I'm going to be completely honest with you. And I promise you, I'm not making this up. I came up with the title of this chapter before I even heard the song, "Armed And Ready". Of course, that's not the title of this chapter, but ⅔ of it is. It would've blown my mind, if Yang's incident wasn't something that opens up every window of opportunity to give her a taste of her own medicine; puns. Everybody used the term "Yangry" for the sake of jokes, but not many used other words, like what you see, or even "Super Saiyang". So I figured this would be the most fitting, either way. But, it's up to you on whether you want to believe me or not. I understand for those that don't. Either way, with the volumes that have already passed, I will make references towards past, present, and future events in the RWBY timeline, including our own timeline if possible.

Actually, the title is kind of one of the things that made this chapter harder for me to write than I had imagined. Maybe not as hard as the last chapter, because of different reasons. Now, while Yang has substantially been given time for development and personality throughout the series, she was not reserved to do so for the majority of The Battle of Beacon. And while Blake has fairly been given enough time for development and personality throughout the series, she was reserved to do so for a good sum of the Battle. All this, despite the title of the chapter. Do you see where I'm getting at? The title of this chapter revolves around Yang, but the moments themself revolve around Blake, in both the original series, and this chapter. Reason being is because I write what has been seen in the show, up until the time paradox that I write. For me to write otherwise would be going against my rules of having as much integrity as possible. This doesn't include the omakes for the most part, as you might have read. And I refuse to make an alternate scene and call it integrity while what has already happened in the RWBY series occurs. Not unless the paradox calls for it, like I did in my first chapter with Mercury Black.

The other thing is during the rough draft, I couldn't come up with enough ideas to write what was on Blake's mind. I don't know if it was because of my anticipation to write my final draft and get the story out, or if I couldn't find the effort to work the details in between the bulk of things. But when it comes to the final draft, ideas really start to pop out, as I rewrite my heavily flawed rough draft into my sand papered, dusted off, and polished final draft… with the exception of grammars that all writers and artists mislook. I feel that a rough draft makes for a great alibi. So no matter how much time it might consume before typing it all down, I'll still establish a blueprint before putting in the real work.

Now, without further adieu, I give you the Limb of the story.

The strong, bright and sunny, Yang Xiao Long. A sister to one, in arms to two, and motherly to all, if need be. Throughout her years of being a young lady, she has had to play the role of such to Ruby Rose, her primary biological sister. This may have originated from the despair that they both share, of losing their mom. However, with her sister being a mere baby at the time, the burden weighs more on Yang, with her being more aware. This, and the addition of discovering her own real mother who abandoned her. Through these burdens, Yang has grown and developed to be happy, cheerful, and caring not just for herself, but for her loved ones. This clearly shows as her and Ruby have grown. The same goes for her getting to know Weiss Schnee, and especially Blake Belladonna. Their time together have shown that Yang will sacrifice, and do anything to help and protect her partner, even so much as risking her life, by grabbing the Bull by the Wilting Horn. Blake will see this, through more than just any form of Sunshine, spread upon this night of Moonslice.

Chapter 3: Armed And Yangerous

Down at ground level, while the Vytal Festival is also held outside the Colosseum, Blake has been watching the tournament at a cafe booth, along with Weiss. The incident of what they saw on screen has everyone in shock. No blood has been shed from Ruby, nor metal from Penny either. But that does not mean that all who have watched what happened are not appalled. All due to the aggressive action of the star pupil, Pyrrha Nikos, the pain it caused for Ruby and Penny, and the exposure of one of them being an android under Atlas authority. To call this out, along with more perceived arrogance and abusive powers of Remnant's leaders, is Cinder Fall. She speaks through a hacked worldwide broadcast with an ominous black Queen chess piece in a red background. The people of Remnant are confused and terrified, not knowing what is going on, or what to do.

To make matters worse, the amount of negative emotions from most of the people on Remnant causes the Grimm, near and afar, to go to those sources. This especially means the Vytal Festival in Vale where it all started. They run and fly all around the festival, above and below, after overwhelming the Kingdom's defenses. The citizens are running for their lives, trying to escape as they are chased, while Atlesian Knights fail to fight the Grimm off. If what happened at the tournament and what was announced in the broadcast wasn't enough to attract a force of Grimm, then the mere presence of a few would, causing more distress and more to come. That, as well as another force of Grimm-Faced monsters brought by stolen ships, ready to bring everyone to their knees.

Witnessing this is Blake and Weiss, with the Festival set to fire. The only thing that goes through one of their minds is denial.

Weiss: "I don't believe this."

As Weiss stares at the tragedy, Blake reaches for her scroll.

Blake: "Yang, are you okay?" She contacts Yang, knowing that she has remained in their dorm room.

Yang: "(scroll) I'm fine. Is Ruby with you?" Because of what happened with her and Mercury Black, Yang chose not to bother with watching the tournament through her scroll in order to get herself together. At least, not until it went off with Cinder's speech. Because of this, she remains unaware of Ruby's position. "She's not answering her scroll." As far as Ruby's scroll, that remains unknown from either side of the conversation.

Blake: "No, she isn't. Either she's too preoccupied with recovering from what happened, or she left it somewhere. But we'd never leave our scroll… unless something happened on her way to Penny."

Yang: "..."

Blake: "She must be worried about what happened… Yang I'm sure she's fine. She's our leader, she can take care of herself."

Yang: "...Right."

Weiss: "This can't be happening." Continuously, Weiss finds it hard to accept the disaster. Again, her friends have been harmed, and partially because of claims of abusive leaders, such as Atlas. "Penny… and Ruby…"

Blake: "I don't think Yang saw the tournament. She didn't sound like she knows what happened to Ruby or Penny. They're fine, but I should ask-."

Yang: "I'm heading to the docks near the courtyard. White Fang are releasing Grimm into the school!"

Blake: "What?! Did she say-?! The White is here?!" Before Yang could respond to Blake's shock, something causes a static on Yang's side of the scroll, followed by a Grimm's growling. "Yang!" A shot from Ember Celica comes as a response and notifies Blake and Weiss that she engages combat. But it hardly assures them of her safety, overall.

Yang: "Got to go! Be careful."

The call ends, and Blake puts her scroll and head down. The situation seems more dire than she had thought. The school being invaded by Grimm is tragic enough. For someone to be behind this is beyond despicable as well. All are terrible in the equation. But for the White Fang to be taking part in this not only adds to this disaster, but is also something that has come back from her past to haunt her once again. After running from it, and then finally facing it with her team, it makes her believe that it was only a matter of time before it came back again.

Weiss: "Blake, what are we going to do?"

Coming back as it may, this is not something Blake feels that she could not fight against. Not yet. She did not run away from her past only out of disapproval or fear. But for a chance. A chance of equality, peace, and true justice. For those who may not fight for themselves. That is what she came to the school to train for. And that is what her and Weiss will do.

Blake: "We're going to the docks, and we're doing our job." While answering Weiss, Blake types on her scroll. What it does is call for her rocket locker, landing behind her. It opens up, containing her signature weapon, Gambol Shroud.

To make it official, Weiss nods and follows suit. With her scroll, she calls for her locker to land and unveil Myrtenaster. The two team members of RWBY now bare arms and rush into action.

(A Few Moments Later…)

As Blake and Weiss arrive to the courtyard near the docks, they meet six Atlesian Knights with their backs turned, facing the school. As they get closer to the Knights from behind, the Knights turn around to face them. What seems to be unusual about them is the red light beaming through their dark lenses. That, and how they immediately start firing right at them.

Blake: "Look out!" Blake pushes Weiss out of the way, and they both hit the ground. The rounds miss, and the hacked Atlesian Knights walk up to them, surrounding them in a small circle. Blake and Weiss stand back up, engage their weapons, and prepare to fight their newly established challengers.

By working together, Blake and Weiss managed to defeat the Knights that surrounded them. But soon enough, they see a greater formation of Atlesian Knights marching down the courtyard. Not only that, but a formation of White Fang members approach the courtyard as well. To defeat both forces, the two split up to handle each group of misguided minions.

Using her Glyphs and Myrtenater, Weiss cuts down every Knight with great speed all the way down the courtyard. On the last Knight in the area, she summons a Glyph in front of it to propel herself in the air, and destroy it in the process. She reaches back to Blake's position, closer to the school.

On Blake's side of fighting, she uses Gambol Shroud to beat each White Fang member down, and her Shadow for defense. Before any of the White Fang could surround and overpower her, Weiss lands just in time to blast them away with her Glyph. The two stand, back to back, ready to fight anymore who poses as a threat. And on one side of the courtyard, they see one.

A hacked Atlesian Paladin appears in the courtyard. It swipes away at Atlas Soldiers, shooting it away from running civilians. With them down, both Blake and Weiss start to make their way to defeat it themselves.

Weiss: "Come on!" But both Blake and Weiss stop, and look up at the sky. "Huh?" An aircraft comes crashing down, and an Alpha Beowulf jumps out of it. It roars, frightening nearby civilians. This leaves them with no choice, but to split up, and fight against each greater threat to protect others. "Be safe."

So both Blake and Weiss run off to face the terrorizers in massive sizes. Weiss confronts the Paladin, while Blake pursues the Alpha Beowulf. It chases civilians around the corner outside of the cafeteria, which is currently on fire from inside. Blake arrives in that area, but does not see the Beowulf right away. But then, it shows up, jumping to climb the wall, and roars once more.

Blake watches it up above her. But then she hears an angry grunt from inside the cafeteria. She readies herself to fight before taking out her weapon. But her will to fight reduces from who she sees.

Blake: "That can't be…!" She sees a high ranking White Fang member inside the cafeteria, toss an Atlas Soldier to the ground. But not just any high ranking White Fang member. One that she knows. "No." The White Fang is what Blake ran away from. But for her to do that, she first had to run away from someone. Someone whom was dear to her and she trusted. Someone whom she thought seeked justice, like her. But after their last encounter, that was proven otherwise. "Adam?" It all makes sense to her on who is leading the White Fang on this night. And here he is, Adam Taurus, right in front of her with an ominous smirk.

Adam: "Hello, my darling." The White Fang is not the only thing that has come back to haunt Blake, and shatter her walls of what she thought was safe. What she thought was her second chance at fighting for what was right. But Adam Taurus is the very person that turned her first chance at equality into something more corrupt. And it makes her feel that she will always be haunted. She thought that she would never have to see him again. The mere thought of it all compels her to slowly back away from his sight. "Running away again?" His smirk fades as he watches her furthering the distance between them. She stops, as he catches on to her attempt. "Is that what you've become my love? A coward?"

Blake: "Why are you doing this?"

Adam: "You and I were going to change the world, remember? We were destined to light the fires of revolution!" At Adam's feet, a live human civilian lies on the ground. Adam stomps his foot down on the person's abdomen. "Consider this the spark."

Blake:"What's he…? Blake watches as Adam places his hand on his sword. "No! I can't let this happen!" He takes out his sword, ready to stab the civilian below him. But going against his belief of her running away again, she dashes and meets his sword with hers. They hold a sword lock and stare at each other. Her teeth grit as she holds against him with two hands. "I'm not running!"

Hardly amused, Adam slowly pushes her back with one hand on Wilt.

Adam: "You will." Adam breaks the lock by kicking Blake to the ground. And as she lies on the ground, out of nowhere, a Creep runs in the cafeteria, about to attack her. Before it could reach her, a gunshot from Blush kills it. "But not, before you've suffered for your betrayal, my love."

While Blake lies in her vulnerable position, Adam walks up to her and smiles, spitefully.

(Meanwhile With Yang…)

After fighting her way through, Yang finally makes it to the courtyard with the rest of the students. They had just gotten through fighting numerous Grimm, Atlesian Knights and a triumph of Paladins in the area. Looking exhausted after finishing off the last one is…

Yang: "Weiss!" Yang runs up beside Weiss, holding herself up with Myrtenaster. "You're okay! Have you heard from Ruby?" With her head still bent down, Weiss shakes her head 'no'. "What about Blake?"

Weiss: "She went after an Alpha." Weiss points in the direction of where she last saw Blake running towards. "And some members of the White Fang."

Yang: "You look for Ruby, I'll meet up with Blake." Yang runs off and Weiss gives an exhausted thumbs up. "Ruby, you had better be alright and not done something reckless. And you too, Blake… I can't imagine what could be happening with you and the White Fang, now that they're here.

(Meanwhile With Blake…)

Adam: "This could have been our day! Can't you see that?!"

Adam looks down at Blake in anger, disappointment, and even hurt. Pitiful as it is of him, he fails to understand what all it is that Blake seeks. Let alone, a way of cooperation, if he ever wanted it himself.

Blake: "I never wanted this!" Blake gets up on her knees with her hand still on her weapon. "I wanted equality! I wanted peace! I thought you wanted the same thing! But I guess not!" She engages Gambol Shroud in gun form, and shoots two times at Adam. But he blocks them with Wilt half way unsheathed. The impact causes all that is red on his body and weapons to glow upon encounter.

Adam: "What you want is impossible!" The red glow on him diminishes. As soon as he fully sheathes his weapon, he back hand slaps Blake and she falls back down on her side. "But I understand. Because all I want… is you, Blake."

Blake: "You monster! I'll never be with you!" Angered by his actions and words, Blake tightens her grip on her weapon. "After all that you've done…!" Adam sees her hand, and immediately kicks her weapon out of her reach. She now lies flat on her back.

Adam: "And as I set out upon this world and deliver the justice mankind so greatly deserves…" Adam gets down on one knee to get close and personal to Blake's level. "I will make it my mission to destroy everything you love."

Blake: "Adam, please, just leave me alone. Why…? Why can't I ever escape this? Why can't-?"

Yang: "(distant) Blake!" Both Adam and Blake turn to the voice calling out for Blake. Outside of the cafeteria, they see Yang through a broken window. As she looks for Blake, Yang punches a White Fang member with Ember Celica. "Blake! Where are you?!"

Adam looks back at Blake and notes the fear in her eyes. Not just for herself, but for this other person. It indicates that this is indeed someone whom Blake has grown to love.

Blake: "Yang, no! ...Adam, he'll…! He can't!"

Adam: "Starting with her."

Blake: "Adam, please no! Leave her alone! Please!"

As Yang runs all around the building looking for Blake, Adam stands up, about to grab her attention. He takes out his sword, and while she is low on aura, stabs her in the abdomen. She screams in agony, loud enough to cause Yang to turn her head.

Yang: "Huh?" Finally, Yang finds Blake, but in a desperate situation. Standing above her, she finds Adam with his sword leaving Blake's abdomen. "Get away from her!"

Hardly able to move, Blake reaches out for Yang to stop.

Blake: "(quietly) No… Please… Adam, please don't do this…! Yang… just run!"

Adam holds his position, and sheathes his sword to challenge Yang. He smirks only to anger her more.

With tears in her now red eyes, Yang activates her semblance. Using Ember Celica, she propels herself up in the air with a War Cry towards Adam to get him away. She holds her right arm back, ready to hit him.

With his hand on his handle, he prepares to draw Wilt, and use his semblance, Moonslice.


At that same instant, an Alpha Beowulf, the same one that Blake was chasing before, appears. From behind, it jumps up to attack Adam. With his reflexes and movement, he immediately changes tactics. With the Alpha closer than Yang, he does a quick draw to kill it first. His speed gives him time to return to his original target, and defend against Yang.

With Yang now closer (than Adam anticipated), Adam activates his semblance nonetheless, turning the atmosphere red with rising rose petals. His blade reaches her arm. And her fist reaches his face as well.

Yang's impact cracks Adam's mask, and sends him in the air with his back hitting the wall. After being planted there for a while, he then drops and lands on the ground. The atmosphere then restores back to its natural state.

Adam's impact on Yang only cuts halfway through her arm before hitting the bone. Still, her energy and aura depletes, while she twirls in the air. Her eyes change back to lilac, and become halfway closed. She hits the ground and lies on her side. With some fight left, she tries to get up. But her strength will not allow it.

On the other hand, Adam, while still having some of his energy left, gets back up. Slowly, he walks over to Yang, who struggles to get up with her hands on the ground. Blood drips from Wilt, but not enough for him to bother swinging it off. Yang stares at him angrily, while barely maintaining consciousness.

Before reaching her, Blake's aura replenishes as much as it can, allowing her to have the energy to jump in front of Yang. On her knees, but not running away without Yang. They both look at Adam in anger and defensiveness.

Adam: "Why must you hurt me, Blake?" As Adam disturbingly tries to sound like the victim, blood streaks down on his face from under the crack of his mask.

Blake: "I won't let you hurt me or my friend, anymore!"

Getting no response from Blake, Adam takes his sword back, and swings it. His own petty feeling of distress causes him to cut off her head… only for it to be her Shadow clone that fades away. He looks back and sees her running with Gambol Shroud and Yang, with her left arm over her shoulders, running with her.

Adam makes no effort to chase them, as his indication of Blake running away has happened. He only slowly walks his way out of the building. His twisted sense of distress shows as another Creep runs toward him, and he swiftly kills it with one strike, paying it little mind while still walking.

(A Few Moments Later…)

After escaping from Adam, Blake and Yang make their way to the docks. As they get closer, they find Atlas soldiers and Beacon personnel, like Professor Port and Doctor Oobleck. They give instructions to civilians and students, like Ren and Nora who seem injured, and Weiss and Sun who seem fine after their hard fought battle. The other portion of their acquainted close friends are yet to be found and reunited. As they arrive, a medical team immediately see Blake and Yang limping and bleeding. They rush and provide them aid.

Two small groups give attention to Blake and Yang. While their vitals are accessed, they apply treatment and bandages to their apparent injuries, and anything else they may have endured. For the time being, their aura's remain low. Especially Yang's. But still, her arm, as well as consciousness, stay intact.

After being treated, Blake and Yang are met with their friends. They try to provide comfort as best they could. Weiss holds on to her team sitting on the ground. Ren and Nora give comforting words, while Sun kneels in front of them. They know that the two have been through as much struggle as them, as the bandages show. It leaves Blake to cry on Yang's shoulder.

Blake: "(crying) I'm sorry… I'm so sorry."

Yang: "(panting)... Blake, it's okay… really."

Blake: "No… it's not… I refuse to see my friends hurt because of me. Not again. You saw Adam and he's not even at his worst!" A small silence, as Blake tightens her hold on Yang. "No. No more. You're all better off without me. From now on, I make my choice and I'll deal with the consequences because they belong to me." Blake gets up while still in pain, trying to run away. But Yang reaches out to grab her arm.

Yang: "Ehehe… What did I tell you about slowing down? ...You're always doing too much…" By recalling their talk in the empty classroom before the Beacon Dance, Blake looks back at Yang who has an exhausted, but calm smirk. "We're your friends, Blake… We fight for you because we want to… And I'd do it all again if it meant protecting you." Blake says nothing, but only listens. Gradually, her tears start to stop.

Sun: "And so would I if it were me. I promise you." Sun catches Blake's attention. He had been listening from behind. "I know you think you're being selfless, but you're not. Your free to make your own choices, sure. But so are we. So don't push us out. That hurts more than anything the bad guys could ever do to us." Although his words are soft spoken, it makes Blake ease herself back down, and think on her actions.

Yang: "But if it makes you feel any better, the next time I meet Bull Boy, there's no compromise. Because it won't be for you - It'll be to get even." Yang gives a thumbs up for assurance.

Sun: "That goes double for me!"

With her kitty mouth, Blake giggles while watching two of her closest companions. With their words, much needed before anything, she accepts her friends will to fight for her. No longer does she feel the need to run away.

Blake: "Hehe… You guys are my heroes."

So this chapter may not only capture Yang keeping her arm, but also persuading Blake not to runaway. And it pains me to rewrite the scene of Sun lecturing Blake in Volume 4. But for the sake of what I believe to have the most integrity, I did so. To me, that is the only record of what I've picked up that changed Blake's perspective, and make her regret running away from her friends. Now with this, she can only regret trying to run away from her friends. Happy Ever After, right? That will come.

As far as I'm concerned, the only way that Yang could've gotten out of that situation with Blake and not lose an arm is luck. Given the speed, strength, and skills that Adam has, it made all too much sense that Yang lost her arm if not get killed. I'm just glad that Yang actually survived.

Had Yang been more patient and tactful, then maybe she could've won. Judging by "Armed And Ready", and Yang's training session with Taiyang, I believe that's what RoosterTeeth has in store for us in the future. But until then, this will be an early showdown of what may go down with the Sunny Dragon against the Red Bull, should she win next time.

Chapter 3.3 - Beauties Against Beasts

As the Vytal Festival finals continue, Pyrrha VS Penny, Yang remains down in her dorm room. The Atlesian Knights guard the door outside to prevent the chance of her supposedly escaping. She tries to repress from what had happened with her and Mercury while fighting. Even while upset, she cannot help but watch the tournament through her scroll. Before they begin, she sees Penny, looking cheerful as ever. Pyrrha, on the other hand, looks more still. Or even just as upset as Yang herself, for some odd reason.

The fight begins, and Yang watches. As she tries to watch the two battle one another, her thoughts trail off, making her think back in one of her memories. A memory of her and her father, Taiyang Xiao Long, before she left to Beacon Academy.

(Several Months Ago, The House Of Xiao Long And Rose…)

A few days after Yang's intrusion at Junior's Club, Taiyang is giving her a much needed lecture and punishment after numerous failed attempts through her rebellion. At their house on this day, they have been sparring, first thing in the morning. He has on his regular attire, feeling wide awake, while she is still tired, with her lounge clothes now on. It consists of a simple orange tanktop, with baggy Ursa themed pants, white shoes, and her hair tied up. Judging by her panting, he feels that he is getting through to her now.

Taiyang: "Let's get those fists up. Come on!"

Yang: "*panting* Is this how all parents discipline their kids?"

Taiyang: "Only those who deal with children that don't listen and wanna act tough. Now, if you wanna take on a group of gang members at night like a Huntress, let's see you fight like one."

Ceasing her complaining, Yang proceeds to continue fighting Taiyang. Their strength is nearly identical. But with Taiyang's superior experiences, and Yang's current fatigue, he overpowers her. After a few of their punches and kicks, he gives a punch that disperses them a few feet away. Feeling angered she screams, runs, and jumps up in the air for a punch. Taiyang only smirks as she gets closer. She punches, and he dodges. At the same time, he counters by grabbing her arm, and throws her on her back. Feeling exhausted, and truly defeated, Yang does not get up.

Taiyang: "Come on, Yang. You're still off balance."

Yang: "*panting* My balance is fine! I've been exercising everyday."

Taiyang: " Hehehe. Not your actual balance, sweetheart. Although, you could lay off the junk food."

Yang: "Okay… Then what DO you mean by my balance?"

Taiyang: "Well, for starters, I saw the way you fought at the Club. The security footages caught it all. And let me tell you, you were predictable."

Yang: "Is that it?"

Taiyang: "Also, stubborn and boneheaded."

Yang stands back up and faces Taiyang.

Yang: "I still beat everybody there, didn't I? I could've done that with one arm!"

Taiyang: "Maybe, but tell me this; did you notice how you used your semblance to finish that last guy off? He didn't even use HIS semblance (whether he discovered it yet or not)."

Yang: "Yeah, well he had it coming. He was part of a gang. Besides, even if he did use his semblance, whatever it might be, how is that any different then me using mine?"

Taiyang: "Because not everyone else's is basically a temper-tantrum."

(Present Day…)

After remembering what Taiyang said, Yang comes out of her thought. She cannot help but feel that her actions in the past reflect her actions now.

Yang: "...Is that it? Am I just that hot-headed? ...Am I-?" Then suddenly, Yang's scroll shows something worrisome at the tournament. "Ruby?!"

Ruby appears to be at the tournament, but now tackling Penny. They both tie up in Penny's wires, pushed by Pyrrha's polarity force (relative to Yang, convinced to use by a hallucination). Ruby looks to be in pain. Unscratched, but in pain. And so does Penny.

Yang: "What just happened?! Pyrrha, you just…! And Ruby, why...?!"

Immediately, Yang jumps out of bed, runs to the door, and swings it open. Before being able to leave the room, Atlesian Knights raise their weapons at her. By their orders, she is not to leave the room. However, that does not keep her from trying to reach her sister, Ruby.

Yang takes the Atlesian Knight on her right in a one arm chokehold. While doing this, Ember Celica takes on gauntlet form. At the same time, she punches to shoot the Knight on her left, and shoots her other arm back to snap the other's head off.

Yang: "Sentient garbage…"

As Yang runs down the hall of the dorm, she watches as Ruby gets untangled. She shows to be fine with the assistance provided. But then, interrupting the video on her scroll, a Queen symbol appears with a villainous announcement. While hearing the announcement, Yang only runs faster to exit the building.

As the announcement ends, Yang's scroll restores back to its original state. Now able to use it again, she calls Ruby to check on their status. It rings, but she does not answer. This is expected, seeing as she herself is getting through her own troubles at the Coliseum (if no other troubles beforehand).

For another means of checking on her team's status, Yang calls Blake."

Blake: "Yang, are you okay?"

Yang: "I'm fine. Are you with Ruby at the tournament?"

Blake: "No, we aren't." A short silence as Yang's fists tighten while still moving. "Yang I'm sure she's fine. She's our leader, she can take care of herself."

Yang: "...Right… Still, I'm heading to the docks near the courtyard to try to catch a ride there. I'll find her, and…" Yang stops running, as she looks at an open field outside. "You guys, White Fang are releasing Grimm into the school!"

Blake: "The White Fang is here?!"

Yang: "Yeah. So be careful. Go to go."

Blake: "...Okay. You too. Bye."

Yang and Blake's call ends, and she prepares for another, more challenging fight. To start off, an Ursa approaches Yang, growling and attacking, and causes her to drop her scroll. For a proper response, she uppercuts the Ursa, shooting right through its skull. She then picks her scroll back up, and continues on. Her fight with the Grimm and the Grimm-Faced begin. And soon to be much more.

(Meanwhile With Blake and Weiss…)

Alongside Blake, Weiss had heard the whole conversation between Blake and Yang. She had also seen what happened at the tournament with Penny, Pyrrha, and Ruby.

Weiss: "Blake, what are we going to do?" As Weiss asks the question, Grimm gradually start invading the festival where they stand. But before any fire could be set, they both immediately have their scrolls out.

Blake: "We're doing our job." By Blake's answer, they simultaneously tap their scrolls to summon their lockers, holding their signature weapons, at the same time. They now bare arms against the Grimm. "Then, we're heading for the docks."

Before heading to the docks, Blake and Weiss cut, stab, and swing at any and every Grimm they face in the general area. Atlesian Knights in the area proceed as security, trying to shoot the Grimm off. But their efforts are futile, as the Grimm close in on civilians. But the two Huntresses in training reach them beforehand.

One after another, Blake and Weiss take turns in killing enough Grimm to allow the civilians to reach a safer distance. But then, Blake notes the Grimm out of their comparatively smaller circle. Outside of it are more civilians as well, who seem less fortunate than the ones they saved. So then, a plan emerges from Blake.

Blake: "Weiss!" Weiss looks over to Blake. "...Checkmate!"

Knowing the signature move, Weiss jumps high up in the air, and points her sword down at Blake. She shoots an enhancing yellow beam that hits below Blake's feet. With this, her speed enhances, allowing her to slash multiple purple projectiles around her. Her skilled precision allows her to attack only the Grimm, avoiding the people as they run. As her attacks end, all that is left after the slashes is a wide ring of black smoking Grimm corpses.

The civilians finally escape the festival, as Atlas soldiers come in as escorts on aircrafts. Before more Grimm reach the area, the people that were there are already gone and safe. Blake and Weiss leave themselves to the courtyard before being outnumbered.

(A Few Moments Later…)

Had Yang not called ahead of time, Blake and Weiss may not have made the effort to get to the docks any sooner. But then again, they may not have fought the Grimm before they overpowered the festival as well. This in turn makes them mentally prepared and right on time to meet their new threat; hacked Atlesian Knights.

Blake and Weiss encounter this new threat as they reach the courtyard. The Atlesian Knights face the two, and try to shoot them.

Blake and Weiss: "Look out!" The two jump aside and roll over to avoid their fire. While on one knee for quick reaction, they deflect the rounds. Blake, with her weapons already out, and Weiss, Glyph after Glyph. They stand back up, back to back. The Knights ready to fire again. The two teammates look back, and nod at each other in unison. And then, they commence another team attack. "...Checkers!"

The Atlesian Knights shoot, and Weiss instantly puts one Glyph in front of each of their weapons. That in turn deflects their rounds back at them. While stunned and pushed back by their own attacks, Weiss bends down as Blake attacks. She whips Gambol Shroud in its kusarigama form in a circle to split the Knights apart. Their space is now free.

But Blake and Weiss' victory ends as they see a large formation of White Fang members heading their way. Behind that formation from afar is an even bigger formation of Atlesian Knights. The two know that in order to beat them, they must temporarily split up.

Blake: "Be safe."

Weiss: "That's my line. Hehe. You too."

Weiss faces her past representatives of Atlas' poor guaranteed comforters, Atlesian Knights. And Blake faces her past representatives of misguided terrorists, the White Fang. Two communities of Remnant, both enemies to each other from past disgraces, but with its manipulated minions as enemies to all on this night. The two future Huntresses fight as representatives themselves, but for a better cause and for a better legacy.

(A Few Moments Later With Yang…)

While Blake and Weiss were fighting Grimm, Atlesian Knights, and White Fang members, Yang was basically doing the same. Outside of her dorm room, she left a trail of smoking, now evaporated corpses, of Grimm and unconscious White Fang members at first. As she progressed, she only found more trouble along her way to the docks. That of course includes the Atlesian Knights and Paladin when they became hacked. They were taken down by mere seconds. This will be proven as she reaches the docks, to find most of the students fighting Grimm and Knights as well.

As the students clear the area of the Grimm and Atlesian Knights, two Atlesian Paladins remain. They appear to be more trouble, as they hurt some of them, like Weiss, Yatsuhashi, Nora and Ren. In too of that, it remains unfazed by anyone's attacks.

Neptune: "Uhh, this is bad."

Out of nowhere, Yang walks up to the Atlesian Paladins, and everyone seems relieved.

Yang: "Everyone, get back. I'll handle this." As Yang dismisses everyone from fighting hard, she walks up to one of the Atlesian Paladins. Then she stops, waiting for one of the Paladins to attack. She has a plan, by recalling her memories with Taiyang again.

(In Between Yang's Memory…)

Taiyang: "...I mean, seriously! No matter what, you've always burned brighter than everyone else. One way or another. Whether it be your smile, your jokes, or even how you fight. Remember your first haircut?"

Yang: "Hehe! Hey! Hehehe!"

The Atlesian Paladin goes in to punch Yang below.

Taiyang: "But your emotions can lead to your downfall. If you keep a level head, you can think before acting."

As its fist approaches Yang, she punches it aside. It hits the ground with its now damaged arm. With it vulnerable, Yang runs up on its arm, and jumps on top of the Paladin. She then starts shooting the other Paladin while standing on the first one.

Taiyang: "When you DO Burn, it can be a great fallback.

It raises its fist, ready to strike her. She does not move.

Taiyang: "But like everything and everyone else, you can Burn OUT. You can't let yourself rely on it too much. So don't be too stubborn. Your semblance won't always save you."

The Paladin punches, and Yang jumps off of the first Paladin. Its punch unintentionally hits the first Paladin down, and shuts it off, no longer able to function.

Before Yang lands, with its arm still out, she punches down on the other Paladin's joint and breaks it. It tries to hit back with its other arm. However, Yang uppercuts it, up and away from her. With its vulnerable position, she propels herself to its leg, and punches it's joint. She does the same to the other leg, and gets back in front of the Paladin. As it falls down to her, Yang pulls her fists back, and double punches right through its armor and circuits. As it falls down to her, the hole she makes prevents her from being crushed under it. She now stands inside the hole while it lies down.

(A Few Moments Ago With Blake…)

After separating from Weiss to pursue an Alpha Beowulf, Blake found herself outside the schools cafeteria in minor flames. But inside, she found someone from her past. Someone dear to her, as she had stated before with her team. The very person leading the White Fang here, Adam Taurus.

While shocked and afraid, Blake questioned why he is here. He responded by stating how she was destined to do this with him, before running away. And that lead to him ready to stab a defenseless civilian with his sword.

But Blake meets his sword with hers for defense. Their fight now begins.

Blake: "I'm not running!"

Adam: "You will." While they lock swords, Adam kicks Blake to the ground. She tries to get up, but then sees a Creep running towards her. She points at it with her gun. But before shooting it, or before it can attack her, Adam shoots it instead. "But not, before you've suffered for your betrayal, my love."

Slowly, Adam walks up to Blake. As he approaches, she springs her legs forward to get back up, as well as kick him. He dodges, and turns back around to face her. She slashes Gambol Shroud numerous times at Adam, putting him on the defense. But despite her dual wielding of two blades, he manages to effortlessly block them with his one blade, and his sheathe, rarely. He tries to gain the offense by shooting Blush. But Blake avoids them before producing her Shadow clones, going behind him as he shoots. He quickly turns around to shoot again every time she does this, back to back.

At one point, Adam stops and sheathes his sword. With his back turned, waiting, Blake jumps toward him in a rush for an attack. But Adam immediately slashes back at her in the air. He sheathes his sword, while she falls. As she falls in the air, Adam gives five projectile quickdraws that reach her before landing on her side. The pain prevents Blake from getting back up. And slowly, Adam walks up to Blake.

Adam: "It didn't have to be this way, Blake. We were supposed to do this together. But then you left me, back on that train! Isn't this what you wanted?! This could have been our day! Can't you see that?!"

Blake: "I never wanted this!" Slowly, Blake stands back up. "I wanted equality! I wanted peace!" Blake swings her katana, and it locks to Adam's sword, drawn out. While locked, she shoots numerous rounds, hurting him and making him step back. "I thought you wanted the same thing too, before you went and had this darker soul!"

Now gaining the advantage, Blake tosses her weapon in kusarigama form at Adam. But he quickly recovers, dodges it, then grabs it, and wraps his own wrist around the strap. He pulls the strap, and Blake along with it. As she approaches, he kicks her back to the ground. He unravels her weapon and tosses it beside her.

Blake: "What do you want, Adam?! Because now I don't know anymore!"

Blake grabs her weapon again, and gets up to her knees as Adam walks back up to her. With him closely in front of her, she shoots twice at him. But he blocks the rounds with his sword halfway unsheathed. All that is red on him and his weapon glows as the rounds meet his blade.

Adam: "What you want is impossible!" Adam tries to backhand slap Blake. But she blocks it with her right forearm, while holding her weapon in katana form in a reverse grip. With his hands briefly occupied, she punches/slashes him in the face with her katana hand/fist. She goes in for another hit with her katana in a regular grip. However, he blocks it with his sheathed weapon, and then backhand slaps her after all. It puts her further to the ground. "But I understand. Because all I want… is you, Blake."

Disgusted by him, Blake tries to swing her katana at Adam's leg. But he stomps it back down, and then kicks it out of Blake's reach this time. She now looks up at him in fear.

(Meanwhile With Yang…)

After Yang had taken down two Atlesian Paladins, she had briefly talked to Weiss, who was there. Weiss told her of her lack of progress in finding their leader, Ruby. She then informed her of Blake's last status of pursuing an Alpha. Yang left to meet up with Blake, leaving Weiss and the others, hoping they'll find Ruby.

Right as Yang left, another supposed Atlesian Paladin non-kiddingly appeared. However, this one seemed more advanced and more ominous, if not a different type of Atlesian mech than the others. Without seeing any other way of defeating the mech, Velvet faces it with her abilities as permitted by her leader, Coco. But by Velvet only achieving half the job of weakening and distracting it, Weiss had had enough, and summoned her hidden potential to finish it off for good. The area later becomes mostly secure as all the other Atlesian Knights and mechs shutdown by some late minute (earliest possible time 'after' last minute) miracle.

Unfortunately, yet fortunately, Yang had missed this as she was already a distance away from helping again. She needed to find Blake as soon as possible. By following where Weiss had directed her, Yang circled around the outside of the cafeteria, slightly on fire inside. All around, the place was surrounded by White Fang members. She punched and shot through all of them as she called out for Blake.

Yang: "Blake! ...Blake! Where are you?!" Yang receives no response. So she then stays silent, hoping to listen out and find a lead to her. And then, she hears someone, who sounds distressed. "Huh?" She turns and sees someone standing over Blake.

Adam: "And as I set out upon this world and deliver the justice mankind so greatly deserves…" Adam had yet to notice Yang behind him. He leans down to Blake. "I will make it my mission to destroy everything you love."

Yang: "Get away from her!"

Adam and Blake turn their heads, and see Yang standing outside the building. Adam looks back at Blake, and sees the added fear on her face of Yang being present.

Adam: "Starting with her." Adam gets back up and faces Yang.

Blake: "No, please!"

As he faces Yang, Adam smirks at her, and holds his weapon out, ready to draw. Yang only grits her teeth. With her eyes on the verge of turning red, she shoots herself up and over to Adam, ready to punch. He inches Wilt out, ready to slice.

(In Between Yang's Memory…)

Taiyang: "Your semblance allows you to take damage, and give it back twice as hard. That might work if you're in a bind, but that doesn't make you invisible."

Without approaching his space, Yang shoots at Adam while still in the air. He absorbs the round with his sword, partially unsheathed, and glows for a moment. He then fully sheathes it, before fully drawing it and slashing a horizontal projectile at Yang. Before landing, she backflips to dodge it. The slash leaves a big gaping cut on the ceiling. It also took one strand of Yang's hair, as she sees above her. She lands with slightly bent knees, and stands straight up with her eyes closed. Her eyes slowly open, with one brief flash of red, turned magenta, and slowly turn back lilac, staring at Adam. That was strike one.

Taiyang: "What'll you do if you miss, or if they're stronger than you? You'll only get yourself weak and tired."

With a lot of patience and only keeping herself warmed up, Yang tries to study Adam, as he waits for her next move. For a test shot, she shoots once at him, and he absorbs it like he did the last time. She notes that he glows upon a round making contact with his sword before sheathing it back. It tells her that his fighting style may have a skilled advantage, as well as a disadvantage. On another note, she assumes that he probably gets stronger with a deflection like what he had shown. Very much similar to her semblance. And if his semblance is anything like hers as it shows, it means that like her, he has a limit too, and can burn out.

So without hitting Blake behind him, Yang shoots numerous rounds, aiming dead center at Adam. He absorbs them with his sword halfway out, and stays glowing.

Blake: "Yang, stop! You're only making him stronger!"

Not to Blake's knowledge, that is exactly what Yang is aiming for. And although, Yang feels herself getting tired of punching, she does not stop. So long as her aura remains, and Adam's attention is away from Blake, that is all that matters. Still, he shows no signs of letting up on absorption. Yang is on her last few rounds, with no knowledge of his limit yet. But then she sees as his glow not only remains, but instead of absorbing them all like before, he deflects them by swinging away at them now. Yang believes this to be his limit.

On her last few rounds in her gauntlets, Yang rapidly fires the rest of them at Adam. On her last shot, Adam swings it away before sheathing his weapon.

Adam: "Are you done yet?"

In a haste, Yang quickly reloads. With only the tip of his sword in the sheathe, Yang propels toward Adam. By her theory, if she were fast enough, she believes Adam's most vulnerable point is before sheathing his weapon. He would have little momentum before swinging again. She tests this theory by invading his space, ready to punch.

Her theory is only partially proven true, as Yang sees Adam bringing his sword back and away from his sheathe. However, on his left side, she also sees that his sheathe takes on gun form. He sticks it out, about shoot her. Without punching him like she had planned, she pushes his gun aside with her arm before it fires. She then uses her other fist to counter, and punches him in the face. He takes the hit and visibly swings his sword once, in a way that somehow gives five slashes all over her. She ignores the pain as best she could, and brings her fist back to punch him again. Through his swift action, she finds yet another, longer strand of her hair fall. Her eyes flare red, and then turn magenta. Her lilac eyes remain faintly present, and the hair on her head starts to glow a little. Strike two.

By keeping herself as calm as possible, Yang sees Adam's sword sheathed, and the instant before drawing and putting his semblance to work. Though he may not appear to be as angry as her, he glows more than her. She is merely heated up now, while he is at the point of burning out.

Taiyang: "You act like the easiest way to tackle an obstacle is through it..."

At the last minute, with her fist back, Yang brings her fist down to propel herself up, and flip over Adam. She does this before he uses Moonslice, turning the atmosphere red, with nothing to slice. She twirls down behind him. He tries to look back, but she back kicks the emblem on his back after landing, pushing him away from her and Blake. The atmosphere restores, and she lands over Blake. Her legs plant across Blake's sides, with emphasis of being her protector. Like a lion over her cub.

Blake: "Y-Yang? ...How did you-?"

While still moving from the attack, Adam bounces off the ground once, and then stabs the ground to stop his movement, knocking tables and chairs aside from behind him. In between Yang and the sight of Adam standing back up, Yang sees a small, but long collection of her hair fall, and disintegrate into rose petals. This happens just in time for him to burn out the energy that she had shot at him previously. With Yang's eyes staying magenta, and her burning up inside, this is strike three.

To get back to his position near Blake, Adam runs back up to Yang. To keep the distance from her friend, Yang runs up to him as well before getting any further. Adam draws the first blow. Yang dodges down and starts punching at him. With every hit, Adam defense by swinging Wilt, and occasionally, Blush. In between his defenses, he tries to shoot Yang, much like his strategy with Blake from before. However, even while knowing less of his tactics than Blake does, Yang chooses not to shoot while punching. Otherwise, the risk of him collecting energy again could truly be at his advantage this time.

As the fight continues, it becomes proof that Adam holds more speed and skills than Yang. Although his semblance holds a resemblance to Yang's, his endurance had remained even after his signature move. He grows unto the offense, putting her on defense this time. Though her guard and blocks are good, Adam's speed and skills in swordsmanship overpower her.

Taiyang: "...That strength is all that matters in a fight."

To prevent taking any more damage, Yang starts dodging, rolling, and maneuvering around Adam's attacks. All around him, in front, to the side, and behind. Only a few of his attacks get her now, as his speed exceeds hers. After one more slash, she blocks and holds against his sword on her gauntlet. He then sticks out his gun to shoot. With her other hand, she catches the barrel to hold it away from her. It shoots and she holds on to it, despite it now being hot. They now stay in a lock. But progressively, Yang's hold starts to weaken, as Wilt inches closer to her neck, and Blush to her head.

Taiyang: "But if you just take a second look…"

While Yang looks to be on the side of defeat, she smirks. Using her leg, she quickly trips Adam's legs from behind. He falls, losing his hold on her.

Taiyang: "...then maybe you see…"

Before he hits the ground, Yang grabs Adam by the ankle.

Taiyang: "...there's a way around as well."

With his position in midair, Yang pulls Adam, and brings her fist square towards his mask. Her hair now glows in a full fiery blaze. Before impact, she smirks and gives Adam a wink, turning her eyes red, at last. And then, Yang and Ember Celica Ignite.

Yang's punch puts Adam through the floor. All of the cafeteria's windows break from the impact. The fires that were set inside now extinguish, by the Fury of her own Flame. Though the building is now dark without the fire, Yang can see Adam lying in the floor with little movement. And at her feet, she can see his mask broken in half in the moonlight. His face is unidentifiable in the dark, but clearly unconscious.

Blake: "Wow, you knocked the mask right off him!"

Blake catches Yang's attention, and Yang runs over to help her.

Yang: "(panting) Blake! ...Are you okay?!"

Blake: "I'm fine. *grunt*" Blake tries to get back up, and Yang helps her. She grabs Gambol Shroud, and the two put each other's arms over the other's shoulder. "What about you? Are you okay?"

Yang: "*pant* I'm fine… Don't ever leave off on your own like that again."

Blake: "I don't understand. How did you beat Adam."

Yang: "Let's just say I'm Armed…" Out of nowhere, a Creep runs up, about to attack Yang on her right side. Without looking or acknowledging it and still walking, Yang just punch/shoots it in one blow. It dies instantly. "...and Ready!"

This here may be my favorite scenario of the three. Even more than the first one, maybe. It revolves around Yang more, she got her redemption in a sense, and there was more fighting with the team of RWBY who were there. I'm not even bothered that I rewrote Taiyang lecturing Yang. Just like I stated before, it's the lectures that they get in the future for redemption that could've help them prevent what happened before. Still, there's nothing wrong with learning from mistakes to build character than instead of having built character.

Also the memories in between fighting had inspiration from the movie "Abduction" with Nathan Steven Price. I felt like the two situations weren't too far fetched. If we're lucky, RoosterTeeth can do a better job with Yang's redemption with Adam in the future. That's if it'll happen, like the song leads us to believe.

For this next omake, this of course is for the comedy, as well as more alternate paradox scenarios. At this rate, I might add comedy to the genre of this story. Tell me what you all think.

Chapter 3.6: Partly Sunny Sliced Up

Within the flaming cafeteria of where the greatest food fight in history had occured, Blake faces Adam while on the floor.

Adam: "Can't you see, Blake?! It was our destiny to revolutionize the world!"

Blake: "Can YOU see, Adam?! I think that mask blinded you of what all you're doing! How will this achieve equality and peace for humans and faunus?!" Blake picks up her gun, and shoots at Adam. "Bang! Bang!" However, Adam blocks the shots with his red blade sword, making him stronger as it shows. And if you ever saw him, you would even say he glows.

Adam: "What this will achieve…"

Blake: "Bang! Bang!" Blake shoots again, only for the shots to be blocked again.

Adam: "...is-" Interrupting him, Blake starts shooting numerous rounds at his sword.

Blake: "Bangbangbangbangbangbangbangbang-!"

Adam: "Stop it! Let me finish!" Blake stops, and lets Adam finish talking. "...What this will achieve… is respe-!"

Blake: "Bang!" On the sneak shot that Blake gave, she manages to hit Adam's nose, under his mask. He holds it out of pain. "Haha! Got you that time!" Immediately, Adam sends the back of his hand towards Blake's face. "Eww, was that a booger?!"

Adam: "Now I got you… And that's all I've ever wanted; you, my darl-."

Blake: "If you call me your darling, or your love, I will ram this sword down your-!" Adam dismisses Blake's threat by kicking her weapon away from her.

Adam: "There you go, interrupting me again! (sarcastic)...Oh, I'm sorry. Did I knock your concentration away? It doesn't feel good, does it? But you know what will feel good? When I bite mankind with the great jaws of justice…" Adam kneels down to Blake. "...and terminating all that you love." Blake turns her head with him so close, out of disgust.

Blake: "Oh my Oum, his breath stinks!"

And then, outside of the building, Blake and Adam hear a concerned voice.

Yang: "Blake!"

Yang Xiao Long looks for her long lost friend, as a White Fang member approaches her.

White Fang Member: "Excuse me, ma'am. Could I ask you to show me how to get to the garden of BumbleB-."

Yang: "Sureyoucan!" Yang punches the White Fang member out cold with a Sunny Dragon Fist. "Blake, here kitty kitty kitty!"

Adam looks down at Blake, and she pays Yang no attention. Instead, she just looks away and whistles.

Adam: "You know her?"

Blake: "What? No, no, never met her in my life."

Adam: "She called out 'Blake'... referring you to a cat…"

Blake: "Must be another CatGirl- o-or just a cat, who-."

Yang: "Blaaake, I got some tuna for you, if you come ooout…!" And indeed, Yang did have a whole tuna in her hand.

Blake: "...loves her some tuna!" The face on Blake being overwhelmed tells Adam everything.

Adam: "Yes… I bet you do love yourself some tuna." Adam stands back up, and takes his sword out. "Now, scream if this hurts!" He lunges his sword down at Blake's abdomen. Upon impact, it… "What the…?!" ...bounces off of her aura.

Blake: "Umm… ow?"

Adam: "W-Why didn't it-?!"

Blake: "Don't you remember how aura works, Adam? It protects our bodies from damage for a limited amount of endurance."

Adam: "Limited amount, huh? How bout now?!" Adam stabs Blake again with more effort, but minor effect.

Blake: "Ow… Um, no? That did hurt more, though."

Adam: "How bout now?!"

Blake: "Ow… Still no." Numerous times, Adam stabs Blake, right on the aura, and gets the same results and reaction. "Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Haha! That one tickl-! AHH!"

Adam: "There we go!" Adam finally stabs Blake, and catches Yang's attention.

Yang: "Whatwazzat?!" Yang turns, and sees Adam, taking his sword out of Blake, and facing Yang.

Blake: "Okay, that hurt!"

Yang: "Step. Away. From my Kitty!"

Adam: "I don't think so, sweetheart."

Yang: "Call me sweetheart, and I'll tear you apart! It's 'sir' to you!"

Adam: "(sarcastic) Yes, sir. Sorry to say this, sir, but this here is MY long lost cat, sir. And I'll be taking her back home with me, sir."

Yang: "No, that's MY Xiao Long lost cat, and 'I' will be taking her back home! So unless you want to meet my fists, then don't resist!"

Blake: "Yang, Adam, please…!"

Adam: "Make me."

With Adam's remark, Yang activates her semblance.

Yang: "Bye-BYYYE!" Yang propels herself over to Adam, ready to punch. Right as she approaches him, he uses Moonslice to cut off her right arm. She twirls around the room, slowly closing her eyes on what all she now sees. "I see… red people…" She hits the floor, motionless.

Adam swings the blood off of his blade, and turns toward Blake.

Adam: "Now that we're finally alone, we can-." From behind, Adam gets hit by something hard and hot. "Ah! What the…?!" He looks back, and sees Yang standing up.

Yang: "I yield for no man… or faunus!" Yang's hair blazes with fire, as the stub of where her right arm should be now bleeds in needs that is dire.

Blake: "...Yang?"

Adam: "How are you even…?"

Yang: "That's just a scratch. But I guess I won't be scratching as much anymore. Haha."

Adam: "You call THAT a scratch?! I just cut your arm off…! You don't really insist on fighting me like this, do you? I mean, what can you with one arm?"

Yang: "Meh, I've dealt with worse. But you make a good point. What CAN I do with one arm?" Upon a sudden, Yang now stares at Adam, with an angry expression this time. "Let's find out!" At her remark, the Fire in her Eyes Burn red, as her semblance activates.

Yang grabs Blake's weapon in kama form, and throws it at Adam's chest. It hits him, and it bounces off in midair. He swings his sword, and she dodges. At the same time, she grabs Gambol Shroud, and twirls behind him. She kicks the joint in the back of his leg, making him kneel. In the brief position, she slashes from under Adam's jaw with Gambol Shroud, flipping him over and further from Blake. She then tosses Gambol Shroud beside Blake.

Immediately, Adam flips up, and awaits Yang's approach. Yang runs up to him, and goes in for a punch. But then, Adam had used a quick and nearly invisible movement of his right hand placed on Wilt's handle. It caused everything to only flash red for a short moment.

Yang holds her fist out, confused about some odd feeling in her arm. She shakes it a little, flexes it, and punches the air for a while as Adam just waits with his back turned. As he sheathes Wilt, her arm falls off. Immediately, she falls down as well like a plank of wood. With her down again, Adam walks back up to Blake.

Adam: "Okay, so as I was saying…"

Blake: "You know, she probably wasn't kidding when she said she's dealt with worse."

Adam: "So what, am I supposed to be afraid? What could be worse than losing an ar-?" From behind, Adam feels a similar pain as before on the back of his head. "Ah!" Once again, he sees Yang up, fired, and wanting to fight. "...What?!"

Yang: "Come on. Everybody fears the T-Rex. Their arms are so small, you probably couldn't 'see' if they were 'saw' off! Eh?"

Adam: "This is getting ridiculous."

Blake: "It's been ridiculous from the start."

Yang: "Please! This is just a flesh wound. Now don't fight it, and just fight me, 'hand to hand'! Eh? Eh?"

Adam: "(mumble) Figures I'd deal with a stupid blonde one day... You don't have any hands left! You can't beat someone with your legs alone."

Yang: "Tell that to the Merc with the Ury(Yuri)! Let's go, Bull Boy! Come tussle with the muscle with the Golden One!"

Adam: "I WILL sever your leg next…"

Blake: "He WILL sever your leg, Yang! Just stop!"

Yang: "NEVEEER!"

And at that, Yang runs up to Adam, and the room flashes red. She runs past Adam, and loses a leg, thanks to him. It did not look like he even moved by being so fast and so fed up.

Adam: "*sigh* I don't understand why you would even leave me for fools like this."

Blake: "At least they have more passion than you!"

Adam: "Enough! It's time that I-." Immediately, Adam looks back to see if Yang is about to get up again. Unfortunately, she remains unconscious on the ground… "It's time that finish making you suf-." ...before flip kicking the side of Adam's head with her remaining foot. "No…!"

Yang: "Hey there, Blake's Ex-Bullfriend! (singing) Have you ever ever ever in your long legged life heard of the one legged woman in the butt kicking fight?"

Adam: "You know what I'm gonna do to you next, right?"

Yang: "You know, for someone who looks like a bull faunus, you seem too chicken to finish me off. I mean you sure are taking a lot of 'wings' and 'legs'! Am I right!?"

Adam: "That's it!" Adam draws his sword at Yang's leg, and then shoots her head while the room goes from red to normal. Now Yang has no more limbs at risk anymore. "If you somehow get up again, your head is next."

Blake: "Yang? ...Yang?!"

Adam: "That's it for her. She's bled out too much by now, and I just shot her in the head. There's no way-." Like last time, Adam double takes to see if Yang is getting up again. "- that someone-." And another double take, but no response. "-can get up from that. I told you I'd destroy all that you love."

Blake: "5, 4, 3, 2…" By Blake counting, Adam already knows the purpose without looking back.

Adam: "...Are you kidding me?!"

Blake: "1."

Once again, Yang manages to hit Adam, but by headbutting his butt with her head hard this time. It knocks him further away. She lands/sits down on the floor.

Yang: "Did you miss me?!" The bullet that Adam shot falls off of Yang's head, bent up, due to her aura. "...Well, apparently not, as you can see! Hahaha!" Yang wiggles her stubs to show what her joke also meant. "Wait, can you even see with that mask on?"

Blake: "That's what I said."

Yang: "That's what she said! Hahahaha!"

Adam: "...How?! How are you still awake?! How are you not even dead?!"

Yang: "Oh I'm alive and kicking… Well I'm alive, at least! I can do this all day until the Sunrises with Strawberries, RedBull. If I gotta suffer through this Agony, then you gotta suffer through the Misery of my 'stand up'! Eh?! Eh?! Eh?!"

Adam: "Let's see if this shuts your head up!" Adam holds his sword up, ready to cut Yang for (what he hopes to be) the last time.

Yang: "Maybe not. Pretty sure that 'cuts' my 'head' up in'stead'. But you'll never 'elbow' me off so easily."

Adam: "That's it!"

Before given the chance to swing, Blake jumps in front of Yang on the ground. In her possession is 3 out of 4 of Yang's limbs.

Blake: "Adam, stop!"

Yang: "Hey, it's my right-hand gal! But where's my right hand, gal?"

Blake: "I got as much as I could behind Adam's back, before he got ready to kill you this time. Now that's enough, Yang! We're leaving."

Adam: "No you're not! None of you are leaving! Now stand aside, Blake, while I behead this dead girl!"

Yang: "Haha! 'Behead', 'dead'? Now I got you doing it!"

Adam: "Grrah!"

Blake: "No, I won't let you!"

Adam: "...*sigh* Very well… I'll have to slice you both!"

As he said, Adam slices both Blake and Yang's heads off… only for them to be Shadow clones. He looks back and sees Blake running away, carrying Yang and her limbs.

Yang: "(distance) Hey, I wasn't done bringing the 'Pun'-ishment!"

As they leave, Adam starts to walk.

Adam: "My love might be gone for now, but now I can have peace, and…" As Adam leaves, he sees Yang's right arm that he had first cut off on the ground. It lies there, but with a mean present that was given before being cut off. Even while gone, Yang leaves him while having the last laugh (and the only one laughing for that matter). "*sigh* ...quiet."

(A Few Moments Later…)

After Blake had escaped with Yang and her severed limbs, they reach the docks. There, everybody is given directions on their departure on the airships when they arrive. Weiss and Sun are one of those people awaiting departure, but not until they find the rest of their friends. As they look down at Blake and Yang with the medics, with their fingers in their ears for some reason, Ruby runs up behind Weiss.

Ruby: "Ice-Girl!"

Weiss: "Crater-Face!" The two Partners in Grimm Crime (Grimme) hug, after worrying about each other's absences.

Ruby: "*sigh* Here you are, finally."

Weiss: "'Here 'I' am?' Where have YOU been, young lady?! We've been worried si-!" Ruby ignores Weiss by walking around her.

Ruby: "Yeah, that's great, tell me about it later. Where's Yang?"

Weiss: "Oh Oum. Right..."

Ruby: "What is it?"

Weiss covers her ears again, as Ruby walks up and sees Blake and Yang with the medics. While feeling shocked and worried by the sight of her sister in her state, she can hear why Weiss has her ears plugged.

Yang: "Just give me some time, and I'll be 'peace''fully' in one 'piece', or my name is Yang 'Armstrong'!" Down at Yang's bottom half, Blake holds Yang's legs up while bandaged to where they had been severed. The medics handle her left arm doing the same. It would be minutes, or even hours, until her aura restored her limbs back. "Or maybe even 'Yang Arm LONG'! That's better, right? Right?!" Though the medics, Weiss and Sun have been enduring this after Adam has been, Blake had been enduring her puns and jokes much longer and closer than all of them, with all four of her ears.

Blake: "(irritant) Not even, Yang…"

Yang: "Of course I'm not 'even'! I'm not al'right' because my arm got 'left' behind!"

Blake: "Yang, I told you, we had to get out of there ASAP. I couldn't find the time."

Yang: "Yeah, I get it. We had to cut to the chase before we got 'chased' and 'cut'! Cause after making things close'quarters', I lost a 'quarter' of my limbs!"

Ruby: "...I'm sorry, Blake. I'm so sorry… that you had to put up with my sister. Thank you for everything."

Blake: "It's okay, Ruby. We're all sisters here. We're each other's keeper." Of all people, Ruby has been enduring Yang's puns for much longer than even Blake on this night. So Ruby can understand most of what Blake had to go through.

Yang: "Yeah, sis. And my arm must've been a girl, because I would've liked to 'keep-her', ya know?! Haha!" As Yang laughs, she starts slapping her legs out of habit. She soon realises that her limbs are completely reattached. "Oh, look at that!"

Medics: "You should be all set, ma'am. Sorry to say we can't do much about your other arm. We can ask for a few soldiers who're brave enough to go retrieve it."

Yang: "Nah, don't worry about it. It's too dangerous to go out on a 'one-sided' fight! And plus, it kinda feels like it's still there."

Blake: "Yang, I promise you, I'll do whatever it takes to help you! After all that I've seen, how you've looked out for me, how you've fought for me, how you stood up to Adam, how you-!"

Yang: "Ha! 'Stood up'!"

Blake: "...can still be positive through all of this, I'll stand by your side! I'm done running away! I'll accept my friends fighting for me! I'll be your right-hand girl! And I'll be your Bumble-B-!"


And at that moment, Yang's right arm grew right back.

Blake: "...!"

Ruby: "IIIII wish I didn't see that… again." Tightly, Ruby closes her eyes out if disgust. "Experiencing unwanted childhood memories... again!"

Yang: "Huh. Neat. Well call me Leone, cause it really does feel like it's there… because it really IS there! That was faster than last time. Welp, rebuilding Ember Celica numero duos is gonna be a piece cake now. How about that, huh Blake?" Yang sees Blake walking away. "Hey, where ya goin', Black Cat?"

Blake: "I'm gonna go find Adam, and BEG him to end this afterall. And then, I'm going home."

Yang: "Oh no you don't! Sun…!"

Sun: "Yes ma'am!" Sun stands in position of attention for Yang.

Yang: "Sic'em!" Immediately, Blake starts to run.

Sun: "On it!" Sun uses his semblance, Via Sun. "Run, my pretties! Run, run!" They catch Blake and bring her back to the group.

Yang: "And that's the omake for this chapter, and the Limb of the story! Out with a Yang! *wink*"

Thank you, Ms. Xiao Long. This was indeed fun to write. A great sum of the jokes and references that you've read for this sequence were of course inspired by Transformers 3, Deadpool and Monty Python… And it did not take me until the end of writing this to note the mutual names of Monty Python and Monty Oum (R.I.P.). And I don't even watch the show. I just saw the one scene with the Black Knight. Boy, is he an inspiration himself. That, as well as other contents. Of course, this includes the other portions of this whole chapter.

So, as you may know, Volume 5 has been established. And after all that has happened in it, I'm going to put this story off to continue my first FanFiction, The Arc Knight VS The Dark Ninja. And this FanFiction here will be put off until I publish my two, and final chapters of the other, before Volume 6. I hope you enjoyed this chapter, and I hope you'll stay tuned for the last two chapters of this as well. The release for this next chapter is yet to be announced. But in all honesty, it may be during Volume 6 and next year. So for those who are and have been waiting, I do apologize. And I thank you so much for even paying this any mind. Take care.

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