He stormed past her, made his way back into the corridor and took a deep breath if he was going to find a way out of this he would have to have a clear head. Alec made his way to his office that had a glorious view over the stables and the castle's extensive rounds he sat down and got to work thinking of any possible way to get out of his situation, he was sure that someone like Jace (Alec's younger brother) would love the idea of 35 girls in the house but for Alec had never been one for making conversation with those he did not know so he could not think of a situation that he would be more uncomfortable in. He knew deep down that this was in the best interest of his family and his people but the whole idea of a selection made him feel sick to the stomach.

Days passed and preparations where slowly coming together, they thought Alec had no idea about this but he was not stupid he knew that when the maids saw him and they ducked their heads or turned away from him they were trying to hide the fact that organizations where already in progress without him fully agreeing with the situation. Alexander also knew that he was running out of time to put an end to the whole thing he would have to do something dramatic and fast!

Alec heard the creaking of his bedroom door and looked up to see Isabelle in his doorway and he grinned, he loved his sister and was always pleased to see her. She swept across the polished floor boards, her silk gown billowing out behind her and settled herself on the red satin futon. "Dear brother how are you?" she questioned while positioning the many pillows around her. "I'm fine thank you Izzy" he replied, Isabelle sighed and looked at him sternly, "Stop lying you are terrible at it and it pains me, how are you really?" Alec smiled Isabelle could read anyone like a book, "Really he said I'm not okay, I'm not okay with any of this, everyone running around the place, Dad ordering everyone about even more than normal, Mum thinking the world is coming to an end because she hasn't enough dresses and me knowing I will be marring someone soon whether I like them or not" He glanced up at her "Izzy I never asked for any of this!" Isabelle grabbed his hand "I know Alec and I understand and I know it might not seem like it now but this selection will be wonderful for our country and those who live in it, I know marriage is not something you want but I ask you please for the sake of the people just give it a go and if within say 3 months there isn't even one person you could consider marrying I promise I will manage to get you out of it" Alexander considered this for a moment before he spoke again "Izzy that's a great idea and all but how would you ever manage to get me out of it?"