~~Taylor is Pro and De Moted~~

One day Taylor was demoted to buck private. But he did not resort to drugs. No, he resorted to pure craziness. He stole Baker's skateboard and McKay's chopper and piloted to the hardest, smoothest land he could find. There he crash-landed the plane and skateboarded on the rocks. He made sure there were plenty of seagulls to chase. While he did so, he put on a pair of glasses he stole from the LT. He put on a blanket he brought like a cloak and skateboarded around, talking to him self in a high-pitched woman's voice. Suddenly some VC stepped out of the bush surrounding the rocks. "AAAAAAA!!!" He screamed in his girlie tone. "AAAAAA!! Somebody let the filthy dogs in!" He grabbed a broom he had leaning against a tree and proceeded to whack the VC. They ran away in horror. Suddenly a chopper passed over the trees and landed on the rocks. Taylor ran into it and screamed "WHERE IS MY BUBBLE GUM???" So McKay and Taylor had this big argument about his gum. "I don't have your gum! Just… just take this and LEAVE ME ALONE!" shouted McKay, and he tossed Taylor some LT stripes, which he immediately began to gnaw on. Back at the base, Seymour could not cure the new LT and Sarge married her, because now he wouldn't have to put up with such an ugly mug. THE END

OK, if new Sergeants receive stripes, what do new LT's receive? Let's just say, for this story, that they receive more stripes ;-)