Chapter 10 Epilog.

Ratchet was still working to save Knock Out and trying desperately to keep his life signal online. When suddenly the monitor beeped and he noticed the red medic's vitals were off the charts.

Then Ratchet started trying everything he could think of to snap the red transformer out of it.

Knock Out's life signal suddenly flat lined for a second then came back online as he became stable again. Then the red medic open his optics and looked around the room.

"Oh my poor paint job." Knock Out groaned.

"Your paint job you just almost died and your worried about you finish!" "Really Knock Out?!" Ratchet scolded him then realized who he was talking to. "Knock Out your ok!" He said glad the red medic had pulled through.

"You guys aren't getting rid of me that easy." Knock Out joked glad to be back online and among friends.

Later after they had put Knock Out in a room to recover the other came and visited him. And he told them about how he had seen Breakdown and had nearly become one with the Allspark.

"So what made you decide to came back?" Asked Red Alert.

"I decide I wasn't ready to join with the Allspark just yet I still want to do good as a medic." Knock Out explained. "And I'm sure Starscream could always use another Doctor to patch him up." He added teasing the seeker who pretend to pout but then smiled.

And everyone was glad Knock Out was OK and that they wouldn't have to worry about Pharma anymore since he had been killed in the cave in.

But now how would they deal with the Counsel?

Later that day they all went to the Counsel building and showed them all the evidence and explained all that had gone down and learned not all the Counsel members had been in on it because some of them seemed surprised and genuinely horrified.

"So what do we do to make sure this doesn't happen again if some of us may be involved in this?" Asked one of the Counsel members.

"Let the Autobots on Cybertron keep an eye on things and report any shady activities you spot." Bumblebee told them.

"We want to let one of you into the Counsel." The Counsel members explained. Then looked at Starscream! This confused the seeker.

"Seriously you want me?" He asked looking to see if anyone was behind him. "I don't know?"

"You should do it Starscream you can be our eyes and ears in there." Bumblebee told the seeker.

"They still think of you as a Con or someone out for your own gain and don't know you've changed and probably chose you because they think you'll help them cover things up but it'll be just the opposite and you can help us keep tabs on them." Bumblebee added to low for anyone else to hear.

"OK I'll do it." Starscream told them.

Then they told the seeker he could start the next day. And everyone went home.

Then Bumblebee said goodbye to everyone as he took a space bridge back to Earth since his mission was over. He was ready to get back to the scrapyard.

He got there in time to break up an argument between Strongarm and Sideswipe. "It's good to be back home." He thought.

Meanwhile on Cybertron Ratchet who had stayed on Cybertron to take Pharma's place at the hospital. Was walking down the hall when he heard a crash and ran to see what happened. And saw Knock Out on the floor.

"What happened?" He asked the red sports car.

"You know how I avoided becoming one with the Allspark earlier?" Knock Out told him. "Well I just became one with the floor by finding my missing buffer." He explained holding up his buffer that he'd tripped over.

"And to think I got in to that whole mess with Pharma because I misplaced this thing." He added laughing.

Ratchet couldn't resist a chuckle either and helped Knock Out up and the two medics walked off chatting about their day.

The End.

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