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Chapter 9:

Tim walked in the front door. "What's happened sweetie? What's wrong?"

"Tim, I think Brad is doing drugs."

"What?" Tim said. His face had gone ash.

A few hours later, Tim and Jill were sitting on the lounge room couch, letting everything sink in. How could they let this happen? They'd always had such a strong family. Didn't they pay enough attention to the kids? Did they feel they didn't love them, or had favourites? They always though it would be Mark if anyone were to experiment. But was it experimentation? Or had it gone further then that? Was he an addict and they didn't even notice? Who was he getting them off? What was he taking? Where'd he get the money? How long had it been going on? Why didn't Randy tell them? Is he taking them too? The questions were endless.

"It's not our fault." Jill said, reading Tim's thoughts. She knew by the look on his face that he was blaming himself. "We were - are - good parents. We'll have to talk to him. He'll be home soon."

At that moment, Randy and Brad both walked in the door. You could tell the tension in the air. They both started to walk upstairs to their rooms but Jill called Brad back. "Brad, wait! Can you come over here for a minute?" Brad and Randy looked at each other, both worried. "You go upstairs Randy."

Brad sat down on the cream couch opposite them. The furniture, which had once looked new was now starting to look stained and old. Like Tim's face. "What's up?" Brad asked, looking first at his mother then his father. It was like Tim's face had aged 20 years in the course of a few hours.

"Brad...we don't want you to lie to us. We know what's going on. We heard you and Randy arguing this morning. Are you doing drugs? And don't lie to us Bradley." Jill said, her eyes filling with water. Somehow she kept her voice strong.

"What? What are you talking about? Of course..." Brad was cut off by Tim's voice.

"Don't lie to us Brad! WE KNOW. JILL HEARD YOU. HOW CAN YOU EVEN THINK OF LYING TO US NOW?" Tim yelled, all his anger bubbling to the surface. His face was red with hurt, fear and anger.

A single tear fell down Brad's cheek. He knew this was going to come out eventually. But not this soon. And not like this. He'd never seen his father so angry. Or his mother so upset. He knew he had just torn this family. THings would never be the same after this. What was he going to say though? Should he say yes? Or what. What would happen to him? Would they kick him out? Support him? Send him to rehab? He had no idea. He suddenly felt bad for the way he had treated Randy. Randy had only tried to help him and he shoved it in his face.

"I'm so sorry."

"Oh my God." Jill said, now breaking down in to constant sobs. "It's true."