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"Here we are!" Kouichi announced. "I present to you the Amatsu Houkou [1]!"

Jounouchi's mouth immediately started to water at the sight of a place to eat. "Well? What are we all waiting for!? Let's go eat!!" In the blink of an eye, he was gone.

Kaoru's and Kouichi's jaws fell open. Yuugi laughed. "That's Jou for you."

Kouichi shook her head. "I don't believe this. I brought a pig with me to an expensive restaurant. I. Am. Such. An. Idiot."

Kaoru smiled. "Well, sis, this will be a lesson to you. And come on, we'd better go in before Jounouchi orders everything and leaves the bill for you."

"Good point."

When they were in, they found themselves face to face with six people holding back Jounouchi. He was trying all his might to get loose, something he was failing miserably.

Kaoru and Kouichi sweatdropped at Jounouchi's behaviour.

"Hey, Kouichi!" a female voice called. A hand somewhere down the row was waving at the black haired girl.

"No way…Akiko!?" Kouichi exclaimed, walking down the aisle. "Since when did you start working here?"

"Half a year ago. Really, Kouichi, you're so slow on the uptake." Akiko shook her head, hiding a smile.

But an explosion of laughter behind Kouichi set her face into a fully ripe tomato colour. Akiko peered around Kouichi's shoulder and spotted Kaoru. "And you must be Kouichi's sister!"

Kaoru managed to stop her laughter to say a greeting. "Hai, Kaoru desu." Then she collapsed into helpless laughter again.

Kouichi was less amused. "All right, break it up, break it up…"

The others continued to chuckle, but headed to a table large enough to fit all of them. Still jesting about Kouichi's predicament, they took up their menus and began browsing through them.

"Ooh, I want this!" Jounouchi exclaimed as he glanced down at all the delicacies' names. "And this! Oh, this looks delicious too!"

Kouichi was still muttering to herself, not believing her "luck".

Akiko wandered over, notepad and pen in each hand. "Ready to order, guys?"

"You betcha," Jounouchi said before anyone else had a chance to open their mouths to speak their own minds. "I'll take a Caesar salad, a half chicken and vegetables platter, and a large banana split."

"Uh, sir," Akiko peered over her notepad to scrutinize the young blond before her. "Jounouchi, is it?" – Jounouchi looked surprised that a waitress at this new restaurant would know his name – "I'm not sure if you can eat all that you ordered…"

Mai laughed. "Oh forget about that. Jou can eat about anything at any given amount of time."

"Hey, watch it."

"It's true," fifteen other voices corrected him.

"Aww, fine," Jounouchi slouched down in his seat, beaten down.

The rest of them ordered at a much lower scale in comparison with Jounouchi's order.

"Well, at least you guys have expected shares," Akiko raised an eyebrow. She walked back to the counter to place their orders, while Jounouchi still sulked in his seat.


"Tada, lunch is served!" Akiko announced, carrying many platters of food towards their table. Jounouchi's face immediately brightened when the different aromas surrounded them.

"Oh goodie!" He said, childishly, as Akiko placed his large order in front of him.

"Quarter pound cheeseburger with fries… Pasta with meatballs… Alfredo pasta… Pepperoni pizza… Ooh, garden salad, at least someone's eating healthy… Filet-o-fish sandwich… Regular club sandwich… Cheese pizza… Hearty vegetable and chicken soup with dinner roll… Set lunch… Two hamburgers for you two… And, oh, this must be yours, Kid's set lunch!"

Mokuba looked up and smiled at her in thanks. Seto glanced up with an icy glare, as if to say "leave now before any bodily damage comes to you". Akiko gave a small "eep!" before edging away to serve another table.

"So…" Otogi started, grabbing his fork and started to twirl around his spaghetti. "What can we do after lunch?"

"How about soccer?" Honda suggested, who was starting on his filet-o-fish sandwich.

"Nah, it's way too nice to be just running around on the field kicking a ball," Anzu spoke up, mouth still filled with food. "Oops, sorry there, Yuugi…" For Yuugi had just caught a face full of vegetables.

"No problem, Anzu…just remember, next time, swallow before you speak. Please?" Yuugi grabbed his napkin and started to rub at his face furiously. (Meanwhile, Yami was glaring daggers at the girl who had apparently spitted in his aibou's face. And no one did that while the protective Yami is around.)

"Yeah, I'll do that. So, anyway, I propose we go biking!" Anzu stared around at the table, waiting for a response.

"No way. We're not going biking." Bakura protested instantly. "No. Bloody. Way."

"Aww, why not, Tomb Robber…afraid of falling off and scraping your knee?" The past-Pharaoh asked teasingly.

Bakura growled. "No. It's just…" his face coloured.

Malick's eyes lit up as he figured out Bakura's problem with biking. "Don't tell me you don't know how!?"

Bakura has just found out how nice the scenery of Domino City looked.

Yami was on the verge of dancing with glee. "Oh, this is great! What a way to blackmail!"

Bakura's gaze snapped back to Yami. "No you won't! No bloody way are you going to blackmail me just because I can't ride a stupid bicycle! In fact, I'll show you! We'll have a…competition!" Bakura sniggered triumphantly at his word use. He knew Yami would never back down from a challenge. "Yes, a competition, to see who can ride the farthest in the smallest amount of time on a bicycle! You heard me, Pharaoh, let's get a move on!"

Ryou shrunk away from him, looking slightly terrified. "Bakura, sit down, you're scaring half the restaurant into oblivion."

Bakura blinked. "Oh." And he sat down.

Jou, Honda, Otogi, and Mokuba barely stifled their laughter at the sight of Bakura's slightly embarrassed face.

"Ugh, I don't think we should be biking today anyway," Mai said, after all the commotion has calmed down.

"Oh, and why not?" Otogi inquired.

"I'm wearing a skirt, damnit! How do you expect me to ride a bicycle with a skirt!?"

"Mai's right, and besides, we don't have our helmets with us." Shizuka is always the voice of reason with great evidence to back it up. Unlike a certain somebody who just felt like opening their big mouths and sing to the world. Oh joy.

"Oh fine, I see that my suggestion is going to be turned down," Anzu sulked, but no one really paid much attention to her afterwards. She slid down her seat, trying to attract some sort of concentration from the people around her, but it just didn't work.

"How about beach volleyball?" Mokuba exclaimed. "Yeah, that'd be perfect! It's such an excellent day, with no clouds in the sky! Besides, we just finished at the pool…so if anyone feels like going for another dip, they've got a body of water right there!"

A murmur of agreement rose from the table.

"Okay, then it's decided! Beach volleyball!" Mokuba's eyes turned into those adoring puppy eyes and faced his big brother. "So, what say you, Seto?"

Seto glanced up, apparently not taking in a word the company has been saying for the past ten minutes. "Hmm?" Oh great. He just had to stare into great big eyes. "What is it now, Mokuba?" He heaved a sigh, wondering what request his little brother have in store for him this time.

"Can we go to that private beach, Seto? Please?"


"Come on, Seto, it'll be great! No one can disturb us when we want a volleyball net to ourselves! And besides, it'll be so crowded at the public beaches, when we get there, there won't be any room left! Oh, go on, Seto, let us!" Mokuba pleaded, eyes getting bigger as he spoke each word.

As if that wasn't enough for poor Seto, the rest of the gang started to urge him to do so as well. Statements such as "Oh come on, Kaiba, don't be such a meanie!" and "Kaiba, you big dork, just agree to your little brother's appeal and get a move on!" rushed around the CEO's head and he found himself getting a headache already.

"Guys, give him a break," Jounouchi spoke up softly, noting Seto's stressed look.

The others gave him an appraising look. Jounouchi Katsuya, standing up for his archenemy, Seto Kaiba?

"The world has come to an end!" Yami exclaimed, and the others echoed that with a nod.

Jounouchi looked cross, for some reason. "Look, it's no big deal."

"No big deal?" Ryou nearly had to stuff his mouth with his fist to prevent him from laughing so much. "Jou, think who you were just defending!"


They all sighed simultaneously. "You are so clueless," Mai smacked him on the head.


The others were all too annoyed to answer that. "Forget it," Mariku said.

Akiko came around to collect their empty plates and dirty utensils. She looked confused as to why the whole table was so silent, but Kaoru and Kouichi merely whispered: "Don't ask." She shrugged and went to dump the dishes in the kitchen.

Mokuba finally spoke up once again. "Does this mean we're still going to play beach volleyball this afternoon?" He looked up at his big brother with big hopeful and expectant eyes.

A tense moment of silence followed after his question. And then-


They all cheered, scaring more than half of the restaurant into oblivion once more.


[30 minutes later]

"Okay, everyone have their stuff packed and ready to go? Yes? Let's go!"

Seto turned to Mokuba. "Remind me again why you want us to take them," he pointed a finger at the chattering crowd behind him, "to our private beach resort?"

Mokuba smiled happily. "Because, onii-chan, it's been ages since you used that beach resort, and besides, it'll be so fun to have such a big company with us! And hey, big brother, you need a break from all the workload you've been doing. Who knows, maybe this is exactly the lapse you need from work!" The little raven-black-haired boy laughed and thought, 'And maybe Jou might do such the trick.' A very uncharacteristic smirk found its way to Mokuba's lips. "Ha."

"Excuse me?"


"Oh, hey, where's Kaoru? And Kouichi?" Yuugi popped the question to everyone as they assembled at the limo, which was provided by Kaiba Corp Inc.

"I heard they had to leave and attend to some errand their mother set on them," Otogi suddenly said. "Sorry, they told me to pass on the message, but I guess it slipped my mind."

"That's okay…" Yuugi sighed. "And it was fun with them around too."

"I'm sure we'll see them again, aibou," Yami said encouragingly, taken it upon himself to make Yuugi content.

"You're right, Yami," Yuugi smiled and hugged his darker half around the middle. "I was foolish to think they would disappear from our lives entirely."

Yami turned a bright red as his aibou hugged him for a full two minutes.

The trip itself was quite uneventful, and that certainly was a first. By uneventful, it means that only two incidents have happened. One was when Jounouchi decided to tell jokes, and one happened to be so hilarious everyone was sent laughing; even Seto cracked a smile. The driver literally "jumped out from his skin", and as a result, the limo skidded to a halt, and everyone was thrown off their seats, in very compromising positions for certain people in the vehicle. [A/N: My my, does that sound familiar or what?] The other incident was of everyone complaining to Jounouchi, and certain people blushing until the end of the trip. In the end, everyone fell silent, and Jounouchi was sulking at the window.

"We're here, we're here, we're here, we're here, we're here, we're he-"

"All right, Mokuba, we get the point," Seto said crossly, still annoyed about the whole trip.

Excitement ran through the entire limo from the front to the back. They writhed, squirmed, and twisted, all impatient to get out of the limo and finally stretch their legs, after an hour-long ride.

"Welcome to Kaiba Corp Private Beach Resort. We hope all of you will have a fantastic time here. We will come back and pick you up in two days' time." The driver announced as everyone and everything was taken out of the limo. "Enjoy your stay!"

Seto Kaiba could not believe his luck.


The sun was partly hidden behind some clouds, but nonetheless they all had a very enjoyable time.

"HA! Take THAT, Tomb Robber!"

Bakura groaned. "Why me?" He stared above him at the sky and roared, "WHY ME!?!?"

"Bakura, watch out!" Yuugi squealed, before covering them with his hands, unable to watch what came afterwards.

"Huh? Wh-" His question never came out properly, for someone has just spiked the ball over net, and hit Bakura squarely in the face.

"'Kura!" Ryou squeaked, rushing over to him. "Are you all right?" he asked worriedly.

Bakura shook his head, flinging his long white hair out of his field of vision. "I'm fine, Ryou. But the person who did this to me," Bakura pointed at his now bloody nose, "is not."

Two suspicious shadows moved slightly off the court.

"OI! MALICK, MARIKU, I'LL HAVE YOU!!" Bakura chased after them, blood flying freely behind him.

"Come and catch us!" They shouted back, still running.

Jounouchi, Honda, and Otogi snickered at the sight of a half-naked Bakura chasing two half-naked Egyptians.

Yami was too busy staring at Yuugi (who, by the way, was worrying over the fight just like Ryou) to notice that Mai was calling him.

Shizuka was building a sandcastle with Mokuba off to one side, safe from all the trouble. Yes, just leave it to the "grown-ups" to deal with all the difficulties.

And Anzu? No one really bothered to find out where she went. She probably went into the water, trying to do some impressive water moves, but got drowned in the process.

Seto Kaiba rubbed his temple. His beach, his private beach, was being contaminated by blood. Blood! BLOOD!! Of all body substances, it had to be BLOOD!!

A nagging voice whispered to him, "Well, at least it's not that other substance, right? Be thankful it's not that."

Seto Kaiba shook his head. He was starting to lose it. He was talking to himself, for God's sake!

He could barely believe it, but was relieved when they all said they'd retire for the day.

But that didn't stop the chaos at all, as Seto Kaiba found out the hard way.

- To be Continued –

[1] "Amatsu Houkou" = Heavenly Aroma (Lame, I know. XD) . Someone can correct me if the grammar's wrong.

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