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Chapter 72: Faux Argument

"Sorry I'm dragging a little ass today, boys," his eyes flicked over to me for a brief second, regarding my presence. I lifted up my eyebrows and smirked at him. I was definitely getting the evil vibes from the janitor. I got a little tingly inside from him and not in a good way. "And gal. Still…interesting that a girl's into electricity and wires…"

"It's ah…family thing," I assured him, sending him a forced smile at him as he looked at me up and down again. Yeah, I was probably a little short for an electrician.

"Right," he said warily. He continued the trek upstairs. Sam glanced back at me and I shrugged innocently, following the boys upstairs. "Anyway. Had quite the night last night," he paused, and then grinned, glancing back at us. "Lot's of sex, if you catch my drift." He added for good measure to the point where I thought I was going to throw up inside when he said that. My stomach churned uneasily.

"Yeah, hard not to," Dean said, pressing his lips together. "Listen, we won't be long," he motioned a quick nod to Sam. "We just need to check up on a couple of offices up on three."

"No problem," he said.

Sam stalled a bit behind me. I was halfway up there with Dean and the janitor. "I, uh, forgot something in the truck. You know what? I'll catch up with you guys."

"Okay," Dean said, and I smiled at him as he went to jog back down the stairs as if he was heading outside. He waited until we were up the stairs on floor three.

Dean and I poked around the office rooms; waiting on Sam's searching to see if the trickster was indeed the janitor. But I was getting all sorts of mischief and evil vibes by just being near him. And I really didn't like the way he was looking at me so I just stuck close to Dean, feeling a lot safer.

"You feel something don't you?" Dean whispered to me, making me jump a bit.

"What?" I asked, blinking at Dean. Was he asking that now?

Dean rolled his eyes at my shocked expression crinkled within the small of my features on my face. "With the trickster?"

"Oh," I said, calming down a bit. "Right. Yeah. Yes. Um, definitely feeling the evilly vibes coursing through my veins, yep, I do," I said with a firm nod of my head. "Sam better hurry up because I think I'm his next target," I whispered to Dean. Dean eyed the janitor who was standing out in the hall, but every now and then he would look over to us while we "checked" for odd wiring that might cause any weird electrical hazards of which I had really no clue of.

Within a moment later, Dean got a call from Sam. "Right, right, okay, forgot it…back at the…yeah…" Dean said. "We'll meet you down there."

Dean put his cell back into his jacket pocket and we headed out of the office. "Well, thanks again for letting us take a look…but Sam forgot a couple of supplies back at our office…so if you'll excuse us…" Dean said, glancing at the janitor who nodded, offering us to walk down the hallway and down back the stairs. "Sorry to have wasted your time."

"Oh, no problem. It's easy to have those forgetful days sometimes," the janitor said. "And have your off days."

"We'll be back tonight with the right tools," Dean promised him, and the janitor led us out of the double doors of the campus, where Sam was waiting with a stoic look on his face.

"Thank you," I said quickly.

The janitor walked back into the campus. Dean and I waited until we heard feet shuffling up the staircase and the three of us turned to face each other, like we stood in a triangle.

"So what'd you find?" I asked, hugging my arms across my chest.

"Found a bunch of papers he reads, most of them are…"

"Weekly World News," Dean finished for Sam.

Sam nodded. "Yeah."

"So he's our guy then," Dean said, winking at Sam.

Sam rolled his eyes and shook his head. "Just because he reads the Weekly World News doesn't mean he's our guy. I mean, you read it too," Sam said.

I let out a small snort. "You do?" I asked.

Dean scowled at me and I just grinned. "I'm telling you, it's him," Dean said firmly set on it. "Even Nora's spidy-senses were going haywire, right? Back me up here."

"Well, not to pick sides here, or anything like that…cause you know make love not war, I did feel a little bit of evil in him," I said with a nod to Sam.

Sam bit back a growl and tried to remain calm. "Look, I just think we need some hard proof. That's all."

"Well, we could throw Nora in and have her ask him on a date… and then she could get intimate with him, if you want that kind of hard proof…"

"Excuse me?" I scoffed. "I'm right here thank you very much."

"Eh…last resort," Sam said, offering me a look of sympathy as I widened my eyes at Sam.

"Sam!" I said completely mortified. "I don't think my empathy powers work like that."

"It wouldn't hurt to try it," Sam said.

"Uh, I think it'd hurt me and my dignity and my pride and my soul just to name a few things...not to mention the baby of peace that I'm supposed to somehow produce in this crazy world of the supernatural, and I think if I were fully intimate with the trickster I might throw up like for real." I said, placing my hands on my hips. "Got anything else?"

"Okay, another thing Bobby mentioned was that these suckers have a metabolism like an insect, a real sweet tooth," Dean said.

"Well, I didn't find any candy bars or sugar. Not even equal," Sam shrugged.

"Eh, that's probably cause you missed something," Dean said.

"I don't miss things!" Sam cried.

"Oh, right 'cause you're Mr. Perfect," Dean scoffed.

"What? Are you really still pissed at me 'cause of what the trickster did?" Sam demanded.

"You been a tight ass long before the trickster showed up," Dean said.

They stared at each other and I bit my lower lip, trying not to say anything. I wondered if the plan was working.

"Look, just…stay here…both of you, keep an eye on the janitor. I'll go to his place see if I can find any actual evidence before you go barging in and staking the man! Just wait till I get back, okay? Okay?"

"Okay!" Dean exclaimed in a feigning irate tone of voice.

I frowned at Sam and turned to him because I could feel someone's eyes burning at my back as I spoke to the brothers about the trickster himself. "Are you sure you don't want my help?"

Sam nodded. "I'm sure. You should stay here, and keep Dean in control for me," he said.

I looked over at Dean and nodded. "Of course."

"Thank you," Sam said and walked away, leaving Dean and I to wait outside.


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