End of Act 1: Revelations - Part 1:2

Week 12: June:

The body: Okay, Savior. During this week your uterus makes a move upward. This relieves some of the pressure on the bladder that has caused those frequent bathroom visits. When the second trimester starts next week, the bladder will be relatively safe from uterine pressure, but it will return when the third trimester starts as the uterus will grow larger than ever. However, you may begin to feel heartburn, also called acid indigestion. It's a burning sensation that often extends from the bottom of your breastbone to your lower throat. The discomfort of that may go from mildly annoying to intense and distracting. This will also be the week where you'll begin to show! And also, when entering the second trimester, the risk of complication, miscarriage is under 10%.

The baby: Your baby's face is looking more human as the eyes have moved to the front of the head, and the ears are in place. Your baby's intestines are all under way, but they aren't where you would expect them to be. Instead of all being locked away in the body cavity, som are dangling outside, in the umbilical cord. While the genitals are forming during the 12th week they aren't visible until the 16th week. Ultrasounds are actually not required for a healthy pregnancy, but many doctors order them, or perform them in the office to gauge fetal growth. From crown to rump, your baby is just over 2 inches long - about the size of a lime, and weighs half an ounce.

The Storybrooke forest, Monday:

If one just came from the Enchanted Forest, it would be impossible for one to tell the difference when one came into the deep, deep parts of the Storybrooke forest.

Though Storybrooke had existed for more than two decades, there was still parts of the area that hadn't been explored as much as others, and the forest was one of them.

Forest glades could be found here and there, and in one of them, a peaceful aura filled the air. The moss had spread across the ground like a blanket. The sun shining upon it made it look like it was glistening, and with the summer weather of June, white flowers bloomed beautifully. Birds were singing, two butterflies flew across the area, and sometimes, a squirrel or two would run across the tree branches.

It was at this particularly forest glade that a white-grey smoke suddenly appeared and as it disappeared, it revealed a quite upset Emma Swan. Upset might be the wrong word for it. Furious, angry, enraged, or frustrated might cover things better.

Emma took a moment to gather herself as a wave of dizziness hit her and almost made her stumble. As it took of, she stood up to look around her to see where her telepation had taken her. Not a place she had seen before, but it was quiet and actually beautiful, which was exactly what she needed right now. This was what she had wished for when poofing away from the station, away from main street, and away from them. A quiet place to collect her thoughts in all of this mess.

Sitting down on a fallen tree trunk, she buried her face in her hands, and finally let all of her emotions get to her. How could they? All of them. How could they? Killian had promised not to keep secrets like that from her. Her parents had known as well - all of her family had. No one had bothered to let her in on what was going on, and that had led to this. And to make it worse, she had been standing there, in the station with her entire group of family and friends ganging up on her, and now, here she was.

Brushing her hands through her face and hair, she sniffed and looked up in the air. Not since finding out about what her parents had done to Maleficent's child had she felt so angry at the people around her. Why had they all kept these things from her?

She sat, leaning forward with her arms on her knees and looked out with a empty gaze as her thoughts raced inside her mind. Emma wanted to scream out in anger, but kept her frustration in. Pregnancy hormones? Perhaps they had added to her anger. Feeling let down by her entire family? Certainly yes.

Closing her eyes while letting her head hanging slightly, she thought back on previous week.

Friday morning, last week.

The night before, Killian had returned home shortly to check up on her as she was sick with a strong headache, before he had returned to cover for the night. After having had both the day and the night off, Emma had woken up, and was feeling way better than she had the day before. Despite still dealing with nausea and sickness, she had gotten up, showered, and had dressed up.

Kilian was still at the station this time in the morning, and Emma had decided to give him a nice morning surprise. Grabbing her car keys and her bordeaux fabric jacket, she drove the way into Storybrooke Main Street.

It was a bright and warm June morning. The sky was clear, and the breeze was fresh, but not too cold. Climbing out of her yellow bug after parking it by the station, Emma stretched out her arms as she enjoyed being outside after a whole day of just sleeping. It wasn't much she remembered from yesterday despite her mother being there when she had woken up from that weird dream. Once again that dream had haunted her in her sleep, and still she couldn't figure out what it was all about.

Emma decided to shake off thinking of that dream, and went into surprise her husband and to get on the case as she knew that Rumple's deadline was up soon.

"Hello there, handsome," she greeted as she walked into the sheriff's office seeing her husband sitting half asleep by the desk. Her entry though seemed to the perfect alarm clock as Killian almost sprung up. "Love? What are you doing here?" He asked her as he went to her and gave her a light kiss on the cheek. "I'm here to take the shift, I feel much better now, and I owe you guys," she told him referencing to her father. "Aye, love, but we would have loved to cover for you. Sure you're up for a shift now?" He asked her clearly trying not to sound too worried. "Sure, no worries, besides, I definitely need to get more into our case. Rumple will be over my head soon," she explained to him as she took Killian's previous seat by the desk.

"Why the bloody hell would the crocodile be over you?" Killian asked crossing his arm, and that's when Emma realized that she hadn't filled neither Killian or her father in on the 'deal' she had made with the pawnshop owner a few weeks ago. "Oh, it was just good old Rumple warning me that he would take matter into his own hands if the case wasn't solved in three weeks, and that deadline would be on Monday, soo," Emma explained shrugging with her shoulder as if it wasn't that big of a deal. While going through some papers by the desk, she didn't noticed the way Killian's mouth hung in shock, and closed again quickly as he ran his hand across his mouth, clearly thinking deep.

"And you agreed on that?" Killian asked finally running his hand through his hair. "Yeah, I did, but come on! If the guy really wants to redeem himself he should learn to relax a bit," Emma bursted out but tried to calm herself down afterwards. "Anyway, I actually want to get this solved as well. Has there been anything new?" She asked her husband as she finally looked up at him.

Killian seemed to be caught deep in thought of what to answer her, but looked at her when cast her glance at him and shook his head. "No, love, there hasn't been anything yet, but I'm sure we will find something soon."

Emma had always could tell when people either lied, or hid something from her, and Killian was no difference now, but as she was about to ask him further, he seemed to become suddenly busy, and told her that he would head home to catch some sleep, and hang out with Robin afterwards, and the man was out of the building in a second, leaving a quite confused, and suspicious Emma behind.

The day went on quite uneventful, Emma had spent most of the time by looking at the clues about the robberies they had gotten so far. They had long gone searched Geppetto's workshop and found that nothing was stolen, but at the same time, they hadn't been able to figure out what they had been after, but the robbery had been in the same way as with the robbery of Mr. Gold's shop, and the connection was found even more by the description of the robbers. Apparently a bunch of teenagers.

Leaning back in her chair, Emma groaned out in frustration and stared up in the ceiling supporting her head with her hands. If the circumstances had been different by not having those kids stealing a book about duplicating magic, Emma might have taken all this slightly easier, but with her having a baby now, and with all the other weird things going on like the dreams that had been haunting her, she just wanted this to be fixed at least.

Standing up, she looked at the clock on her phone: 12:14. A message popped up on the screen as well, from her mother, asking if they should eat lunch together at Granny's. Emma shrugged her shoulders at the message. They might as well. It wasn't like she was getting anywhere here, so she quickly answered with a "would love to," and smiled as she added two emojis along with the message.

As she went outside she decided to put a quick protection spell on the door. Just in case as the station would be empty now. Closing her eyes, she felt her magic through her veins and soon the spell was on the door. A weird dizziness hit her, and she had to slightly lean on the door handle to keep her up, and sighed deeply. Lately, when using her magic, she would feel either dizzy, lightheaded or out of breath. Even with small spells like the one she had just performed. Shaking it off as she got her senses back, she stood up and went her way towards the diner.

"Hey! Emma! Over here!" As she entered the diner, she was almost immediately met by her mother's call, and she smiled by the sight of her in the middle booth with Neal in her arms.

Quickly she made her way and greeted her mother with a tight hug, and nuzzled Neal on the cheek. "Hey mom, and hey you," she greeted them both and sat down on her side.

Lunch went on quietly with some light chatting. Snow had only slightly commented on Emma being back at work after yesterday, but had dropped the subject when Emma kept on convincing her mother that she was feeling fine. It was when she brought up the case that Snow suddenly seemed unusually quiet.

Once again, Emma got the feeling that there was something she was left out on, and just like with Killian, her mother decided that since their food was eaten and glasses empty that lunch was over. After all, almost two hours had passed by, and once again, Emma had been left behind even more confused than before as her mother had acted exactly like Killian. Was this some kind of a bad prank they were pulling on her?

After sitting alone in the booth for a moment, Emma shook her head and got up. She almost ran out of the diner in hopes of catching her mother to ask further into her weird acting but as she went outside there was no sight of her.

Her father was on the night shift, and as she went home, she almost collapsed onto the couch. She was still hit with exhaustion and she nearly fell asleep right there and then when it hit her that she wasn't met by any sort of 'welcome home, love' of any kind. Slowly standing up, she began searching the house, and found that it was completely empty for people, except herself.

Where was he?

A very uncomfortable flashback went through her mind as she recalled the time earlier this year when she thought that Killian had left her when she had given back the engagement ring.

She took a deep breath. He had told her that he would never leave her, and she just had to believe in him, and in that this would just be another case of her having to reassure him that whatever he was afraid to tell her, he could without fearing anything.

After a third attempt to call him on his phone without any answer, Emma decided to give up. After having reheated some leftovers from the day before, she sat down in front of the television and began eating. While her appetite wasn't at the highest, she knew that both her and baby needed the nutrients. Deep in thought, she didn't really follow the news that was being told by CNN this evening. She knew that she herself hadn't been honest about things going on with her either. Maybe this would be a never ending character flaw for them both.

"And it was here, a few miles from the cafeteria that the 7 year old Samantha Marie Johnson died in a tragic car accident five weeks ago. The death of this young girl has once again raised the question of the safeness of our highways. Is it something the government should be taking care of or is it the individual states that should take action? We will discuss this subject further, back to the studio"

The reporter's intro made Emma stop thinking and actually watch the television. There was no doubt. The recognition of the road made her mind wander back to that day. The day when she had met the now new owners of her apartment in Boston, and had found out about the newcomer to the family. Emotionally it had been a rollercoaster ride as she also recalled the shock about the death of the young girl who was now mentioned in the television. While thinking back, Emma slowly ran her hand across her stomach. The area was still flat, and as she leaned further back into the soft fabric of the couch, she closed her eyes, and soon the exhaustion caught up with her, and she fell into a deep sleep.

Saturday, next morning, last week:

"Help us, Dragon Warrior! Make it sing!" "Stop it! I don't know how!" "Let it guide you, Dragon Warrior! Listen and follow!"

Slowly opening her eyes, Emma yawned, and groaned as the dream once again had haunted her. As she sat up in her bed, and wait! What? Looking around she furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. Last thing she remembered was her falling asleep on the couch.

Her answer came from the sounds from inside the bathroom and as the door opened her way too handsome husband stood in the doorway. "Morning, love," he smiled at her as he went into their bedroom. "Morning," she answered back a bit groggy and sat up, "so, I found my wife sleeping on the couch when I got home," he began as he sat down beside her, "and who would call himself a true husband if he didn't made sure that his expecting wife was sleeping like a princess," he winked and kissed her on the lips. "You carried me? What about your foot?" Emma asked concerned. "Dr. Whale might not be too impressed, but these are the sacrifices a captain must make, so how's the two of you this morning?" He asked rubbing her stomach. "Fine, at least it seems like the sickness has gone for now," Emma smiled back, and leaned back to let her husband caress her, but sat up afterwards, having to mention the elephant in the room.

"Where were you yesterday?" She asked trying not to sound too mad. "I came home with no message of any kind. Listen, whatever you're hiding, it's -", she was interrupted, "don't worry, love I was with Robin last night, and actually, we've planned to take the weekend on the Jolly Roger on a boy's trip with the lad," he told her and stood up. Emma immediately forgot what she was about to say by the sudden news. Shaking her head and blinking a few times, she managed to get an, "okay," out.

It was not like she didn't owe him to have fun with Robin and Henry, but it all seemed so sudden as if he wanted to get away from something or someone. Deciding to take things easy and jump onto conclusions, Emma smiled at him to reassure that she wasn't mad at him. "So, when are you going?" She asked him, Killian smiled back at her, and cleared his throat, "well, we're planning on leaving here before lunch. After we have made sure that we have all the proviant we need from Leroy's we're on our way to the edge of the world," Killian proclaimed and threw his arm out overdramatically which Emma could only laugh along with, and swung her covers off and stood up.

Even though she wanted to confront him with what he was hiding, she decided to leave it be, and let the boys have a fun time. "Well then, I can see that you're in hurry then," she commented as she glanced at the clock on her bedside table which read 10:09. "Aye, love, and I'm on my way, but I wanted to make sure you were up and alright for me to leave," he responded, and clicked on his hook.

As he began packing, Emma went into the bathroom and closed the door. Leaning on the sink, Emma looked at herself in the mirror, and sighed deeply. It was not like she was any better. She hadn't told him anything about the dreams, which she knew she should as there was no doubt that these dreams was a sign. Of what, she didn't know, but they had happen way too often for them not to be important.

Quickly Emma took a short morning bath and got dressed. She considered for a moment to let her father call one of the dwarfs to take the shifts, but hated the thought as much, especially with the robberies still being unsolved.

Downstairs, Killian had already packed two middle sized bags, and was about to head out. "Don't you want a lift?" Emma asked watching as he held one bag in his hand and the other hanging from his hook. "Sure, love, but what about breakfast for the two of you?" He asked nodding at her stomach. Smiling at his slight worry for her and their upcoming baby, she went to him, and wrapped one arm around him. "We'll look at what Granny's can offer," she told him and together, they walked outside with Emma taking the one bag from him to carry. It wasn't at all heavy for her, and not before long they stood outside by the yellow bug.

"Wanna go by car or magic?" She teased him, and set the bag down. She knew that he loved the thrill when they poofed to different areas, and his eyes lit up like a young boy's would, and she knew the answer. With one flick of the hand, they were surrounded by her signature grey-white smoke and in a blink of an eye, the smoke cleared and they were at Leroy's grocery shop.

"I can't believe I agreed to this!" The voice of Regina was the first they met as they arrived by the shop, and Emma appreciated that as it took Killian's attention for a moment in the same time she was hit by this weird light headedness. The world was blurry for a second, and as Killian greeted Regina, Robin, and Henry, their talking seemed unclear as if she was underwater.

"What do you say for yourself, Mrs. Swan?! Emma? Emma?!" "Love? Hey, you're in there?" The voices of both Regina, and Killian shook her out of her small trance, and she shook her head and blinked a few times before her world was clear again and her hearing worked. "I'm sorry, what?" She asked shifting her gaze between them. "I was asking for you to explain you agreeing with this" Regina told her pointing at Killian, Robin, and Henry, clearly referring to the overnight trip. "Mom, are you okay?" Henry asked his biological mother slightly worried and for a second they all gave her worried glances. "Yes, yes, I'm fine, sorry about that, kid," Emma reassured them, and turned to Regina, "it's one night, and it's on a weekend's night, I can't see the problem," Emma shrugged off, and gazed at the boys, not noticing Regina crossing her arms with her mouth hanging open in disbelief.

"You got to be kidding me, Mrs Swan, don't you remember what happened last time?! You were with them!" Regina almost yelled out, and Emma had to ignore both pregnancy hormones and hunger in order to stay as civil as she could. "Regina, come on. Nothing happened, we were secured, and I know Killian wouldn't have done it if it was too dangerous," Emma defended sternly and eyed Regina clearly telling her to back off. "So, who's going to be on the top of the top yard this time?" Emma asked Killian to provoke Regina a bit, and Killian caught on instantly, "I don't know yet, love, maybe Henry should try without the securing ropes?" He suggested rubbing his chin with his fingers. "You do such a thing, and I will have both of you ki-", "mom! Stop it," came the annoying groan from Henry. Emma had to bit her lip in for her not to laugh out. Henry in teenager mode was certainly not patient, and it was not helping at all by Regina's overprotectiveness.

"Aye, lad," Killian nodded towards him, and turned to Regina, "listen, Your Majesty, I will make sure that all crew will return safely on land, Sunday afternoon, all right?" Regina rolled her eyes, and just nodded with her arms crossed. "Guys, Violet has asked to come along, will that be okay?" Henry asked and held his iphone up. "It's okay with me, the lass can come along, what do you say, Robin?" Killian asked turning to Robin who just shrugged, "I don't have a problem with it, she probably need a trip like that with everything that's been going on."

Killian, Regina, Henry, and Robin himself all tensed for a moment by Robin's words which didn't went unnoticed by Emma. "What has been going on?" She asked them confused, and as if some had decided to run a repeat of the scenes from yesterday, but with a light change of 'actors', they all suddenly got busy. Regina suggested to get Violet for them, and disappeared in her purple cloud of smoke, and Killian, Robin, and Henry quickly mentioned something about getting the groceries. Killian gave her quick kiss on the cheek before they almost ran into the store, leaving a now very confused, and frustrated Emma behind.

What the hell just happened? She couldn't believe it!

It was not only Killian, and her mother then. It was, apparently everyone in this town knowing something she didn't. Emma had to gather herself to not blow the door into the store open and storm in to get the information out of them all. What were they hiding from her?

She considered going after Regina instead, but her stomach began rumbling in need of food, and Emma took a deep breathe and decided to get some breakfast. "Okay, someone in there is hungry, I get it" she groaned, and decided to let secrets be secrets for now, and went towards the diner. The boys, and Violet might have escaped, but the rest staying behind was going to get questioned.

Saturday night, last week:

Emma had to give it to her family; if they all had decided to hold information from her, and not let it slip to her no matter what, they were certainly going to keep it.

All day she tried to confront her parents, and Regina about what they were hiding from her.

She had tried when her father had come in to take over the afternoon, and night shift, and had quickly taken off. Primarily, he had almost said next to nothing when he came into the station. He also managed to head out, and off in the station wagon and not giving any information about where to.

Her mother had arranged wedding preparations with Regina, and when Emma tried to get anything out of them, they quickly changed to subject to what flowers there should be arranged, or what color the bridesmaids dresses should be.

It had been late night when Emma slowly walked down stall hall of the horse barn owned by her parents.

She had decided to stay with her mother now both Killian, and David were gone for the night, and had decided to go out, and check on the horses before going to bed.

Her mother's horse, Gunpowder stood with his head hanging out from his stall, watching her. His ears had pricked forward as she had went to him and stroke his head, and muzzle, whispering to him, but it was then that all of her frustration from the past weeks had caught up with her, and she had hugged the horse's neck, and sobbed honestly into his mane. "Why wouldn't they tell me, and what's happening to me? I don't understand what's going on!" She had sobbed, referring to her dreams. I

"Thank you," she whispered to the animal, and looked into his deep brown eye. It was clear that this horse belonged to her mother. Just like her he stood completely still as if he knew she needed to get her emotions out, but now it seemed like she couldn't even count on her own mother supporting her, and Emma closed her eyes, and leaned her head on the horse's neck and let a lonely tear stream down her cheek.

Standing there like that for a few minutes, Emma just listened as the sounds of horses eating, and crickets outside filled the air. It calmed her a little bit, and as she felt herself relaxing more, she stood up, and dried her face. She kissed Gunpowder's muzzle, and turned around to close off the barn, and head inside the farmhouse.

The Storybrooke forest, present day:

Emma opened her eyes from her flashback, leaned back slightly on her hands, and looked up in the sky. The sky was clear from what she could see. The forest glade made the sky framed by the tall pine trees, and one or two birds would fly across here, and there.

The birds brought her back to the dream she had been haunted by for weeks now, and Saturday night had not been any different;

That night, she had once again been dreaming about that Chinese palace, and about the people, and the bird. She remembered that the bird in the beginning had been mechanical and was made of beautiful gold and diamonds, but in her latest dreams, the bird was alive, but grey, and boring in comparison. Another change had been the voice. The voice of an elder man would whisper to her now, but it was still unclear of what she was supposed to do, and the dream would never go farther than her having the bird handed to her, and the people gathering around her, telling her to help them.

Emma tried to take a deep breath and relax, both for her own and her baby's sake. She knew that stress was dangerous when being pregnant, but at the moment she just felt so overwhelmed, and wherever her magic had brought her, she thanked it deeply as she had just wished to go to a place where she could be alone, and collect her thoughts after everything that had happened lately.

Opening her eyes again, Emma sat up again, and felt present tears gathering in her eyes. Because now came the most horrible memory that had happened this weekend;

Sunday night, last weekend:

Emma had decided to be on the night shift for that night. Both because of David having taken the night before, and for Killian arriving home earlier today.

Her father had oddly tried to insist more of him staying tonight. Normally he would be more than happy to let her or Killian have the night shift the night after he had done it, but it was clear that he wasn't at all happy about Emma taking it alone that night, and had acted more, and more desperate in atem to take it.

She was not a fool. Emma knew that whatever the reason for her father so desperately wanting to take the shift that night was connected to that secret she was forbidden to know anything about. More the reason to challenge her father in this. Seemed as this was one of the times where the Charming stubbornness was clashing.

Finally they decided to share the shift, and being on patrol, everything had went along fine, until they were passing Mr. Gold's shop;

The silence in the car was uncomfortable, and Emma was about to try again to get her father to spill the beans when she spotted a dark figure by the shop. "Dad, stop the car!" She had yelled at him, and she growled in frustration when it was clear that either her father hadn't heard her, or he had decided to ignore her as he let the car drive along on the road.

"Dad!" She had yelled at him, but he had kept his gaze ahead. Emma decided that this was it. Whatever that was going on, she would find out with, or without his help, and before David could react, Emma had left herself being engulfed in a cloud of grey-white smoke, and appeared right across the street from Mr. Gold's shop, watching the figure who was still there.

From the look of the figure, Emma could slightly make out the shape of a younger person. Teenager to be more exact, and Emma had no doubt about who that was. It was one of the robbers from the other night, and this time they would not success.

"HEY!" She yelled at the figure, and ran towards the figure, taking her gun out of her pocket pointing it towards the teenager. If the weapon wasn't enough, magic would be the answer had she decided, and took the last steps confidently towards the person who was clearly frozen in the spot. Emma kept her guard and looked around quickly. Either they had planned an ambush or this person was alone, and had been caught.

"Whatever you are doing, stop right now!" She yelled as she was now an arms length away from the person and pointed the gun straight at him or her. The person was holding something in his or her hands, and Emma pointed towards it. "Lay that down, and put your hands in the air!" She ordered, and the person did as told with shaking movements.

Emma slowly circled the teen, "take that hood off, let me see your face," she ordered again, and pointed the gun at the person as shaking hands removed the black fabric, and revealed the face of what Emma could make out as a teenage, Asian looking girl, about the same age as Henry. "Who are you?" She asked the girl coldly, and waited as the girl looked nervously at her.

"M..my name i..is..Mei," the girl answered clearly frightened. "What were you doing here? How many are you?" Emma asked not taking any notice of the girl's appearance. Being frighten was the oldest trick in the world to get some sympathy and letting your guard down.

"ANSWER ME!" Emma roared at Mei, making the girl tense even further.

"What in the world is going on down there?" The familiar voice of Rumple from above caught Emma's attention from a second as the man had opened his window, and stared down at the scene in front of his shop.

The distraction made the girl take her chance, and she swiftly stood up and ran. "HEY! STOP!" Emma roared at the girl, and decided to ignore Rumple.

Still having fresh in memory of what happened last time she hunted down a teen like her, Emma decided to stand back, but instead reaching out with her hand letting her magic rush through her veins and captured the girl by her leg in an invisible string.

Mei fell onto the concrete and cried out. She tried desperately to get up, but it was no use. Emma held out her arm and shook her head to ignore the feeling of her pulse racing up.

Steadily she went to the fallen girl, and did not notice the sheriff's wagon parking on the other side of the road, or her father who almost jumped out of the car, running towards her. "Emma! Emma, stop!"

The feeling of rage pumped in her veins. She recalled being hit with same anger when she had slammed Gideon into the wall in her own home months ago.

As she stood by the girl who now looked at her with frighten wide eyes, Emma's vision was almost clouded, her pulse pumped inside, and she could feel it in her ears, as she raised her arm in the air, charging for an attack. The girl tugged herself into a ball, and ducked her head as Emma's eyes went wide having charged up with a ball of light magic.

"Emma! Stop!"