Title: Sympathy for the Empath

Summary: Nora Bell is an empath, a psychic like Sam and Andy. Dean discovers her at the hospital during his time of dying, and realizes that she might be useful to the hunt. She'd certainly be a lot safer than Memphis. Sam/OFC, slight Dean mention. Starts in Season 2. My favorite episode of all time.

Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural, I'm just writing for fun. Enjoy!

Prologue: "In my Time of Dying" Pt.1

I can feel the power of the sun on my skin.

I can relish within the thunderstorms that happen outside.

I can sense when someone is happy. Their laughter and feel it inside me.

I can see the darkness in people's eyes when they're doing something bad.

I can feel the physical pain of a loved one who'd just passed away.

So why did I become a nurse?

Being a nurse in Memphis, Tennessee was really fun. I often wondered if I should've gotten another degree in something that I actually liked. I mean, don't get me wrong. I didn't mind helping people, it's just…I felt so unfulfilled. Every time I walked down these same boring halls, for the past five years, I've just been bored. I mean is that wrong of me? To think that a place that helps people be bored? I stayed mostly at the help desk, filing medical bills all day, and all night. I mean I didn't want to sound horrible or anything like that, and I was always nice to others, always nice…it's just that I wished something better could happen to this place. I wish that there was some magical way that all these people could get better and didn't have to stay at hospitals like this. It was a very messed up world. An even more messed up world? Sometimes I felt other people's energies. I felt strange things. I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up at the simplest feel of a wind gust whenever it came around me.

I once had a premonition about a car crash. A serious car crash that involved blood and an unknown source. A strange entity. I didn't like it at all. I felt the pain, misery, and even near death. It felt like an earthquake, shattering me awake. And when I woke, I saw yellow-eyes that have haunted me since birth. I didn't understand where I came from. When I started questioning my own health, symptoms of depression, and anxiety, I started to search the bookshelves and found a book on empaths that may have saved my life, for a few seconds. I wanted to learn how to control it. How could I feel my own energies?

How could I survive this crazy world when I was so sensitive to it?

I thought with getting a degree in nursing, I could help people. That was my initial thought when I turned eighteen. I wanted to help people, people like my mother who refused to get help. My mom moved from my childhood home after my father died in a fire. So, I only had one parent, who never got married after that. I'm an only child now. My sister died in the fire. Even as a child, I could feel things that I didn't want to feel. She longed for the life that once was. It was hard to see her so depressed, so anxious of the outside world. I didn't blame her for being a shut in. The world was a scary place. I'd been too determined and stubborn to help myself out of my own dark state that I sometimes fell into.

I suppose being a nurse helped combat all that. Even though the hospitals were probably one of the worst places for someone like me to be in, I didn't mind helping other people. At least I didn't mind till it became repetition. Day in and day out.

Everything was the same.

To an empath that should be a glorious thing. But for me? It wasn't. I've learned to block everything out and dig right into my daily work that I just forgot what it was like until-


I looked up from my desk papers and computer. I froze. The hallways were dead quiet. I didn't even see people pull in or pull out, unless I was told to help. Doctors have seen my anxiety as a hazard to those people, so thus I remained here, just filing away medical bills until…


It was a desperate voice, but I looked around and no one was paying any attention to it. There were nurses by the filing cabinet, in pink and blue scrubs talking and chatting away.

"You guys don't hear that?" I asked them.

They looked at me like I was crazy.

Figures. People usually looked at me like I was crazy whenever I myself had slight panic attacks due to everything that was going on around me. I wasn't allowed in the surgical rooms because the tensions have been so high. So much for moving up in the world. I was totally stagnant.

I sighed. When the voice didn't speak again, I was left to my thoughts. Great, now I'm hearing things. This is awesome. I just went back to my seat and started working again, that is until a shadow loomed over me. I looked around the quiet hospital hallway. It was always dark and eerie to me. I didn't go into patient's rooms much, the ones who were nearly dying because I didn't like what the room entailed, so I tried to avoid them as much as possible. Though, tonight I had the night shift, so Lana the nurse that sat here before me could go home.

"Excuse me. Hi, uh, I think I was in a car accident, my dad and my brother. I just need to find them,"

He snapped his fingers in front of me as I blinked out of my stares. He was a rather attractive man, what could I say? I was speechless, especially since no one around me was paying any attention or leaping to my defense to tell him that he was being rude. I grabbed his fingers or at least attempted to and they ran right through him! I gasped and jumped back in my seat, the chair on wheels slid a bit as I gripped the cushion seat in my hands. I gulped.

"Holy Shit…" I said, staring at the…ghost? Was I seeing ghosts now? A very attractive ghost, nevertheless that made my heart thump. Or was that just me freaking out on the inside? He was rather cute. I looked him up and down. I don't remember reading that as being apart of the package of being an empath. Seeing ghosts now?

What the hell was going on with me?


A/N: So I haven't written Supernatural in a long time. This idea just came to me after reading a couple SPN fics that got me going again! Hope you guys like my own twist of things for SPN. Reviews, follows, and favorites are welcomed and very much loved! :) I mean who doesn't love Sam and Dean? I'm very behind on the whole supernatural seasons. I kinda stopped watching it in S5, so please no spoilers! I need to play some catch up I guess if I decide to go that far…or maybe not? Depends what the plot bunnies say! And if people want me to continue going. So far, I'm only planning on doing S2 till All Hell Breaks Loose. S2, is actually my favorite of all of them to be honest. I may continue...:) This is just a test so far to see if you guys like it and want me to continue! Thank you for reading!