Traveling to another dimension in the universe certainly felt surreal.

While pressing down the button on his watch, Marty imagined in that brief moment that what he was feeling was akin to that of what it was like to be deceased. After feeling the flash of light surround him, his insides became numb. He couldn't see anything but extremely bright light so he immediately shut his eyes. In addition, his ears were shot. He experienced all of this simultaneously, only during that brief moment.

He finally took a deep breath, slowly regained his composure and opened his eyes. Doc was suddenly there, standing next to him with a huge grin plastered onto his face.

"How about that, huh?" Doc remarked cheerfully. "Look around you, Marty. Amazing!"

They weren't standing by Doc's lab anymore. In fact, they seemed to be standing in someone else's backyard.

"Did it work? Are we actually in another dimension?" Marty asked, looking around.

Doc checked his watch. November 2, 1985. 1:30 PM. Dimension #1.

"From the looks of it, we should be. Come on, let's get out of here before we get spotted. We seem to be standing on someone else's property." Doc replied in a sudden whisper, before leading the way.

"Hey, you there!"

They abruptly froze.

"Yes, you- wait, there's two of you?" The voice continued, sounding very confused and very distant. They turned around and saw that the voice belonged to a well-dressed elderly woman with gray hair and a rather annoyed expression, who was eyeing them suspiciously from her porch. "What do you think you two hooligans are doing in my backyard?"

Doc and Marty glanced unknowingly at each other.

"Trespassing! Loitering! That's what!" The woman abruptly answered for them before bringing out a megaphone. "Get out, get out, get out! This is private property!"

"Of course, ma'am. We're incredibly sorry to have trespassed onto your yard." Doc apologized before quickly leading himself and Marty out past the stainless steel fence doors.

Marty looked back once they safely exited the yard. "Is it me or did that lady look kind of familiar?"

Doc shrugged. "Edna Strickland, from the looks of it. In the 1930's she was one of Hill Valley's top journalists-"

"Wait a minuteā€¦ Strickland? So she's related to Mr. Strickland?" Marty asked in surprise, before shrugging. "I suppose that makes sense."

"Indeed." Doc replied distractedly as he looked around again.

Marty also looked around. If they were currently in their dimension, they would be standing right next to Burger King. But in this particular dimension, they were standing next to an embellished two-story building titled "La Lune" which seemed to attract a lot of people judging by the long waiting line which extended past the restaurant's doors. In general, more people seemed to be walking around the town, and less cars seemed to be on the road. If there were cars, however, many looked to be such high-end motorized vehicles that Marty thought that they shouldn't even be in the same category as just "cars". He couldn't explain it. In addition, the people of the town were dressed rather fashionably and appropriately; they looked healthier and happier overall in comparison to the people in their Hill Valley.

Marty also happened to realize that he and Doc seemed to be attracting quite a bit of attention from a few passersby, most of whom exchanged strange looks with them.

"First, let's get a change of clothes." Doc suggested softly. "Judging by the extravagant way some of these people dress, I wonder how much it costs to dress here."

As they walked into downtown Hill Valley, Marty noticed quite a bit of difference. First, the town looked to be much cleaner, probably even outing 1955-Hill Valley in a cleanliness competition. Second, a lot of people looked familiar; understandably, nobody seemed to recognize who him and Doc were. Third, gas prices seemed to be at an all-time low of a whopping 10 cents per gallon.

"Geez, would you look at that. Unleaded gasoline, only 10 cents a gallon. What do you think happened?" Marty wondered aloud.

"Well, there's only one way to find out," Doc started as they continued walking. Marty waited for the catch, but he didn't continue.

"How?" Marty prodded him softly.

Suddenly, he felt somebody bump into him from behind, followed by the sound of something falling. He turned and saw a man with dark hair and a top hat kneeling down, hastily picking up his fallen books with a slightly reddened face. "I'm very sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going."

"No, hey. It's okay. Here, let me help you with that." Marty started to kneel down, but the man quickly stood back up on his feet and shook his head quickly.

"It's alright. I got it. Thank you, though."

Marty nodded as the man excused himself and made his prompt exit; but as he did, Marty couldn't help but realize that he looked strangely familiarā€¦

"Great Scott. They have my favorite store in this alternate reality!" Doc suddenly exclaimed.

Marty turned to look at the long row of shops Doc was facing. There were a bunch of shops he'd never heard of. Some of these shops in particular were titled Jack's Fashionable Attires, Suit Us Right, and ironically, Linda's Finest Boutique. He wondered if his sister worked there, or if she might even own it. Then again, for all he knew she might not even exist in this dimension. He made a mental note to find out about his family later.

Doc didn't say anything else and eagerly started forward, leaving Marty in tow. Marty didn't say anything either as they passed all the said stores and into this Hill Valley's local Ross.

"Ross, Doc?" Marty chuckled slightly.

"Dress for Less, Marty." Doc replied with a wink. "Dress for Less."

It took a total of ten minutes for both of them to pick out their outfits. Doc chose a navy striped suit and a pair of brown loafers while Marty settled on a black suit vest with a red tie along with black dress shoes.

As the cashier rung them up, Doc turned in glee towards Marty. "All this for only $6.99. Absolutely incredible."

The female cashier, with medium-length teased brown hair with blond highlights, a sleeveless black shirt, and who looked to be around Marty's age, glanced up at them and frowned slightly. "You sure you want these? Honestly, what you're both wearing already looks to be pretty cool."

Already, Marty could tell that she was definitely one of the more "rebellious" girls in this Hill Valley's standards. Nonetheless, he glanced down at his usual red-orange vest and red shirt and Doc's checkered white polo and shrugged. "I guess we do. And thanks."

She chuckled as she placed their items into a bag. "It just stands out, you know. In a good way, of course. Not too many people in this town do that kind of thing. I admire that."

"Well, thank you very much. We try." Doc said while paying, taking their bag. "Anyways, you have a great day!"

"Thanks, you both have a great day as well." She replied with a smile, before subtly directing a wink towards Marty. Marty raised his eyebrows in surprise before following Doc outside the store.