Disclaimer: I don't own anything but my name remixes.

"Endure of Duty"

LT. Myman Richman (Myron Goldman. My man is a rich man! Go for the gold!)

Sgt. EEK! And-her-son (Zeke Anderson. He scares me sometime.)

Panny Duracell (Danny Purcell. A panned battery is what he is. 0 watz of nothing

French-Horn (Roger Horn. Roger that! Too bad he isn't French.)

Bad-Baker (Scott Baker. I highly doubt he'd make a good baker. Probably uses Scott towels)

Marvin John's-son (Marvin Johnson. Couldn't think of anything better.)

Rusty Wallet (Rusty Wallace. His wallet probably IS rusted.)

Marcus Trailor. (Marcus Taylor. Taylor is the best character. I like trailors.)

Alberta Rueasy (Alberto in Alberta… sounds easy enough)

John-a-thon McKay (Johnny McKay. A good guy.)

Colonel Beerster (Brew a beer, why don't ya?)

Doc *Hic-up* (Doc Hoc. Only thing I could think up)

Grinder (Griner. Grind Griner.)

Fell (Belle. He DID fall.)

Kusless (Kuslits. Never did understand him)

Randy Madsoda (Randy Matsuda. He drinks soda's when he's mad.)

Popped Scarlet (Poppa Scarlet. *no comment*)

Let me know if I missed anyone!! Note that in my moments I will use their proper names.