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November 2, 1985


"Take me away, I don't mind. But you better promise me I'll be back in time!"

"Gotta get back in time!"

"Take me back in time!"

The music continued to blare noisily as Marty awoke with an abrupt start. He yawned and glanced at his radio's clock. It was nearly 11:30 AM.

"Damn," he muttered as he groggily stood up to stretch.

Even after living in this new and improved 1985 for a week, he had still not become accustomed to his new and improved family. Perhaps it was due to the immense mindless pondering he went through during his shower, but seeing pictures of his "new" family scattered everywhere around the house and especially in the hallway suddenly struck him and made him realize how vastly different they were from their other selves, and how he... was pretty much the same.

Actually, he was exactly the same. His other self that grew up with this family even liked the same "mags" and had even stashed them in the same secret places.

As he continued walking down the hallway, one particular picture that was framed on the wall had suddenly caught his eye. He stopped in his tracks and began to examine it closely. How had he not noticed this one before?

It was an enlarged picture of him with Dave and Linda, posing at the park they went to while on a trip to L.A. However, this time his siblings had been dressed more modestly; Dave was wearing his suit, as usual. Linda was wearing a flowery dress.

He was wearing the exact same T-shirt, jean jacket, and jeans. At least in the original 1985, he had the most style in the family. In this 1985, he wasn't so sure about anything anymore.

"Good to see you're still alive, lazy butt." Dave commented sarcastically to him as he finally walked into the living room where his entire family had been seated. His clothes may have changed and he may have this great office job, but he's still the same old Dave, Marty thought in amusement to himself. His family was in the middle of brunch, he supposed.

"David," Lorraine scolded, and walked over to Marty to give him a quick peck on the cheek as she headed to the kitchen. "Morning, sweetie. We didn't want to wake you. Did you have a fun time with Jennifer?"

"Huh?" Marty immediately responded as he sat down. He wondered how she knew about that; he had snuck out last night.

"Didn't you tell us you were going to the movies with her? Isn't that where you went yesterday afternoon?" Lorraine asked, her tone suddenly becoming a tad suspicious.

He remembered that he did go out with Jennifer yesterday, but that was past midnight and they went out for a short date under the stars and cool air by the lake.

"Yeah, of course. Yeah, we had a great time, Mom." Marty half-lied with a reassuring smile, after realizing his mom was becoming a bit more suspicious each passing moment. He felt a sudden pang of guilt for lying, especially considering how much more understanding she was compared to her other self in the old 1985.

He had actually went to see Doc yesterday afternoon, who had just recently arrived back in 1985. Clara and the kids were with him as well, and it took hours for all of them to catch up. Doc and Clara informed Marty about all the dates they've visited as a family. Marty filled Doc in about how his life was in this new 1985, and Doc revealed to Marty that he had a surprise, but that it would have to wait until later because "Great Scott, shouldn't he getting back home by now because it's already past 11 and your mother might start phoning the police."

Luckily for him, his mom was already asleep by the time he arrived home. His dad was the only one awake and was too pre-occupied with his writing to realize what time it was.

In both versions of 1985, nobody in his family knew about his friendship with Doc, which was odd since his parents knew Doc as "Calvin 'Marty' Klein's" uncle. He figured that his dad would at least have a closer relationship to Doc in this version of 1985 because of their shared interests in science and science fiction, but apparently both of his parents were simply on "distantly" friendly terms with the man. He wondered why the other Marty hadn't told them about his friendship with Doc. He made a mental note to tell them, someday... when the time was right. At the very least, his parents seemed to be much more approving of Doc than their other selves were in the old 1985.

"You two must have had a really great time. She called three times this morning already." Linda suddenly spoke up, glancing upwards at Marty from her salad.

"Really? What did she say?" Marty asked.

"She wouldn't tell me. Each time she called, she just said to tell you to call her back as soon as possible," she replied casually, obviously displeased that the calls hadn't come from either Greg or Craig.

"As soon as possible, huh? Hmm, sounds serious." Dave teased from behind his Forbes magazine. He had an insinuating, yet playful edge to his tone.

Marty made a face and was about to retort, but luckily George spoke up.

"Now I'm sure that what ever news Jennifer has to tell Marty, it may not exactly be what you're suggesting, David."

"Thanks, Dad." Marty said to his father and smirked back at Dave, who frowned slightly.

"C'mon Dad. She called three times before noon. You know that's got to mean something suspicious." Dave gently argued.

"Well, it could be anything." George affirmed. "But that doesn't mean we have to jump to conclusions."

Dave sighed and lightly tapped Marty on his head to let him know there were no hard feelings. "You're always taking his side, Dad. Admit it, he's your favorite."

"Now David, what did your father just tell you about jumping to conclusions?" Lorraine teased, chuckling. "We love you all very much, equally."

She walked over to him to give him a hug, to which he lightly protested. "Mom..."

His family continued casually conversing with each other with George making the occasional joke, Lorraine telling the occasional reminders, Linda generally arguing with whatever Dave had to say, Dave making the occasional 'as-a-matter-of-fact' statement, and Marty generally staying out of it for the most part.

"Okay, well..." Marty spoke up awkwardly, still not used to this new, happier, completely different and actually functional family. He finished up his piece of bread, placed his plate in the sink and continued as he turned towards the front door. "If you all would excuse me, I'm going to go see Jen. See you later."

"Be back at a reasonable time for dinner, Marty." Lorraine called a second after him. "Don't stay out until past midnight like you did last night."

Marty turned around in surprise, and his mom flashed a small, knowing smile. "Mothers always know, plus I was a teenager once before too."

"Right," Marty agreed, biting his lip. "I'm really sorry about that, Mom."

"Just don't do it again, okay?"


"Do what again?" Dave asked in confusion, looking up again from his Forbes magazine, only having had vaguely listened. "And was Marty apologizing to Mom for being a teenager?"

"Seriously, Dave?" Linda frowned. "Obviously, he was apologizing because he was out late last night."

"Hey, it's already hard enough being out of the family loop after having moved out." Dave defended himself.

"Don't worry, Mom. I'll definitely be back in time for dinner." Marty assured her before walking out the front door, tuning out the onset of his siblings' argument.