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Oh, dear god.

Oh, dear god what has she done?

All he wanted to do was to help. It was a storming night and she at fault for picking him up. All she had to do was pretend she never saw him and lie to him later, but heaven forbid she tell even the whitest lie to someone like the town's veteran. After she made this fatal mistake, all she did was ignore him and practically made him into a villain in her own image. Despite all of that, he wanted to help her.

All he wanted to do was save her from the crash, and what does she do?

She stabs the fuck out of him in response.

He was obviously terrified and confused of her actions; what had he done to provoke this kind of anger? She never did give a valid answer afterwards. Mainly because he got ran over shortly afterwards. She even had the audacity to feel relived at his death!

She deserved her death afterwards.

But dear god what she trigged afterwards.

He suddenly went mute to the town. No one heard him speak to everyone for days, even weeks on end! The times he went into town for social activities, he disappeared into the background. Lumpy was the only one to hear him in this state of depression. The blue moose could barely hear his voice, a voice that held no emotion. His eyes had no happiness in them and all they held was a deep dread. The male moose could hear Flippy's sniffs and hiccups.

But, Lumpy never told anyone why.

Oh, dear god what she felt when she finally realized why.

The others were the ones to break it to her, mainly Cuddles who screamed out his frustrations to her. Giggles took a moment to calm her boyfriend down, but it was all too late. The red porcupine's mind was scared. Despite the blue squirrels and purple beaver's efforts, she broke down. Her body failed to function correctly and she ended up on her hands and knees, bowling her eyes out. Giggles sat at her side and held her close as the red girl yelled out her flaws. Her anxieties, her lack of empathy and her insensitive state of mind. The yellow bunny began to felt guilty.

"Sorry Flakes," he muttered under his breath as the bunny got to his knees to comfort his female friend.

"NO, DON'T BE SORRY!" Her anger towards herself had finally reached the boiling point, "I DON'T DESERVE ANY KIND OF SYMPATHY!" She cried and trembled more as her anxieties rose to its peaks. Her breath got caught in her throat; causing her screams into coughs. Soon, pools of blood began to form from her mouth and her tears began to mix with the red sparkles.

The female porcupine eventually passed out from the attack.

Dear god, she didn't expect this next

In her hospital bed, she was greeted to Petunia cuddling her head and Giggles holding her hand. The two girls were crying out tears of joy. As Flaky began to apologize to her friends surrounding her, the one thing that caught her eyes were a flower pot next to her. The pot had a green bouquet in the soil with a note attached to the leaves.

"Oh, Flippy sent this to you yesterday!" This she had to read. Flaky quickly grabbed the note from the leaves and began to read it.

'-Dear Flaky,

I heard of your recent panic attack, and why it happened. what I did was completely childish. Back then, I thought I had offended you in some way.

Little did I know it was because of your anxiety.

Flaky, I am sorry for my behavior. As part of my condones, I want to invite you to that café shop we used to go to when we were younger. Will you accept my request?

-Your Friend, Flippy.

P.S: I promise you this; I will begin to take more extreme actions to control him if it means we can be friends like all those years ago.'

Oh dear god what had she caused?