Prologue - Final Resort

A sudden explosion echoed through the Capsule Corp. building, making Bulma jump. There was another small explosion, this time from right in front of her. Her hands had slipped as when she had jumped, making her cut the wrong wire in the circuit she was working on, making the whole thing explode.

"Damnit Vegeta!" she hissed, throwing down her wire clippers and standing up. "What the hell have you done now?"

"ONNA!" Vegeta's roar echoed through the house, and Bulma was horrified to hear that it came from the main house, not the gravity chamber. "Here! Now!"

Bulma ran up the stairs quickly, closely followed by her frantic parents.

"Oh dear!" her mother cried, slightly dimly. "I hope that handsome young man hasn't hurt himself!"

"Mother, shut up!" Bulma shouted angrily. "I swear! If he's damaged so much as a square centimetre of carpet in my room, I'll rip his balls off!"

Now, now, Bulma." Dr Briefs said. "Watch your mouth. I'll not have that kind of talk from my daughter."

"Whatever, dad." Bulma said. "Let's just go see what that baka's gone and done now.

Bulma, Dr Briefs and Mrs Briefs ran to outside Vegeta's bedroom, where smoke was billowing out of the door. Bulma took a deep breath and stepped into the room. After looking around for a few seconds, she saw Vegeta sitting against the charred remains of his bed, looking slightly shell-shocked.

"What happened?" Bulma demanded, looking angrily at Vegeta with her hands on her hips.

"I have no idea, if that's alright with you, woman." Vegeta snapped, standing up and smothering a small flame on the corner of his bed with his hand. "I tried to turn on that ridiculous contraption you call a television, and it exploded."

"Well, just how hard did you press the button?" Bulma asked, crossing her arms and moving her weight from one foot to the other.

"Just like I always see you doing." Vegeta told her, looking back at the molten television.

Bulma closed her eyes in frustration, and took a deep breath. Every time she had turned on the television lately, she had been so angry after yet another fight with Vegeta, she had slammed her finger onto the button. With Vegeta's strength, that kind of force was bound to cause problems.

"Bulma." Dr Briefs said, stepping into the room. "I'm afraid I'm going to have to take an entirely desperate measure to get Vegeta under control."

"What kind of measure?" Bulma asked, glancing angrily at Vegeta out of the corner of her eye.

"He obviously can't stay in a room by himself." Dr Briefs told his daughter, slightly frightened by what her reaction would be. "He needs somebody to keep an eye on him; keep him under wraps. I'm afraid he's going to have to share your room."

"No way!" Bulma screamed, staring at her father, waving her arms frantically in the air. "He'll annihilate the place!"

"Bulma, there's no other option." Her father insisted. "He's been here one week, and he's already destroyed three bedrooms and you've had to repair the gravity chamber six times! Now, he's your guest, you'll have to deal with this."

Bulma grabbed Vegeta angrily by the arm and dragged him to her room. She reached her bedroom door, when she realised the most horrific fact of all: there was only one bed.