My heels hit the marble floor of the club 'Eclipse', barely audible over the booming music. As one of the most private clubs with the highest cover charge and exclusive guest list, it features my favorite scene. BDSM. Here is where Doms like me come to interact with other Doms and find new Subs. Where most of society looks at us like freaks, here we can be free. I haven't had a sub in a little over a year and the yearning for a Dominant/Submissive relationship has built inside my body so much that it makes my nerves snap.

The problem with finding a Sub is the fact that I am a girl and most men like being the one in charge of the relationship. Hence the fallout with my last Sub.

I take in the dancing lights as they reflect off of the naked bodies on the floor of the potential Subs as they sit and wait for someone to approach them. This is a standard method of eliminating unwanted behaviors. Each sub is sitting on a bench or a chair with their arms tied somehow, a gag ball in their mouths, blindfolds over their eyes and a squishing ball in one of their hands. Each Dom is allowed to approach any of the Subs they want and attempt to please them. If the Sub does not like what they experience, they squeeze the ball to make it squeal and the Dom is expected to back off. If they don't, security escorts them off the premises.

I head straight for the bar and order a drink in order to relax me and use the time to observe the naked specimens available.

My, my!

Today seems my lucky day because there are eleven available male Subs where there are usually only one or two. Every first of the month, like today, June 1st, Eclipse hosts one of these events and I have been attending almost all of them since I lost my Sub. No luck so far but I haven't lost hope yet.

I sip on my stiff drink as I take in the Subs' behaviors and my eyes finally settle on one man with impressive abs. Though the abs are not what made me focus on him. His body seems relaxed and motionless, completely open to any Dom willing to step up and pleasure him. Open, honest, submissive. He is straddling a piano bench while his arms are tied on ropes from the ceiling so they form a 'T' with his body. My eyes land on his wrists where there are already marks on them, but he shows no sign of discomfort. Every other Sub seems to be moving, flinching, twitching. He is stoic.

A male Dom pauses to look at him as he circles around and walks up to him. Interesting. I continue to drink my liquor as I observe the interaction between them. The Dom touches his cheek and he leans into his touch. He craves affection. Interesting. The Dom lowers his fingers and lightly pinches his nipple. Mr Abs curves his back in an invite and the Dom leans in to talk to him. Whatever he said, Mr Abs presses the ball and a squealing sound makes the Dom frown and back off. Huh. I wonder what he said, or even if the fact that he was a male was a hard limit for Mr Abs.

I set my almost empty glass on the bar, thirsty for something else, and approach the lovely Sub. I turn around him, inspecting him for any flaws. I become aware of a few people's eyes on me, waiting to see what I will do.

Mr Abs is flawless in my eyes.

I straddle the bench so I am right behind him and put my mouth to his ear. There are no rules against talking, only that I am not allowed to use any toys or my mouth. And of course, no penetration. Only hands and my words… I can work with that.

"Hello," I use my Dom voice and he tilts his head so his ears gravitate towards the sound with interest. "My name is Bella and I am looking for a Sub." I see his head cock to the side in interest at my unusual approach to talk before I even touch him. "I have a very clear approach on what it means to be in a relationship with a Sub and I truly believe that the most important element is trust. Since you don't know anything about me, do you trust me enough to touch you knowing that I only want to pleasure you? You may nod yes. If you don't, I'll leave."

He hesitates before he nods. I smirk in triumph.

I raise my small hands and place them on the tight muscles that are flexing on his shoulders and start rubbing them to provide some comfort. "You have been sitting like this for so long," I compliment him, "Your muscles are impressive, but they must hurt." I apply more pressure on the tense knots I find and he moans in appreciation from somewhere deep in his throat. The sound is carnal and makes me wet. Oh, I really want to make him come now. "You must take really good care of your body to look this… edible," my lips graze his earlobe at the last word and he hums. I look over his shoulder and see his cock starting to spring to life.

My hands sneak inside the mop of hair on his head and let my nails massage his scalp, earning more sounds of approval from within his chest. I yank hard on his hair, bringing his head back to rest on my shoulder and he whines.

"Shh," I say soothingly in his ear and leave his head resting on my shoulder as my hands snake under his extended arms and start running over the impressive muscles of his chest and abs. "I could cut myself with such definition," I compliment, it's a major part of being a Dom, and finally lead my fingers to pinch his nipples. His response is immediate as a lighting desire shoots though his core. He starts panting, chest heaving heavily and the hard muscles tightening against my frame as I press my boobs on his back muscles, letting him feel the promise of what they mean for him. "The things I could do to your beautiful body," I murmur and my hands slide downward, over his abs and the happy little patch of hair, before they wrap around his erection. His body hums with anticipation and his breathing is so loud that I can easily hear it over the music.

"You may shake your head 'no' or nod 'yes'. Do you understand?" I snake my free hand around his waist to keep him closer.

He nods.

"Good. Are you here looking for a Dom?"

He nods. I stroke his cock harder. The skin gets dry so I spit in my hand and resume.

"I am looking for a Sub and I really like you so far," I can't resist anymore and kiss his neck below his ear a little bit. He hums pleasantly and I wait for him to squeeze the ball to tell me to stop. He doesn't. "Do you like me so far?"

He nods eagerly and I smile pleased.

"You have been so good tonight, even before I came along. Waiting patiently, openly. Trusting us Doms. For that I want to reward you. Do you want me to make you come?"

He breathes rapidly as my hand picks up speed and he nods multiple times.

"This would feel so much better for you if I was using my mouth on your gorgeous cock," I moan in his ear, knowing he is very close by the signs his body is giving me. "Maybe next time you can feel my mouth on you, taking you down my throat," he moans and tenses up. This is it, "You may come, my pet."

With my approval, he grunts loudly and shoots long streams from his tip all over the floor and my hand. I keep stroking him until he starts shivering and his hips buck. I remove my hand and bring it to my mouth to suck his fluid from my fingers, making sure he can hear the sounds of me sucking them clean. "Thank you."

His fist opens and the ball that makes the sound to tell me to stop hits the marble floor. This is the sign that the Submissive has found a Dom and wants to be released from the restraints. One of the security guards moves forward to release him, but I jump off the bench and stand in front of him with hard eyes and fists clenched. "Don't you fucking touch him," I hiss at the security steroid in front of him and he backs off from my Dom presence. "He is MY Sub so I will take care of him." When he takes a couple more steps back, I turn to the man on the bench.

First I have to give him back the ability to speak for himself, so my expert fingers loosen the gag ball, drop it on the floor, and rub circles on his jaw where the most discomfort would be located. "Are you okay?" I am honestly concerned now because I have no idea how long he has been sitting here like this. He remains silent. That's right. "I am not your usual Dom, when I ask you a direct question, I expect an honest answer unless I have specifically instructed you not to speak." I inform him of one of my rules as my fingers remove the blindfold.

"I am okay, Sir," he replies hoarsely and I instantly love the deep voice that comes from his mouth.

"Ma'am," I correct him and gasp as his green eyes are revealed behind the blindfold. He blinks as he tries to adjust to the light and his face has the slightest little scowl. He manages to focus on me and gasps. "Tell me," I encourage him when he opens and closes his mouth.

"You are more beautiful than I was expecting."

I smile pleased and release his wrists from the ropes. There are dark red marks but they didn't cut his skin so he should be back to normal in about four days. I feel his arms shake as they rest on his thighs and get to work massaging the ache out of them. When I feel satisfied, I move to his legs and help him get up on wobbling legs. He slips on the black jeans and shirt that are waiting and we head to the lawyer's office on the second floor.

After half an hour, I know that his name is Edward Masen, 29, and we have a signed NDA, non-disclosure agreement, so we can freely talk about anything and everything. I lead him to a booth in a more private part of the club and order plenty of water for him and a beer for me. He downs three glasses of water when I tell him to drink as much as he needs to and looks at the table in front of me in his submissive stance.

"Edward, our Dom/Sub time is put on hold until further notice and you may address me as Bella and look at me."

His eyes immediately shift to mine and he looks to see if I am serious. As the words settle in, his shoulders square up, he stands taller and his hand snakes out to stop a waitress as she passes through to order a beer like mine for himself.

I chuckle and wait for him to talk. If this conversation about limits and agreements is going to happen, he has to start it.

"So… you said that trust and honesty are important to you?" It sounds more like a question.

"They are," I verify and watch as he takes a gulp from his beer.

"Why are you a Dom?"

"Why are you a Sub?"

"What happened to honesty and trust?" he cocks an eyebrow in defiance and I smile.

"When I was sixteen, I was raped and beat up by three men," I admit and watch his mouth slide open at my candor.

"That's awful," he murmurs when he finds his voice.

"Yes. So, ever since, I crave control. I was helpless back then so now I do anything I can to be the one in the position of power."

He looks at his beer and nods, "Makes sense."

"Why are you a Sub?"

His eyes flick to mine and then lower again. He hides his hands under the table, shoulders hunching forward and I can tell that he rubs his palms together. His body language could not be any more obvious.

"Edward," his eyes fly to mine when I say his name, "You don't have to tell me until you are ready. Let's move on. Limits…" I trail off as I eye the example sheet that we were given by the lawyer. If we come to an agreement tonight we can sign right away.

"I need it," he blurts and I look back at him as he yanks his hair with both hands. "Okay. I'll tell you everything. But it is a long story."

I don't know if my willingness to give him space has made him trust me even more, but I will not lose this opportunity. "I have all the time you need."

He takes a deep breath, drinks some liquid courage and explains, "You don't realize who I am from my name, but I am Edward Masen, CEO of Masen Industries, CEO of Masen Corporation, and CEO of Masen publishing."

I gasp. There is nothing else for me to do. This doesn't make sense.

His eyes take me in as my brain farts around empty gas and can't process. He yanks his hair again when I don't say anything. "I am a multi-billionaire who needs to be in control 100 percent of the time I am at work or dealing with business. So, I need to Submit in order to stay sane. I need to give up control once in a while and let someone else take care of me, make decisions and suffer the responsibilities to those decisions. Doing it myself all the time is exhausting and it almost put me in a mental hospital about seven years ago."

I drink my beer as his words leave me even more clueless as to what to say. "Makes sense."

He laughs humorlessly at my response, copying his earlier answer. He then laughs for real and it is contagious, making me laugh with him. Just like that the ice cracks and I feel more comfortable around him.

"Would you like to be my Submissive, Edward?"

He holds my gaze for a second, "Yes, I would, Ma'am."

I clear my throat as his comment makes me horny again and I twist in my seat to relieve some pleasure. It doesn't work. "Let's go over some limits and rules then. Hard limits?"

"Hard limits?"

"Anything you do in the toilet."


"And fire."


"I'll explain another night."

"Fair enough. What about wishes?"

"I would like to know what your rules are as soon as possible and demand that I don't get punished for breaking a rule I was never informed of."

"That seems like a very reasonable request. I like to adjust the rules and expectations on my part depending on the Submissive's needs and what they are willing to do for me. For example, if you had a knee injury and tell me that you can't be on your knees without suffering pain, I will never have you on your knees."

"Still, I would like the rules as soon as you can."

"Anything else?"

"Availability at all times?"


"Meaning either one of us might need the other at any time of the day or night, we should be there for each other, even if it's over the phone or a quick text."

"We can work on that. It might be hard if we both work long hours, but I am willing to try to be there for you when you need your Dom."

He nods and we spend a little over an hour working out details and sign our contract in the lawyer's office.

I step out on the street with my copy of the contract and wait for my car to get pulled out. "Do you want to go somewhere together?" he asks me.

I am about to agree and then remember what he does for a living. I check my watch and see that it is a little after eleven. "What time do you have to be up in the morning?"

He cringes and I know that I will not like the answer. "Probably four."

"Edward!" my disapproval is evident in my voice.

He is avoiding my eyes.

I sigh, "No, you will go home, shower and sleep before resuming your normal routine for the day." He nods in understanding. "Do you take lunches?"

He cringes again, "Sometimes. If I have time."

I sigh and give him my business card, "I want to get together sometime tomorrow. Call or text me when you think you will have time."

He examines my card closely and smiles, "You own a patisserie?" the excitement in his voice is palpable.

"Yes, I do. We also serve good coffee and delicious dessertsdeserts. Especially chocolate."

"Chocolate is my weakness," he murmurs and I am not sure if he meant for me to hear it.

"Do you work there or just own it?"

I gasp offended, "Of course I work there. I am there every day at six and work twelve hour shifts, six days a week. Closed on Mondays."

His face falls, "I am sorry. I meant no offense. It is late and I'm tired."

I nod, "Go home and we'll talk tomorrow."

"But I came and you didn't," he objects and I like that he is considerate.

"That means you will have a lot to make up for tomorrow," I smile genuinely to let him know that I am not as upset as I probably sound and get inside my car after the valet pulls up.