responding in a snarky way, but that facial expression, did she feel bad for the guy, he seemed different today.

He bowed his head a little, he seemed a little different, smaller almost before looking up, his face half frozen into a half smile that was as fake as a .

She sat down next to him, the school chair squeaking as she placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Hey, we can still go you know, it's not like Ken's going to swoop in and attack us," said the purple haired girl "Anyway I'm glad you took my idea to heart about taking a break now and again," she remarked awkwardly placing her hand on his shoulder and smiling weakly.

"Thanks Yolei, I'm glad you could come, let's see if we can't make up for it, I managed to get us a bit of R&R on a private beach in the digiworld for 3 days. Maybe the others can catch up with us later" Said Davis shrugging "I even got us a banquet!" he added hopefully

"Wow! Really?" Yolei's eyes lit up "You mean… we get to relax properly,"

"Yeah I met a digimon with a problem, I helped him out, he owns a beach" said Davis with a grin Yolei's smile making him perk up a bit, the purple haired girl felt a surprised smile as she slapped Davis heartily on the back.

"Well then I'm all for that Davis," she said "Lets go to the beach!"

"Thanks Yolei, I'm glad," said Davis perking up "I guess I'll be your escort then,"

Yolei actually blushed at that, he didn't mean it that way but the doofus did have his moments of chivalry.

The portal trip was pleasant and shortly after the flash, Yolei, Hawkmon Davis and Veemon all were deposited into a beautiful spacious room, its large gold embossed banisters and an opulent atmosphere overwhelming everyone with the sheer finery on display.

Yolei looked out of the window, the beautiful white sand and blue waves almost hypnotic. The beach was quiet save for the attendants, and Yolei was amazed how quickly the gomamon and Toucanmon that ran things disappeared.

"Davis my friend, so glad you could come!" Yolei started a little at the voice as seemingly out of nowhere before a small and honestly quite handsome looking digimon emerged from behind the counter. He was short, no bigger than Cody with short blonde hair that waved in a manner begging to be scruffled, his beautiful white wings fluttering behind him as he gave a bow to the two digidestined and their partners.

"I am honoured that you came," he said to the pair his adorable aqua eyes making Yolei melt "Heroes of the battle against the vile digimon emperor you are welcome on Desire beach,"

He looked so cute, Yolei wanted to grab him and cuddle him right there as he gave another small bow.

"That said you can call me Light," he added adjusting his tunic as he led them into the resort proper, it seemed a little odd to Yolei a Digimon that used a human name, but he was just too cute for it not to make him all the more huggable.

"It's so beautiful here," she said rapt in attention, "I wish the others hadn't eaten that bad sushi," she remarked

"Wasn't the sushi from Ai Mart?" asked Hawkmon cocking his head to the side making Yolei grin awkwardly.

"Wow you wiped out the entire team with food, not even Ken managed that," said Davis whistling a little before blinking a little.

Yolei glared at him, making the leader of the second generation blink cluelessly.

"What?" he asked "Did I say something wrong?"

Yolei grit her teeth and took a deep breath, "he got you into a private beach, give him a little patience!" she muttered as they all arrived at the pair of changing rooms.

"Well Yolei if it's just us want to go for a swim

"You jerk I totally didn't bring a suit!" she accused Davis

"Complimentary swimsuits are provided," said Light wiggling his little earwings tempting Yolei once again to play with them and once again.

"Please enjoy your stay, remember, here on Desire beach, whatever you desire most will come to you," said the digimon mystically as they turned and walked to the change rooms.

"Oh please that reminds me, take these with my compliments," said Light placing a pair of braclets in the two chosen children's hands, they were plastic with the sign of the hotel on them. With a smile he provided another pair for Veemon and Hawkmon who took them with eagerness.

"That provides you with access to the beach, not to mention the buffet," he said the two digimon looking like he'd just announced Christmas early.

"You just ate a tonne of snack food!" said Yolei

"Uh huh that means, we shouldn't swim for a while," said Veemon

"I concur, we don't want to go get sick!" said Hawkmon

Yolei rolled her eyes a little

"OK you two, you can go!" she said waving a hand at the ravenous digimon as they sped in the direction

Davis changed quickly the swim trunks seemed to be perfectly fitted to him, he was kind of glad that things were sort of working out in the end. He sighed a little, glad that at least Yolei had come in the end, he was sad Kari hadn't been able to come, but he was still with his friends. There was a little thought of what Kari would look like in a bikini and felt his member harden a little in his trunks, his lust feeling slightly more pronounced as he put the complimentary towel around his shoulders feeling a weird confidence as he did. His eyes flashed blue for a second then were normal again

Yolei grinned a little; it appeared that Light had excellent taste; the swimsuit really looked nice on her. It was a little modest, but Yolei was quite happy with how it highlighted her slight body. She did a little spin glancing into the mirror. Her glasses glinted a little, as she admired herself in the mirror; she almost thought that maybe she was a little bigger where it counted. She swished her violet hair on her shoulder feeling sexual, almost predatory as the violet one piece swimsuit seemed to hug her form, making her feel a slight rush of pleasure.

You ought to try something sexier!

That was a strange thought, but it spoke with her voice so she eyed the rack, there had been quite a selection.

Maybe something that would make me the centre of attention for once; I mean it's what I want the most.

She grinned, wondering if it might pay to tease Davis a bit, they were all alone here and there's no way anyone would believe doofus if she did anything…

She purred a little wishing she had the kind of body that could get all the attention.

Hang on a minute, I can do it here

That one was a little weird, Yolei looked around looking to see if maybe there was someone else there, but she was alone.

"Is someone there?" she asked hoping that the answer was no.

There was an awkward silence and Yolei crossed her eyes looking around one more time before becoming content that she was alone.

She wrinkled her brow, what had Izzy said again.

If you have a strong enough belief about something it actually happens in the digiworld, it's quite amazing.

Yolei shrugged, it was worth a shot. She picked up a very different kind of suit, a small white thing that was extremely racy.

If I wear this I'll be the centre of attention.

She flushed a little,

Come on it's not like the doofus has a camera, tease him a little.

Swallowing hard she took off the violet suit and placed the white bikini onto her chest she felt kind of warm as her breasts pressed into the cups of the suit, there was a warmth flowing into her, she knew what she needed to do to get all the attention, looking incredibly happy as she watched her breasts swell from flat to small softball sized handfuls. There a slight purple glow in her eyes as she slipped on a pair of board shorts that hugged her hips, were those also bigger? Of course they were, everything gets bigger when you show off She grinned a little; she was actually quite hot and blew another kiss to herself as she stared at her body daring to burst out.

"Well guess I'm going to knock them dead," she said a little glad Kari wasn't going to steal her spotlight even if it was only Davis.

She left the change room swaying hypnotically she wondered why she was acting so brazen for a second and then like her modesty it was gone, consumed by her greatest desire, to get all of the attention.

"That's unusual," remarked Light making a note of something on his pad, normally we don't see such a strange vibration," he looked at his attendants his eyes seeming to glaze over a moment, "Love sincerity friendship and courage, although I'm seeing them mix with the island's ambient energy, I hope it's not going to give our guests trouble," he mused, this was the isle of desire where digimon indulged their biggest fantasies after all.

From the moment Yolei laid her eyes on him she's wanted him, it defied her logical mind and she almost scoffed at it as she locked eyes with Davis.

Davis gasped a little as Yolei cut a line across the distance between them and grinned in a teasing manner.

"Like what you see?" asked the chosen of love and sincerity in a cheeky manner batting her eyes enjoying seeing him off balance, her heart raced, usual feelings of disgust and contempt now a slowly simmering passion.

Davis nodded dumbly as he felt Yolei take his hand, her skin was softer than he expected as she caressed his wrist.

"Wow Yolei… when did you… Wow!" he stammered feeling his half mast bulge his shorts as it abruptly became apparent to him that Yolei was not just his bratty friend but a woman in her own right.

He grinned a little squeezing her hand a little letting her lead him to the ocean her expression one of slow deliberation as she pulled him into the surf, the cold water making them both laugh a bit.

Somehow Yolei knew that things were a bit off, Davis was nice, but she knew he was clueless on an academic level, even if, without his shirt his muscles rippled pleasingly as they gambolled. She also knew she didn't care, her emotions had always led her and right now she was on a full kilter of sexual awakening, she wanted this, wanted him.

The water was bracing, but Yolei liked the way that the cool water made her suit slightly transparent her pink erect nipples showing just enough to drive Davis wild.

She wanted him wild, as she splashed water on old clueless she could see he was totally putty in her hands and she wanted him to be hers.

She grinned grabbing onto his arms as she pulled him closer dumping them both under the water in a spray of surf.

He seized a little but she guided his hands gleefully teasing him they played in the water, she was leading as they rolled in the waves

She was enjoying this, pressing her body to his as she pushed him into the soft sand, straddling him as they emerged from the sea, her groin rubbing his as she looked down into his hazel eyes.

"Yolei! What? What are we doing?" asked Davis, his painful erection rubbing against her mons through their shorts. "We… we should stop," he panted half moaning as he felt her glide against him.

"Do you want to stop?" she asked panting and moaning, her semi transparent suit glistening as she placed a hand on his chest feeling his defined muscles, Davis definitely had been training hard. "Or do you want to keep going?"

She moaned explicitly moving her face close to his, her lips questing for his, whatever her brain was trying to tell her silenced by her need as she pressed her lips to his.

Her tongue was aggressive, passing his lips as she began to kiss him like an old lover rather than a tentative first kiss.

With a crackle of energy, Yolei saw Davis's eyes glow pink for a half second as they pulled back from their kiss. It was long enough for her to smile seductively as she slipped down his body.

"I think I know how to get your full attention," she purred rubbing his member playfully, she was practically searing him as she put her hand into his trunks, her delicate hand searching for his engorged staff with a lustful need. She licked her lips and moaned a little as she inspected his rod. She didn't know much about penises but having one in her hands made her feel so good. She was breathing heavily as she inhaled his odour, musky and a little bit wild.

Davis moaned the slight ocean breeze on his cock making him shudder as Yolei placed her lips on the crown with an agonising slowness.

She moved a little her augmented chest swelling into a large C as she began to lick the top of his cock grinning a little, her eyes blazing with lust as she pulled down his shorts freeing up his tackle.

"Yolei… so good I just wish I could… ugh!" he groaned hands reaching down to encourage the violet haired vixen to swallow more of his engorged member.

Then inspiration hit him, he grinned pulling into a sitting position with a laugh and grabbing Yolei's rear pushing her down as he moved her into a 69 position, the both of them shifting so that the surf lightly lapped Davis's feet as Yolei began to worship his member with intense scrutiny. Davis in turn grasped Yolei's hips hands caressing her rear as he slipped his hands into her waistband revealing a set of semi transparent white bikini bottoms to his hungry eyes. Licking the salty residue of the ocean off her skin Davis grinned squeezing her rear cheeks and hearing his friend's garbled moans around his cock.

"Mmmm I wonder what I'll find here," he teased as he started to rub Yolei's sex, like a treasure hunter exploring her sex in slow and leisurely fashion, he seemed to know what he was doing his tongue salivating as he kissed her legs the salty taste of her skin making him even harder as he bucked up into her mouth.

Yolei moaned seeming to take more and more as she rubbed her crotch on his fingers her sex a soaking mess as she almost inhaled her lover's cock.

She was still sucking on the shaft, hands moving to caress his balls exploring his form with a liberating gusto.

She felt a twitch heard him groan and smiled lustfully as she felt him surge, her lover losing himself hard in her mouth.

"Mmmm tasty" she mewled sliding up with a little coo a copious helping of pure Motomiya dripping from her hungry lips, "I want more, give me more," she ordered him as he pulled down her shorts revealing her completely soaked sex and the almost transparent bikini bottoms.

Davis blinked, noting Yolei had a small tuft of violet pubic hair visible through the bottoms.

"Yolei… I feel weird," he commented as he recovered from his orgasm. "Like I…" he groaned. Yolei had pushed her juicy nether regions right into his nose, the scent intoxicating Davis as he felt soft warm flesh envelope his spent member.

"Shhhh we can talk once I cum," purred Yolei, the manic energy flowing through them both.

For Yolei the next 20 minutes were amazing, she rode Davis's face like a possessed cowgirl gasping when he pulled the fabric aside and lapped at her juices directly. His inexperience was getting on her nerves but she did have an insatiable need to please him and loved that he reciprocated so well.

She giggled a little leaving him hard as possible as she finally pulled off him.

He seemed smaller than before, his body softer as Yolei grinned and straddled his hips.

"Ready for the main event?" she growled hand petting his firm stomach playfully, not as defined as she remembered but still warm and pleasant as the meat pillar caressing her own bare belly.

Davis nodded transfixed by the violet goddess's bouncing breasts as she slipped him inside her for the first time, a chorus of moans shared between them as she started her descent.

It should have hurt, she was a virgin after all, but just as the suit had filled out her figure, so too did the sensation of their flesh only bring the domineering dame of desire only more pleasure.

She started to groan hard feeling him bottom slowly inside her and then her world got flipped around.

Previously she'd been on top, but with a roar of lust Davis took initiative. The scruffy haired kid from Odaiba grinned as her grasped her breasts for leverage plunging his member deep into her sacred place with the sort of reckless abandon she would normally have shunned but now desperately needed as he thrust their lips met in another kiss. Yolei was impressed that he didn't seem to mind tasting himself on her tongue and loved how he felt inside her, his 7 inches of meat filling her as she felt his balls slap against her shapely rear. She reached down using her fingers to pinch and abuse her clit while she and Davis continued their full tryst of passion.

She groaned, looking into his hazel eyes, there was definitely a difference. She could see it now, Davis still looked mostly the same but his features were softer, more feminine, with every slam she felt she loved him more and more.

Davis groaned and swore, his whole body shuddering as he pushed as deep as he could spewing more seed and swimmers directly into Yolei's womb. Yolei's head was swimming as he triggered her orgasm making them both collapse into a sweaty heap content to slumber on the beach.

It would be a few hours before either lover truly stirred. Having cum 3 times Davis was thoroughly drained and Yolei had worn herself out a fair bit too.

When the surf nibbled at their feet Davis was the first to stir, head spinning a little as he opened his eyes, slowly.

Yolei wasn't who he'd expected to lose his virginity to, but looking at her slumbering next to him the leader of the chosen was glad at least she had been a willing participant.

He stood up and wobbled a little, his centre of gravity was off. Moving across he took care to pick up Yolei cradling the girl in his arms as he carried them both to his bedroom.

"See you in the morning," he whispered kissing her again as he laid her in bed next to a sleeping Hawkmon and moved to his own bed to join Veemon.

As the light of a new day dawned Yolei felt a need to use the bathroom.

Still dressed in the salacious white bikini the chosen of love and sincerity yawned a little theatrically as she greeted the bright sunlight.

She reeked of sweat and exertion and grinned a little at how much "attention" Davis had given her body the day before.

She yawned again getting to her feet.

She'd had the strangest dream, one in which she'd been talking with someone... about digimon sex, what had she been saying? The lavender lady couldn't quite remember.

Stripping off the bikini she turned on the hot water, her mind still floating on cloud nine as she remembered all the things she'd done and how much she'd liked them.

She massaged her breasts groaning as she picked up some liquid soap and reached down to massage her aching… throbbing…

Now that wasn't supposed to be there.

Davis awoke to the shriek and bounded out of bed like there was a fire, he cursed slightly as he rushed to help Yolei running straight into the bathroom his large…

Davis stopped and looked down, his chest had felt heavy and now he saw why. Bouncing there atop his chest, bold as brass, was a pair of enormous breasts. He didn't know the size but he did freeze a second as his hands reached for his chest he got a good eyeful of Yolei.

Davis blinked in all the more silence taking Yolei's expression and doubtless mirroring it on his own face.

"Nice cock…" he said the words slipping out before his brain could stop them.

To be continued

And thus endeth part 1 of this 2 part quickshot Back to Data Trap for a bit I think