An anthropomorphic wolf approached a door leading to a certain room. He opened the door revealing a medium-sized room with a desk, a laptop was on the desk and next to the desk, there was a human sitting on a chair and typing something on the laptop.

The wolf entered the room and walked up to the human.

"What's up, Max?" the wolf said

"Nothing much, just writing a fanfiction..." the human, who also happens to be the author of this fanfiction you are reading right now (and who also happens to be breaking the fourth wall right now), said

"What fanfiction?" the wolf asked

"I didn't really start yet. I'm trying to find something original, you know what I'm saying?" Max said

"I don't know, something original..." the wolf said, rubbing his neck "I know, how about a high school story, I don't think anyone has done that yet."

"Yeah, that's pretty original. Any other ideas for this story?"

"I don't think so... OH, I know! How about some HumphreyxKate? That's pretty original too."

"Yeah, I'mma start writing right now." Max said as he turned to his laptop and started to type

The wolf started to leave but right before he closed the door he added: "Oh! And Garth has to be the bad guy!"

"Sure thing!" Max said as the wolf left "This fanfic will surely get into top 5!"

Somewhere else, I mean, in Jasper, Canada or something. I don't know...

The sun was rising above the beautiful landscapes of the Jasper National Park in Canada, birds were singing their songs, animals were starting to wake, and in a certain den a certain wolf was waking up too.

The wolf has grey fur and blue eyes and is known by the name of Humphrey. Just then another wolf, Kate, entered the den.

"Hi Humphrey, how's it going?" she said

"Good, how about you?" he answered

"Pretty good too. Now, do you want to-" she wanted to say but was interrupted by the den suddenly dissapearing.

"Oh, sorry, we're just changing the set!" a voice said from somewhere, and after that, suddenly the two wolves appeared in a high school hall full of anthropomorphic wolves and also human versions of themselves. But after that the place dissapeared again

"Sorry, wrong set again." the voice said again

"Oh damnit, why cant they just get it right!?" Humphrey said, annoyed

Right then, they appeared in a bedroom, they saw clothes on the floor and looked up just to see the anthro versions of themselves having sex

"Oh, why the fuck can't that machine just function properly?!" the voice shouted, then the set changed again and they appeared on a desert.

The two wolves were both confused and a bit shocked, but then Max came out of nowhere and walked up to them.

"What's up guys? Sorry for the inconvience, we had some problems with the set changing machine, but we're here!"

"Excuse me, where exactly is 'here'?" Kate said obviously annoyed.

"I don't know, Nevada, New Mexico or I don't know, Sahara... It's a fucking desert, who cares?" Max said

"We care and we want to go home." Humphrey said

"Yeah, yeah..." Max said obviously not interested in what Humphrey was saying "Anyway, we have to get the rest of the crew!"

"Why?" Humphrey asked

"I have an important announcement to make" Max said, then he looked at the sky and said "Hey, is everything working up there?!"

"Yeah... I think" the voice from the sky answered

"Can you make the rest of the crew appear here please?" Max asked

"Yeah but you need to wait like... 5 seconds?"

"Cool, bring them here!" Max said.

After 5 seconds a blinding light appeared and a portal formed. After a couple of seconds Winston, Lilly, Garth, Eve and the rest came flying out of the portal. Max expected more wolves to fly out of the portal, but he waited for a while and nothing.

"Hey, where are the OC's!?" he said annoyed, looking at the sky

"Which ones?!" the voice from the sky answered "I mean the Alpha and Omega ones or the FNAF ones?"

"The Alpha and Omega ones you idiot! Where are they?"

"In Alaska! Sorry I couldn't bring them here, the machine just broke."

Max facepalmed, then turned to all the wolves. "Well, guys I guess we're stuck here forever. I mean, you are, I can teleport." he then dissapeared...

In Alaska...

Three wolves were sitting on the grass, chatting. Just then, Max appeared before them.

"OKAY GUYS, first of all why aren't you all anthro." Max said, a bit confused.

"You never gave me an anthro form!" one of the wolves said

"I WILL give you an anthro form, Blake." Max said "Wait, Kyle you were anthro like 5 minutes ago, what happened?"

"Well, I decided to communicate with these two." he said pointing to the other two wolves

"You can still communicate when you are anthro and they are not!" Max said annoyed. A while after, he took his phone out and tapped something on it, and 3 seconds later the three wolves were changed into their anthro forms.

"Hey how did you do that on your phone?" the female wolf said

"I can do everything on my phone, Winter. Just like in Watch Dogs." Max said "Anyway, let's go back to the rest!" Then he teleported himself and the OC's

Back in Nevada, or New Mexico, or Sahara. It's a fucking desert so who cares...

Max and the OC's appeared in front of the rest of the wolves.

"Oh hi! What's up guys?" Humphrey said

"Nothing much. Why are we here exactly?" Winter said

"I don't know, why are you guys anthro?" Humphrey asked

Blake wanted to answer but then Max stepped in front of him and said "It doesn't matter, you all need to be anthro!" He pulled out a phone and tapped the screen, which caused everyone to change to their anthro form.

"I need to show you something!" Max said as he ran to a giant modern building built in the middle of the desert.

"How come I never noticed this building before?" Kate asked

"I don't know, we never noticed it neither." Winston said

Max then pulled out a ladder from somewhere and he climbed to the roof. Right now, everyone was looking at him.

"So guys I came up with an amazing idea! SO, this building is something I built 10 minutes ago. It's a special place where all of you can hang out BUT also, the readers will submit you guys some dares, challenges, questions and whatnot. We'll call it the Alpha and Omega Hub!"

What's up guys, what do you think of this idea? This is just a casual story that I'm not going to write very often and it will not affect The Lone Wolf and That's Just Life.

So here's what you can send:

- Dares

- Challenges

- Questions

And last but not least, - Fights - It's something like challenging two characters to fight to the death (for example Humphrey vs Garth etc), don't worry though, the characters will be resurrected afterwards :)

Also, you can submit your OC's to be used in the story :)

That's all from me, PEACE