George delicately dabbed on the bruise paste to his face, grimacing at the icy coldness of the formulation. Even though this version that Professor Snape had made him was vastly superior to what he'd had before, the coldness was still unpleasant. But, better than going around with a bloody bruise and everyone asking who'd punched him. Snape had even warned him this could happen when Harry found out about his complicity in the plan, that bloody Slytherin. He had predicted the events of his de-agement with scary accuracy, and known pretty much exactly how George could affect it.

With his cheek under control, George then went to the locked cubby in his desk and carefully unlocked the door with several intricate tappings on the pattern on the front. The door sprung open, revealing his most closely held secrets. With a bit of a smile and a salute to the old man, he picked up the letter he had left him and broke the dark green wax seal in the back. Pulling out the heavy parchment paper, George read the title of the letter.

Phase II

This is a sequel announcement. Please check out Raising Snape 2 which I have just posted.