HEY READERS! This is my first Home Improvement story so please be kind! However, tell me what you think and if you want any more chapters! I know this has been done before but...

"Hey Mom, Dad? I'm home." Brad yelled as he walked inside the house which had been his home for the last 16 years of his life. Brad was an all round popular jock. Typical blonde hair, blue eyes, 6'2, soccer star, and all the girls loved him. He was quite different to his brothers. Randy was known as the nerd and Mark the dork. He always knew he could count on them, especially Randy though. He rarely ever asked Randy for advice but when he did it was definitely for an important reason.

"It's just me Brad. Mom and Dad took Mark to Karate about a half hour ago." Randy said as he walked down stairs to get a drink from the kitchen.

"Cool, we got the house to ourselves this 'arvo. Hey uhh, Randy can I talk to you about something? I mean, it's kinda just something that has been on my mind for a while and I...can I trust you?" Brad said as he followed Randy into the living room.

"Yeah sure. What is it, girl troubles? Cause that's usually your domain." He said with a slight chuckle. He was surprised that Brad was asking him for advice though, usually it was the other way around.

"No, no. Umm...OK, I've been on the soccer team for a while now and...A few months ago, some of the guys offered me a...a few kicks. Speed. I...I said I'd think about it and now they're asking me again and well I took them up on their offer. I'm just, I'm confused. I mean...everyone is doing them. Is it really that bad? I mean, I know it's bad but the coach was offering them and..." Brad asked, unable to look Randy in the eye.

Randy stared at him in awe. He wasn't sure if he was joking or serious. "Is this some kinda joke? You're real funny man. You're a good actor." He said, picking up the remote control

"No, no, It's not a joke. Just forget it OK. I'll deal with it." Brad said starting to walk off. He was annoyed at himself for asking Randy in the first place. He should have known that Randy wouldn't believe him, Randy was so on the strait and narrow. He'll graduate valedictorian of the class and go to med school and graduate with honours. He'll marry Lauren and have 3 kids. His life was laid out. Brad was afraid he would end up in Burger King asking, "Would you like fries with that?"

"No, Brad, wait. Wait! I'm sorry." Randy yelled as Brad slammed the door in his face. He heard the engine pull out of the driveway. He wished he hadn't said that. Brad just said that he was doing drugs and he just brushed him off? Who knows where he could be going? Or doing? He had to speak to him as soon as he returned. In the mean time he had to return to his study. But how could he concentrate with this on his mind though? He thought about telling his parents but decided that was a bad idea. He had to help Brad on his own. He was not looking forward to this.