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It had been two weeks since the night Klaus came back to town stealing Elena and Bonnie and having his bitch of a sister take Tyler. She spent every single one of those days still wondering why his sister said he wanted her unharmed. If he was looking for werewolves to turn to hybrids and wasn't giving them the option then why hadn't he wanted her?

Her insecurities played a big part in this. She kept wondering why Tyler over her. She had been a wolf for years! She was experienced, she knew more about being a wolf. Tyler was what, six months old? He couldn't have really been that beneficial. She had to stop herself; she didn't want to be a hybrid and she refused to sit here and talk bad about her boyfriend even to herself.

Besides being two weeks from when Klaus came back, it had also been two weeks since Caroline was able to leave her house. Which meant it was only a week until the full moon and if she didn't figure out something soon she would be turning in her mother's living room.

2 weeks ago

A few hours after Caroline checked the whole Lockwood property with no luck of finding Tyler, Bonnie or Elena she went home defeated. All she could do was cry; her boyfriend and best friends could have possibly been dead. Her crying only stopped when she heard voices outside her house, or a voice. Slowly getting off her couch heading to the front door she notices Bonnie through the window of her door. Her eyes were closed and it looked like chanting to herself. "What the hell are you doing, Bonnie?" Caroline whispered to herself as she walked to the door.

Once Caroline got her door open she went to take a step onto her porch towards her friend but was stopped. She couldn't walk through her door. Staring at the blank space in confusion for only a second until Bonnie quit chanting. It finally clicked. "You seriously didn't just trap me in my house, Bonnie!" Caroline was yelling and hitting the barrier that trapped her.

"I'm sorry, Care," Bonnie did look sincere and sad but Caroline didn't care. There was no way she was going to stay caged up like a dog. "This was the only way your mom and I could think of to protect you from Klaus. You can't get out and vampires can't get in."

Caroline stopped hitting the barrier for a moment. Why would she need to be protected from Klaus? Unless that meant Bonnie didn't fix his hybrids dying. Tyler was… "Is Tyler…" she paused not knowing if she could get the words out of her mouth; she was having a hard time thinking them let alone attempting to say them out loud.

"No, Tyler is alive but a hybrid. We can't let that happen to you."

By now Caroline was really pounding her fists on the barrier. "Bonnie, I need to go see him!" Bonnie just ignored her and was backing on of her porch. So she trapped her in her house and was just going to leave her alone? "There's a full moon in a couple weeks. I can't turn in my living room, Bon!" Caroline didn't even notice she was now screaming, her rage got the best of her and she didn't even care that she let go of her control; she was pissed.

"Hopefully by then I can let you out; if not when the time comes I'll figure something out. Again, I'm sorry." And Bonnie was gone and Caroline was left with her tears and banging on the barrier that would not budge.

"Stupid Bonnie!" Caroline yelled and threw a couch pillow in frustration. "Stupid Klaus!" She continued to yell and throw couch pillows across the room. She was stir crazy being locked up. She now understood how people in movies go crazy from being locked away. Her mom was always working; aside from the occasional 'Hey Mom', 'Bye Mom' they hadn't really spoken in the two weeks she was trapped in the house. None of her friends visited and they barely text, if at all. Caroline was a talker and just like how her wolf hated being caged, Caroline's personality hated not being able to talk to people. Even her boyfriend had only stopped by once.

1 week ago

For a week Caroline had been trying and failing to convince Bonnie that Rebekah, she had finally learned the evil blood slut's name, insisted Klaus wanted her unharmed. Bonnie didn't care though and seemed to be annoyed by Caroline's attempts to be freed. Everyone then quit taking her calls or replying to her texts. Her own mother even added extra shifts to her already busy work schedule. Either that or just she started sleeping at the station to avoid her.

Hearing a light knock on her front door Caroline leaped off her bed in excitement. At this point she didn't even care if it was the mailman, as long as it was someone she could talk to!

She stopped halfway to the door though; she knew who was there before even seeing them. She could smell him, although he smelled a little different than normal. Most likely because he was part vampire now. She took a few deep breaths to center herself before continuing to the front door. Part of her wanted to run to him and cry about how happy she was that he was alive, but the other part wanted to slap him and send him on his way.

It had been an entire week since Klaus successfully turned him, making Tyler the first successful Hybrid. And not once had he stopped by or even sent a text to let her know he was okay. For two days Caroline cried for him and just wanted to be able to go to him and make sure he was okay. That was until Elena 'accidentally' mentioned how much time Tyler had been spending with Rebekah.

Caroline eventually got to the door opening it just staring at him. She wasn't sure what would come out of her mouth so she stayed silent. He must have forgotten he was a vampire because he tried to walk through her door and hit a barrier, just like she did when she tried to get out. He smiled at her and it was such a pretty smile but for some reason it pissed her off. "Care, invite me in."

Caroline crossed her arms shifting her weight from one leg to the other, "I don't think that's a good idea, Tyler."

"Come on, Care. I know you and your mom don't want vampires in the house especially while you're trapped inside, but you know I wouldn't hurt you." Tyler smirked and continued, "I can come in and keep you company."

Of course he wanted invited in to have sex. That's all he ever wanted. Yeah, they were werewolves and were always horny but they could do something else besides sex! She wasn't going to fall for his charming smile; she was not inviting him in. And the more she thought about what he said it pissed her off; not only did he just want invited in to 'keep her company' but he thought she was afraid of him?

"I'm not afraid of you Tyler, far from it. Just because you are now stronger than me doesn't make me afraid," She sighed and couldn't even attempt to hide the sad expression that she knew was plastered all over her face. "I don't want to invite you in because you were turned a week ago and I didn't know if you were dead or alive. Bonnie had to tell me, as she was spelling me into my house!"

By now she was yelling at him and she knew the more she went on she would be screaming but she didn't care; she had bee holding all of this in all week and it needed to come out. "And how do I know you won't hurt me? I know according Rebekah Klaus wants me unharmed and willing to turn but I also heard from Elena that all of a sudden you're basically Klaus' little bitch doing whatever he tells you to do. How do I know he didn't tell you o get invited in, hurt me bad enough so I need to beg to be turned so I don't die?"

She was pacing around in front of her front door as she yelled at Tyler. At least he was just standing there and not interrupting her like she thought he would. "But let's go back to Rebekah for a second. You turn into a vampire, hybrid, whatever and instead of coming to see your girlfriend so she knows you're okay you hang out with the evil blood slut?" Caroline didn't realize how hurt by that she was until she mentioned it out loud and a single tear fell down her cheek.

Tyler finally decided to talk, "I'm sorry, but this isn't like the first time I turned and you helped me. This is different, something you know nothing about! Rebekah was just helping me with the new bloodlust and showing me how to feed and not kill. There are even people in town that like to be fed on, you don't even have to compel them!"

"Oh so not only are you hanging out with the evil blood slut you're going around Mystic Falls feeding off people with her?' Caroline was livid. She wasn't a vampire but she bet if she asked Stefan or Damon feeding off a human together was probably pretty damn intimate or sexual or something. "Let me guess, she shows you all the prettiest girls that like to be fed on."

"Now is really not the time for all your jealous insecurities to pop up." She could tell he was getting angry with her and he had no right to be. She was the one trapped in her house while her boyfriends was off doing god knows what with Rebekah and other girls. "I'm here seeing you now aren't I? Just invite me in, Care."

She couldn't believe he was using her insecurities against her like it was her problem and not his fault that they were coming up. "Actually Tyler, you need to go. I need to focus on trying to find a way out of this house before I go crazy." Caroline surprised herself at how calmly that came out. He had only been there a few minutes and already she was exhausted from yelling at him. She placed her hand on the door getting ready to shut it but before she did she gave him a sad smile. "I miss you Tyler, I do, but you really hurt me not even sending me a text to let me know you were okay and spending the week with Rebekah. Talk to Klaus please; see if he can convince Bonnie he'll leave me alone so she'll let me out of here." She sighed and went to turn away but before she did she had one last thing to say, ""In the meantime, stop spending so much time with Rebekah and when I'm free we can go back to being normal." She shut the door before he even had a chance to respond.

Not even five minutes after Tyler had left her house Caroline heard something fall on the floor in the hallway by her front door. She was hesitant to go check it out, but she did anyways. There was an envelope on the floor that must have been pushed through the mail hole of the door. The closer she got to it she could see her name written across the top of the envelope in perfect gorgeous cursive writing. Caroline picked it up and opened I immediately. Almost embarrassingly fast but no one was around to see so it didn't matter.

At first she couldn't even focus on the words of the letter in her hands, she couldn't get past how the whole letter was written in the same gorgeous font as her name on the front.


I want to apologize to you if my hunt of werewolves has put a pause in your social life and a strain on your relationships. That was not my intentions. I truly meant what my sister told you; you will remain unharmed. If you want to be a hybrid all you have to do is ask. Unfortunately I have already tried to convince the Bennett Witch that I wish you no harm and to release you, but my words, and threats, mean nothing to her. She has plans to keep you in your house until I leave or they kill me. And since I have no plans to leave or to die I have a witch on their way to assist in releasing you from your home. I will be sure to let you know when you are free. I do hope we get to meet soon.


Caroline let out a breath she didn't even know she was holding; she wasn't sure why she felt like this towards a letter. Was it his perfect handwriting? Was it the way he spoke to her even through a letter? Was it the way he seemed like he cared even though they have never truly met yet? Whatever it was she could not shake the feeling. It made her whole body warmer than normal and she could feel the corners of her mouth wanting to smile at the letter but she refused to let herself smile for this awful man.

It had been a week and still hadn't head from Klaus about her getting out of her house. The sun was already setting on today and it was just another day she added to the many wasted days stuck in her house. Before she could continue to dwell on the days lost her doorbell rang. Jumping on the couch faster than she should have, she ran to the front door not even caring about hiding her eagerness to speak to someone. She was met with disappointment when no one was at her door. She didn't know whether she wanted to laugh or cry at herself. Before she shut the door again she just happened to glance down and noticed a box with a huge beautiful bow and another envelope with her name written on it in beautiful cursive again.

She reached down only grabbing the letter first. Her mother always taught her to open the cards before you even think about opening the gift. This letter was much shorter than the first letter Klaus sent her. Still written in perfectly gorgeous cursive. All it read were three words, probably the best three words Caroline heard or read in the last two weeks.

"You're free, Caroline."