A surprising little trip part 2

Hi All, decided to finish this sucker off before returning to Data Trap enjoy also I just found a way to write very fast, so you can expect me to update more frequently from now on.

Special thanks to my beta reader ShadowDrago, thanks a bundle man.

She was bigger than Davis.

Yolei was surprised as examined her new member in the mirror, originally it had been a shock to get into the shower and realise her love button was about 8 inches and erect and her breasts had grown another full size but Yolei was more amazed that her initial freak out had been overwhelmed pretty quickly by her physical desire.. She groaned, the thing would just not calm down. Every time she looked at her body all she wanted to do was track Davis down and nail him again. She smiled at that memory, of having him under as she bucked her hips back and forth; she knew objectively that she probably should be a lot more worried. The initial shock had been quite significant, but this was the Digital World, weirder things happened every day. She was admiring her body when he entered, her mind already sliding into the gutter.

"Nice cock!" said Davis, winning the all time award for observation before he clutched his throat, he sounded like Jun too. She blushed… she? Davis swallowed hard as she put her hand down low. Yup, little Dai was still there, bigger than before now she thought of it. He groaned in blissful surprise, the big boy was super sensitive and the large breasts bounced up and down making her shudder.

"I know," purred Yolei winking at him "Wanna test it out?"

Davis swallowed in lust, blinking her big brown expressive eyes, she felt… right doing this.

"You mean like…" she seemed to swallow harder than before, her hourglass figure like an exaggerated form of her sister. She was shivering like a leaf, noticing that Yolei had actually gotten slightly taller than her.

"Like I did to you," said Yolei hands on her hips as she thrust her enhanced pelvis towards her friend hungrily; it was like a dream, a great sexy dream.

She grinned, her body pushing to Davis's, their members touching making the two futanari groan. Yolei pressed her nipples to her lover's own, moaning into his mouth as she placed hands on the new girl's shoulders.

Davis swallowed hard, she shuddered, staring up at Yolei's 8 inches of womanhood making her drool, the hunger was making her eager. She pouted, her thin lips trembling as she placed her lips around the turgid girlcock groaning a little as the salt of Yolei's sweat peppered her tongue. The musk of the older girl making Davis groan in desire, she wanted to do this; she pulled the member deeper down her gullet. She was sure that this was what she wanted to do. Give into the lust.

She felt Yolei's hands grasp her hair and half screamed as the fabulous fuchsia futanari filled her throat with flesh. Tears streaming from her eyes as she felt the girl forcefully half choke her and loving it. Yolei was moaning her hourglass form developed all the more, making Davis grow all the harder as she felt her lover choke her on her girlcock.

"Mmmmm Davis I'm going to…" groaned Yolei, feeling herself twitch and moan as she grasped Davis's hair. Davis… the name didn't really seem to match the brown haired bombshell beneath her.

She moaned and let go filling her hazel eyed lover's mouth with warm wet salty seed.

She groaned falling back against the bathroom wall as Davis sputtered and spat a little, shaking her hair, surprised by the amount of white seed dripping from her pouty lips.

"Mmmm that felt… good!" groaned Yolei as she watched her partner cough a little

"It's bitter," complained the brown eyed beauty, not so much complaining as unsatisfied, she felt a weird tingle in her loins, her own cock shuddering a little as she fell back.

Yolei grinned, noticing the wood she'd gotten to know so intimately the previous night.

"I'm sorry," she cooed moving down to lie next to her lover changing her persona a little as she did, she leaned in, her soft silky lips moving to kiss away the tears as she moved to half straddle her futanari lover. "I got carried away there."

Davis coughed, a little surprised by the sudden shift in Yolei's behaviour going from abusive to delicate, but it made her moan a little. She kind of liked this side of the lavender goddess.

Yolei smiled and pulled Davis into a deep hug, her long delicate arms massaging her lover's back as their bodies rubbed together, her enhanced bust pressed tightly to her lover's as the perverted purple princess pushed her pink tongue into her mouth playfully.

She felt the light salty aftertaste of her own seed and grinned a little.

"You know, you're kind of cute this way," she cooed placing a finger on Davis's nose as she pulled back,

"Yolei… we should probably find Light, this is seriously weird," said her lover blushing the spell half entrancing her.

"I know… or… how bout I call you Deva and we continue?" she purred, slipping her lover inside herself.

Davis moaned as she felt Yolei's new member on her belly and her own slip into Yolei's velvet vice. She was sure she'd find out later how that felt.

Yolei was enjoying this whole thing way too much, that was what Davis thought as she turned around. None of her clothing looked right and as she examined herself she realised there was no way she could go out how she'd come in. Being a topless boy was acceptable but now the soft plush on her chest made her feel like this was a perfect shape. It felt good being a girl, well mostly a girl; she definitely loved losing her virginity as a boy.

She put her hands on her sizable hips, caressing herself and frowning slightly, she'd kept her cock but her balls had vanished and no matter how hard she tried she couldn't seem to get upset about all this. She sighed and pulled on a large cup size swimsuit moaning as her hips shivered into the bottom of the navy one piece, feeling her erection abate a little against the stretchy Lycra. It felt amazing, maybe… just maybe she'd stay like this a while, as long as she could change back.

Yolei grinned and petted her sated belly proudly. She was supposed to get dressed; Deva had already gone to find their partners. She kind of wanted to leave herself naked. To strut around cocksure, her body on full display, she felt powerful, strong, sensual…

She shook her head, this freaky place was messing with her head, she knew that sleeping with Davis had been a mistake on a conscious level, what if he… was Davis still a he? I mean he had bigger boobs than she did and she had definitely had a new addition… that and she'd taken to the new name really well.

She grinned putting on the scandalous bikini she'd won with the day before and wondered idly; maybe they should stay a little longer.

There was a knock at the door, she jumped.

"Miss? Are you in there?" asked Light outside the door. It was weird how much he sounded like Izzy now she thought about it.

"I'll be out in a minute," she mumbled slipping a loose skirt around her hips, trying to hide her bulge as she stroked her breasts, licking her lips as she opened the door.

"Hi there sweetie, what can I do for you?" she asked

Light shuffled a bit, his boyish face showing obvious discomfort as he observed Yolei, his cute little winglets bobbing a little as he stared up at the lavender lady of lavish longing with surprise.

"Miss Inoue… Oh my! That's not supposed to happen," said the boyish angel digimon observing her form.

"What's not supposed to happen?" asked Yolei caressing the white bikini top her nipples already hard as she leaned in to place a hand on the young digimon

Light swallowed, aware of the scent all around him, Yolei shook her puce hair and pressed her breasts to his flat chest.

"Well humans, this place has an affect on you similar to... digivolution," explained Light, sweating a little making a boyish smile as he felt a tingle, a tingle similar to something long in his past.

"Is that so… So I've been digivolved," purred Yolei, tipping up the digimon's chin she could feel her heart racing, her eyes sparkling as she placed her lips to his.

"So… why don't you tell me all about it," she purred.

The newly renamed Deva was a little perplexed how things had turned out.

She was supposed to be bringing Hawkmon and Veemon together to join Yolei in her room.

Instead she was on her knees between the two digimon, her breasts bouncing slightly as she stroked their cocks.

Veemon moaned, he liked Davis's new digivolution, she was a lot like Jun and while the digimon had kept his mouth shut he'd long wanted to sink his twin dragon cocks into that rear.

Deva sighed lustfully hand stroking along Veemon's twin cocks, a little jealous as she realised her partner was better endowed than she was. Digimon were different from humans and Deva grinned as she rubbed along the smooth blue and white scales feeling a weird tingle as she leaned in to kiss the head.

Veemon moaned placing a hand on Deva's head he began to pull her onto his left erection panting heavily as she swallowed.

"Deva sho good," he groaned his free erection slapping her face as she swallowed its mate, moaning and groaning the pair went at it harder.

Hawkmon groaned, both digimon moving faster and faster to a crescendo moving to that inevitable explosion and as they did, the warped lust ignited the night before exploded, Deva's smooth skin turning a light glass slipper blue while her belly turned a pale white as she took on some traits of her partner.

"Mmmm cum all over me," she begged, squeezing him as she pulled back spatters of white giving her a digital pearl necklace she was aware that her mind felt lighter, more at ease, she was a gorgeous futanari now, why wouldn't she want to keep this form?

As she felt her perfect pink nipples harden she glanced up, just in time to see Yolei emerge, bold as brass a pair of wings fluttering from her back.

"Hey there sexy," cooed Yolei "Having fun?"

Deva nodded, looking at her… her mistress with a bit of slack jawed admiration.

"Good," said Yolei grinning, now pass me your terminal, I think it's time we shared this place."

Deva grinned and giggled a little adjusting her new blue one piece bathing suit, her great gorged girl-cock bulging obscenely under the thin latex like material. She was so ready for this. Originally she'd wanted to change Yolei's plan a little but the way the vainglorious violet vision had explained made it all the sexier. She'd get to seduce TK, it wasn't like it was gay or anything, not that it mattered if her experiences in the last day had done away with any doubts she had about the pleasure of this place.

Yolei had been slow and methodical, explaining her plan, divide and conquer was the strategy, maybe if she was lucky they'd get a lovely vacation and finally a chance to be with Kari.

She licked her lips and blew a kiss to Veemon making her partner flush. Then with a sigh she continued her change for a bit, she knew she could change it back later but for now she was going full female. She moaned as she felt the change overtake her again, groaning her sex dampened on her suit, her girl-cock shrinking down to a super sensitive love button. She examined her gorgeous feminine figure in the mirror and winked seductively, Jun would be so jealous. Deva turned, her teeth sharpening a little, then again; maybe Jun wouldn't be jealous after a visit from her sexy serpentine sister…


Takeru Takaishi was feeling a little bit better as he and Kari wandered into the palatial resort. Both seemed to be overwhelmed as they were greeted by the angelic host and from her secret hiding spot, Deva was happy to see that Light had done his mistress's bidding perfectly, the two were being separated from their partners while they changed and that was perfect. She drooled a little as TK slipped into his changing room and she moved like a swift serpent to sneak up, leaning against the open door and taking in the view of TK's nude back, licking her lips she steeled herself.

Grinning like a cheshire cat, she grabbed TK's hat from his clothing and pushed it into a hamper. She needed him distracted at first, TK looking for his hat and meeting a cute little dragon girl in a swimsuit… she almost felt sorry for him.

Kari Kamiya was in for a much less subtle approach and Yolei was a much less patient predator. Unlike Deva, the venal violet Venus had no need to hide her shape only keep herself out of sight for a little while. She stroked herself a little watching as Kari started to strip herself of her clothing. From her hiding place, Yolei drooled a little seeing that lithe and just developing curve that defined the young teen.

She followed her prey as she slipped into a towel and made her way towards the bathing area.

"Hi Kari, glad you could make it," she purred as she slipped into the changing area loving the feel of the bulging white bikini as she went to embrace Kari from behind.

"Yolei!" gasped Kari in surprise, "What are you?" she asked, face flushed as Yolei moved on the attack.

"Well I'm just happy to see you," purred Yolei pressing her bust to Kari, putting her lovely lavender locks to tickle Kari's B cups as she grasped Kari from behind.

The pheromones were in the air already, and Yolei playfully kept up the illusion of her over-friendly banter.

"It's so great here, the bone head really came through," said Yolei as she lay down letting the steamy heat of the bath obscure her transformed form. She winked at Light obscured in the steam, knowing she wouldn't be disturbed by Gatomon.

"Yeah… I'm sorry I missed the first day," said Kari, blushing a little as she sniffed the heavy scented bath wiggling her toes in time with the alien tingle flowing through her beautiful nubile flesh.

"That's OK, I have some amazing fun planned today," purred Yolei in a voice like mulled wine

Over on her end, deciding that it was time to strike, the dragon girl moved out of her hiding spot. "Hi there cutie, my name is Deva how can I help ya?" Deva grinned happily, her blue one piece was a good choice on her busty form as she swayed her hips, her long thick tail twisting at her gloriously plush rear. She really did have a lot more in common with Jun save for the extra helping of male fantasy that Davis had always had.

Now she was using those to tempt her own friend into letting his kinky self free. She wondered briefly if TK would be a boy at the end, she was 100% woman for now after all.

She grinned as TK sheepishly asked for help, nodding her head, playfully sticking out her chest proudly as she listened to TK.

"It's white and kind of shaped like a bucket," continued TK as the former goggleboy grinned, her short semi spiky hair bouncing almost as much as her motherly mammaries as she listened.

She was excited, her heart beating faster by the second. The magic of this place was making her emit the same seductive pheromones that seemed to permeate this place.

Her feminine sex oozed a small stain on her navy blue swimsuit, the telltale signs of her need and the smell definitely having an effect on TK.

She went to work, her hips swaying as she moved really close to him, her bust rubbing right up against his chest as she feigned looking above his shoulder.

She was enjoying this, letting him inhale her scent as she let him touch her beautiful feminine form.

Her hand caressed his, almost by accident as she let played with her hair as she bent down low showing off her shapely rear playfully that blue tail swaying wantonly, she wanted him to be fully aware of her inhuman sexuality.

"Ummm hey… ummm Deva… have we… met before?" asked TK awkwardly, her tail feeling her target's rock hard erection. He was so cute to see all uncomfortable and kind of handsome now she wasn't competing with him for Kari's affections.

"Maybe," she purred her tail rubbing on his erection "I think I'd remember a cute boy like you before.

She giggled, her hands moving to guide his hands to her hips. "But maybe we can get to know each other better," she purred breathily.

Splish splash moan, splish splash gasp

Yolei was really enjoying her new position on the island, her large member was currently pushing down little Kari Kamiya's throat every time she pulled down her friend's bangs, forcing the younger girl under the water.

The splashing was frenetic, Yolei giving her enough time to catch her breath before returning deep down her best friend's gullet, unlike Deva, Kari seemed to really like it as rough as Yolei could give it and she folded like a deck chair under her lustful assault.

Bubbles floated around her as she pushed Kari's head under the water, her lover's intense moans surprising Yolei as she felt Light's member pushing into her tender rear. She was really enjoying your position, queen of all she surveyed, no not queen, Empress. She was the Empress and she was a loving her new position. She wasn't going to rule the world here, but she was in a much stronger position to rule over the her group of friends, she slammed herself deep down Kari's throat. loving the fact that she was the filling in this wonderful sandwich of lust.

She had her own personal fantasy fulfilled; normally she was just loud, now she was in charge as she loved every second on it. She could feel the pleasure building inside her knowing that she was really close she let out a cry of orgasmic pleasure. A torrent of her love spewing down her best friend's gullet as she if felt Light lose himself as well. Next time she wanted him inside her fertile pussy, but for now she just wallowed in a pleasure finally pulling Kari up from the duties, feeling her new angel slave nibbling on her ear sensually as she pulled half waterlogged Chosen of Light up into a deep sensual kiss.

"Did you like that?" she asked loving the taste of herself in her lover's mouth.

Kari didn't speak, sputtering a little bit as she coughed and nodded obediently.

Yolei smiled and kissed the other girl on the nose,

"That's a good girl," she cooed, the smile on her face both playful and menacing, "Now let's get you all completed," she moaned, her member already turgid again simply by looking at Kari's naked body as without a word further, she impaled the innocent girl destroying her innocence with effortless ease. She was so deep; it felt so good, she couldn't wait to do this with Deva, Maybe while Light and TK double teamed them.

The Empress of the island shuddered, her hands roaming Kari's back as she bounced the former virgin in time with Light's own bouncing of her.

As she came close to her orgasm again, she got excited, Deva should've gotten to TK by now.

Deva couldn't believe how good this felt. Her bare foot currently crushing his cock lustfully, for a while she toyed with being the receiver in this exchange, but it seemed like the magic of this place has finally come to rest on her, as her sizable breasts bounced up and down in times with her treading on his groin, with a kind of deviant mastery of that seemed to swallow her whole.

With a groan, the blond boy began to twitch, his orgasm fast approaching, that was when Deva decided it was time to go full hog with the transition to womanhood, she pulled back the foot slightly greasy with pre, her pungent arousal plain to smell for anyone as she lowered her dripping sex onto his member, feeling it stretch the insides of her body wonderfully as she slowly impaled herself up on its majesty. She looked in his eyes, those sweet baby blue eyes would look so much better when she was finished with this act. It was already starting to affect him, just as it had her the night before, muscles quickly losing definition under a combination of the pheromones and the power that flowed through the whole island. Deva moaned the pleasure of the transformation had been great, but watching it happen to her old rival at an accelerated rate was fast making the transformed Chosen of Courage eager to re grow her own cock again.

Unlike Deva, it seemed that TK's hair was growing super fast, the boy's short haircut fast becoming a massive tail of blonde hair just as his hips began to swell.

"Wait, what's happening?" panicked the boy as his Adam's apple began to disappear and his voice began to grow much higher, an octave for each desperate, ragged gasp of pleasure that wracked his body, well the body's sex was probably open to debate now, as Deva began to massage along the tiny mounds that began to form on TK's soft chest as his voice grew higher, Deva enjoyed watching her prey's nips swell into two pink perfect paradises of pleasure for the blonde boy turned Futa.

"Deva… Deva," moaned TK as Deva felt her own orgasm rising, with a cry she felt the seed fill her and grinned sultrily at Takeru Takaishi's new form.

"Mmmmmm that was great TR," she teased, kissing her lover on her lips as realisation hit the blonde like an oil tanker striking a whale.

"D… D…." stammered her old rival, her voice girly and innocent, she was a lot more tomboy shaped than Deva and Yolei, with a lean athletic build.

"I prefer Deva now, wanna go find the girls?" asked Deva slipping off her lover's futa cock, loving the sensation as the sweat covered them both.

"I need a bath now, bet you do too," she added, kissing TK's cheek, letting her friend's new essence seep into her.

It was good to be queen, at least that's how Yolei saw it now, true to her word, she had indeed taking Kari's virginity, it had been delicious to watch when Deva had led the dazed and confused TK in shortly afterwards, and then the real fun had begun.

Drowning in a sea of pleasure Yolei bounced her partner in crime up and down on her own turgid member, steering Deva's desperate cries of pleasure as she thrust into her adding a second virginity to her achievements.

Past her, TK and Kari both sucked hungrily on the Chosen of Courage's massive teats, the feeble beginnings of a flow of milk already flowing down both girls throats each checking off one of Deva's twin aquamarine masts. The purple haired pervert's pleasure would eventually end, that was something she'd learned about this place, the confluence of energy that had given her so much influence would eventually fade, and with the powers so would the memories of this whole time disappear, but for now she had a harem of beautiful bisexual belles at her beck and call.

"Hey girls, wanna if make an egg before we will turn back to normal?" she cooed fending off orgasm again and again.

Three sets of eyes looked at her three heads nodded in union.

Yolei smiled, it was all she could do to keep from cumming early

"Yes Empress!" they all groaned as one.