Frodo could hardly contain his excitement. He was going to his Uncle Bilbo's house. Sure, he had been there before, but it was different this time. This time he was staying. He would no longer have to wait for months before seeing his Uncle again. He would be able to see him all the time. Bilbo had always been his favorite of all his relatives. He figured he probably had more in common with him than the rest of his family.

It wasn't that he did not like living in Brandy Hall, he just knew that he was happier when Bilbo was around. There were some things he would miss. His cousin Merry was probably at the top of that list.

"What's the matter, me lad? You've been holding you're breath." Bilbo said, in an amused tone.

"Oh, nothing Uncle. I'm just excited, is all." Frodo said, his big blue eyes flashing in the sunlight.

Bilbo smiled at his young cousin. He knew he made the right decision to take Frodo in. He knew that Frodo liked Brandy Hall, but he did not receive the proper attention that he needed with all the multitudes of children around. The adults tried to give him attention, but they could not always spend adequate time with the little orphan. Sometimes it seemed that Frodo's relatives at Brandy Hall thought that Frodo was more in the way than anything else. Bilbo didn't want Frodo to feel like he was a nuisance anymore. Bilbo was a little unsure on how to raise children, he didn't have any of his own, but he was willing to do whatever he could to make sure that Frodo was happy.

When they finally got to the gate of Bag End, Frodo looked around nervously. He really hoped that he would be accepted in Hobbiton and that his Uncle wouldn't mind having him around. He also secretly hoped that his Uncle would be able to spend a lot of time with him. Sometimes, amongst all the people at Brandy Hall, he could still feel terribly lonely. He figured most of the time his best friends there were Merry (and he was just a small child.) and the characters he read about in books. Book characters never ever neglected him and he could spend time with them whenever he wanted. But, what Frodo really needed was a real parent figure.

"Come on lad." Bilbo said, grabbing Frodo's hand and leading him up the path. Frodo shook his head. He'd worry later. Right now, he should be happy. One of his greatest dreams where coming true.

After they had come inside, and hung up their cloaks, Bilbo began to lead Frodo down the hall. "I want to show you your room." Bilbo said, smiling.

'My own room.' Frodo thought with happiness.

When Bilbo led him into the room, Frodo gasped. It was much bigger than his old room that he usually had to share with two or three of his cousins. He never had a room to himself. He never really had any privacy. Frodo could be a bit of a loner at times and desired time alone. If he wanted that at Brandy Hall, he would have to walk off into the woods and still, he was sometimes followed.

Frodo looked around the room. There were shelves with books on them and a window looking out towards the garden, letting the moonlight in. The bed was absolutely huge. He eyes grew large just at the sight of it. He was quite sure that he would get lost in it.

"What do you think, Frodo?"

"Oh! It's wonderful, Uncle!" Frodo exclaimed.

"I'm glad you like it my boy."

"I do." Frodo said, yawning.

"You've had a long day." Bilbo said, noting his nephew trying to keep his eyes open. "Why don't you go to bed? I'll wake you for breakfast."

"Okay Uncle." Frodo said, running up to hug his Uncle.

"Good night Frodo."

"Good night Bilbo."

When Bilbo left the room, Frodo hurriedly changed into his nightclothes. He took one look at the big bed and flopped down onto it. The mattress indented gracefully under Frodo's slight frame. He thought that the bed would be rather fun to jump on, but he didn't know if Bilbo would approve of such things. He didn't want to do anything that his Uncle wouldn't want him to do. This was so perfect and he loved his Uncle so much, that he never desired to upset him.

He crawled up to his pillow and pulled the blankets up to his chin and fell asleep without a single worry of what tomorrow may bring. His dreams were pleasant that night. He was truly happy.

The next morning, Frodo woke to the early morning light of the sun streaming through his window and the chattering and sweet singing of robins and blue jays. As he sat up and rubbed his eyes, Bilbo came in.

"Good morning my boy! Breakfast is ready and on the table. I've got you some brand new clothes in that dresser over there if you are interested."

"Thank you Uncle." Frodo said, smiling sleepily.

"You're welcome, Frodo. Come on out when you are ready."

When Bilbo left, Frodo began going through his new clothes. Bilbo had so many different things for Frodo to wear. Frodo doubted that he ever had that many articles of clothing in his whole life. When he found something he liked, he quickly threw it on and then made his way to the kitchen. Bilbo was already sipping coffee and reading a map when Frodo entered the room.

"Sit down. Eat whatever you like." Bilbo said, looking up from the map. "You're a little on the thin side lad. Eat up!"

Frodo smiled sheepishly.

When they were almost finished eating, a knock came at the door.

"Just a moment, my boy." Bilbo said, getting up.

Bilbo made his way to the door. When he opened it, he was delightfully surprised to see the Gaffer. Peering from behind his gardener's leg was a little boy with sandy blonde curls and soft brown eyes.

"Good morning Hamfast." Bilbo said, smiling at him.

"Mornin' Mr. Bilbo. Is it okay with you if I take Samwise in the garden with me today? The girls had to go into town. I'll make sure that he doesn't hurt your garden, sir."

"Oh, that's not a problem. In fact, why doesn't he come inside? I've got my nephew Frodo here, who's come to live with me. Maybe Samwise would like to meet him." Bilbo suggested.

"Oh, sir. It wouldn't be like me to impose. Samwise might go around botherin' Mr. Frodo and that would be doing none of us good." The Gaffer said, cautiously. He didn't want young Samwise doing anything that could insult his employer's heir.

"Oh, nonsense!" Bilbo exclaimed. And then in a hushed tone, "Frodo can be very shy at times. But, I know he desires to have friends. Young Samwise, may remind Frodo of his cousin Merry whom he always used to play with back at Brandy Hall."

"Well, if you're sure it's not a problem then, Mr. Bilbo."

"Not a problem at all! Come along Samwise."

Sam's father gave him a push through the doorway. "You be good for Mr. Bilbo and Mr. Frodo Samwise." The Gaffer said.

Sam nodded to his father, as Bilbo led him inside. "What's the matter Samwise? I've never known you to be so quiet!"

"It's n-n-nothing, sir!" Sam was worried. What if Mr. Frodo didn't like him? He would probably be working for him someday. What if Mr. Frodo was really mean?

When Bilbo and Sam entered the kitchen, Frodo was just finishing his cup of tea. Sam gasped at the sight of the other Hobbit and quickly hid behind Bilbo.

"Come on lad, don't be shy!" Bilbo said, stepping away and affectively taking away Sam's hiding place in the process.

Sam had never seen a hobbit that looked like Frodo before. 'He looks just like the elves that Mr. Bilbo always talks about in his stories.' He thought. Sam noted how thin and how fair he was. And Sam had never seen a hobbit with eyes quite like Frodo's. They were so deep and blue, shining in the sunlight. He decided that it was very unlikely that Mr. Frodo was mean.

Sam blushed all the way to the tip of his ears, when he noticed that he had been staring.

"Frodo, my boy," Bilbo started, "this is my gardener's son, Samwise Gamgee."

Frodo hopped down from his chair and made his way over to the younger hobbit. He crouched down so that he was eyelevel with him. "How are you Samwise?" Frodo said, smiling at him.

"I-I-I'm good, Mr. Frodo." Sam stumbled.

"Well, that's good to hear." When Frodo smiled, his whole face lit up.

"Frodo, Samwise is going to spend the day with us while his father is working. Why don't you two go play while I take care of the table?" Bilbo suggested.

Frodo took Sam's hand and led him into the main room. He looked down at Sam. He seemed very shy. Maybe even more shy than he was. "What would you like to do Samwise?" He asked taking a seat in a nearby chair.

"Please call me Sam, sir. Only adults call me Samwise." Sam gasped realizing that he could be dishonoring Frodo. "That is, only if you don't mind, sir." He added quickly.

"Oh, not at all little Sam! Now, what would you like to do?" Frodo said, his eyes twinkling.

"Could you read me a story, Mr. Frodo?" Sam asked, eyes growing big in eagerness.

"Sure, Sam. Why don't you stay here and I can see what kind of books Uncle Bilbo has that I could read you. Do you want to hear about anything in particular?"

"I want to hear about elves!" Sam said, excitedly.

"Okay. Elves it is then." Frodo said, leaving the room.

As Frodo passed through the kitchen, he noticed his Uncle washing the dishes.

"Uncle, Sam would like me to read to him. Where do you keep your books?"

"They're down the hall. First door on the left." Bilbo said.

Frodo nodded and as he was almost out of the room Bilbo called after him, "The books with elves in them are on the bottom two shelves!"

Frodo laughed to himself. Sam must really like elves.

When he finally found a book that he thought Sam might enjoy, he made his way back to the main room. As Frodo sat back in the chair all ready to read, Sam ran up to him and said, "Can we play heroes and dragons, Mr. Frodo?" Sam began jumping up and down in excitement. 'Maybe Sam isn't so shy after all.' Frodo thought.

"Um…sure!" He finally exclaimed. He put down the book.

"You can be the dragon and I can be the hero, Mr. Frodo."

"Okay Sam." Frodo knew that he was probably too old to play such games, but he also knew such things could also be a lot of fun. Besides, heroes and dragons had always been an old favorite that he and Merry always used to play.

After playing for a while, Sam switched gears and asked to hear the story that Frodo was originally going to read him.

As Frodo read, Sam had a hard time sitting still, but he insisted that Frodo kept reading.

Frodo smiled at the antsy boy as he read. At different times Sam would want to sit on the couch with Frodo, then he would want to be put down on the floor, then he would want Frodo to lift him up onto the couch again. At other times, he would want Frodo to change his voice for different characters, and at other times he would just want to hear Frodo's normal voice. And at other times, Sam would want to act out the parts that Frodo had just read about with him. Then he'd want Frodo to sit down and start reading again.

'This boy never runs out of energy.' Frodo thought.

As Frodo finished the story, Sam held up his arms to be lifted onto the couch again. Frodo smiled as he once again lifted the lad up onto the couch. This time, instead of sitting next to him, Sam crawled unto his lap.

Frodo put down the book as Sam leaned against him. Then, Frodo wrapped his arms around the small boy, pulling him to his chest.

"Thanks for reading to me Mr. Frodo." Sam said, leaning into Frodo's embrace.

"You're welcome Sam." Frodo said, sleepily. He nestled his chin into Sam's curls.

Frodo was almost asleep when Sam tiredly asked, "Are you an elf, Mr. Frodo?"

"No, no I'm not Sam." Frodo said smiling.

Soon after, they both drifted off to sleep and that is how Bilbo found them an hour later.


A/N: I will get to Lotho bullying soon. (As that was something I wanted to see more of in the realm of Lord of the Rings fan fiction.) This will soon turn into a Frodo Healers story I'm sure. (Because that seems to be what I like the most. *Hugs Frodo Plushie*) Oh, I got the idea of the way Sam was acting from a little boy at my church. He's probably around two and amusingly enough his name is Elijah. He wanted to play the keyboard, then he wanted to turn it off, so I would have to lift him so he could reach the switch, then he would want it back on, then he would want to touch the peddles with his feet, so I would have to help him down, then he would want back up again. The he would want the light on, so I had to lift him for that. Then, of course, he wanted it back off again. Then he wanted me to sit on the speaker on the other side of him. Then he wanted to adjust the volume, and you get the point. Real cute kid actually!