Chapter 10


Disclaimer: Ugh........this really adds to my mood, having to say over and over that I don't own Inuyasha, and all I own is the teeny lil plot and my character thing.

Mojobubbles: *attempting to sing "My Will"*

Inuyasha: *covering ears* SHADDUP!!!

Mojobubbles: *ignores him*

Kagome: *sigh* She downloaded a "My Will" mp3 from the Internet.....

Kamilah: Oh yeah, we invited 17-year-old Rin to try and fix Sesshomaru.

Sesshomaru: La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la.....

Rin: *shakes head* *kisses Sesshomaru*

Sesshomaru: La la l-*being kissed* ^ o_,__,_o ^

Kagome: Did it work?

Sesshomaru: *gets up* Thank you Rin. *brushes off clothes* *acts like nothing happened*

Mojobubbles: *sigh* I have so much homework......

Sesshomaru: Would these help? *takes out a pack of Pop Rocks*

Mojobubbles: Pop..........Rocks..........POP ROCKS!!!!!!!!! *leaps on Pop Rocks like a rabid squirrel* THANK YOU SESSAHOMIE!!!!!!!!!! *glomps him*

Sesshomaru: Stop calling me that. ^ -_,__,_- ^

Mojobubbles: LET'S WRITE THE CHAPTER!!!!!!! And by the way, I figured something out about Inuyasha with the help of my manga. Ok, this is a long story.

Inuyasha: Oh gods......not this again........

Mojobubbles: Right. So, there's this website, and they have tons of IY screenshots. But the webmistress writes comments each of the screenshots and if you hold your cursor over the thumbnail of the pic, then the comment pops up. Ok, remember the nothing-woman, the demon that Sesshomaru disguised as Inuyasha's mother? Well, she has no reflection. On this website, in the screenshot of her reflection, the comment is "It's Michael Jackson's face in five years!"

Kagome: *laughs*

Mojobubbles: Yeah. And then, in the manga, the nothing-woman has not just a reflection, but no face. And then, the clothes are, like, off, and it's holding Inuyasha.

Kagome: And this is going where.....?

Mojobubbles: I'm getting there! So, one day, we're all at lunch, and we noticed this, and I said, "That's why Inuyasha is so angsty! He was molested by Michael Jackson as a chibi!"

Inuyasha: Feh. That's all I have to say, is feh.

Mojobubbles: Speaking of 'feh', Sesshomaru's equivalent of 'feh' is 'pah'.

Sesshomaru: What's wrong with "pah"?

Inuyasha: It's weird, that's what. :P

Sesshomaru: ^ -_,__,_- ^

Mojobubbles: But I think in the manga, Sesshomaru barely surpasses Inuyasha as my fav character. That's just in the manga though.

Sesshomaru: :P

Inuyasha: ^ -_,__,_- ^

Mojobubbles: Although in the manga Sesshomaru really looks like a girl.

Inuyasha: :P

Sesshomaru: ^ -_,__,_- ^

Mojobubbles: But he's cool 'cause he's got this really sarcastic sense of humor. Like, when Inuyasha can't pull out Tetsusaiga and he's pissed at Myoga and squeezing him, Sesshomaru says, "Thank you for that amusing interlude." And when Fluffy is at the samurai place, he says, "You little men annoy me. Go." But I really like when Sesshomaru sticks his fingers in Inu's eye and pulls out the black pearl. He (Fluffy) has this look on his face like he's really bored. It's great!
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*~*Flashback*~* or *~*End flashback*~* Kinda self-explanatory, right?

~~song lyrics~~ (No these are not set to songs like the other chapters, but at random times I may stick random song lyrics where I think they fit.)


(Here's a quick little schedule-ish thing of what's been happening:

Sunset (about 7 PM): Inuyasha and Aiko changed to full humans; she was kidnapped by that hatazao.

9 PM: The hatazao brought Aiko to Sesshomaru's. (I know, that means that Rin thought about what to do for about 2 hours............^_^U)

Midnight: Aiko fell asleep.

4:45 AM: Sesshomaru heard Aiko talking in her sleep.

5:15 AM: Inuyasha-tachi (-and the others) arrived at Sesshomaru's.

5:30 AM: They all started fighting.

5:55 AM: Aiko died for a few minutes then Sesshomaru fixed her with the Tenseiga.

So, they all left about 6:05 in the morning.)

"That was a really noble thing you did today, Sesshomaru-sama," Rin said. He shrugged gracefully. "By the way, I think Jaken accidentally got killed by one of the nemaki this morning," Rin continued, scratching the back of her head. He raised his eyebrows. (Yes, I killed off Jaken. I assumed no one would miss him........^+^ Hey that's a cool face......)

"If you don't mind my asking, why did you do it? Why did you save her?" Rin pressed. Sesshomaru sighed.

"She reminded me of you."

Whatever answer Rin was expecting, that wasn't it. She said nothing, just reached out and took his hand. Neither of them said anything.

"You're thinking of how Aiko died, aren't you?" Rin asked knowingly.

"What does she see in that half-breed?!" Sesshomaru asked, answering her question with one of his own. Rin shrugged.

"She probably wonders what I see in you," she replied.



"What's love?"

Rin hadn't expected that. "I suppose........well, I don't know how to explain /what/ it is, but I know that when you're in love......when you love someone, you would do anything for them. When you would die for them. And when you know that no matter what happens, they're always there to catch you when you fall, and you'll be there to catch them. When you're in would trust this person with your life, and they would trust you with theirs. When you love someone, you know this is the person you want to live the rest of your life with. And you want them to be by your side till the very end. That's what love is."

Sesshomaru didn't answer; images flashed through his mind.

(My mom came in and read Rin's explanation of love and started criticizing my grammar. @_@ Then she pronounced Sesshomaru all funky and I told her he's a demon. She replied that he should be on "Angel" or "Buffy" 'cause he's a demon. _ I dug out a pic of him from the manga and I was like, "Doesn't he look like a girl?" and she was like, "Hmmm, elf ears......")


The teenage youkai pushed the hanyou down into the dirt. The hanyou was only about 3, and began to cry loudly. His 7-year-old brother, attracted by his cries, ran into the scene, and growled at the youkai, bearing his fangs. The three youkai knew better to mess with this new youkai, even if he was only 7. They gave each other scared looks, and ran. The boy turned to his brother, who was rubbing his eyes.

"'Somaru," he whimpered, holding his arms up. The older youkai, his brother, crouched down and picked up him up.

"They won't bother you anymore, Inuyasha." Satisfied, the hanyou buried his head in his brother's shoulder. "I promise."

*~*End flashback*~*

Sesshomaru stared up at the clear blue sky. 'Was that love? Did I once love him? And what about Rin?'

He smiled ruefully. He had wanted some answers, but now all he had were more questions.


Exhaustedly, Inuyasha and the others slumped into Kaede's hut and collapsed on the ground. For a while, no one said anything.

"Inuyasha," Kagome murmured. "What now? Where do we go from here?"

Sango, Miroku, Shippo, and Kaede exchanged glances.

"Look at the time, I've got to, um, polish Hiraikotsu!" Sango exclaimed, jumping up.

"And, um, I have to come with her!" Miroku said. "And, er, help! Yes, that's it, I have to help!"

"I need more medicinal herbs," Kaede said quickly.

"And, I'll help her, because, um.......bye!" Shippo said. Everyone stampeded out of the hut.

Kagome, Inuyasha, and Aiko blinked.

"Mom, what do you mean?" Aiko asked, draped across Inuyasha's lap. (Bit protective, ain't he?)

"I meant when do we go home," Kagome said quietly.

"But you are home," Inuyasha growled, although he knew very well what she meant.

"Mom......I don't want to go back to our time," Aiko said, swallowing the lump in her throat and sitting up.

"Your mom has a point, Aiko," Inuyasha said gruffly. "You have a life back there."

"But I wanna stay here, with you!" Aiko wailed, snuggling closer to him and burying her head in his kimono.


"I hate it there!" Aiko shouted, her voice muffled. "They make fun of me all the time, and they're all stupid people and I hate them!!!!" She jumped up and hurried out of the hut.

"I didn't know it was that bad......" Kagome whispered. Inuyasha went over to her and put his arm around her shoulders.

"The first night Aiko was here, she had a nightmare. She kept yelling out in her sleep, and it was some nightmare about getting teased. When she finally woke up, she started crying her eyes out."

Kagome sighed. "I knew it would be hard for Aiko, but......"

"You two really need to go home," he said finally.

"But I don't wanna lose you," Kagome murmured, as Inuyasha pulled her close.


That afternoon, Kagome, Aiko, and Inuyasha headed to the well. Kagome and Aiko were just going to stay in modern Japan for the rest of the day, and they would go back the next morning.

No one said anything about the fact that the well might prevent them from coming back.

Kagome bit her lip as she, Aiko, and Inuyasha went to the well. She looked back to Inuyasha, and said in a falsely cheerful voice, "we'll see ya tomorrow!"

But was that true? Would the well really let them back through? Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, Kagome grabbed her daughter's hand and they both jumped.


"GRANDMA!!!!!!!! WE'RE BACK!!!!!!!!! ME AND MOM ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Sota looked out the window. "Oh my God......Mom, Kagome and Aiko are back!" The two of them streaked out of the kitchen and ran up to Kagome and Aiko.

"I saw them!!!!" Aiko was screaming. "They were all there!!!" Sota hugged her.

"It hasn't changed a bit, Mom," Kagome smiled, hugging her mom, as tears ran down her face. "And Inuyasha was there......and Sango, and Miroku, and Shippo......"

"And we're going back tomorrow," Aiko added. "No matter what."


No one could sleep that night. Aiko and Kagome had found Kagome's old yellow backpack and filled it with clothes and such, and of course, ramen.

"You know, you get your ramen obsession from your dad," Kagome told Aiko that night. "He was the one that gave it to you for the first time. I was so mad.......I gave him a lecture on how ramen was not for babies....." They both laughed.

Aiko was up at 6:30 in the morning, and was dressed before seven. She went into the hallway, and heard her mom talking to her grandma.

"......I don't know what we're going to do," Kagome was saying. "If we can't get through the well........and if we do, what do we do then? Aiko and I live so far away from you. And I can't quit my job; I need to support Aiko."

Aiko, listening from the hallway, choked back sudden tears. 'It's all so hopeless......'


At 7:30 Kagome and Aiko trekked down to the shrine. Holding their breath, they grabbed each other's hands and jumped.

From the bottom of the well, they looked up. And screamed, their arms wrapped around each other.

Because they were back. Back in feudal Japan.

"Kagome? Aiko?" Inuyasha's excited face peered down into the well.

"Dad, we made it!" Aiko shouted happily, scrambling up the side of the well. He yanked her out, hugging her hard.

And Aiko realized, quickly, that she no longer felt awkward calling him dad. Because that's what he was, her father.

And nothing would ever change that.


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Mojobubbles: If you can't tell by the title choices, it's about Aiko's adventures in feudal Japan. There are gonna be some new characters, like Aiko's cousin, Rai. Also, there's gonna be Sango and Miroku's twins, Ayame and Haruko.

Kagome: Did you make up the name Haruko?

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Sesshomaru: Wait. Cousin? As in, my son? As in.......A HANYOU?!

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