Act 1: 1st of 40

Week 1: March:

The body: Congratulations, Saviour! Your sheet gymnastics with that pirate of yours has paid off. You just don't know it yet, and neither does your body. Actually, it will take two weeks before you're actually pregnant. When a doctor or a midwife calculates the due date, they will count 40 weeks from the first day of your last period, not from the day the baby was actually made.

The baby: While this is technically considered the first week, your baby is still only an egg, in your ovary. The first day of your period is considered Day 1 of the 280 days of your pregnancy, even though conception won't occur for another 14 days or so. Confused? Understandable.

Killian Jones had just finished his usual morning shower as he opened the door into the master bedroom, which he shared with his lovely wife, Emma Swan. The damp air filled the entire room, and he shivered a little when he met the slightly colder air in the larger room.

Usually, Emma would be up by now as well, but not this morning. Still sleeping she was lying with her back facing him. He chuckled a bit to himself, considering for a short moment if he should rip the comforter from her in one drag, but quickly threw the idea away as he would rather face horrible torture from the Underworld than facing a rather grumpy Emma in the morning.

Pulling on his boxers to cover up his noble parts, he swung the towel to lay over his shoulders and sat down beside his sleeping wife. "Morning, love." He whispered, bending down to kiss her forehead gently.

A deep groan was the only response he got, as Emma twitched her face slightly and turned around, away from him, facing now his empty side of the bed. She was not at all in the mood for getting up. Not now, at least. Emma was about to fall asleep again when she felt her comforter being pulled slightly off, enough for her shoulder to be shown. A hand gently slid down her arms, while a pair of lips met her shoulder. She groaned deeply again. The feeling was indeed nice, but she was so tired. More tired than usual, actually.

For a short moment, Killian did consider letting his wife sleep in, as she came home very late last night. Over the past two weeks, Emma had covered extra shifts at the station, due to both him and her father, David, being too sick to work. A terrible flu had spread across the small town in Maine and had hit almost everyone in its way. Killian had just gotten out of it and only dealt with a small cough or a sneeze here and there. A small concerning thought hit him. Maybe Emma was slowly catching it as well, though she didn't appear sick, just tired.

His thoughts were interrupted by another groan, but this time it was followed up by Emma sitting up, rubbing her tired eyes. "Well, rise and shine, love," he whispered, rubbing her arm, and got up to get dressed. As she stood up, Emma let out a deep yawn. "Maybe I could take the shift tonight, love, I'm getting much better, and I think you could use the time off," he suggested. "I might take you up on that," she answered, as she went to him to give him a small kiss on his cheek, before going into the bathroom to take a shower as well.

As she stripped off her clothes, she spotted something, a slightly dark red spot on her white panties. "Oh, great," she muttered to herself. Just what she needed. Knowing that her cramps on her first day would be really painful, she was almost ready to jump back into bed and stay there for the rest of the day, but being the sheriff of Storybrooke, AND the Saviour of all freaking realms, in this world, also meant; no time off. Not even when you're tired, and having your period.

After a long, and very needed hot shower, she covered her body with the towel and went into the bedroom to get dressed. With one swift wave of her hand, the bed was made, and she made her way downstairs, where Killian was putting bowls and cereals on the dining table, in the kitchen.

"Guess what? My cycle started today. It's gonna be so much fun," she let out sarcastically as she sat down, pouring her fruit loops into her bowl, and adding milk.

Killian sighed a little bit. Maybe that was the explanation for Emma being more tired than usual. She always was, when having her periods. "Love, if it gets too much, David, and I can take over. We owe you for covering for us, and if you're about to catch the flu as well, maybe you should take the day off".

Emma sighed a little, considering his suggestion a bit, but shook her head as she swallowed. "Nah, it's okay, I'll be fine. Besides most of today will be paperwork. Unless a new psychopathic villain makes an appearance" she chuckled slightly, as she gulped down her glass of orange juice which Killian had served her earlier on.

At that comment, Killian chuckled along as well. "Aye, love, but my offer still stands should that last thing be the case".

Same day:

Emma was only kept slightly busy at the station, as Storybrooke had been more peaceful than ever, since their last face off with Gideon, and the Black Fairy.

Everything seemed to have settled down. Only small intrusions like bar fights, and thefts kept the Sheriff's of the town occupied. That also made it possible to finally catch up with the stacks of paperwork that had been collecting dust in, what seemed like decades.

The cramps, and her tiredness did, however, make things a little more challenging for her liking. Though Emma had indeed evolved from the woman, who kept her walls up by doing everything, by herself, shutting everyone out in the process, she did, however, tend to allow her stubbornness to prohibit her from calling it a day. Of course, she had considered using magic to ease the pain, but her magic could still, despite being in more control, be unpredictable, and when in pain she had more difficulties using it.

Regina was too busy trying to figure out family life with Robin, Zelena, Roland, their shared baby girl, Jade, and sometimes Henry under the same roof, alongside with ruling the town as Mayor. Calling upon her for simple things as period cramps seemed unfair and unnecessary.

Mr Gold has been in Emma's consideration as well, but despite him turning more on the good side than he had ever been in the past, and taking care of his family, considering Belle, and Gideon, who had turned back into an infant, Emma still had some slight issues in trusting him.

"Maybe you should get something for that" her father, David, suggested slight concerned from the closed office as he watched Emma's hand going down to caress her abdomen. "It's okay" turning around to face him, she smiled at him, through the pain. "It always acts up like this on the first day. It will pass".

With that, David only nodded and went back to finish off the file laying on the desk in front of him. He chuckled a bit to himself. It wouldn't have been that long ago when both him, and Snow, his lovely wife, and mother to Emma, and their son, Neal, would have been all over their oldest child with concern. They too had evolved as well. Missing 28 years of their daughter's life had certainly taken its toll, and still did sometimes, but not as much as before.

Though he and Snow had bought a small farm outside of town and were busy in keeping that, David still kept his Sheriff title as well and took shifts both alone, and alongside with Emma, or Killian.

The sound of the door opening made both father and daughter look up in anticipation as the third member of the small Sheriff group came in with bags from Granny's in his one functional hand. Putting it down on David's desk, he went over to his still, slightly suffering wife, bending down, he kissed her forehead. "Fresh supplies for a suffering lass and the healing man, has arrived".

Going back, he fetched the hot chocolate, with cinnamon, of course for both himself and Emma. David had already been digging in, and together, the three of them enjoyed their warm drinks.

Same night:

After work, that night, Emma, and Killian made their way home. While David headed home to Snow and Neal, he agreed to be having the phone on his person at all times for emergency calls, even in the latest hours of the night.

Henry was staying at Regina's tonight. Though, he had joined the three of them after school during the afternoon to do his homework at the station. The normal, everyday life had called upon the kid as well, and he had a lot to catch up on as well.

While Emma was finishing off the last of the dishes that couldn't fit in the dishwasher after tonight's dinner, Killian had gone upstairs and after a few minutes, he returned and walked over to her. "Let me finish that for you, love. The tub is filled with hot water and bubbles just for you".

At that, Emma could only turn around and give him one big kiss on his lips. What had she done to deserve a man as lovely as he? Nothing sounded better just before going to bed.

She quickly made her way upstairs and walked into the bathroom, she undressed and submerged herself into the tub. It was like her body immediately relaxed at the sensation of the hot water covering her body. Leaning her head back on the small towel, which Killian had folded for her, she took a deep breath and almost drifted off to sleep, if she had not noticed the temperature in the water falling.

Getting out, she dried her body and hair, before getting in her tank-top she wore to bed and entered the bedroom. Killian had already settled in, due to him healing from his slight sickness as well, he had decided to go to bed early too.

As Emma laid down on her side, before they both went to sleep, they shared a quick goodnight kiss, before switching the lights off and turning to each of their sides. Not long after, Emma began feeling restless again, the cramps were coming back. Whimpering a little, she ducks her face into the pillow, trying to bite through the pain.

Killian was about to fall asleep when he noticed the uneasiness on the other side of the bed. Turning around, he gently caressed Emma's back, which seemed to calm her down. "You okay there, love?" He whispered to her. "Yeah, I'm fine. It just started again" she groaned. A hand suddenly made its way into her comforter and down towards her abdomen, a little startled by the touch, she stiffened a little. "Shh, love. Remember this sometimes helps?" He whispered gently to her, as his hand began rubbing the aching area. Emma relaxed instantly by the touch, and as the pain began to ebb away, she calmed down even more, and a few moments with his touch, Emma fell into a deep sleep.

"I love you, Emma, sleep well" He whispered as he watched her breathing evenly in and out. Taking his hand away, he turned around and fell asleep as well.

Already, I'm apologising for bad grammar - I know there's quite a few bugs in there :).

This story here will contain a lot of CaptainSwan and Charming Family fluff. In this one, Robin is still alive, and living with Regina alongside Zelena, and their kids as well. I don't know. I just really like Robin being around, so just imagine that he never died during s. 5B ;) Also, I decided to rename Zelena's baby to Jade (a shade of green, of course) as the plotline with her calling the baby "Robyn" doesn't make sense, when he's alive :)

The title is a working title as well and might change.

Also, the idea is heavily inspired by a House-fanfic called White Christmas Miracle - this chapter is a little similar to the first chapter as a little "dedication" if you will, but the rest of the story will be 100% original from my parts. I'll admit though, that I will be borrowing a lot of the body/baby-text. Credits goes to Cham-TIVA4ever.

Otherwise, I hope you like it :)