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Basically [Jaune x Pyrrha and RWBY] and [Ren x Nora and NDGO] because why tf not

Jaune will be powerful as hell in this story. Like really powerful
the dude needs to catch a break for once, let's be real here.


Disclaimer: I don't own RWBY but OC's are hella mine

Chapter 1: A Hero's Lament

A man knelt in a field of blood, knees drenched in death and destruction. His hands were weak, fingers broken and bones shattered within. Despite the dreary palette, a sword; venerated, reforged and tempered in combat, laid weakly against his bloodied and tattered jeans. Around his waist, a beautiful, yet torn sash of crimson red flowed in the harsh, dank winds. The field was silent; no shouts, no cries. With little left to do, the man sighed out, his blond hair waving against nature's soft, dying breath; caressing him, holding him.

His friends had died. The war claimed so many, their bodies littering battlefields from Mantel to Anima; from Vale to the farthest western tip of Sanus. Heroes, Heroines. Allies, comrades, friends. Everyone, every man, woman and even Faunus-kind rose up in arms. But the Grimm were too numerous; the Grimm were too strong. With those beastly lieutenants running the show, Salem – the self-proclaimed Queen of Remnant – had victories upon victories. Her enemies fell like wheat to the scythe.

His friends were defeated by her and her lackeys like child's play. Ren, Nora, Sun, Neptune, Blake, Yang, Weiss, Ruby…his mind drifted to the first casualty – Pyrrha. Tears stung at the corners of his eyes, thinking of the various teams of hunters and hunters-in-training. They fought on the fields of battle, following him and the girl with the Silver Eyes; remembering what happened to Haven – remembering Beacon. In the end, they still failed.

In the end, when it fell, there was nothing – no rest; no love; no hero. Yet despite it all, with his guts practically hanging from his stomach and lungs full of blood – he still so desperately wanted to be that hero. The one who would fix the world – save it from its own self destruction. A fire grew within his chest as he clung to that dream. Feeling some movement in his shattered, numbing fingers, the tips grazed against the handle of his blade, Crocea Mors. Its beautiful hue, shined beneath the shattered moon above. The blade twitched from the sudden movement but didn't leave his side.

He stayed there, surrounded by corpses of Free Faunus and men of the Human Kingdoms remaining to stand against Salem and her unholy horde. Mixed with their bodies – White Fang peppered the field. Since the Second Great War began, the White Fang had upgraded their armament. Their tunics and Grimm masks were replaced with real armor. Grimm helmets displayed which division they belonged to – Ursa and Beowolves were infantry, cannon fodder at the very most. White Fang with those helmets were in piles along the distant view of the bloodbath.

But towering over the great piles of corpses, Grimm of gargantuan size could be seen. Their imposing shadows so dark, they were visible through the night. Energy burst through his system flooding his blood stream and nerves. Snapping his head forward, the Arc rose to his feet, stumbling from the weight of his armor.

Blood trickled from the wound on his forehead, covering his face in large cascades of that crimson liquid. Stabbing his sword into the dirt, he shed his armor, revealing the symbol of Pumpkin Pete. For just a moment, he could hear Ruby laughing with glee, enamored and genuinely surprised by his choice of attire. Dropping the breastplate into the mud, he drew his sword from the ground, raising his shield remembering what Pyrrha had trained him to do after all these years.

Grimm roared, howling in the distance sending shivers up and down his spine. But a coughing fit knocked him from his thoughts. A man shuffled through the corpses, pushing his way from the dead and the filth. His hair was orange and features marred by a great scar cut deeply from his hairline to the opposite end at his jaw. The man wore armor dented and punctured with a great spearhead protruding from his back.

"Jauney-boy." The man said with a small pained smile. "Glad to see that you're…you're…"

"C-Cardin?" The Arc fell to a knee, stopping the man's descent. "I-I…how did you…?"

"That doesn't matter much does it? The Grimm are coming…we're gonna die here aren't we?" The Winchester groaned, heaving a wheezing breath. "Heh…that's fine. Looks like I'll finally be able to apologize to Velvet in the afterlife…"

Using his giant dented and bent mace, he pushed himself to his feet. Jaune took the time to realize just how damaged and changed Cardin had become. His left leg had been completely replaced with Atlas tech. Although it was sparking with wires cut and jutting from bent plasteel plates, the leg looked functional. Cardin clasped his chest, the spear was lodged deep, completely puncturing his torso. All hope was lost for the two remaining men.

"Jaune…" Cardin began, resting a hand on Jaune's shoulder. "I'm sorry that I couldn't save her. She was my responsibility…I was too weak."

"Shut up, Cardin." The man sighed, standing tall. The former bully took his time to catch his final breaths. "We have a battle to fight. Apologies can be saved for the afterlife. I don't know about you but I intend to go down fighting – I'll kill as many as I can."

"Me too, Jauney-boy." Cardin wheezed. "I'll do my best…"

"So the hero and the flunky think themselves wolves amongst the pack?" A dark condescending voice fell upon them.

Slowly but surely, Grimm of all shapes and sizes arrived, surrounding the two Huntsmen. Every land based breed barred its teeth, licking at the air, tasting the death and destruction they had caused. Every beast conceivable marched to surround the pair, trampling over the sea of bodies – some completely crushed the dead to unrecognizable damage. But the Grimm didn't care – they were soulless, evil creatures created for the sole purpose of destroying life. Jaune nodded to Cardin, raising his shield and sword, the Arc readied himself.

"You've had a good run, Arc." Salem bellowed. "Your family line ends here. The line of the Ancient Kings ends tonight!"

"Cardin!" Jaune cried out. "This is it! Are you ready to die?!"

"I have been ready to die!" Cardin's response was fierce.

"Advance my children!" Salem cried with joy. "Feast upon the last King humanity will ever know."

The Grimm marched like soldiers, lockstep and file. Their claws and teeth sharpened and still painted red. The darkness they wore like a veil had fallen upon the night, leaving their white bone armor and beaming vermilion eyes to be seen glowing. The creatures were well within the millions, converging upon them, slowly but surely closing the distance. They fed on fear but even in the direst of moments, faced with their coming demise, both Jaune and Cardin, wounded and defeated, held no fear within. They accepted their fate – they knew what was to come. Gathering what little aura the Arc had within, he channeled it into his blade, causing the steel to glow with a vicious brilliance.

Cardin's semblance wouldn't activate and his aura was dangerously low. The Winchester used what little strength he had to grip his bent mace steady. The head faced the ground, shaft had been bent breaking the balance of the weapon. Despite it being of carbon fiber reinforced steel, the weapon had a breaking point. After all, not much could survive the full weight of an adult Goliath. The man steadied himself, pressing his back against Jaune's, hoping the blond would get the message.

After his weapon was crushed, Cardin was left unarmed. Without much left to do, a White Fang soldier wearing the mask of a Boarbatusk shot forward, jamming a spear with an ivory tip through his chest. Surprisingly enough, the ivory spearhead punctured through his aura and for the first time in a long while, he knew what real physical pain was. While it was nothing like losing an entire limb, it hurt like a real bitch.

Upon four Goliaths, Salem's own team, Team WTCH, stood with reins and leashes in their hands. Cinder was completely healed, leaving minimal scars and burn marks. Beside her, Doctor Watts, sported a new scar and burn marks on his right brow – courtesy of Yang. Tyrian the scorpion Faunus crouched upon the Goliath, laughing maniacally, eyes planted with Jaune. And the last one – Hazel. His arms were crossed over his chest, eyes wrapped in bandages. A long velveteen leash led to one of his beastly clenched fists. While the damage couldn't be seen, Sun and Blake had rendered him sluggish and blind.

Jaune felt the corners of his lips quirk. They may have done what they can to defeat us, we got our own licks in. We may fall today, but we will live on forever…

"Ren…Nora…Ruby, Yang, Blake, Weiss, Pyrrha…" Jaune whispered. "Looks like I'll be seeing all of you soon."

"How does it feel, Arc?!" Salem roared with a prideful screech. "How does it feel knowing you failed?!"

"Go fuck yourself, Salem!" A pained roar echoed behind the blond.

A small smirk formed on his bruised face; Cardin doesn't change sometimes. "Hey; antagonize them why don't you?"

"We're gonna die, are we not?" Cardin turned his eyes to the Grimm horde; sneering at the glowing orange eyes. "Why not throw some insults as we do so?"

With little left to say, the pair of men roared out to the growing horde. "Bring it on!"

His body moved on its own, relying on muscle memory. Every swing; every slash met their marks. Even so; his muscles screamed for him to stop, his bones burned within his flesh, begging him all the same. Shoving his sword into a Grimm's throat, great bright light glowed from the tempered blade, searing into the Grimm. It howled, swinging its great clawed paws trying to kill the blond knight but nothing it did could connect. Sliding his blade from the creature; it sighed, disappearing in a small dark cloud of ominous smoke.

Behind him, Cardin was doing his best to hold his own against the Beowolves that had flanked him. Without question, Jaune jumped back, bringing his shield up to defend the Winchester. Sparks danced off the flat surface of the weapon sheath before digging into the mud beneath them. Turning on his heels, he lunged forward, aura burning off his blade. The sword melted through the Grimm, akin to a hot knife through butter. It howled but within just a few moments, the creature fell dead. Sharing a knowing look, the pair of Hunters nodded at one another.

"Thanks for the save, Jauney." Cardin took a deep breath. "You really saved my skin there…"

"Heh…" The Arc smiled. "You're welcome…"

"Adorable – truly adorable." Salem's voice filled his ears. "Why must you resist?"

"Because despite the odds stacked against me, I may fall…" Jaune faced the woman who took everything he loved. Her blood red eyes met with his sapphire blue, burning at the contact. "I can fight back, smiling and accepting of my unchangeable fate because I know it won't be by your hand! So send your Grimm! Send your braindead lieutenants! I'll die knowing you're too weak and scared to face me yourself!"

"You dare speak to our goddess with such impunity?!" Tyrian's voice echoed with a psychotic resonance. "I knew I should have killed you when I first saw you!"

Slapping the reins of his Goliath mount, the beast charged forward, feet beating into the mud. Its tusks swung left and right, knocking smaller Grimm, creeps, Beowolves and even Ursa from its rampage. Cardin's eyes widened in fear, dropping his mace. Jaune though stood his ground, sheathing Crocea Mors. The shield sang, hissing and revealing two thick edges protruding along the length of the weapon. Cardin collapsed for the final time, eyes narrowing at the pool of blood growing beneath him.

"Jaune…" He wheezed. "Take the last of my aura…I have no use for it anymore…"

Reaching down, the blond knight and the ginger headed bully knocked knuckles. For a moment, Jaune felt the world around him darken. Color returned to the momentary monochrome monotony, revealing the puddle of rouge spilling in every direction staining the Winchester's once grey armor. His face expressionless and mouth falling agape. He had finally fallen, leaving the Arc on his own.

"I don't care how long it takes me, Salem…" Arc growled. "The last of my friends and comrades have died…I will stop at nothing, not even death itself will stop me from having revenge! I will kill you!"

Charging ahead, dirt and mud flying in his wake, the Arc clashed with the rampaging Goliath. Dodging its right tusk, he took a powerful swing at its front right leg. Aura burned in the extended blade of Crocea Mors, cleaving through the great Grimm. It collapsed almost immediately, losing its balance and strength. Tyrian launched forward, hair and shortened tail swinging in every direction.

Taking this as his chance, the Arc took off toward the scorpion Faunus. Swinging upon the unwary villain, Jaune's blade sliced through the man's back, searing pain through his nerves. The Faunus collapsed gripping his lacerated spine, feeling the blood rush upon his back. How the aura was depleted in such an instant was beyond the WTCH member. In his attempts to crawl or even run away, he found his legs wouldn't move.

"This is for Ruby and Nora." Swinging his sword with expert grace, he shoved the sword into the Faunus. He squished like a creature of Grimm, blood poured from his mouth, drenching the ground beneath them. Tyrian shouted, begged and cried out for help but Salem kept her sickening smirk spread across that pale deathly face. Cinder actually laughed and clapped for the death of the Faunus. Hazel, blind as can be, simply shook his head at the man's recklessness. But it was Doctor Watts that surprised the Arc.

The man was enraged, almost in disbelief that Tyrian was killed. Releasing the reins of his Goliath, the mustachioed man scratched his chin, fists clenched and eyes narrowed with frustration. All their calculations didn't take into account of the Arc. The boy who was unremarkable, useless and worthless in all accounts of being a Huntsman. The boy who barely managed to fake his way into one of the best Hunter schools, is the same boy who managed to lead a team of Huntsmen-in-training and kill an ancient Nuckelavee Grimm. With clenched teeth, the man sighed. This boy should have died in Anima. He should have died with his friends when we sunk the continent. Persistence is as annoying as it ever was.

"You are way in over your head boy." Watts simply said as he slid down the side of his mount. "Do us and yourself a favor and die. You have caused us too many problems and too much stress. You have turned our forces against one another, feeding into their own fears and frustrations. And you've killed one of my friends. Just die for once."

Zipping forward with two White Fang following at his sides, the Doctor rammed his foot into Jaune's blade, sending him skidding through the mud and barely dried dirt. Swinging his blade around, the boot caught onto the broadside of the blade, steading his assault and holding him in place. The man glared holes into Jaune's skull, burning his image into the blond's memory.

Sliding away, sparks danced from the steel soled boots. When the man landed, sparks danced off his soles and the blades in his socks. Once he landed, he threw his hands out signaling the white fang lieutenants to follow suit. They dodged Jaune's attempts at trying to hold them off. But they were too slow. He drew his sword from the sheath and activated the shield configuration. Bending back, he dodged an incoming knife attack and responded by shoving his sword into the man's stomach. He was a bear Faunus; the nose gave out the details.

Tearing the blade from the man, blood sprang forth, drenching his once pristine armor. Spinning on his knees, he lobbed the legs off a few unsuspecting White Fang, disabling them from the fight. But in his distraction, a Chameleon Faunus jumped at him, skin morphing from the dirt color and changed to the woman's normal skin tone.

She landed on his back, shoving a knife into his shoulder, eliciting a howling roar. Dropping his weapons for just a moment, he wrapped his hands around her shoulders and pulled her with all his strength. She struggled of course, but in the end, he tore the girl from his back and used her as a bullet shield. He wasn't too certain on whether or not the White Fang would fire upon one of their own comrades but they sure as hell did. Her body was peppered with bullet holes and projectiles, leaving her dead before Jaune even decided to let her go.

The corpse collapsed, adding to the never-ending field of death and destruction. Grimm continued pouring into the scene, surrounding Jaune in nothing but eternal darkness. Their eyes glared at him, examining him with hunger. He gritted his teeth, feeling the blade extend through his torso. Hooks and barbs had grown from the weapon as well, latching onto his flesh. There was no way he was going to get that blade from his body without pulling anything with it.

"What did I say, boy?" Arthur Watts shook his head. "I told you that you were way in over your head. Now…you have to die a slow and painful death. Unfortunate really. It could have been avoided only if you had died at Beacon with that one girl. Pyrrha was it?"

"Don't you dare speak her name!" Jaune roared, blood curling up his throat. "You have no right! You have absolutely no right!"

"And what will you do about it?"

His steel soled boot rammed into his face, sending Jaune into the mud, digging the blade deeper into his torso. Slowly, the Arc tried to force himself to his feet to face the man, but once again, the boot rammed into his cheek, sending him careening into earth. Blood poured freely from the wound and from his mouth. Jaw broken and face swollen, Jaune could barely see.

Watts, bent down, fist clenching up a ball of fabric from Jaune's Pumpkin Pete sweater. Cocking his fist back, the man bashed Jaune's skull in, cracking the bone and bruising the temples with each vicious strike. He held nothing back – relishing in victory and this petty dispute. Lifting the proclaimed knight to his feet, Watts shoved his fist into Jaune's stomach, twisting into the flesh. Blood sputtered, coloring his tanned face red. Releasing the Arc, the man hurled him across the field and into a small opening surrounded by Grimm.

"I'll give you this, Arc." Arthur wiped sweat from his brow. "You can take a hit."

"If you think that I'm out for the count, then think again…" Jaune rose to his feet, wobble legged at first but managed to steady himself in time. "Do you know why I survived as long as I did?"

"Your god-awful semblance." Watts responded matter-of-factly. "Don't think we don't know everything about you at this point."

"Then you know what I can do." Jaune spoke menacingly, blond hair falling to cover his face. "You know who empowered me."

"And I know you're on your last leg." Arthur chided, smirking beneath his mustache, enjoying the great wince that rocked Jaune's body. "With what little Aura you have left, what in the world do you intend to do, hmm?"

"Now, now." A dark, sinister, yet seductive voice came into the fold. Grimm parted, bowing heads and the like to the source. "I thought playing with food was Tyrian's shtick, Doctor."

All heads turned to find none other than the mistress of darkness herself; Salem. "You surprise me, Jaune Arc. Last of the Kings of Vale, last of the Defenders of Atlas, last of the Warriors of Haven, last of the Knights of Vacuo. My favorite title; Last Hope of Remnant. You've surpassed every expectation, every preconceived thought and assumption."

"Sorry to disappoint." Jaune groaned. Suddenly, an Ursa paw rammed into his back, forcing him to the dirt below.

"Now I never said I was disappointed." Salem bored a sickening smile. "In all honesty, I'm genuinely ecstatic. This is the most excited I've felt in centuries, young Arc. The King's line was thought ended after the Great War – yet here you are. Defiant as they were, even when on death's doorstep, you still find it necessary to deny me one ounce of joy of seeing your defeated expression. You Arcs are the same – stupidly brave and bravely stupid."

"Mistress, let me dispose of the trash once and for all –"

"No." Salem knelt to Jaune, robe revealing too much of her assets. "I want to relish in his suffering. You, Jaune Arc, have been a thorn in my side since the Fall of Beacon. I am not a person without reason; you know how to lead and you are a fine warrior. It seems you had found your calling on the battlefield, yes? To kill White Fang who've seen more combat than you can imagine is something – to kill a Goliath in a single blow is something else entirely – to kill one of my hand-picked subordinates is impossible. Impressive for someone who supposedly lacked any skill."

Jaune growled. "Glad to know I have a fan club."

"Scathing." Salem deadpanned. "I was pleased to know that you managed to kill Adam Taurus, Mercury Black and even Emerald Sustrai. You killed Tyrian Callows and even killed a Nuckelavee all on your own. While it was the smaller than the one you and your team killed in Kuroyuri, it was still surprising that you'd manage such a feat with a knife in your stomach and lungs full of blood."

"Just kill me and be done with it." Jaune spat.

"Who said anything about killing you?" Salem laughed heartily. Doctor Watts gave her a strange look but listened in anyway. "You my dear king are too much fun to kill. No, after all you said it yourself…I'm too weak and scared to face you."

With a flick of her wrist, Jaune roared in pain. The Ursa removed its paw to find the metal blade had extended completely through his body. He writhed in pain as the metal continued bending and expanding barbs and hooks. Salem clenched her fist slowly, pulling the blade from Jaune's shoulder, latching onto everything within him. But once he felt the barbs and hooks actually dig into his organs within, the pulling stopped.

"I'm going to torture you." Salem grinned. "I'm going to make you suffer in ways you could never imagine…then when you're left with nothing but the skin on your back begging for me to stop, groveling at my feet – only then will I end your miserable life. What's with the look, young Arc? It's going to be fun!"

Slowly but surely, his eyes began to close, shifting and drifting off into the distance. Salem's sinister smile was all he could see, her blood red eyes glowing in the realm of his confusion. He could hear her voice, howling commands, he could see her rising to her feet, victorious in her stride. Forcing his eyes open for just a moment, all things turned white.

Sound disappeared, left with nothing from mind-numbing silence. Doctor Watts threw his arms up to shade his eyes; Salem drew up a Grimm to protect herself but the light would not be defeated. Grimm vaporized in seconds and the ground itself was dried immediately. There was no explanation; no warning, just light. Shutting his eyes one last time; Jaune was certain this was it.

RWBY. JNPR. He smiled softly to himself. CDNL. CVFY. SSSN. NDGO. Heh…I'll see all of you soon…it's been too long…


There were many, some worried, some calm, some were reminiscent of children. They ran about, yelling about something, laughing about something. From the bright white, he expects was heaven – shadows bounced left and right. Shadows of women and girls. He dared no open his eyes, heart racing in his chest, he had no idea where he was.

Eyes bounced beneath his eye lids, dashing left and right, in search of some clues. His arms wouldn't move and his body was numb. But if he wasn't so uncomfortable – he would have noticed why.




He could hear the voices calling out to him, almost pleading, annoyed and loving?


Eyes sprang open, revealing sapphire blues, burning with a soft tinge of red within. Shooting up, two young girls, toddlers at most, clinging to his arms. The two girls had bright blue eyes and growing blonde hair, shimmering in the white light. Across the bed, another girl with short cropped golden-blonde hair and a pair of earrings, sat with a book in her hands. She wore a basic set of armor, breastplate with sword and shield on her back. Her blue eyes, a deep oceanic sapphire scanned the pages.

Through the room, another girl, looking almost like an exact replica of the woman across from him, followed after a pair of older women; all blonde and blue eyed. Their faces were fair, skin blemish free save for a few scars on the women dressed for combat. The replica had a scar across her left eye and long blonde hair tied into a warrior's braid, thick and leading to her mid back. Her armor, while simple, was pristine and a pale white.

Before her, a pair of women, twins they seemed, carried books in their hands, scowls on their faces and frilly dresses around their bodies. One dress was a light pink mixed with a few hints of red and the other wore a purple/lilac dress. The two women shared looks of disappointment and annoyance as they slammed their textbooks into the wooden table in the center of the room. Sliding chairs and plates about, sifting through pages and pages. They talked with one another, sharing looks of boredom and pain.

"W-What…" Jaune whispered to himself. "What h-happened? Where am I?"

"Jauney." The girl in front of him sighed. "You overslept. We ended up carrying you back here after getting knocked the fuck out."

"Leave him alone, Doré." One of the dress wearing women chided. "Jaune needed to sleep after getting his ass beat again."

"Hilarious and adorable coming from you, Rosé." Doré spat.

"Stay in your corner, Doré!" A growl echoed from across the room. "Leave Jaune alone."

"Violette." The scarred blonde sighed. "You're coddling him again."

"Damn it!" the woman identified as Violette groaned. "I'm sorry, Clair. I'm sorry Jaune."

Oh, you've got to be kidding me… Jaune's eyes widened as the world finally cleared around him. Please don't tell me…

His thoughts were interrupted when a loud thump was heard in the distance. Jaune shot up, two little toddlers still hanging onto his arms. Someone was coming, something loud and vicious if his memory was clearing up.

This can't be happening…

"Oh no…" Clair slammed her palm into her face. "She's back."


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Jaune's sisters so far:
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Clair is French for Light (Color)
Rosemary is a spice

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