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Chapter 6: My beloved past

Shalimar couldn't believe her ears. Cres still thought they were responsible for Chip's death...


"No Brennan! Don't shoot!" Shalimar shouted. The next thing they saw was a bright light. An invisible force scattered them across the room. When they'd recovered they saw that one girl didn't... And Cres was holding her, tears in her deep brown eyes.

*Flashback end*

"It was an accident, Brennan didn't mean to..." "Oh please Shalimar!" Cres snapped in frustration. "He KNEW what Jason could do, he KNEW. And now because of him, because of all of you... I feel nothing but the blinding pain." She was holding back tears, suppressing pains, Shalimar could tell.

"Then you of all people should know what we're going through, what I'm going through. Please, you're the only one who can help." Cres stared at a picture on her desk. A picture of two young and seemingly happy girls, holding each other, smiling at the one taking the picture.

"Life was perfect you know. Perfect until YOU came crashing into it. Perfect until YOU betrayed us all. Perfect until YOU killed her." The girl picked up the picture. "Race!" she shouted for the Elemental. Who came barging in, already playing with a ball of fire in his hands. "Trouble?" he smiled, his eyes glistering with hope. "No, no trouble. Kindly escort Ms. Fox out of the building." Race sighed in disappointment. "Fine, come with me." He whistled for the two Moleculars.

"You know what..." Cres started "I'll come and wave ya goodbye. After all, I loved the social call." She took the picture and followed the three men and Shalimar. "You can't do this Cres! Please, Emma's dying. We need you!" Finally the arrived at the doors. "You think Chip would've want you to be like this?" Shalimar tried in a last desperate attempt. Apparently it pissed Cres off for her eyes flashed golden. "Don't EVER come here again!" She replied in a low voice.

The two Moleculars phased the door and with a wave off Cres' hand, Shalimar was thrown through it. Locked outside and empty handed. Inside, a single tear ran down Cres' emotionless face, landing perfectly on the frame she was holding. The glass breaking under the sheer weight of love which the tear held.

Shalimar just stood there in the parking lot. Lost, desperate, without hope... Cres was the only one she could think of who could cure Emma. She wanted to hate Cres as she hated her, but she couldn't. Now there was nothing left to fall back on. She was going to lose Emma and the pain started to dawn on her. She watched the sun set, got on her motorcycle and rode back home...

Shal entered Sanctuary completely silent. Not uttering a word to anyone. Heading straight for her room. She felt like trashing the place, throwing things around, ripping it apart, but at the same time she didn't have the strength to. All these years as a feral she'd never felt anything like this before. Her light was being put out and there was jack shit she could do about it. She felt completely helpless, which was unnatural to any feral. She didn't even felt this helpless when her dad kicked her into mental hospital. Slowly and alone she began to fear the days after Emma's death. Flashes of the burial, everybody wearing black, the coffin being lowered into the ground and finally the tomb-stone... And a decision was made. If Emma died, so did she...

***Dark Rebel Palace***

"You know what this means, don't you Cres?" Cres responded by raising an eyebrow. "Mutant X is vulnerable! We can attack them and take our revenge!" Race's eyes were glowing with excitement but the girl simply shook her head.

"This is not gonna be that easy Race, especially now. Shalimar will do ANYTHING to protect Emma."

"That's right, she'll put her own life on the line to save her. I can burn her pretty blonde head right off." Race grinned.

Cres' eyes flashed at the elemental. "If you lay but a finger on Shalimar I will rip you apart myself!"

"Well, well. Am I detecting a soft spot there Cres..." He laughed "I know you like her. I can tell. She stirred something in you, something you thought you'd suppressed."

"What are you? Psionic?" Race simply laughed and Cres looked at him, disbelieve showing in her eyes.

"Oh what? You thought you were the only special one here? She touched you with that Chip-speech in the hallway..." The short girl stirred and faster than the cocky elemental had realized a strong hand cut off his air-supply.

"You know what Race, I can take them on WITHOUT you as easily as I can with you. You don't make a difference. So if you don't like it here, I suggest you piss off. But since you're in my face right now I take it you don't want that. So IF you play, you play by MY rules. GOT IT?!"

"Aye, aye captain." He laughed. Cres loosened her grip... Then clogged him in the eye. "And another thing. If I ever hear the name Chip coming out of your mouth again..." Cres stared deep into Race's eyes and he grew pale as he saw images in her mind that terrified even him. Cres turned and to leave the room.

"Hey where are you going?!" He yelled. "I need to take care of something. Have the Heirs round up downstairs by the time I get back."

Cres walked through the corridors of Black Rebel Palace until she met the two moleculars. "Phase me through." "Yes ma'am."

She got into her car and drove off, to the spot she always went to when she didn't know what to do.


A knock sounded on Shalimar's door. Before she could respond it was pushed open. "Shal?" She'd already heard Brennan coming a mile away. "Shal you okay?"

"Go away Bren, I need to be alone." He shook his head and closed the door. "Where have you been?"

"To Cres..." "WHAT?! Shal you could've been killed." "What do I care. It was our last hope..."

"You should've told me! I would've come with you!" "And then what?" "I would've made her help us!"

"Or else fried her? Like you did with Jason?! YOU'RE the fuckin' reason why she doesn't want to help us in the first place!" "What?!" "Or did you forget you killed Chip as well?! Now GET OUT!!!"

***With Cres***

She parked her car in a space near the entrance and got out. She inhaled deeply. The air thick with the rank smell of death, she as a feral could easily pick up. She walked through the gate, into the graveyard.

Taking her time, she shuffled to the Chip's grave. When she finally reached it she glanced over the tombstone. She saw it so many times, that she knew it by heart. The harsh words 'here lays...' often were too much for her.

"Hey angel face..." She whispered. "It's me." She paused, not sure what to say next.

"Shalimar visited me today. Emma's dying. I know how much you liked her. I'll never forget that spark in your eyes..." This time the pause was to gather herself. "But I have to be strong. For the Heirs, for me... and especially for you. They killed you. They took you away from me." She kneeled down next to the grave and closed her eyes. Images of Chip dying in her arms filling her mind.


She knew what Brennan's plan was. She'd strongly advised against it. They didn't know what would happen to Jason if he tried to overload him. But Brennan had been stubborn.

She saw what happened. Him charging up, Shalimar shouting, the blast hitting Jason, the white ball of energy.

She heard what happened. The crackling of his sparks, Shal's feral growl, Jason's shout, her name being called, racing footsteps.

She felt what happened. The heat of the whole situation but most importantly... She felt herself being shoved out of the way, seconds later the blast blew her even further.

Right then and there she heard the most horrible sound ever. Chip.

She opened her heavy eyelids, gathered herself and quickly started looking for the psionic. "Chip? Chip where are you?" She sat up and looked around. Suddenly she saw Chip, just laying there, not moving. Cres crawled over.

"Chip wake up. Come on angel face..." Chip slowly opened her eyes.

"Cres? Are you...okay?" "I'm fine... Why did you..." "Is Jason dead?" "Yes he is. Now why did you push me back?!" "You...almost got...fried."

"Chip hold on, please, just hold on." "I can't Cres, I'm sorry..." "No! You stay with me now, you hear me Chip?! Stay with me, I need you!" "I'm sorry Cres... I love you.." With that her eyes rolled back and she let out a final sigh. "NNOOOOO!!!" The last bit sounded more like a loud growl than a word.

She looked at Mutant X... "Get out! All of you! I swear if I EVER see one of you again... I'LL KILL YOU!!!"

*Flashback end*

"I love you Chip. I know what to do now..." And she left.

***Dark Rebel Palace***

Cres was phased back inside the building. Race met her at the other side of the wall. "They're waiting..." He grinned.

"Tell them I have good news... Tell them that tonight we'll take our revenge, tonight... Mutant X will pay!" Cres' eyes flashed with fury.

To be continued...


I hope that this explains a bit of what happened and that everything makes a bit more sense. I had to focus this chap on Cres to do so. I promise that the next we'll get back to our good ole team. The next chap is after all... The final and big clash of the titans!!! Suspense, suspense, suspense... mwahahahahaha!